Status: Indeterminate

Ht: 5' 1"

Wt: 114 lbs

Hair: blond

Eyes: brown

Body type: stout but flexible



After competing in the Olympics and helping her team earn a silver medal Calliope (Callie) Sacramento was recruited by a struggling wrestling promotion wanting to capitalize on her celebrity. Once she had signed on the dotted line they added a little flag patch to a replica of her white gymnastics leotard and had her wear it over tinted tights. Her USAngel character became the biggest draw of Super Humans Of Crazy Kombat (SHOCK) wrestling promotion, spawning her own television series on Danger Doll Satellite Television.

In the USAngel action series Callie plays the part of wrestler USAngel who moonlights as an oft-imperiled superheroine of the same name. On the show her special costume is billed as bulletproof and sports morphing glide wings that can be extended between sleeve and body. In addition she carries a three part multi-function staff which she is often shown wielding quite effectively.

USAngel is small but stoutly built and never backs down from a challenge. Her gymnastic skills are exceptional and her martial arts amazing. The fierce little fighter has learned to use her staff effectively in several configurations. USAngel may be only human, but seems able to take an inordinate amount of punishment. Is the character she plays on television a total fabrication, or has stardom made her think she can become a real superheroine? What exactly are her handlers feeding her? And why? Is it true she has signed a contract to make a guest appearance on Super Abductors, a program on rival network KRUPT, a program about super slavers from who cannot wait to make an example of USAngel? And are the rumors true that Callie has been chosen for the lead role in the upcoming feature film, Zombie Ninjadors of Chupacabrageddon?