Stacy Storm's Room

Age - 27

Height - 5' 7"

Weight - 127 lbs

Eyes - Blue

Hair - Blond



Stacy grew up in Hollywood in the company of many famous people's children. She had fun partying and excelled at all sorts of water sports from an early age. She became a local beauty queen and competitive diver. After failing to medal at the Olympics, she finally agreed to take over the family business and let her famous mother retire. So Stacy's parents, Honey West and Mark Storm, moved to Hawaii and left Stacy in charge of the well-known West Detective Agency.


Stacy had been left a profitable business to run, but Stacy wanted to be her own woman. Her parent's plane had barely left the LAX runway when Stacy renamed the business "Stormy Weather Investigations" and moved it to Empire City. She decided to specialize in wealthy clients with unique needs and ability to pay. She sank all of her money into a custom yacht she named the Minx and moved her office and residence on board.


Making a living as a private eye in a city full of metas and worse was difficult and dangerous, but Stacy played to the press every chance she got, eventually signing a contract with Susan MacDuff of DDSTV as the Danger Dolls own in-house private investigator. She and MacDuff became good friends during that time. Eventually Stacy had to be rescued from a situation so dire that she decided to retire from her position at DDSTV and go back to law school.


Stacy passed the Bar just in time for Kei Kishimoto to hire her as legal counsel for a fledgling Danger Deb team that was trying to fill in for the missing Danger Dolls. Kei and her team are all young and inexperienced so Stacy has her hands full keeping them all out of legal trouble and protecting their public image. While Stacy hasn't forgotten how to handle a gun or do a judo throw she seemingly spends a lot more time battling her briefs these days. Even though Stacy lives a relaxed life on her yacht sometimes the Debs are enough to make her want to pull her hair out or shoot someone!