The Domino Doll



Age - 27

Height - 5' 7"

Weight - 127 lbs

Eyes - Blue

Hair - Blond






The Domino Doll is an anonymous adventuress and avenger seemingly reborn from the age of black and white paged pulps. With curly butter blond hair, penetrating steel blue eyes, bee-stung lips and ductile curves it is no mystery how this satin silhouette clouds men's minds. She wears a black domino mask to conceal her identity, but the long diaphanous white dress open in the back and slit up the sides conceals little else. She employs a cape as dark as her mask, a cape that with one fluttering swirl allows her to slip away into the midnight shadows after leaving one of her calling cards. This Doll works alone. The automatic pistol tucked into the garter holster along her creamy thigh is seemingly the only friend she ever needs and she is quite skilled at using it. Her motives are at times unclear, but her calling cards seem to turn up most often as cold slaps in the face to those who think they are above justice...

"Compliments of the Domino Doll!"