Serendipity (Sara) Brown's Room


Age - 20

Height - 5' 5"

Weight - 119 lbs

Eyes - Green

Hair - Brown


Serendipity (aka Sara) and her familiar beagle, Lucky, came to live with the Danger Dolls when she was still only sixteen. Sara is not a prude, but is the virgin of the group. The other women are protective of her like a little sister so she rarely gets in trouble. Sara is quiet and likes to go barefoot. She can usually be found wearing linen dresses and a ruby choker. She is an incurable romantic who dabbles in the space and time magic of math and physics... using rhyme and the sublime to bring to life her "goyles" Volt, Gizzard and Skreech... and sometimes letting her imagination carry her away...

It was Sara who designed the Danger Dolls Satellite Television Tower and Submersible Airship. The residences of each of the team members are on the top floors of the fifty-four story building and the airship is oftened moored to the spire. Sara's laboratory and the Doll's control center are located in a bunker beneath the building, defended by all the usual security and defensive hardware. Sara runs computers, monitors the activities of team members in the field, and works on equipment for the Dolls.

She for instance has developed numerous devices, including a light saber weapon called the "brightsword," for Blue Belle, the leader of the Danger Dolls. And she has also used the magic of science to rescue and help heal all the Danger Dolls at one time or another. Yes, the Danger Dolls are quite fortunate to have Serendipity!



Honestly Sara is largely a NPC in my universe. If played I am open to just about anything with a strong dose of danger, but not involving penetration. This character is not a great fighter, but often benefits from unexpected turns of good fortune (the power suggested by her name). I like to discuss things before playing. Set-up should provide some sort of basic plot device to explain the character's motivations as they interact. I prefer a role play episode to feel like it has some sort of resolution. This resolution could be anything, but preferably involves escape or victory in the final reel.

Likes ­ fights / chases / knockouts / gagging / carrying / undress, I mean distress / bondage / deathtraps / surprise me!

Objectionable ­ sex / rape / mind control / lactation / pregnancy / permanent disfigurement / snuff / on-going enslavement.

Serendipity will fight you as long as, and in any way, she possibly can. Her body will react normally to physical stimuli. You may threaten it, but I ask that you do not rape this character or all hell will break loose. Any villain (assassin, beast, dominatrix, mad scientist, mercenary, monster, mutant, naughty ninja, thug, whatever) who would like to engage Serendipity in a role play adventure should message me to discuss it.