OptiMiss, A Positive Force



Age - 20something?

Height - 5' 5"

Weight - 119 lbs

Visor - Green

Hair - Brown


OptiMiss wears a costume and gear of her own design. The bodysuit consists of a fine weave of bulletproof perplexiglass, the ordinarily orange color of which can be altered to match most backgrounds through the optic sampling capacity of her visor. The brown leather boots and gloves are structurally reinforced with tru-steel to enhance her strength and quickness. The high-tech visor from which comes her name has numerous capabilities including IR, low-light, targeting scope, tele- and micro-optics, captioned readouts of incoming phone and video feeds, videofeed projection, even x-ray functions. In her utility belt OptiMiss carries such things as a taser baton, smoke and sleeping grenades, gas mask, ziptie restraints, heat-seeking gyroscopic bolas, tracking bugs and a sophisticated datapad. Her shoulder-harness holds a pistol which is loaded with non-lethal ammo. The identity of OptiMiss is unknown, but her purpose is clear. She is a concerned citizen who has decided to do her part to fight the criminal element in the Empire City. A capable young woman intent on honoring the memory of her murdered friend Stephanie Brown, OptiMiss seeks to bring to justice the villainous plotters of this misogynous world. She has some martial arts training and relies on her gadgets, cleverness and a positive attitude to wage her battle.



I am open to just about anything with a strong dose of danger, but not involving penetration. This character is an ok fighter, but often benefits from unexpected turns of good fortune (as suggested by her name). I like discussion prior to play. Set-up should provide some sort of basic plot device to explain the character's motivations as they interact. I prefer a role play episode to feel like it has some sort of resolution. This resolution could be anything, but preferably involves escape or victory in the final reel.

Likes - fights / chases / knockouts / gagging / carrying / undress, I mean distress / bondage / deathtraps / surprise me!

Objectionable -sex / rape / mind control / lactation / pregnancy / disfigurement / snuff / on-going enslavement.

OptiMiss will fight you as long as, and in any way, she possibly can. Her body will react normally to physical stimuli. You may threaten it, but I ask that you do not take this charater's virginity . Any villain (assassin, beast, dominatrix, mad scientist, mercenary, monster, mutant, naughty ninja, thug, whatever) who would like to engage OptiMiss in a role play adventure should message me to discuss it.

(At right OptiMiss in an adventure sans visor and costume.)