"Vicious" Valerie DeVille


Status: fashion designer

Age - 33

Height - 6' 3"

Weight - 196 lbs

Eyes - dark

Hair - usually matches her outfit



Valerie DeVille is a world renown fashion designer of Haitian descent who can often be seen accessorizing with a pretty slavegirl on the end of a steel chain leash. Those who know her call her "Vicious" Val because of the way she loves to dominate others. Is her persona real or a marketing gimick? Val has developed and marketed her very own a line of fetish fashion wear and gear under the brand name "Second Skin." She markets her fetish fashion products world wide through a chain of outlets that carry the same name. Valerie operates her shops as a darling of international high society. She shuns daylight, seemingly more interested in moonlighting as a persona she calls the Dark Dominatrix...


The Dark Dominatrix seems to have unnatural speed, strength and resistance to injury. It is even rumored that she can suck the life force out of her victims. The Dark Domme delights in rendering unlucky heroines unconscious with her so-called "Chocolate Thunder Down Under" muffocation finishing move! The Domme's private residences are protected by zombiesque bodyguards. "Vicious" Val has been known to participate in wrestling or ultimate fighting promotions on occasion. It is hard to say if this is another marketing ploy for her Second Skin fashion line or if she simply enjoys giving superheroines brutal beatings...