“Like what you see? Tough!”


Status: wrestler

Age: 19

Ht: 5' 3"

Wt: 117 pounds

Hair: violet

Eyes: ocean blue

Body type: dancer/model


Kasumi Cirta (aka Terra), or Faith as she is known to her friends and family is a stunning youthful beauty of Asian descent. Not much is known of her history, only that the petite, lithe brunette arrived in Empire City as a student at ECC (Empire City College). She made it known that she was a fan of SHOCK and would like to wrestle. Belle hired her as eye candy and to give US Angel a friendly rival. She wrestles under the name "Terra," appearing with hair as violet as the revealing wrestling costume with the gold trim that she wears. After a victory over La Aguila in her first match it appears Terra may prove to be more than eye candy. Look out US Angel! Terra may be your biggest fan, but she wants nothing more than to take your title!


“Yeah, that’s me, the cute girl about to kick your fat ass!”