Catwoman (Selina Kyle)



Status: wanted

Ht: 5' 9"

Wt: approx 135 pounds

Hair: black

Eyes: green

Body type: female perfection?




When the captured Catwoman was revealed to be Selina Kyle, well-known and respected socialite, it made headlines in Empire City. The queen of catburglers was not only one of the best thieves in the city, but had been revealed, without a doubt to be one of its most beautiful women as well. As Catwoman Selina Kyle had a reputation for being... well, catty. With her amazing fitness and athletic prowess she was indeed a formidable opponent. Sent to the Women's Correctional Facility, Selina did everything she could to intimidate the other prisoners, using her bodacious body, sharp claws and tongue, not to mention fighting skills to make herself queen. unfortunately prison could not hold her long and seh soon returned to be a thorn in the side of the Danger Dolls, even purchasing Blue Belle in an illegal auction from the sinister Kurt Malkomes. This woman has proved most dangerous and powerful since apparently partnering with a new symbiosuit as Belle discovered while in captivity. Will Selina ever be tamed?