Status: Under surveillance

Ht: 5' 6"

Wt: 124 lbs

Hair: brown

Eyes: green

Body type: combination of flesh and cybernetics


Serendipity Therese Shaw has had anything but a serendipitous life. "Ren" was apparently born with an innate ability to manipulate light. When she was seventeen she used this ability to thwart a robbery. The incident caught the attention of the authorities who soon cajoled her parents into releasing her into their supervision. As a result the teenager was turned into an abominable experiment in neural implementation. Her flesh was hardwired and her brain supplemented with a computer interface which can access external systems via connection to a small socket located in her right temple.


Prism eventually escaped secret goverment facility where she held during this time of painful experimentation. The tortuous treatment she received from the researchers resulted in her having serious anger and trust issues. Eventually she took the very technology which had been used on her and did her own experimentation... on the undead! She calls these creations thralls. They are essentially zombie cyborgs, each with varying enhancements. Prism has a large army of these zomborgs with which she once tried to destroy Empire City. She seemed to die in a missile strike of her own doing at the base of the DDSTV Tower, but this has since been revealed to have been an act of deception.


As a result of her apparent death Prism never served any time for her attack on the city. Since her return "Priz" has, on occasion, even assisted the Dolls against common foes. Prism has made no secret of the fact that she works for the supervillain Deathshead. Chickfighter as spent time undercover as Prism's friend in an effort to learn more about Deathshead's operations, but thus far without any useful results. In fact Prism even knocked out Chickfighter on one occasion to prevent her from exploring the bay near the aquarium. Draw your own conclusions.