Papa Pimp



Status: Incarcerated

Ht: 6' 6"

Wt: 320 lbs

Hair: corn rows

Eyes: green

Tattoos: skulls on arms and chest



Papa Pimp originally started the GatorBait chain of erotic dance clubs as a front to his even less savory drug and prostitution business. Many of the dancers working in his clubs were also prostitutes. And many of these women were recruited and trained to work in what Papa Pimp referred to as his "Ho Squad," a small army of fighting femme bodyguards. Papa Pimp is himself a nasty streetfighter who likes to make use of the gold cane he often carries. Papa is also a voodoo practitioner. His ability to cast spells may be how he kept his Ho Squad in line. There was also the threat of the pits beneath the glass floors of his clubs where his pets, full-grown alligators, added to the ambiance as they slithered about attacking anything or anyone unlucky enough to end up there. Although unclear whether speaking to the unfortunate victim or his pets Papa has been reported to have asked on at least one such occasion, "Who's your daddy?"