Panda Delgado ran away from her overly affectionate mother to convince her estranged father to let her become a bounty hunter just like him. After a few fights with each other as well as some bad guys, Panda's very first gift from her father Clownface was her very own glock when she was just fourteen. Panda's second-ever gift from her father was to be enrolled in the Empire School for the Fighting Arts. That's where Panda met Kei Kishimoto of the Danger Dolls. Not unlike Kei wanting to be like BlueBelle, Panda wants to become a body bagger like her father Clownface. Panda, the would-be bounty hunter, and Kei, the ninja schoolgirl turned heroine intern, discovered they had much in common and became best friends. Panda is one of the few people Kei knows who has as much moxie as Kei herself. As a result when Kei formed the Danger Debs she immediately asked Panda to be one of her new team. Panda agreed to be the heroine Glockwork. Even more than Red Hornette, Kei and her boyfriend Kid Crossbow, Panda is generally ready to paint the town red.