Status: Under orbservation

Size: approximately four inches in diameter

Shape: spherical

Color: bluish

Limbs: none



What is Orb? This question remains unanswered. It speaks. It hovers. It zaps. It shoots plasma. It steals colours. It vaporizes SUVs. It opens worm holes. It phases through walls. It sleeps in a glass box at Victoria Bale's mansion. But still its origin and motives remain unknown.


Orb could be an alien entity, a self-contained universe or even god if one cares to use such terminology. Its swirly deep-space appearance lends itself to any of those theories. Orb does seem to enjoy wallowing in vats of alcohol and frequent polishings. The polishing fetish may be a ploy on the part of Orb as the polisher often ends up inexplicably enamored with him.


Our theory is that Orb is evil. The reasons are simple: 1) Destruction of property for no apparent purpose 2) Conspiring to get Kunoichi Kei commited by Judge Longo 3) Association with Victoria Bale. Orb is possibly very dangerous and should be considered more than an annoyance with its incessant zapping.