Nu, the Enforcer



Status: Wanted terrorist

Ht: 8' 6"

Wt: 666 lbs

Hair: black

Eyes: red

Skin: brown



Nu is a massive mutant terrorist enforcer. He works with Anarchistani warlord "Poppy" Abdullah. His exact origin is unclear, but he appears to be the byproduct of super soldier research fallen into third world hands. Not only does he have four arms, but is huge, powerful enough to flip ten ton tanks, has natural night vision, and an accelerated healing factor. Rumor has it that his genetic mutation not only resulted in four arms but two male sex organs as well. Nu thinks of himself as a god, often referring to himself in the third person. His appetite for sex and violence is voracious. He is pictured here threatening to humiliate the captured BlueBelle. Beware heroines. Think of him as Nu, the Destroyer!