Status: potential associate

Ht: 5' 10"

Wt: 175 lbs

Hair: black

Eyes: blue

Affiliations: The Outsiders, The Teen Titans, The New Titans, the Justice League of America



Nightwing is a masked vigilante better known in Bludhaven, but has lately been spotted in Empire City as well. He is an apparent former apprentice of the Batman and follows in the Batman's footsteps, showing advanced detective skills, even better acrobatic abilities and the same sort of penchant for high-tech toys.


His training appears extensive in both martial arts and weapons. As with any vigilante there is always the danger he could prove more of a hindrance than a help, but he has to date interviened on Kei's behalf on one occasion and offered to help keep crime in the city tapped down in a clandestine meeting with Blue Belle.