Age - 23

Height - 4' 11"

Weight - 99 lbs

Eyes - emerald

Hair - golden

Status - person of interest




Young Lucy Tilton lived the sheltered life of a spoiled daddy’s girl. John Tilton never talked to Lucy about his business or her mother, but he did see that she had everything she ever wanted or needed… from ponies to pearls to personal bodyguards. Lucy was only thirteen when her father was suddenly put in prison while on a business trip to Russia. This, it turned out, was the one thing for which John Tilton had apparently not provided. Lucy's life of luxury came to an abrupt end. There was no next of kin and the judge put her in foster care. Six weeks later she was informed that her father had died in prison. That very night Lucy ran away to join the circus. There was no looking back. Lucy loved the freedom, earning her keep by eagerly caring for the animals. She learned many new skills… from trapeze, at which she excelled, to costuming to juggling to throwing knives. Lucy took to it all like a duck to water. An old clown named Jo took her under his wing and taught her how to pick pockets. The clown became a surrogate father to Lucy. Realizing that the tiny girl needed to be able to take care of herself Jo instructed her in pressure point techniques. But he too died on her. And it wasn't long before the diminutive young woman began make use of her many skills to take whatever she wanted… stealing indiscriminately from patrons, jewelry stores, banks, and even rich “businessmen” like her father. The adrenalin rush of pulling these capers became an addiction. In a few short years Lucy became a master thief, traveling the world as a circus star and enjoying a glamorous life of seemingly endless thrills!


But inevitably the day came when the authorities caught her in the act (below). She was strip-searched, cuffed and marched into the interrogation room still naked. Lucy began sweating bullets as she stood there exposed in front of leering detectives, terrified she would end up like her father. Then a federal agent named Orange entered and ushered everyone else out. Orange told her that he had known her father and that he had a proposition for her. If she would agree to steal for the government she could avoid going to jail. Whenever Uncle Sam needed something procured from an unfriendly jurisdiction or from an untouchable target he would give her a call. However if she were caught while on one of these missions the government would of course disavow any knowledge of her activities. She would be on her own. Lucy liked the sound of that. She had already been on her own for the better part of ten years. Lucy agreed. Her cuffs were unlocked and her clothes handed back to her. Orange watched with a smirk as John Tilton's daughter slipped back into her cover. The charges were dropped and circus star Lucy Tilton was assigned the codename “Mouse.”