Status: Employee

Ht: 6'

Wt: approx 180 pounds

Aviator's helmet: brown leather

Goggles: greenish

Body type: average



Longshot is a contracted employee of DDSTV who has had popular success developing and starring in programs like Judge Longshot and Judge Longo’s Late Night Fright Fest. Rumors are that he has yet another program idea in the works. Longo has proven himself a hero on occasion. He came to the aid of Chickfighter during the froglodyte invasion and Kunoichi Kei when she tried to defend the water park from Killer Croc.


Longshot can frequently be found tinkering with some steampunkish device or another like his "Justice" vehicle, battle armor suits, deep impact drill, guided missiles or even giant mecha salvage. Some of these projects are more questionable than others but it seems safe to call Longshot a modern day Edison.


Despite his accomplishments Longshot takes a surprising beating from the heroines of Empire City who seem to delight in doing nasty things to him. Either through use of inexhaustible stunt doubles, illusion, or simply the ability to heal rather well Longo always seems to come through with flying colors.