Status: wrestler

Ht: 5' 9"

Wt: 166 lbs

Mask: white

Eyes: brown

Plume: red



La Aguila is the women's wrestling champion of Mexico. La Aguila wears a white mask and costume with purple trim. She wears purple boots which she is not above putting to good use kicking and stomping unfortunate foes. Her plume of hair is long and red which fits her fiery attacks. Her speed and quickness are amazing for so powerful a woman. As such she is a serious rival to USAngel. La Aguila is known for her flashy flying maneuvers like the Eagle Splash, but her finisher is the Incubator facesit, whereby she sits on her opponent like she's trying to hatch an egg. USAngel once declared "It is as hot as an oven in there" after getting her nose rubbed in it! La Aguila is so successful that she has her own show in Mexico where she is regarded as a national heroine.