Kurt Malkomes



Status: Incarcerated

Ht: 6' 8"

Wt: approx 320 pounds

Hair: blond

Eyes: blue

Body type: powerful



Kurt Malkomes is a powerful man and a suspected meta. Malkomes wrestled for BCW under the name Hellhound. As such he brutally defeated Lavender Lassand seemed on the verge of doing the same to US Angel before taking her captive to escape the police. Malkomes tortured Angel viciously during the time she was held captive. When Belle and Kei attempted a rescue he defeated them as well, displaying what were either advanced technological weaponry or telekinetic abilities not unlike those of deceased Danger Doll Masked Americana.


Kunoichi Kei apprehended Malkomes after he attempted to hold the clientele of Taz Treats hostage in an apparent effort to extract ransom money for the release of his former BCW boss, Constantin Nero. There has been no concrete evidence to support Longshot's claims that Malkomes is a vampire. Nevertheless Malkomes is certainly quite dangerous and we would recommend Lockbox as the site for his imprisonment.