Status: Wanted

Ht: 6' 7"

Wt: 400 lbs

Hair: shaved

Eyes: blue

Body type: huge



Cannibal Kabaka is the all-powerful king of the jungle country of Zombia in central Africa. While Kabala himself is a huge man his innumerable tribal followers are a bunch of cunning runts. The large numbers of these savages more than make up for their use of primitive weapons like arrows, darts and spears. And this tribe of headhunting flesh-eating pygmies has been turned into an army of slavers which Kabala has even been known to take on raids into other countries. The unwavering devotion of Kabala's followers seems to be related to or reinforced by regular flesh-eating ceremonies involving human sacrifice. Kabaka's fighting style is brutal, using his weight to deliver vicious foot stomps, body splashes and piledrivers of all sorts. He must be pursued with caution since he is recognized by the United Nations as legal ruler of this land and there is no legal recourse for captives held in Zombian prisons.