Harley Quinn



Status: questionable

Ht: 5' 5"

Wt: 115 lbs

Hair: blond

Eyes: blue




Harley Quinn is not only a scamp-about-town, but a trained psychiatrist as well. Doctor Quinzel has worked with Danger Doll Kei Kishimoto to help the ninja schoolgirl overcome her feelings of inadequacy in regards her desire to prove herself to Blue Belle and become a superheroine. In fact Harley actually filled in as a DangerDoll herself for a short time while Chickfighter was on a leave of abstinence.


Not surprisingly the ever-popular Harley Quinn has run for mayor on at least one occasion. But apparently her zany antics and connections to Mister Marshmellow at the water treatment plant were not enough to convince the sane citizens of Empire to elect her until a DDSTV advertising campaign finally put her over the top in the most recent election. And so Mayor Harley remains an ever-present fixture of the city, peeking over people's shoulders, moonlighting as an Empire Idol judge, and cruising about town in her fast car, the General Harl-Lee.


You could do worse!