Status: Endangered species

Ht: 5' 11" morphing to 8' 4"

Wt: 180 lbs morphing to 465 lbs

Hair: grey

Eyes: green

Body type: lycanthrope



DragonDoll might well have carved Grryd limb from limb when he showed up at the DDSTV Tower had he not been carrying a wounded US Angel in his arms. There was a brief interrogation and examination. Serendipity quickly learned that Grryd was a clear example of what happens when researchers engage in cruelty to lab animals. Someone, possibly the government, had implanted in the lycanthrope a cybernetic arm, chest armor and a devious device in his heart cavity. That device was programmed to release a dose of a stimulant compound every 24 hours, effectively keeping the creature in his Crinos form at all times. Grryd made it clear he wanted the implants removed and, as a result of his having saved US Angel's life, Blue Belle agreed to let Serendipity work on him. Sara was able to remove the cybernetic arm and other implants, and just in time, as Grryd reverted to his Homid form upon passing out. After time spent healing and regrowing his arm in a stasis tube Grryd was released. Belle warned him not to harm anyone in the city unless he wanted Dragon Doll to remove his real limbs much more viciously than Sara had removed his artificial one.