El Muerte



Status: luchador/villain

Ht: 7' 2"

Wt: 454 lbs

Mask: purple with white skullface

Eyes: red

Body type: powerful



This huge luchador wears purple. His finisher is an aerial tombstone pile driver off the top rope. No one knows who this masked man really is which has led to rumors that his character might be more than a persona. With his death-themed persona he is the terror of the lucha circuit, frequently carrying a coffin to the ring on his broad shoulders which he then uses to haul his defeated opponent away to their apparent doom. Rumors have begun to spread that he may in fact bury or cremate his defeated opponents alive... or worse! This bare-chested behemoth likes to smoke cuban cigars and any opponent foolish enough to challenge him. He claims to be the angel of death for wrestlers. He is known as El Muerte!