Morgan Drakewing



Status: Reformed mercenary?

Ht: 6'

Wt: approx 190

Hair: blond

Eyes: dark red

Build: medium



Morgan Drakewing is a former mercenary and kidnapper who claims to have reformed and now works as a sometimes chef for DDSTV. His age is unknown and he never seems to get any older. Research has revealed evidence of his involvement in operations at least as far back as French Indochina. Dark red eyes and nasty scar on his chest are distinguishing features. As a mercenary he is skilled in both weapons use and hand to hand combat of a wide sort. Like Dragon Doll he is seemingly embodied with the power of a dragon. Exactly what this means is not entirely known. He may still be offering his services as a mercenary to those with enough money. As such he cannot be entirely trusted even as his reform should be encouraged.


In recent times he has associated with an alien creature known as Cangelosi.