Status: undocumented

Ht: 3' to 4' feet tall

Wt: varies

Spikes: green

Eyes: red

Fangs: two inches



ChuppyCabra is a bit of an enigma. Is he the real leader of the chupacabra community? Or is he just a manufactured myth created to be the public image of his horde? He and his amigos work hard cleaning streets and airships, but generally avoid the bright lights of Empire City. It is best not to give them tequila since they become rude, crude and unsubdued when drunk, attempting to feed on unsuspecting heroines. Left alone the chupacabras seem to be nothing more than harmless undocumented labor. But if aroused the chuppies become fighting machines with tough leathery skin, armor-like spikes running up their spines, super-human strength and fangs. Some even have wings! Serendipity postulates that the chupacabras are descended from Pak Protectors brought to earth by early Aztec Aces. Sara further hypothesizes that earth biochemistry altered the Tree of Life plant on which they feed, resulting in their devolution. There have been reports of the chuppies abducting heroines and taking them to a secret temple where their god, a huge Aztec mummy, attempted to skin these heroines alive to replace his own missing skin. But we have our doubts as to the veracity of these "alien abduction" accounts. On a lighter note hordes of chuppies can often be found taking a moonlight siesta in the park or the crowded streets of Cuervo's barrio, sombreros pulled down over their glowing red eyes.