Status: On hiatus?

Ht: 5' 4"

Wt: 120 lbs

Hair: deep blue

Eyes: green

Body type: Almost fragile curvy figure that gives off a faint halo of blue white light in the dark



Chicane is the stage and heroine name of Alexiel Ciannor, a young woman from L'Haan with whom Susan MacDuff (Blue Belle) eventually fell in love and married. Chicane is a magic user with many powers although at times they can be less than entirely reliable. She can pull a seemingly unlimited number of things from her "hat." She can fly, which she calls "horizontal levitation." She can fire bolts of blue-white magical energy from her fingertips. She can also surround herself with a shield of magical energy or make herself "invisible" for short periods of time. She is a master at defeating locks, including handcuffs. And she is an accomplished demonologist, seemingly having an innate understanding of how to deal with such beings, their summoning, binding and banishment.


Chicane originally fled to earth from L'Haan to escape its ruler, Cinnibar, with whom she had once been a fellow student at the Collegium Thaumaturgica, a vast establishment that taught likely candidates the magical arts on L'Haan. She fell under Cinnibar's influence and, when he hatched a plot to take over L'Haan, like him was sentenced to be imprisoned in a special vault within the college known as the Total Comprehension Suspension Chamber. A magic accident allowed them to escape and they fled to other worlds.

On Earth Chicane met and became friends with Molly Whipple and Susan MacDuff. She began to turn her life around to be more like these new friends. Imagine Chicane's surprise when she was kidnapped and taken back to L'Haan only to find out that Cinnibar's plans had finally come to fruition. Her old boyfriend was now ruler and wanted her to stand at his side, something that no longer interested her since she now saw Cinnibar for the manipulative power-hungry little man that he was.


Fortunately Susan MacDuff (aka Blue Belle) had fallen in love with Alex and followed her back to L'Haan. In the end Cinnibar was seemingly removed from power and Chicane returned with Belle to Earth where they were married. Chicane is rumored to do a Las Vegas show and basically tries to do as little damage as possible to the fabric of reality with the magicks she possesses.