Status: Wanted

Ht: 6' 9"

Wt: 255 lbs

Hair: brown

Glasses: dark


Carnivore has a rangy, lean, muscular build. He has shoulder length brown hair, which is shot with gray, and is reminiscent of a mane. He usually wears biker style gear, jeans, boots, dark t-shirt, and a leather duster. Under the duster can be glimpsed all manner of harness and leather straps, containing a small arsenal of weapons and equipment. He also usually wears a pair of dark glasses even indoors or in dim light.

"Carny" is the apparent result of secret government experimentation with ill-understood alien technologies. He is infused with alien nanites, that repair damage, and have rebuilt and modified his skeletal structure, making it effectively unbreakable. Enhanced DNA from carnivorous animals, as well as human DNA, were mixed in his creation.

He is extremely fast, very strong and durable. He can leap extreme distances. His senses are preternaturally acute. He can extend claws capable of cutting pretty much anything from his fingertips, though they are only a couple of inches long, which limits their combat utility. In combat he has also shown himself to be well-aquainted with military training in both weapons use and hand to hand combat techniques.

His extremely acute senses are vulnerable to overload, especially from sudden changes. While he seems used to bright lights and loud sounds there is a limit to how fast he can adjust. While he is very tough, he is not invulnerable, and sufficiently high levels of physical punishment can and will render him unconscious or kill him as Chickfighter once proved.

Approach with extreme caution. Carny is dangerous and unstable.