Status: illegal alien slime ball

Ht: 2'

Eyes: yellow


Cangelosi (Cangly) is two big yellowish googly eyes atop of a teeming mass of black opaquish gel. He can adopt a wide variety of shapes and forms, both humanoid, animalistic, or inanimate. As a blob, he has the abilities of shape-changing, travelling through pipes and other small spaces, and of course, using tentacles to grab and grope.

Not much is known about the early life of this blob. There were reports of a black gel creature landing on Earth as early as 1957, an unwitting hitch-hiker on the first Sputnik satellite. Apparently Morgan Drakewing took the job of "liberating" this alien from its previous employer at Shokushu Labs, where the blob had a job of testing its fluidity and tentacles on unwilling female subjects. Whatever the real story, Cangly ain't telling...

The Danger Dolls first learned of Cangly when he appeared on the pilot for Calliope Sacramento's proposed television heroine "Space Fox" as her alien sidekick. He seems to be quite fond of Callie; however, in a somewhat perverted sexual sense.