Status: Friend?

Ht: 5' 4"

Wt: approx 110 lbs

Hair: brown

Eyes: green

Body type: dancer



Breeze is one of the more public members of Silence’s group of chosen heroines. She seems to carry a rather sadistic torch for AmeriCat that may or may not be a result of her torment and mind control at the hands of Zealot. Breeze also desperately wants to be a dancer and singer, and was once cast in a leading role for a musical in town. Breeze however lost the part when AmeriCat’s enemy Irina took out revenge on Breeze for having once rescued AmeriCat from Irina.

Breeze has power over the wind, giving her the ability to fly and to create various wind funnels and wind based attacks. Breeze has green eyes and honey brown hair that she lets fall to her shoulders. Her outfit consists of a light green leotard, hooked over the center finger so that it stretches down her arms. A golden chain encircles her waist, and her feet are clad in slip on ankle boots. She usually wears a gauzy cape that flutters with any tiny bit of wind.