Status: Dangerous

Ht: 7' 7"

Wt: 250 lbs

Hair: none

Eyes: dark



This old world menace is the definition of old school horror. In fact he may be so old as to qualify as one of the original evils. AmeriCat nearly failed to survive her close encounter, but reports that he seemed obsessed with killing her and all humans by crushing their bones.

Bonegrinder is unnaturally tall, almost skeletally emaciated, dark-skinned, partially mummified, and has enormously oversized hands. He wears ragged clothing, generally remaining bare-footed and without head covering no matter what the weather conditions.

He has extreme strength, resilience, and speed, combined with a high level of immunity to most weapons, making him extremely dangerous. Some of his abilities border on the supernatural, such as being able to move in utter silence. His origins are unknown, but Bonegrinder seems to be a creature of the night, never having been spotted in daylight, and seeming to operate primarily on the darkest nights, those with no or only slivers of visible moon.