Age - unknown

Height - 5' 10"

Weight - 166 lbs

Eyes - grey

Hair - black

Status - wanted




The Black Foil is an unnaturally quick masked man with a fencing foil and a flair for armed robbery. Chickfighter believes he is in fact her recent Dancing With the Stars partner, Emilio Scorpione, star of a series of action films including a retelling of the Zorro legend. The Black Foil is allegedly quite a character, using a sword and various trick gadgets to commit robberies all over the city, often from horseback. His targets have included everything from armored cars to charity events. Chickfighter has been surprised by the speed and skill of this dark handsome rogue every time they've crossed paths. The Black Foil is armed and dangerous, but it appears the only way to stop him is to apprehend and publicly unmask him.