Arik Cabral



Status: Wanted

Ht: 5' 10"

Wt: approx 165 pounds

Hair: brown

Eyes: green

Body type: cloaked



Arik Cabral is a sorcerer wanted for kidnapping heroines. His wife Tess has been know to assist him in his abductions in the form of Lady Diamond. It is conjectured that Arik may use these abducted heroines in some way to remain young and immortal. His powers are apparently derived from the artifacts he has collected over ages, the most evident of which is his ability to summon portals all sorts of monsters. Kei Kishimoto discovered first hand that Cabral cannot be trusted when she agreed to assist him obtain an ancient stave. He has since become a wanted nemesis of the Danger Debs. The resources he can summon mean that he must be considered extremely dangerous and a threat to the well-being of every heroine in Empire City!