Angel Caprice



Status: Head guard

Ht: 6' 1"

Wt: approx 165 pounds

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

Body type: angular



Angel became a prison guard after serving nine years as a captain in the Marines. There was no proof of his involvement in arms smuggling fiasco to which he was linked so he escaped time in the stockade, but was forced to take an early discharge. The Women's Correctional Facility apparently does not care about his questionable background because he has the training required for the job. Never mind the accusations of rape, the unexplained deaths of prisoners under his watch, the apparent suicide of his only lover, his many transfers or poor mental evaluations. He has little life outside the prison, living in a small sparsely furnished apartment where he keeps his weapons collection and his perfectly restored 1984 Chevy Caprice. This man is dangerously unstable.