Status: most wanted

Ht: 6' 3"

Wt: 430 lbs

Head: scarred

Eyes: sable


"Poppy" Abdullah the Butcher is an Anarchistani warlord, smuggler, slaver, and terrorist who rules his remote mountainous province of Anarchistan in near total autonomy. He is a large brutal man recognizable by the scars on his shaved head and distinctive blue flame tattoos on his upper arms. His nickname "Poppy" comes from the heroin-producing flowers that make make him millions. His title as the Butcher comes from a rumor that he once personally chopped up ill-fated prisoners to feed his followers in more desperate times. Abdullah is ruthless, having been known to use captured foes as living punching bags or for target practice. His smuggling and slavery operations thrive in Anarchistan where, surrounded by his army of loyal followers, he is practically untouchable. He is pictured above threatening a captive Chickfighter.