Masked Americana

Status: Deceased

Age - 27

Height - 5' 4"

Weight - 123 lbs

Eyes - Blue

Hair - Blond


Socialite Tiffany Truesdale studied martial arts in evening classes where she met her young friend and eventual ward, Molly Whipple. Tiffany wrestled professionally and fought evil as the superheroine "Masked Americana." Tiffany decided to wear a mask so she could retain her anonymity.



In addition to her wrestling skills, Masked Americana learned to control her body's electromagnetic field which often made her appear stronger and more invulnerable than an ordinary person. She could also throw bolts of electricity, create magnetic fields, etc. Our heroine of course did not use her special powers to wrestle ... that would not have been fair! Even so she became the women's wrestling champion for a time...







before suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of her nemesis, an evil villainess known as the Dark Dominatrix. But she went on fighting crime as a cofounder of the Danger Dolls with her friend, Blue Belle.





Much to the dismay of her family she continued to spend her time wrestling and fighting crime instead of pursuing rich young men. Eventually she was tragically drawn into the world of on-line roleplaying by her young trouble-prone friend, and former sidekick, ChickFighter ...