Warheads and Warlords


Mouse grouses as Agent Orange orders her to report to the military base to be part of an operation they are planning. "But I don't want to work with those people... they're all rules and regulations and salutes and crap..." She sighs and nods. "Ok ok... I have no choice... it's that or I go to prison..." Only hours later she arrives on base to meet her teammate.

MissUSA stands at crisp attention, her serious face belying her youth, drawn up to her full 5' 10" height and standing in Orange's office. When the diminutive thief enters, she doesn't move, but there is a palpable feeling of disgust in the air. Still, her clear blue eyes stare straight ahead.

Mouse bounces over and hops up on Orange's desk, sitting there in her golden leotard and shimmering tights. Orange frowns. "Okay people, this is General Thicke. He'll explain the mission." An older severe-looking man steps forward as Orange runs the powerpoint presentation. "You see, Anacharstani warlord Abdullah the Butcher is rumored to have obtained a stolen nuclear warhead..."

The general's voice drones on as the images flash on the screen, detailing satellite images of the warlord's compound, a massively fortified complex somewhere in the Middle East. As the presentation continues, MissUSA’s eyes dart over to the impertinent girl perched so inappropriately on Orange's desk. She struggles to keep from frowning or showing any emotion at all, but she manages. Damn, that girl has a lot of hair, she catches herself thinking.

Mouse rolls her eyes at the tall woman standing at attention while seemingly only half paying attention to the general herself. "The warhead is likely kept in Abdullah's vault... here." Thicke points. "We need you two to get in there and destroy it before it can be sent somewhere to be used against us. We have some codes that will allow you to disable the bomb mechanism."

MissUSA breaks in. "Begging your pardon General, but this mission seems to be of the utmost secrecy. Mightn't the use of only one operative diminish the chances of detection and advance the cause of the mission's completion?" The General blinks at her, "What?" She begins again. "Mightn't... shouldn't..." She struggles to find the appropriate words and finally gives up. "Do I really need her?"

Mouse nods in agreement. "She's right! Why don't I just head back to the circus where I belong and leave all this war stuff to you military nutjobs... I'm just an acrobatic thief anyway!" Orange steps in front of the throat-clearing general. "A thief we need to get past the final security systems on Abdullah's vault after MissUSA gets you in the compound. It’s about teamwork, girls!"

"Of course, sir. Whatever your orders." MissUSA says, a little too stiffly. The general sighs and puts down his pointer. "The specs of the compound and a map of the area will be downloaded to your comlinks, soldiers. Do not take this lightly. This warhead is big enough to wipe out a state and cause all of civilized society to crumble. He wants to start over. You are protecting not only our way of life, but life itself." I shoot you a steely glance and salute the general and Orange.

Mouse sighs with a roll of the eyes and nods. "It's always the end of the world with you people. Maybe if you'd quit building bombs like this in the first place... don't worry... I'll do my part... like I have a choice..." Less than twenty-four hours later, the two heroines are aboard military aircraft, ready to make their jump into the remote high desert terrain of Anarchistan.

MissUSA is strapped into her gear and sitting across from Mouse in the back of the transport aircraft. She checks her rigging for the fifth time. She looks at her watch and checks her comlink, controlling everything she can control because it's eating at her that there's one variable on this mission that she can't control... Mouse! She looks across at the thief, staring at her with cold blues eyes, her long blond hair tucked up in her helmet. "You can always opt out, you know. No one will think less of you for not making the jump."

Mouse purses her lips. "Listen, I wouldn't have come if I had a choice. I don't do this stuff because I want to. But don't worry... I can get past the lasers and open that vault. Just keep me from getting killed in the meantime, please!" Mouse grins and offers a black-gloved hand as a crewman calls out, "Jump zone in two minutes... let's go!"

MissUSA glances at Mouse’s hand and back up at her eyes. "Don't worry. As far as I'm concerned, you're government property. I'll protect you with my life. It's my duty." She looks down again at the extended hand. "And I don't have to shake on my duty." MissUSA stands, towering over Mouse, and makes her way to the bay door open to the rushing wind.

Mouse mutters to herself as the tall woman brushes past her diminutive form in the golden leotard. "Wow, that sure raised my self-esteem a notch or two..." Mouse shrugs and follows, tucking her long waves of fluttering blond hair into a helmet before stepping into the standard jumpsuit and buckling up. She nods that she is ready. Seconds later the two women are in freefall together.

Wind whistles past the pair as they fall, looking to get as low as possible before releasing the chutes. MissUSA monitors Mouse to make sure the thief is not too far off the drop zone. Just before the point to release the shoots, however, singing bullets pierce the air! "Shit," MissUSA mutters and drops into a dive, screaming into her headset, "DO NOT DEPLOY! DO NOT DEPLOY!" Knifing through the air, she streams towards Mouse as surface to air rockets pop off all around them.

Mouse curses, "Damn it! They must have spotted us! We're sitting ducks! Ungh..." Mouse lurches, decelerating and spinning out of control, camouflaged arms and legs flailing. "Urk... I've been hit... what... do you mean... not deploy?"

"The CHUTE, you rookie!" MissUSA screams as she positions herself to intercept Mouse. She knows from experience that the chute provides a target for the gunmen, and they can't risk opening it under fire. She glides through the air, catching Mouse around the waist and holding her tight. Then she hits the releases on her own chute, taking hold of the ripcord before detaching the last one. The chute pulls violently off of her back, pulling against the ripcord and deploying as it flutters away, drawing the enemy fire.

Mouse squeals as she is tackled in midair, instinctively squirming for a few seconds, before surrendering herself to the powerful arms that squeeze her tightly. "Nngh... I... can't... breathe..." She pants for air as the grip relaxes slightly. "But... if we... don't use chutes... we're going to die!" Mouse's eyes widen as the ground as well as gunfire rushes up at a dizzying rate.

MissUSA grits her teeth and watches as the detached chute draws the gunfire away. The ground rushes up. "Wait for it, wait for it," She growls, holding on to Mouse and hooking her arms through the straps of Mouse’s chute, pressing close face to face. "A few more seconds..." Her breaths come quickly, knowing that this is the mission right here - if they die, it's over. Finally, she reaches between herself and Mouse, tugging for Mouse’s ripcord, her hand pressing into the thief’s breasts through the jumpsuit.

Mouse lifts her wide emerald eyes from the ground up to those of her teammate, gaping as a hand gropes her heaving chest. She shivers. "I don't think this is really the time for..." Her voice becomes a squeak as the chute jerks at the entwined teammates. "ttthhhhaaaaaAAAAAAAT!"

The jerk of the chute nearly pulls MissUSA from Mouse’s body, but she slides down, gripping the harness with her hands as her legs kick wildly below them. She pulls herself up as they de-cel, but not nearly quickly enough. "Shit," she murmurs again, looking down as the ground rises up. Frantically, she pulls herself up, her statuesque body sliding over Mouse’s as she grips her tightly around the waist, holding her close. "Go limp!" She shouts into her headset, although she barely needs it, as they are face to face.

Mouse feels the woman's hot command on her cheek as well as hearing it in her ear. As a trapeze artist Mouse knows quite well what she means. If they're lucky maybe they won't break anything on impact. She relaxes her limbs and gives herself over to the directions of the more powerful woman, as the air continues to whistle past.

MissUSA feels the tight, petite body go limp in her powerful arms, and feels the need to suck in a small breath and compose herself. But of course... “God, her scent...NO! Concentrate!” She clutches Mouse tightly and tries to angle for a dune on a down slope. They hit, MissUSA’s longer legs first, pitching over immediately, rolling along the sand, down the dune, both wrapped in the deflating chute. MissUSA took almost all of the force of the landing, and is nearly unconscious from the strain.

Mouse balls up and rolls upon impact, going head over heels across the sand. She sighs with relief as they come to rest. "Well that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be..." Her hands quickly groping about to release the straps of the chute and get her out of the jumpsuit tangle with her near motionless partner. "Oops, sorry, didn't mean to pinch you there... are you alright?"

MissUSA gasps dryly, "I'm... fine... are you... safe?" Even those words are a huge effort. She lies flat on her back, recovering from taking the brunt of the impact at way too high a speed. Her eyes are closed, her chest heaves for air. She can barely move, not even to react as a thief’s hands graze over her breasts as they attempt to extricate them both from the tangle.

Mouse quickly frees both herself and her teammate from the tangle of cords and silk, the chute fluttering away across the dune as it is caught by the wind. Mouse sits down, unbuttons her jumpsuit and pulls up the hem of her stretchy leotard to check beneath. Just above the waist of her tights a deep purple splotch has already formed. "Nasty bruise, but fortunately this leotard is bulletproof."

MissUSA nods. "Good," she chokes out dryly. Her eyelids flutter and she gasps, pulling herself with great effort to her elbows and taking off her helmet. Her canvas jumpsuit is ripped to shreds by bullet strikes and charred on one side by a missile that exploded too near. Dark red patches spread out on the material from wounds she has received, many of them while falling together and she was shielding Mouse. She rolls onto her knees, blonde hair spilling in front of her face. "Hope the bruise isn't too bad. Let's get going."

Mouse nods and removes her own helmet, her wavy hair spilling out to flutter in the cold wind that never ceases. "Good idea. Those gunmen are sure to come looking for us." Mouse offers a gloved hand to pull the battered woman up to her feet. "Do you know which way Abdullah's compound is from here... oh... and by the way... thanks."

"Forget it," MissUSA growls, standing up without the aid of the pretty blonde's hand. "Comlink says this way." She staggers forward, almost falling but willing herself on, blonde hair flipping out past her shoulders in the wind. She marches upright into the spectacular sunset, over the dunes of sand, leaving behind footprints that the wind erases almost immediately. She looks back over her shoulder. She tries really hard, but can't help but sigh at how good Mouse looks after what they just went through. "You coming?"

Mouse blinks as her offered hand is ignored, frowning. The woman is in obvious pain but still too proud to take her hand. Well so be it then. She takes a deep breath as MissUSA strides past, noting she is quite impressive, still gaping in fact when the woman calls to her. Mouse nods with a grin and brushes the wild mass of wind-blown hair from her face. "Yes, I'm with you, but don't forget my legs are shorter than yours."

"I'm pretty good at remembering the glaringly obvious." After an hour of walking, MissUSA striding long, purposefully trying to make Mouse struggle to keep up they rise over a large dune just as night falls. The silver moon is full and huge on the horizon, silhouetting the two as they survey the bustling complex. It's like an old walled city - tents pitched outside, a village in itself, then a gate, guards, and beyond - the citadel proper.

Mouse gulps at the sight, realizing the size of the warlord's force and that the two of them are on their own against this horde of Anarchistanis. "It looks like the general's satellite photos were pretty accurate. Let's just hope Abdullah isn't expecting us." Mouse points to a truck as it drives past the tents and into the citadel. "Maybe we could sneak inside in one of those."

"We got shot at. Perhaps you remember. You got a ... bruise. Nobody here pulls a trigger and Abdullah doesn't know about it." MissUSA surveys the truck routes. Looking out further, She sees a line of trucks diverging, some coming this way, some going around the back. She notices the ones coming in the front are flat beads, laden with provisions. The ones going to the back are box trucks, with a hidden cargo. "One of those," she says, pointing to a line of boxed trucks far out.

Mouse shrugs. "Yes, I'm sure you're right... but maybe if we hide in a crate or something in one of those trucks we can still surprise his guards inside the citadel." She follows MissUSA as they circle toward the backside entrance, picking her way carefully in her black soft-soled footies. She grabs MissUSA's hand and points out a landmine three feet ahead of her. "Maybe I should lead through here..."

MissUSA eyes the minefield, sees that it stretches all the way to the back gate. She gets an idea and looks down for a moment at the hand covering hers. Blood from a wound trickles down her wrist and is about to touch Mouse’s soft flesh when she pulls her hand away. "Wait, I have a better idea. Give me all the buttons from your jumpsuit."

Mouse raises a brow and looks down at the annoying jumpsuit, quickly slipping out of it and cutting off the buttons one by one with something sharp hidden in her glove. "OK, I didn't like wearing that thing anyway..." Mouse grins as she hands the buttons over, now dressed in only her own costume. "Here you go... but what do you have in mind?"

MissUSA starts ripping the buttons off her own jumpsuit one by one, and in ripping, the material becomes slack and falls away from her tall, lithe body, showing the glimpses of the blue costume she wears underneath. "Get ready to run - we're about to have a diversion. The guards will come through the citadel - it's the shortest route. Our path will be back along the wall to the front entrance. We have to get there before they have time to shut it down.” MissUSA takes the buttons and start flinging them at the mines, detonating one after another, flames licking up in the air, and sand billowing up into clouds. One powerful fling splatters a spray of her blood across Mouse’s pale cheek. Her loose jumpsuit, if one looked, would betray the extent to which she is injured and trying to hide it.

Mouse scoops waves of blond hair back from her blinking emerald eyes. "But won't that like announce our arrival in a major..." She gasps as the first mine explodes. Mouse instinctively ducks and cringes as the explosions continue, noting the extent of the woman's injuries as she now sees past the tattered jumpsuit, before chasing after the heroine as fast as her little legs will carry her.

"Sure," MissUSA says as she flings the last button. "At the BACK door." I'm running hard around the outskirt of the wall. You can see blood blotting up the sand in little droplets as we make our way around front. "Remember - they saw us coming in. They already KNOW we're here. We just have to find a way to get past as few of them as possible!" They skid around the corner, seeing the portcullis dropping at the front gate. "Hurry!"

Mouse pumps her arms as she tries to keep up, but even with her injuries, the taller woman is still faster. Mouse feels her costume becoming wet with sweat in the cold night air as she sprints, the soft sand very hard to run through. MissUSA makes it easily under the portcullis, but Mouse has to dive and roll, eeking as a piece of her leotard catches on a descending spike with a rip. Mouse rolls to her feet and looks back, gulping as she sees her golden leotard pinned under the closed gate, nibbling on her lower lip as she looks down red-faced. She now wears only her sheer-to-waist tights. Her bare breasts point at MissUSA like armed warheads.

MissUSA turns to see if Mouse came through the gate all right and stiffens at the sight of your petite body - and all that hair - available for the world to see! It takes pretty much all of her resolve to not bite her lower lip. She grabs Mouse’s shoulder and pulls her into an alcove off the main courtyard as soldiers run past to the disturbance at the back gate. She takes off the top of her jumpsuit and rips it at the waist. "Here, wear this," she says as a hand covers her mouth and pulls her into the courtyard. MissUSA takes the wrist of the hand and turns it, flipping the guard that it belongs to over her shoulder, and standing up to face three more burly soldiers.

Mouse slips the jumpsuit over her nakedness, and having now seen even more clearly the extent of her teammate’s injuries has new respect for her having endured them without a word. Mouse cartwheels out of the alcove and into a flip that lands her behind the furthest of the three. She strikes with quick short thrusts, the man's limbs going limp one by one. She hopes MissUSA can take out the other two.

The man in front of Mouse falls, and she sees MissUSA standing over the fallen bodies of the other two, panting heavily, her blue costume having a heavy dark stain all over her right ribcage, and shredded in several places along her leanly muscled arms. She glares at Mouse with a steely intensity. "Don't engage. You're here for the endgame. That's the mission. I handle everything until then. Do NOT put yourself at risk." Her left knee buckles slightly but she catches herself.

Mouse's eyes widen even as she nods, seeing something or someone over MissUSA’s shoulder, someone apparently quite tall. Mouse gapes and points, speechless, unable to describe the huge man with four arms that just came into the chamber. She gulps and clears her throat, her voice a whisper. "If you say so, but even against him?"

MissUSA turns around to face the huge man, her blue eyes widening. She glances around. There are many people present, but only he is dangerous. "You have the co-ordinates? GO!" She shouts as she sizes up her adversary. He flexes his four arms, spreading them. She turns over her shoulder, looking at Mouse, strands of blonde hair falling over her pretty face. "GO! Get the bomb! I've got this!" She turns to face him again, repeating, more quietly, "I've got this..."

Mouse knows the heroine would only be madder if she tried to help. And so Mouse bounces into action, flipping over two more guards and running several feet along the wall, before diving into the hall beyond, the remains of the jumpsuit fluttering away from the stout little legs and balls of ass shimmering in sheer nylon throughout the gymnastic display.

"Bring it, big boy" MissUSA growls as she steps forward on her left leg, which nearly buckles. Damn, she thinks - possibly broke it saving the cheerleader in our fall. Still. No one's stronger than me... not even a man with four arms! She grimaces and leans on it, slamming a left hook to his head.

The towering man smiles cruelly, cracking four sets of knuckles. He steps forward, brushing her hook aside, then punches once, twice, and a third time, still holding one fist cocked as he aims to back the lovely injured woman into the alcove where she will be unable to evade him.

Mouse hides behind a curtain as more guards rush past, heading in MissUSA's direction, accompanied by the Abdullah himself.

MissUSA blocks the first of his punches and barely dodges the second, the third coming so fast behind that there's nothing she can do. She is thrust back against the wall of the alcove with a loud smack, a droplet of blood coming from her lips and dribbling down her chin. My god! Such power! That's the hardest she’s been hit in her life! Her instincts take over and she raises her guard.

Abdullah smiles as he arrives on the scene. "Do you like my servant, Nu. He is a mutant created by a scientist cast off by your government's own twisted military research... and I shall let him have his way with you... you filthy American whore!" Another big fist is swung at MissUSA.

Mouse picks her way carefully from doorway to corner to doorway of secret room, pausing to catch her breath.

MissUSA is staggered and stunned against the wall of the alcove, looking up at the huge mutant. "Just have to make this long enough for that rookie to get in and out...focus on the mission, not on your pride!" she thinks to herself as his last cocked fist crashes into her jaw and sends her spinning to the floor. She hauls herself up to her elbows, spitting blood from her mouth as she tries to muster her lithe body back into a fighting stance. "Thirty seconds... she needs another five minutes..." she murmurs, as she feels a hand grip her hair.

Nu lifts the heroine by her long blond hair, lips curling into a gruesome grin. "Pretty girlie... so she is Nu’s then?" Abdullah laughs maniacally. "Indeed my friend... enjoy yourself..." Nu holds the woman up with one arm. "Nu can't believe Americans send such a weakling..." He begins to pound her with three fists like she is a punching bag.

Mouse is meanwhile contorting her way past the laser lights in the vault room, finally flipping over the last and kneeling by the big metal door. "Now to get in there and use those codes."

MissUSA is taking the beating of her life as the most powerful man she has ever faced slams fist after fist into her weakened body. Finally he drops her to booted feet and she sinks to her knees. She turns immediately and crawls away, as the crowd jeers her and cheers on their champion. "Don't attack," she thinks. "Keep to the mission. Four more minutes..." The towering mutant grabs one of her boots and spins her to her back, dragging her on the dusty ground back into the circle of onlookers.

Mouse hears the cries of the excited mob of guards even as she kneels by the safe to work. She is forced to callously cover one ear to block the sound as she presses the other to the safe, painfully aware that her teammate is suffering who knows what to buy her the time she needs to roll the tumblers into place and open the massive vault.

Nu drags the woman out on the floor in front of the guards, laughing as he undoes the drawstring on his pants.

One of the guards dares to grab for MissUSA’s hair and she can't take the indignity, swinging a long leg up and letting a booted foot relieve him of the rest of his miserable life. Another grabs for her arm and she flings him head over heels above the onlookers. She staggers to her feet, the jumpsuit now falling completely away, the red white and blue body stocking fully visible, ragged though it is. She sweeps the hair from her dirt-smeared face and turns to face Nu, thinking, "Three minutes," but when she turns that thought changes to "oh, my dear god in heaven!"

Nu drops his pants to reveal that he is well hung, and not with just one but two massive members, perhaps a side effect of the mutation that gave him four arms. Two of those arms grasp for her biceps. He spins her away from him and regrips her shoulders, a third hand tearing away the body stocking as Abdullah and the guards cheer the show.

Mouse winces as a roar from the distant humiliation causes her to miss a click. She is forced to start over, giving the knob a spin. She gulps and concentrates, knowing there might not be much more time.

MissUSA presses her palms flat against the alcove wall and bracing her slender body for what she knows is going to come. She has had men in her life, but they were always disappointing. Weak. Not up to her standards. She has never met a man that could drive her to her knees in a fight, even weakened as she is. And she has never seen the likes of even ONE of his cocks. For a brief moment, she wonders if she has been waiting for this her whole life... waiting to meet her match. Her eyes glaze over just a little as she feels one of the two cocks sliding up against her pussy lips, lips which are embarrassingly wet. "Two minutes," she thinks, "It will be over in two minutes..."

Once she is stripped, Nu grasps the naked heroine with all four hands, holding her spread eagle in the air facing away from him. The powerful fingers of his hands dig into her flesh as his grip tightens. He turns slowly, showing her nakedness to the jeering guards, teasing his throbbing members between her legs, positioning them, waiting for Abdullah's nod to thrust them like punching fists.

Mouse finally hears the last cog click into place and pushes against the huge door. It comes open with such ease that she actually tumbles inside the vault, somersaulting to her feet and racing over to the nuclear device sitting in the middle of the chamber.

MissUSA moans as her spectacular body is shown to the jeering crowd. Her wounds do no detract from their abject lust as their hero parades her around like a trophy. She feels his giant tools at her pussy and at her ass, shuddering to think what would happen if he were to actually drive them home, and secretly wanting to find out. "One more minute," she thinks. "I can take it for one minute. Please, god, don't let him make me beg for it!"

Nu smiles as Abdullah nods. Nu's breath is warm on her neck, but the sound of his voice cold as he speaks in her ear. "Nu wants to hear you scream for mercy, American slut! Show these people what sort of heroine you really are... scream for me!" He plunges his two-headed monster into her like he is driving a pile.

Mouse punches in her code and opens the little access panel on the nuclear warhead. Her hand shakes as she reaches inside and sets the timer on the acid bath self-destruct. She has five minutes to get out of the compound before the meltdown. A scream causes her to flinch at the vault door. She closes it behind her and intentionally sets off the alarms by running through the laser beams.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" MissUSA screams as the twin cocks plunge home, pushing deep inside both her openings. She’s never felt anything like his cock in her pussy before in her young life, and certainly nothing like it in her virgin ass. Her body goes limp and her head lays back against his shoulder, blonde hair flowing back in the wind as he fucks her mercilessly. "Oh, god," she begins begging. "God, please don't fuck me like this in front of my enemies...please don't tame my pussy like this with your huge cock.... oh, god, please.... please.... please don't make me cum!" Her internal clock is stopped. She has no idea how many minutes are left. And she doesn't care.

Nu grimaces more than grins as he bites her earlobe and plunges in and out of her warm wet holes, bending her backwards by his grip of her limbs, arching her back, his jumping cocks plunge deeper with every thrust. He is sweating profusely when the alarm sounds, not even hearing it as he punches his cocks home one more time, the burning sensation of his release filling her.

Mouse dashes back through the halls of the warlord's citadel as the alarms sound all around her, causing mass confusion. She is forced to drop one guard she stumbles into with a quick chop to the back of his neck. Despite her better judgment she heads back to where she left MissUSA.

MissUSA feels Nu erupt inside of her and begins a long slide down into total submission, her eyes going unfocused and her back arching up, showing off her hard nipples to everyone watching. She doesn't see several guards rush off to attend the alarm. She doesn't see Abdullah ordering his men about. All she can feel is Nu’s cocks inside her. "Oh, god... you... you're.... oh...god.... you're making me cummmmm!" She whimpers helplessly as he thrusts into her, making her his slave. Then she sees Mouse running along a balcony over the courtyard. She catches Mouse’s eyes as Nu fucks her, lifting her eyebrows to question whether the mission is complete.

Nu holds himself deep within the heroine, thinking he has never known such ecstasy, like fireworks going off all around him. "Yes, you are mine and will always be mine..." Then he realizes Abdullah is yelling at him. He nods. Oh yes, there was another he had forgotten to mention.

Mouse nods to MissUSA as she catches her eyes, blinking as Nu discards the naked used body of MissUSA to the floor like a piece of garbage and rushes off at his master's command. Mouse runs forward to where the heroine lays. "Can you get up? We have to go. The meltdown has started!"

MissUSA lies face down in the sand, her ass up in the air, stripped of her clothes, her will, her dignity. A man has conquered her! She continues orgasming as Mouse touches her shoulder, her pussy completely tamed by the monster's cock. "You... you should go... the mission... is complete... save... yourself..."

Mouse blinks, shocked to see this powerful woman so completely broken by her encounter with that monstrous man, but she recalls how she would have died on the initial jump if not for MissUSA. That matters more to Mouse than anything else. She throws the woman over her shoulder and runs through the courtyard to the loading docks. She tosses the woman into the passenger side of a box truck and hops behind wheel.

MissUSA slumps in the bench seat almost unconscious from her orgasm. The truck roars out of the loading dock, even as people all around jump for vehicles and flee the coming conflagration. "He broke me," she mutters. "I let someone break me... I... what... what are you doing? Don't take me! You need to be able to move! The mission! Is the mission complete?!?!?"

Mouse smiles as the truck roars to life. "Not the first starter I've hotwired..." She sits back and steers through the gate, open now in the confusion as a rumor that the bomb might go off has cause a panicked race to get out of the citadel. Mouse can barely reach the pedals with her short little legs, uncovered but for sheer nylon all the way to the waist, the jumpsuit riding up her jostling flesh. “Yes, the mission is complete. That place will meltdown behind us in about two minutes.”

"Good," MissUSA murmurs, almost dreamily. "I delivered the package... and the package delivered." You swerve to avoid another truck and my once powerful body limply sags to the side, my head falling in your lap. In a last act of will, I find my comlink attached to my boot, and lift it to the dashboard, giving you directions to the pick up zone, far from where the other trucks are headed.

Mouse grins and brushes her fingers through the hair of her teammate even as the naked woman drools on the nylon-clad pout of her sex. "Hey! That tickles... and I'm trying to drive here... you know, MissUSA, you're not so bad after all... once you loosen up a bit..."

(May 2009)