Unstaffed Studio


Mr. Jackal has decided to take advantage of the crushing storm to finally get a hold of the Staff of the Sphinx, an ancient relic that had become lost and hidden away at a movie studio as a prop. His all-black form plowed through the drifts uninhibited by the cold or the wind or the snow, smashing violently through the front gate of the virtually abandoned lot.

US Angel relaxes in her trailer, still recovering from meeting Godzilla.

Mr. Jackal lurches his way along the snowy lot, as always reveling in the power of his altered form. Casually, he picked up a snow-covered golf cart and hurled it over the wall of the lot. He was denied that delightful crunch of it smashing into the pavement outside as it sank into a sizable snowdrift.

US Angel is simply thankful that the snowstorm has shut down shooting for the day.

Mr. Jackal kneeled down in front of the roll-up door to prop warehouse D, his fingers scraping and searching for the bottom of it. With the compressed snow and ice at the bottom, he finally just gave up on trying to force the door open like that, and started twisting the metal apart with his obsidian-black fingers.

US Angel is relaxing in her trailer out of the cold when she hears the sound of something breaking into the prop warehouse next door.

Mr. Jackal forces the door up and open, metal shrieking in protest as it gave way and the rush of cold wind filling the warehouse in a heartbeat. Snow poured in through the door as the towering behemoth stomped inside, shoving over wracks of old props and costumes and crushing them flat under his heavy feet.

US Angel is already in costume, she grabs her staff and goes to find the source of the commotion.

Mr. Jackal pounded his way through each wrack until he found the one carrying the props from the 1934 movie "Sorcerer of Siam," in which the staff had been painted to look like something oriental. He snatched it up, sensing instantly that it was the missing relic, and was already starting to plot out how to destroy the thing.

US Angel discovers it is indeed freezing outside despite the protection of her high-tech costume. Leave it to DDSTV to rent space on an unused lot and, with everybody having gone home because of the storm, it seems down right desolate. She is about to get back inside and chalk the sound she heard up to the storm blowing something over when she sees him.

Mr. Jackal is practically giggling, which looks obscene on his jackal-like face. He comes out of the warehouse the same way he came in, legs sinking slowly up into the white snow. He squinted against the biting wind outside, pointed ears drooping down. "Jeeze... this would freeze the hell outta me otherwise..."

“Wholly shit!” US Angel then wonders if it might be one of her stunt guys just trying to be funny. She points her staff. “Hold it right there! Err... whoever you are...”

Mr. Jackal lurches forward against the wind, watching the flickering form of Blaze going through the snowstorm until she vanished further in the whistling blizzard. Then he heard a voice he'd heard before. "You!" He snapped, turning to glare at her and twisting to point the staff he had in hand at her. "How'd you even get away last time!? You were half-dead when I was done with you!"

US Angel gulps, the color draining from her face, her jaw line twitching. "That's not a costume is it?"

Mr. Jackal twists the staff towards her, circling and slowly closing the gap between them. "No, wannabe heroine. I'm a real villain, and you're in for a beating."

US Angel stumbles through a snowdrift that comes up to her shimmering thighs as she tries to move away. She holds her staff in a defensive position. "I know what I'm doing with this staff... don't make me use it!"

Mr. Jackal laughs and does a mock twirl with his staff... and regrets it instantly. In the 'avatar form' of his death-powered state, his body was all obsidian, and had no core body temperature. Frost was accumulating on his skin, and the staff slipped out of his now icy fingers to vanish into the blankets of snow. "NO!"

US Angel decides this is a good time to attack and thusly takes three quick steps, plants her staff into the snow and vaults herself into a flying dropkick, churning legs in shimmering nylon driving her blue footies forward at the obsidian chest. "Now I've got you!"

Mr. Jackal is frantic to try and see where the staff he'd just stolen went in the snow, and her kick catches him completely unprepared. Her small, lightweight body had just enough force to knock him off-balance, and the ice underfoot refused to help him stay upright. With a howl, the villain tumbled over backwards, black body sending up a huge cloud of snow.

US Angel back flips off her last kick and lands deftly back on her footies, noting the location of the object the big black thing seems to want. She switches on the taser function of her staff and thrusts it at the flailing black thief of living rock. "Let this be a lesson to you..."

Mr. Jackal thrashes in the snow, snarling in pain as the electricity surges through him. He surges with fury and twists, swinging one massive dark leg along through the snow, trying to take her legs out from under her.

US Angel is expecting the charge from her staff to end the fight and so gets surprised by the sweeping leg that strikes her own like a wrecking ball. Her stout little legs are taken out from under her and she sprawls into a drift.

Mr. Jackal gets to his hands and knees, scrambling through the snow, searching for the missing Staff of the Sphinx. The snow had already hidden where it had fallen, burying any sign of the lost relic. "No no no no!" He snarled, getting up to his feet, then glaring down on the sprawling US Angel. "You... oh, you're gonna get it now!"

US Angel realizes this can't be good as her staff's taser function has already proved ineffective. She manages a wan smile as she finds the temerity to goad him. "Lose something, Dark Stalagmighty, or whatever you call yourself?"

Mr. Jackal snarls, showing teeth of the same black obsidian as the rest of him. "My name... is Mr. Jackal. And I'm not some fake thug from your show or a guy in a suit like those monsters Chickfighter faces in whatevery bad movie she's starring in." He reached down, using his big hands to scoop up a huge amount of snow to hurl in the air towards her in a cascade of glittering white.

US Angel pops to her feet, spinning the red white and blue staff in her gloved hand so fast if blows the flurry of snow back at her attacker, regaining a measure of bravado. "Well Jackal... there's no place for you to hide... I know this studio too well! And you sorta look like one of Chicky's villains to me...”

Mr. Jackal stumbles back as the snow sticks to him, gathering on his rime-covered flesh. The cold was slowing him down as more and more of the ice and snow was making him heavier. "Why would I run?" He takes a big step forward, swinging his right hand in a powerful haymaker aimed at her gut.

US Angel sees the punch coming and vaults right over it, going for a second flying drop kick attack, aiming to walk kicks from chest to chin to cheek in a rapid one two three before flipping away. "Because the villains on my show do?"

Mr. Jackal recalls this attack from the first time he faced her. Even if she'd forgotten him, he could hardly forget legs like hers. On the third kick, the one that would have hit his nose, he grabbed her leg by the ankle and twisted, hurling her through the air and back towards her trailer.

US Angel squeals as her ankle is grasped, her body spins as the leg is twisted, revolving several times in the air before impacting the side of the metal trailer, leaving a dent in the side, before crumpling to the snow. She groans and clutches her staff tightly, looking up from hands and knees through the blowing snow.

Mr. Jackal charged forward after her. He lost sight of her in the whistling snowstorm, and was half-blinded as he tried to run after her. In just a handful of powerful strides, he'd reached her trailer, and twisted to try and stop moving, but he had too much momentum and no friction thanks to all the icy build-up. "By Ra!" He shouted, before running into... and through... the side of Angel's trailer.

US Angel gasps as the huge black figure nearly tramples her before making a hole in the side of her trailer. “Hey! That does it! You're toast now!” US Angel jumps after the Jackal setting her staff to torch function as she raises it. “Oh yeah, burn baby burn!”

Mr. Jackal stands up from the opposite side of her trailer, wind and snow pouring into the now shredded vehicle, her bedroom torn apart thanks to the impact. "Ow..." he grunted, not even getting a chance to turn around before there was an impact on his back, forcing him back to his knees and sending a surge of pain through him. He roared and spun, giving a blind swing behind him.

US Angel applies flame to the back of the inhuman creature for a brief instant before a spinning hand of black stone nearly separates her head from her shoulders. Fortunately her build is small and stout enough that her body follows as her head spins away, but she loses the grip on her staff. She tumbles into the set for her next adventure, the one with an alien invasion.

Mr. Jackal stands up, holding the small of his back as if he was an old man. The obsidian had cracked from the force of the sudden temperature change, but those cracks were closing slowly. "You... little TV harlot..." he hissed darkly, trying to see where she'd vanished to in the snow, and stumbling slowly after her as he sees the broken down side of a set.

US Angel digs through the snow around her in hopes of finding her staff, but to no avail. As a result her costume is soaked with wet snow by the time her shivering little form rises up, with its bountiful bosom and plump rump.

Mr. Jackal glances behind himself. He was sure he'd seen someone else out in the storm behind him, but now whoever it was had left his vision. Frowning, he put his attention back to US Angel. "Missing your staff, eh? Ironic, ain't it." He thumped into the alien invasion set, which was growing winter bound by the second. "So am I." He brought his leg up in a strong, simple kick.

US Angel is trapped by the confines of the set, oophing as the kick doubles her over with a sudden jerk and a sound like a gunshot cracking, before the momentum sends her flying up through the wood and plaster into the next set, where she flops to the floor, balling up and clutching at her midsection.

Mr. Jackal stomps along after her, his rage mixing with the fury of the creature from the Land of the Dead which empowered him. He gave a snarl that sounded less human and started smashing the set as he neared her, almost spending more time breaking things than pursuing. "And after I'm done with you, I'll beat up every DangerDoll just for the insult of this!"

US Angel looks up in fear and around furtively, searching for some way to defend herself, crawling on all fours, showing her ass, reaching for some lines at the edge of the set, detaching the hook, attempting to drop a beam of lights of the Jackal.

Mr. Jackal spotted her, and for a moment the human part of him took priority as he enjoyed her butt wiggling from side to side in her soaked, tight outfit. "Oohh... that's nice..." he said softly. And then vanished as the entire cascade of lights fell down on him, hitting with enough force to drive him through the set floor and into the ample basement. He let out a strangled shriek as he fell, part of the studio caving in on top of him.

US Angel crawls off to have her broken rib seen about, figuring to find the object that Jackal was trying to steal sometime after the storm ends.

(Jan 2010)