Chickfighter giggles and steps behind a curtain, babbling excitedly as her slender silhouette pulls on the virtual version of her costume. "This is so cool! I can't get over the fact that there's going to be an Ultimate Chickfighter game on the market! So the reason you've added hose to the costume is to record my leg movements? Then the hose won't appear in the game? Right?"

The Gamemaster nods. "Right. They'll be CGI'd off of you so that your fans will see you just as you are. Now, if you'll just step into this little spherical cube and let me hook these sensor wires to your temples, Molly. This way your movements will be recorded through your brainwaves and into the program to get the most realistic look possible."

Chickfighter blinks blank blue eyes and nods with a bounce of blond bob. "Coolies! This costume looks dead on... good job!" She steps into the glass gyrosphere.

The Gamemaster tapes two tiny electrodes to her temples, the cool metal bits connecting to several electrical cords that run into the base of the giant computer screen. "Now, close your eyes, Molly, and the programming for Ultimate Chickfighter will commence."

Chickfighter nods and closes those big blue orbs just as the door to the sphere closes as well. She feels the snug fit of the costume all up and down her body, almost tingling as she hears a distant hum and feels suspended in space. "Tell me when I can open my eyes..."

The Gamemaster programs several commands into the console. The hum becomes an ear-piercing screech, electromagnetic currents shoot from the wires and into Chickfighter’s temples and the current courses completely through the tailor-made costume as the sphere begins to spin and is flooded with blinding light.

Chickfighter yelps as her life flashes before her eyes, closed as they might be. "Yikes! What the..." She feels the gyrosphere spinning wildly and fights to keep her balance, flailing wildly.

The Gamemaster grins as the spinning sphere expands outwards and then closes in, screeching as it crushes into and then through Chickfighter, the blinding light dispersing as it gets sucked into the wires that had been attached to Chickfighter's temples. The glowing sphere shrinks down into a small dot and then it too vanishes into nothingness. The space where the sphere that contained Chickfighter stood seconds before becomes a void area of air and nothing more. The heroine is gone.

Chickfighter feels caught in a maelstrom, swimming for her life, but unable to avoid being swept away by currents she feels but cannot see in the light that crushes in on her until... she sprawls on the ground of what, as she blinks open her eyes, appears to be another world. "Wha... where am I?"

The light around her disperses and she no longer finds herself inside the sphere. Instead she is lying on what appears to be a sand-covered street. Only the street doesn't look real. Instead it is more like the computerized graphic of a street drawn in an anime cartoon. Flat houses line the street, 2-dimensional and as unreal as the street itself.

"It's like I'm inside the background of the video game! Hey! Is this supposed to happen?" Chickfighter reaches for the wires on her temples, but finds they aren't there. She adjusts her mask and looks around with a puzzled expression. Above the unreal buildings are what appear to be neon signs. One reads ROUND ONE, One is the number 6 under the word LIVES. And one is simply a long green bar.

The Gamemaster 's virtual image appears floating in front of her. "Yes, this is what I intended to have happen. You are inside the video game and you have six lives to use in completing all the levels. If you accomplish this, you will escape the game and return to the real world. If you fail...."

Chickfighter gulps, her incredulous expression priceless. "This is impossible! I mean it just can't be! If I fail what?"

"If you fail, you die!" The Gamemaster laughs as his image fades away and the game begins, as caricature forms of video game kung fu fighters stroll slowly towards her, each positioned in his kung fu fighting stance.

"Ohmygawd! How did you do this to me?" Chickfighter watches the Gamemaster's image fade, then looks down at own image and back up again. "By the way, thanks for upping my cup size..." Her voice trails off as she sees the series of fighters taking their stances. She instinctively goes into her own.

There are three of them, slowly stalking towards her in a triangular formation, hands raised up to their faces and clenched in fists, one leg out in front of the other, almost as if they are skipping their way forwards towards her. Obviously the round one fighters were representative of the old time video games where the fighters had very little personality or style.

Chickfighter cartwheels into an inverted splits kick with a flair of slender legs encased in sheer dark nylon, aiming black footies at the chins of these fighters as she spins in the hand stand, pink crotch of her leotard pulled tight across the shape of her upturned sex.

Two feet connect with two chins and these fighters are knocked to the ground as their power levels shrink down a couple of notches. The third fighter steps forth, a forward fist thrust shooting at Chickfighter's body as she completes her maneuver.

Chickfighter oophs as the punch knocks her out of her handstand, sending her careening across the street. She rolls to her feet and shakes herself off, brushing sand from her tush. The blow certainly felt real enough. She'll have to be careful. She cartwheels into a flip, aiming to deliver an elbow to the chest of the third attacker.

The third attacker is slow and awkward, much like a 1980s video fight game character and is dropped to the floor, its power level taking a hit as well. The other two are up, however, and advancing towards Chickfighter in their robotic walk, the one leg always in front of the other even as they move in on her, hands lifted in their fighting stance.

Chickfighter rushes forward and executes a slide tackle at their awkward stances with one sweeping slender leg, gloved fist cocked to punch when she brings them down.

The pair is dropped to the cartoon-like road, stunned by the leg-sweep punch combination she uses on them. Each fighter loses even more of their life-level and lays on the ground as the third one again rises and scoots towards her with that weird game walk it possesses.

Chickfighter stands over the downed fighters, kicking them until they dissipate, seemingly unaware of the third attacker until at the very last second her leg snaps backwards and up in a "chick" kick to the chin.

The third fighter flies backwards, its body 'blinking' as its power level falls dangerously low. It rises, once again advancing in that preprogrammed fashion, still blinking as its life force is just one big blow from extinction.

Chickfighter shakes a gloved finger at the blinking figure and runs forward, launching herself butt-first at the fighter in an example of her well-known "moonshot" wrestling move, the nylon-clad roundness of her glutes seemingly swallowing the pink of her costume between them as she flies at his face.

The last fighter falls and dissipates as the easy part of level one is completed. The virtual street then is filled with a darkening shadow as a larger, more graceful fighter, carrying a staff, walks down the street with much better movements to it than the three defeated fighters.

"You'll have to do better than that, Gamemaster! How many rounds does this game have if I may ask?" Chickfighter clenches her fists as she sees a new opponent.

There is no verbal answer to her question, only the huge words that read BONUS ROUND ONE OF SEVEN. Meanwhile, the new opponent whips his staff through the air, spinning it and thrusting it quite fast before getting in his stance again.

Chickfighter takes a step back as she realizes that clearly the quality of opponent has improved. She runs toward the buildings and up the facade, backflipping 2 1/2 times in the air, intending to ass-sault the staff-wielding fighter with the smack of her buns of tru-steel.

The fighter waits and then spins the staff at the flying heroine, her attack met by a countermove designed to use the staff as a paddle, looking to land one good spank right across both butt cheeks with one swing.

Chickfighter flails as she is caught in midair by the striking staff, the resulting smack resounding loudly, echoing off the two-dimensional facade. The girl in pink ducks a shoulder as she hits the street, rolling over to hands and knees, reaching back to rub her butt as she looks up. "OK, that hurt!"

The Gamemaster laughs as he watches on the screen as she rubs her butt. "This I gotta save and use on the television advertisement." Meanwhile, the staff wielder thrusts his weapon into the ground, using it to pole-vault his way closer to her, landing on his feet, he brings the staff back up and over his shoulder to drive it down towards her like a railroad worker would bring a sledgehammer down towards a spike.

Chickfighter blinks at the acrobatic move and somersaults past his legs as the staff strikes the ground behind her. She snaps a kick up from her crouch behind him, aiming the slender leg up between his legs. "How about a nutcracker!"

The computerized fighter is dropped by the blow, but immediately starts to get to his feet. His power level marker drops a bit, but not as much as the previous three opponents would have from the same attack, again demonstrating why he is the bonus round opponent. He twirls his staff again, which just seemed to rematerialize right back in his hand, once again reminding Chickfighter that she's not in Kansas anymore.

Chickfighter gulps, grabbing the fighter as she comes to her feet, lifting him on to her shoulders before he can bring the staff to bear, running toward and up the building facade, and attempting to towerbomb him to the street.

The Gamemaster watches the screen, quite impressed as she performs the unbelievable maneuver. "Maybe she's catching on to the rules of the video game world." Meanwhile, the meter reading of the staff wielder's power drops below half-full, but he only lies on the ground a moment before he is standing again, his staff reappearing in his hand, as he makes ready to fight again.

Chickfighter looks up from her knees and brushes back the curtain of blond bob that has fallen across her mask, sweat beginning to bead up on her face and darken patches of her pink leotard. "Goodness, you're a tuff one!" She springs forward, intending to lift him up once more to her shoulders, a torture wracked backbreaker her intent.

The staff fighter rises upon her shoulders but starts to shift its staff, trying to press it against her throat. But, in spite of its advantages as opposed to the first three cannon fodder opponents, it is still just a round-one-bonus fighter, meaning the maneuver is much more complicated than the character can really manage.

Chickfighter blocks the choke with one arm even as she stretches the opponent over her shoulders, waiting for a telltale snap as the pressure increases.

The snapping sound isn't exactly as loud as she expects, being yet just a computerized sound effect but the real payoff is visual, not audible, as she can see his power level meter fall to below a quarter full as he flops on her shoulders a while, before re-emerging in his fighting stance once again. As if to say, 'the game will only allow you to do that for so long, time to fight again.'

Chickfighter stands there perplexed, turning in a circle as she tries to find her opponent, not having adapted well enough yet to expect the sort of thing that happens in the video world. "What happened? I had him!"

The confusion of the girl allows the Bonus Round opponent to lash out with his staff. He spins as his weapon whips through the air and slices the space between him and her, whooshing in a direct path for her midsection like he was swinging a baseball bat at her.

Chickfighter oophs at the impact of the staff, doubling over so hard that her knees bury themselves into the roundness of her breasts before the follow through sends her flying, making a nasty impact into a car that appeared to be part of the background, shattering the windshield, before crumpling to the street.

The staff wielder again uses his weapon as a pole to vault, this time he aims his feet towards the fallen body of the heroine, planning to land on her with both feet.

Chickfighter picks up a piece of broken glass in a gloved hand, having discovered a useful programmed portion of the background, turning it into a weapon as she flings the glass shard like a shuriken at the vaulting figure even as she rolls under the car.

There is a bit of splattered computerized blood droplets as the shard of broken glass connects with the throat of the Bonus Round combatant. It falls to the ground, clutching its throat as the power level falls below 1/8th on the meter. The staff fails to reappear as the 'opponent' twitches on the ground next to the car the heroine rolled beneath.

Chickfighter lifts the car, her biceps and breasts alike bulging with effort against the sweat-soaked costume, and drops the car on her opponent as he twitches.

The Gamemaster watches and nods to himself. "That was pretty impressive," he says as the words BONUS ROUND COMPLETED appears on the screen. The scenery changes and Chickfighter finds herself standing on a virtual reality beach. Her own power bar fills back up to full as the words ROUND 2 show up beneath her 6 LIVES marker. Four fighters march towards her on the beach, their movements more graceful than her round-one opponents.

Chickfighter takes her stance and eyes her opponents, deciding to go with what worked before on multiple opponents, bouncing into a handstand as she runs, delivering a whirlwind of splits kicks, with her crotch splayed beneath this level's bright sun.

The computerized fighters, having 'seen' this attack before, lift their arms to counter the kicks and then two fists fly forwards, looking to slam into her crotch as the program seems to be telling her, 'I'm programmed to learn your attacks. You have to use variety or I'll hurt you bad'.

Chickfighter grunts as her tender pout is turned into throbbing gristle by a quick one two. Slender legs flail as her handstand collapses and she curls up on the sand clutching between her legs.

The fighters gather around as one tries to pull her up by her hair. The other three prepare their fists to ready an assault if there is no retaliation on her part.

Chickfighter blinks as she is pulled up by the hair, her costume caked with sand, tears streaming down her cheeks from the pain, her arms like rubber as they come up to block, turning the first two punches into glancing blows before a third lands like a gunshot to her midsection, her eyes bugging out.

They flip her by her hair onto her back, dropping her onto the sand. Then they surround her and start to stomp at her body. The assault taking its toll as an 1/8th of her power meter drops away, leaving her still with quite a bit of power in the first of her 6 game lives, but the unmistakable weakening of her is real enough.

Chickfighter tries to cover up as she rolls across the sand in an attempt to escape, dodging several kicks, grunting each time one lands, finally managing to roll into a sweep of flared legs, grit spraying from the damp sand-caked nylons.

Her sweep drops two of the attackers to the ground, taking off a bit of their power level. If she is able to pay attention to the power meters, she will notice that, just like at level one, her attacks on them take a far greater toll on their power levels than their attacks on her do. Although, it is doubtful that they feel the pain she does. The two standing fighters close on her rapidly, one on her left and one on her right.

Chickfighter springs to her left as she gets up, reaching out for her attacker's collar area with both hands as she plants a footie in his chest and rolls backwards, attempting to monkey toss him at the other attacker.

Her attack is executed perfectly as the computer had not prepared for that type of maneuver. The two collide and both take a decent amount of damage as the other two return to their feet. One kicks out at her while the other lunges with a punch attempt.

Chickfighter sidesteps, attempting to catch the kicking leg in her gloved hands and, with a twist and a fling, throw the first attacker into the second, hopefully before the punch lands.

The second punch lands... into the body of the flung attacker! The collision knocks the two down as one of the others is up, kicking at the back of Chickfighter's right knee. The other one is just getting up into his fighting stance.

Chickfighter screeches as her right leg is taken out from under her, buckling at the knee, but she goes with the fall and rolls across the sand, spinning into the legs of the man taking his stance, trying to bring him down and roll on top as they grapple.

The roll is successful and she ends up on top of him as the other three get to their feet and start to close in on them, leaving Chickie just enough time to perhaps take this one out, if she's fast enough, and willing to be at a disadvantage once she does.

Chickfighter raises a clenched fist and brings it down with all the force she can muster even as she springs at the closest of the remaining attackers, trying to catch him with a clothesline to the chest, grasping as she goes for a sidewalk drop.

The characters are not able to keep up with her renewed quickness and attacks. The first fighter's power level drops to blinking status as the sidewalk slammed villain drops to half level. Then the other two close in, one trying to grab her arms and hold them back, attempting to set Molly up for an unimpeded fist assault from the fourth fighter.

Chickfighter sees the clenched fist posed to strike and shakes her head as she is pulled to her feet by both arms. She swings her legs up and kicks with both legs, supported by the fighter that holds her. She attempts to rebound off the kick into a backflip in an effort to jerk her arms away from the man who holds her.

She ends up landing behind the one who was holding her, giving her an opening to connect a huge blow before the other three, including the blinking one, get a chance to strike back.

Chickfighter goes to a knee and delivers an uppercut between the man's legs a la a Chyna nutshot. She blinks at her arm as the man vanishes. Both sleeves of her leotard were ripped off in her escape. But she has no time to worry about it. She comes up running into a shoulder tackle of the first of the remaining three, driving him towards the next.

The attack drops the two to the ground, sending one of them into a blinking state and the other near close to losing all power as the other blinking fighter is up and trying to grab the heroine in an attempt to choke her from behind.

Chickfighter gasps as she is lifted off her feet by the choke. Her gloves fly to the hands that grip her throat but she cannot dislodge them. So in a display of her flexibility she high kicks up over her head, aiming for the forehead of the choker. "Gurk! Get! Off! ME!"

The high kick cracks into the blinking attackers forehead and he, too disappears. Leaving her to face two attackers. This battle has drained, now, 1/4th of her power level but she has more power life left herself than her two remaining foes combined. Nevertheless, one foe is up, swinging at her upper body with a left-right combination of jabs.

Chickfighter squeals as the last act of the clutching fingers of the choking attacker before disappearing is to remove the rest of her leotard with a sudden rip. Her freed breasts jiggle tightly as the jabs land and she staggers back a step. With an indignant face she Chick slaps the blinking attacker with an open hand. "How dare you!?"

The blinking attacker vanishes and leaves her facing just one. His power level is dangerously low but his attack is swift, closed fists swinging at the visible breasts of the indignant heroine who had been wearing pink.

Chickfighter is ready and just as quick this time, sidestepping and chopping to the windpipe of the attacker as his eyes follow the proverbial bouncing balls of her breasts. "No way!"

The windpipe blow is enough to make this last attacker dematerialize. Thus bringing up the letters ROUND TWO BONUS. To Chicky's dismay, not only does her power level not return to full strength for this bonus round, but she also remains sans leotard as the waves of the ocean breaking on the beach start to grow larger and larger and larger, then part.

Chickfighter covers her jiggling breasts as she stands there in only sheer black tights, footies, gloves and mask. Then she has an idea. With her fingernails she slices the nylon and removes each leg of her tights, knotting and fashioning a bikini top, the sheer nylon more shadowing than concealing her breasts and smooth pout. She takes a step back from the parting waves. "Holy shit!"

From out of the depths of the ocean, a giant squid-thing reaches out its long tentacles and plants them into the sand, using them to pull its body onto the beach. The squid-thing then shrinks down to comparative fighting size, its multiple extensions whipping up into the air as Bonus Round Two is officially underway.

"But there's no way I can..." Chickfighter is already sweaty and panting as a result of her earlier fight and the shrinking of the creature down closer to her own size is of little comfort. How can she fight this thing? She kicks sand at the big eyes and runs straight forward, leaping up to land with her legs around its head as she spins around in something like an inverted huracanrana.

The move is somewhat successful. The thing is sent sprawling to the sand, but its tentacles wrap around the legs of the heroine and attempt to pull them apart as they land on the sandy beach following the wrestling move.

Chickfighter rides the move to the sand, catching two tentacles behind the back of her knees as she tightens her grip and grinds her mostly bare bottom down on the creature's face, her gloved hands catching hold of two more tentacles, hoping to smother the thing with her lunar eclipse before the seething mass of tentacles can unseat her.

But with her legs and arms occupied, her breasts are left wide opened and the thing has four more tentacles to attack with. As if using location sensors, the creature slaps a pair of tentacles around her back, each tentacle latching onto a nipple as it circles back around, its suction mouths seemingly made of sharp fingernails that dig deep into the flesh of the young heroine's exposed breasts.

Chickfighter gasps as her makeshift top is ripped away. She writhes as her pink nipples are attacked, whether in pain or pleasure might be at first hard to determine, her gyrating ass cheeks continuing to press the slimy flesh beneath them. She grits her teeth and tries not to let the pain distract her.

The tentacles wrapped around her breasts slowly start to release a fluid that seems to want to burn holes right into the flesh of her breasts. Even as that it does, the final two tentacles encircle her waist and start to squeeze. Whereas it appears the inability to breathe is not affecting this computer programmed monster, the lack of breath for our heroine is surely a different story altogether.

Chickfighter wails out in pain as her breasts are tortured, twisting and turning in an effort to escape the tightening coil of tentacles around her midsection that force her to pant for air with quick shallow breaths. Finally she can stand it no more and she lets go of the tentacles in her hands and frantically reaches to pull those at her breasts and waist.

As the monster continues its squeezing and the hot fluid burns into her breasts, her power meter slowly starts to shrink down as the other two tentacles, now released, join in on the action. One wraps around Molly's throat and starts to throttle her while the other whips around and slaps her on the ass... again... and again... and again.

Chickfighter's yelps immediately become gurgles as she is choked. Her eyes bulge out of her mask. Her gloved hands tug frantically at the biting tentacles suckling at her tightly swollen breasts for a long moment, then drop away, the heroine's all but naked form becoming limp in the grip of the assaulting tentacles. Her head lolls back and forth as her life meter dwindles.

Her limp body is brought up to the squid creature’s mouth. Teeth sprout from the creature and close around the slumped body of Chickfighter. A crunching sound is heard as the 6 at the top of the screen becomes a 5, with Chickie's mangled body disappearing into the gullet of the Bonus Round creation. A new setting appears on the screen, reading PERIL PUNISHMENT.

Chickfighter is aware of excruciating pain as her bones are crunched and her naked flesh gulped down into the creature as it expands to its original size. She finds herself spinning through a maelstrom not unlike the one that brought her into the game in the first place. When the spinning stops she finds herself naked on a screen labeled PERIL PUNISHMENT. Chickfighter gets a sinking feeling.

The tentacles still hold her in place, this time though they are wrapped around her wrists and ankles. The monster is holding her upright, tentacles length away, its nasty face looking at her with cruel recognition. Its other four tentacles flicker back and forth in front of her, looking like King Cobra's poised to strike. They seem to be eyeing her entire naked body from all angles.

Chickfighter shakes her head and strains at the tentacles that hold her, desperately trying to break their grip. The background of this round seems to be some sort of undersea grotto she realizes, but she has no idea what the creature intends to do to her smooth splayed out flesh, covered with a wet sheen and shivering.

Then the answer becomes clear as one of the tentacles dips lower than the others, moving down between her ankles and then changing course. It begins to rise, pointing straight up, directing itself upward straight between her legs, her exposed and unprotected sex easily recognizable as its intended target.

Chickfighter looks down and contorts her face in dismay, sniffling as the head of the tentacle prods the smooth hairless cleft of her tight pout. "Please... please don't... noooooooo..."

Then a second tentacle rises up to her face, raring back before pointing itself at her lips, then pressing forwards even as the first tentacle pushes itself hard, trying to enter her womb and dig upwards into her.

Chickfighter squirms frantically but the tentacles hold her securely. There is no escape from the slithering invasion that slowly overfills her sex. Her horrified scream is muffled before it begins as the second tentacle plunges forward into her throat. Her fists clench and toes curl.

The other two tentacles join in on the humiliation of her peril punishment. They circle around and then begin to spank with a rousing muster of glee as the other two tentacles begin their filling of her sex and mouth.

Chickfighter eyes blink at her monstrous tormentor, looking to find a shred of compassion in its huge eyes, but finding none even as her body lurches from another smack of her already reddening ass. She struggles against the tingling sensation even as she reflexively suckles the tentacle in her mouth, hollowing out her cheeks.

The tentacle between her legs seeps out more fluids, their chemical reaction causing more fire to rise up, this time between the tortured heroine's legs. The smacking of the ass stops as the tentacles retract a bit, relaxing a bit as the suckled extension of the squid monster grows larger in her mouth.

Chickfighter rocks her hips, deliberately humping the tentacle there, driving herself toward the orgasm her body's genetics demand, shuddering from head to toe as she suckles excitedly, holding back as long as she can, focusing on harnessing the chi created by her release as she climaxes, biting down hard as her back arches and her body stiffens, using that energy to yank her limbs free.

There is a scream of agony from the squid thing as the end of the appendage comes apart in her mouth. Added to that is a sizzling of scalding flesh coming from between Chickfighter's thighs as her cum coats the appendage in her womanhood and scalds it like battery acid would human skin. The heroine's arms are yanked free and her legs released by the suddenly screeching monster as she is dropped to the ground. The tentacles in her mouth and sex become detached from the monster, as its other appendages flail blindly in the air and lash about at nothing and everything all at the same time.

Chickfighter is focused and full of energy as she lands on her feet. Sticky bodily fluids fly from her flesh as she rushes forward and leaps into a flying drop kick over the tentacles, aiming to drive bare feet into the soft slimy body again and again, kicks like steps, as she runs upwards, and flips away.

The squid-thing flails backwards, losing its balance and falling onto its back as she uses it like a flight of stairs to run up. The thing falls with a thud and flops on its back, struggling to regain its balance and right itself, its remaining appendages awkward in recovery thanks to the absence of the two detached tentacles, impeding the balance the squid-thing requires.

Chickfighter catches hold of a stalactite hanging from the roof of the grotto as she flips away, her naked bits on full display as she athletically kicks at the next stalactite, dislodging it with a crack of stone, sending the pointed column of rock plunging at her flopping foe on the floor below.

The squid goes splat beneath the column of rock, the squished thing oozing yellow goo out from underneath the column as the words BONUS ROUND TWO SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED appears on the screen followed by the words ROUND THREE. The heroine then finds herself once again in full costume attire, standing inside a saloon, this time facing off against five cowboys. One holds a broken beer bottle, one holds a whip and two hold pistols. The fifth cowboy has his hands on the back of a chair.

Chickfighter blinks and looks down at the restored costume that fits her video game curves like a glove. "Well I'll be a... whoa Nelly!" Her surprise becomes an exclamation as she takes in her surroundings. So giddy to have advanced that she almost giggles as she attacks, quick crescent kicks at the hands holding pistols.

The pair of pistols goes flying into the air as the jagged edge of the broken beer bottle arcs upwards and lashes at the moving heroine's body with the flow of a golf swing.

Chickfighter twists out of the way of jagged bottle, but not quickly enough to prevent it opening a rent in her pink leotard from hip to bosom. She spins into a wheel kick at the bottle, trying to send it flying at the guy with the whip.

The bottle spins through the air and connects with a perfect strike, felling the whip holder. The chair is the next item to slice through the air, coming down towards the heroine's shoulder blades in this bizarre ballet of virtual bar room brawling.

Chickfighter winces and stumbles forward as the chair shatters to pieces over her back, a couple of splinters remaining embedded there as she spins, her torn leotard flapping open, threatening to expose a nipple, but not quite, only the ripe undercarriage of the orb visible.

One of the would be gunmen grabs her arms as she spins, spinning her back around as he throws a fist at her jaw.

Chickfighter ducks the punching fist and sticks her shoulder into his gut, intending to throw him backwards into the man who used the chair on her as he charges.

The cowboy is back flipped onto his partner and they both tumbled to the floor, their power levels dropping as whip holder returns to his feet, sending the coil of the whip out in an attempt to wrap it around Molly's throat.

Chickfighter gasps as the whip encircles her throat, caught off guard, having thought the bottle had put him down for the count. Her hands fly to her throat as the tether drags her back over a table, that naughty pink nipple peeking out of the tear in her leotard as her body arches backwards and her chest is pushed forward.

As she is held down across the table, the other cowboys move forward, their fists slamming down towards her body. One cowboy holds her down. Four punch away. But the power level of the one with the whip is dangerously low thanks to the jagged beer bottle.

Chickfighter eeps and oophs as the blows rain down, taking away from her life meter until she with a jerk of the whip she tugs the man holding the whip forward, trying to make him topple into the rest of his posse. "Get off of me!"

The posse collapses in a heap and the whip carrier starts to blink as his power level is next to nothing. The heroine discovers a new quirk of the game. Blinking opponents can't wield weapons as the whip disappears from the blinking opponent’s hand.

Chickfighter knocks the blinking man off his feet with the same flair of legs she uses to pop to her feet off the table. She grabs the closest cowboy's head in two hands stepping up on a chair and then the tabletop before bulldogging him face-first to the floor. "Have one of my patented facials!"

One blinking cowboy is sent into vanishing mode and her bulldog sends the next cowboy blinking. Still, she is outnumbered 4 to 1 and two of the others are getting to their feet, swinging more beer bottles at her as one of them arms himself with a bottle in each hand.

Chickfighter pushes the blinking cowboy at the men with bottles in their hands to buy herself time to go after a chair. She hoists it overhead and swings it at her foes.

The swinging chair and the stumbling Blinky help Chickfighter even the odds more. The blinking man disappears as the chair completely takes out yet another cowboy, thus leaving Chickfighter to face two more opponents before the Bonus Round. One of the two swings at her head with a pool stick.

Chickfighter catches the pool stick in her gloved hands, yanking it away from the cowboy and snapping it in two over a nylon-clad knee. She lunges forward and goes to that knee, thrusting a jagged stick at the gut of each of her remaining attackers.

Her attack is executed perfectly and the computer programmed cowboy brawlers cannot defend themselves. Yet, they both survive the attack, although they both begin blinking, telling Chickfighter that she is just one blow on each away from advancing to the next bonus round.

Chickfighter spins a stick in each hand like a six shooter as she steps close and simply thumps each blinking cowboy over the head, each dissipating even as their hands reach for the top of her torn leotard. "I don't think so!"

Then those letters BONUS ROUND THREE appear, notifying Molly that this level is about to get tougher. The bar disappears and she finds herself standing outside in the middle of a western era street, complete with rolling tumbleweed. Her waist is suddenly adorned with a gun belt as she stares down the street at a line of foes, all with hands next to their pistols. She would have to outshoot to win the Bonus Round!

Chickfighter blinks as her eyes take in the gunmen, looks down at her own gun, then back up at the men, counting quickly to six and running sideways as a black gloved hand draws her gun and begins firing, reminding herself it is only a video game as she sprays bullets wildly, not being good with guns.

The return fire seems way too real, however, as splinters fly from a wooden horse stall where a bullet intended for her hits. Also, her own arm can feel the kick of the pistol each time she fires it.

Chickfighter yelps as gunfire kicks up dirt by her feet, and splinters a hitching post by her hip. She attempts to dash inside the jail only to find she can't go through the door because of an invisible wall. "Damn video game," she curses as she spins with her back to the door, her eyes widening as her revolver clicks, the cylinder empty.

Chickfighter jerks about as a fusillade from the advancing gunmen hits her, twitching with every shot, pinned to the door by the force of the blows, each one hitting her like a missile of rebar, her figure dancing like a demented puppet on a string.

The life force shrinks from her as each shot tears into her. The young heroine badly overmatched in this shootout it appears as they keep firing their bullets into her.

Chickfighter drops her gun as she tries to stagger away, twitching grotesquely this way and that, hair flopping in and out of her face, her tattered costume covered with red splotches where the bullets of the sinister six gunmen have peppered her, finally sprawling in the dust of the street in a growing pool of blood.

The power meter empties and the words PERIL PUNISHMENT appear across the screen as the heroine again finds herself sans costume, this time back in the cowboy bar, spread out and roped to the pool table as the cowboys surround her, laughing as they pour beer over her to waken her from her slumber.

Chickfighter groans and shakes her head, choking on the beer in which she is being drenched, her eyes opening, her limbs tensing, testing the ropes, getting a sick look as the ropes prove to be secure. She looks up at the 4 glowing like a beer sign high in the corner and realizes that her leotard in this game is definitely not bulletproof.

The laughing cowboys’ hands all fall onto her body and their grubby paws cover her from her breasts to her sex and all points in between. The cowboys don't speak but there is no mistaking what they are 'discussing' among themselves as each one grunts at each other and the trapped Danger Doll.

Chickfighter twists and turns first one way and then the other, her glistening orbs wobbling tightly side to side like pink-topped corks on the surface of a lake on a windy day. The smooth clean pout of her sex is as tight and pale as ever even with her legs splayed to corner pockets. "Damn you bastards! This is rape!"

Due to the computer game's recovery rate dialed into her, she shows no sign at all of anything remaining from her earlier molestation by those tentacles. The cowboys mumble and laugh some more as one begins to climb on top of the pool table, his chaps gone as his virtual member hangs down and aims to imbed itself between her legs.

"You filthy disgusting basturg... gurgle... grrk..." Chickfighter chokes on another pitcher of beer that is poured over her face as her head is pulled back by the hair over the edge of the table. She spews beer at the upside down sight of a second cowboy's manhood pointed at her face.

Her thighs were pushed apart and her mouth and sex simultaneously filled by cowboy cock. The computerized molesters moved mechanically as they both thrust their cocks back in forth in her sex and mouth simultaneously.

Chickfighter found herself fucked coming and going, hairy balls bouncing off her cheeks with every thrust into her sucking mouth, wet slaps resounding from the thrusting loins of the cowboy on top of her. At least no one could see her tears as the laughing cowboys used her.

These computerized cowboys, to her somewhat good fortune, did not seem to have the sex drive of a human as it appeared this entire scene was indeed nothing more than punishment for losing the gunfight. Molly's rapists were swapped quickly, one after another, the cowboys rotating from between her legs to her mouth in what seemed like a rapid blinking procession that appeared to have no end.

Chickfighter gulps down some spunk as the cowboys switch again, not giving her time to build up to the climax she needs to break the ropes. She saws a fingernail against the rope holding her wrist and once more tries to focus on building to a power-enhancing orgasm so she can escape this hell of some sick adult western game background.

The cowboys once again switch, this time pausing in their rotation as they begin to take longer with their molestations of the bound girl, the perverted posse seeming to finally understand the joys of having sex with this young, golden haired beauty as they really start to ravage her body with their double thrusts of cowboy cock.

Chickfighter carries over the stimulation from one raping to the next, her back arching as she rocks with the rhythm of the thrusting cowboys, moving quickly towards climax, nearly surging off the table as it happens, snapping the partially sawed ropes with the surge of energy as she cums all at once.

The cowboys are flung backwards as she frees herself from the bondage before they slowly begin to gather back together in a circle and start to stalk slowly towards the nude but free heroine.

Chickfighter slides off the end of pool table, putting it between her glistening beer-drenched flesh and the cowpokes. She reaches into the table and takes a ball in each hand, throwing them at the foreheads of the men that assaulted her, then two more, and again and again. "Bastards!"

One by one, the cowpokes fell and disappeared until none were standing as LEVEL THREE COMPLETED appeared on the screen. Molly had only four lives left to complete four more rounds as she transformed into ROUND FOUR and found herself standing on the deck of an alien spaceship, facing several tiny green men with small laser pistols all aimed at her. As had been the case in round three, her costume had returned, her wounds had all healed and her power bar was back at full strength.

Chickfighter blinked the blue eyes behind the black mask. The little green men seemed to have the drop on her. She gulped. Could she survive even one blast from one of those guns? She didn't know and didn't want to find out! Not with only four lives left to complete four levels! She ran forward and threw herself into a flying cross-body at two of the little men.

The little green men zing their laser guns wildly as they go flying backwards, the CGI spaceship rocking and shuddering as the lasers send sparks flying above the little skirmish and Chickfighter takes care of the changing surroundings with her flying attack.

Chickfighter rolls out of the tackle and scuttles after one of the guns skittering across the deck of the spaceship, snatching it up and spinning to fire, only to find nothing happens. Apparently the guns only work for the aliens. She gives the gun a perplexed look and throws it at the gun hand of one of the two still standing, before rushing the other, diving into a spinzone bodyslam.

The charging heroine avoids laser blasts with her run, as it almost seems these aliens are meant to misfire at her. The guns all go flying with her toss and the fourth alien is dropped to the floor of the ship with the affect of the bodyslam, the creature begins its blinking as the other three start to try and triangle around her.

Chickfighter elbows the blinking alien as she pops into her beloved splits kick, spinning in the handstand, her slender legs flick out in shimmering nylon, aiming to kick each alien in turn, the pink crotch of her costume pulling tight into the nylon-clad shape of her inverted sex.

The blinking alien disappears and then she finds out why this is level four. The seemingly easy to defeat little green men suddenly grow a bit in size, as if absorbing the life force of the alien she 'killed'. Suddenly, her mighty blows do not have near the power level destruction capabilities they had when there were four of them. The kick still strikes all three of the aliens but they only stagger back and then proceed to advance on her again.

Chickfighter 's eyes widen behind her mask. She takes a deep breath and rushes the closest, pulling down the top of her leotard and giving him a bust in the mouth. Just as quickly she wraps her arm around the not-so-little guy's neck, spins, the head rolling to her shoulder, looking upwards as she drops to the deck and executes her version of the stunner.

The second alien thing begins to blink as numbers three and four move towards her, their green club fists clenched tight and barreling down towards the heroine just as she completes her maneuver on alien number two.

Chickfighter rolls horizontally at the aliens' ankles, trying to trip them before they can bring the big clenched fists down, hoping that with any luck they'll clobber the blinking one instead.

Her action works to perfection. They drive their fists into the blinking alien and send him into non-existence. His life force is sucked into the two remaining aliens. They grow even larger and suddenly their green flesh extends outwards, revealing spikes of armor surrounding their bodies.

Chickfighter spins to her feet and leaps up over an alien now standing well over six feet tall, kicking down with an over-the-top kick at the top of his head. She uses his head like a stepping-stone to propel herself at the other alien, wrapping arms and legs tightly around his head as she lands on shoulders, pressing the abs of her pink costume over nose and mouth as she holds the nylon grip with all her might.

The first alien is driven down by her kick as the second alien struggles blindly with the heroine attached to his face. But then an alien tongue slithers up and into the pink crotch of the face smothering heroine even as the other alien stands back up and advances on her from behind, arms outstretched as it tries to wrap itself around Molly's back and turn her into a Chickfighter sandwich.

Chickfighter clings to the alien like a face-hugger as she goes for her version of a sleeper, shuddering as she feels the alien tongue dampen the crotch of her leotard. As she realizes the second alien is closing she gives up this hold, somersaulting over the head she holds, trying to pull it into a stunner position as she falls to the floor on her buns.

The CGI memory and the now larger alien, however, combine to block this stunner move, just as her splits kick had been countered earlier. Instead, the large alien braces his hand on her ass and pushes upwards as she falls downwards, trying to catch her and hold her up so his alien comrade can grab her feet as the two try to stretch her out in midair above the floor of the space ship.

Chickfighter gasps in horror as her move is countered, huge fingers digging into dark nylon to grip her round bottom. Her face registers disgust at being groped as those same hands slide up the curves of her leotard into a hammerlock while the ankles of her flailing legs are caught by a second pair of powerful hands. Her lithe form quivers like a high-tension wire as she is stretched out. "Aaaiyeeeeeeeeeeee..."

The aliens stretch her as far out as they can without ripping her in half and then with a synchronized 1-2-3 she is lifted, brought down, lifted, brought down, then lifted again, before they drive her back first hard down onto the alien spaceship floor.

Chickfighter strains with all her might as she is yanked up and down, heaving breasts, clenching calves and gripping glutes threatening to burst out of the form-fitting costume and tights, but she is unable to escape before being slammed to the floor, her life meter diminished as she rolls away, checking her joints, a concerned expression on her face.

The Gamemaster appears suddenly in hologram form as the two aliens pause in mid step. "Imagine this, Chickfighter, all the world's superheroines fighting for their lives in a world I control and dominate. I make the rules. I break the rules! Let the BONUS ROUND FOUR begin now!" He then dematerializes from sight as the two aliens suddenly merge into one, near 8 foot tall, 4-armed creature with full power.

Chickfighter gulps and gapes. "Ohmyfuckingawd..." But she doesn't hesitate. She goes low and strikes with a series of muay thai kicks from her snakelike slender legs to outsides of the towering creature's knees, hoping to chop the spiked tree down to size.

The creature barely winces, however, as his knees are kicked from the sides. With one hand, it reaches forwards, grasping at her hair, intent to lift her up by that hold as the other three fists clench and rare back, preparing to start an assault on the heroine.

Chickfighter ducks. "Missed me," she taunts, thinking she has nimbly ducked away from the reaching hand until she realizes it was for her bouncing hair that it was reaching. She flails as her legs come off the ground. "Oh shit," she exclaims as she sees the posed fists the size of mailboxes. She kicks frantically and wildly at the any place on the creature's body her legs can reach, from crotch to chest.

Her feet seem to bounce off the creature. Apparently, the Gamemaster has been tinkering with the program, perhaps in his frustration that she hasn't been totally defeated yet. The fists, however, have not been altered in any way favorable to Molly as they descend on her from above, below and straight ahead, the large paws striking again and again and again.

Chickfighter struggles to escape the vicious battering at first, twisting and turning, her gloved hands clenching at the arm that holds her up, but her exposed body is battered mercilessly from top to bottom, blows to ribs sounding like gunshots, the force of the blows rippling through the jiggling shapes of pink tits and ass. Her life meter drops with every blow. She lurches as a mighty blow to her crotch nearly doubles her up, her hands fall limply to her sides, and her dangling body lurches wildly as she begins to blink.

The creature then lifts her up and over its head, placing Molly's back against its spiked shoulders, pulling her across its neck perpendicular, two hands grabbing her ankles, two hands grabbing her arms and then, as one spike digs into the small of her back, the heroine's body is bent around the beast’s neck until her feet touch her head.

Chickfighter is lifted with what seems deliberate taunting slowness, her mouth agape as she feels the point of the spine spike at her back, struggling pathetically again for a brief instant. As her body is bent the pink crotch of her leotard digs into her feminine cleft until a portion completely disappears into a crease of bulging sheer dark nylon. Her eyes widen as something snaps and the point of the spike erupts from abdomen of her pink costume just below the two jiggling breasts threatening to do the same thing. She blinks her blue eyes incredulously and slumps.

Incredulously, the scene does not change much. Her game lives remain at four. Still, even as she returns to fully healed, she remains trapped in the forced bonus level of Round Four, remaining on the shoulders of the alien beast as he again starts to bend her body backwards against his neck, the spike still in her, but no longer draining her life force out of her. Apparently the Gamemaster 's manipulations of the game progression have thrown a wrinkle into the game's program and sent the level into what seems to be a looping progression rather than a linear one.

Chickfighter gasps and begins to struggle once more, shuddering, her body bent in two and impaled, but somehow remaining alive, the excruciating pain blinding her ability to think, the hold in which she is caught making it nearly impossible to do much of anything but suffer, even as she hears the echoing voice of the Gamemaster past the throbbing in her ears. "Die damn you!"

The Gamemaster watches from his programmer's point of view with shock on his face. Again and again, the heroine's body is bent around the alien's neck, her feet again and again and again touching her head as the creature snaps her spine over and over and over, only for her to be restored immediately and her game lives to remain at 4.

Chickfighter hears the voice in her ears and realizes the Gamemaster is not in complete control. Her pounding heart and throbbing head are given hope. But her straits remain dire. Every bit of her lithe frame strains against the four huge arms that bend it over the impaling spike. The agony is unfathomable. She attempts to focus that pain into chi and amazingly begins to win the battle of strength.

The Gamemaster watches with shock as his monster is overpowered. The maniacal super-brained villain begins to rapidly type at his keyboard and again alters the game's status, as the alien monster's physique begins to change. He must make the beast more powerful to overcome the heroine's chi, unaccounted for in the game's original programming and thus he continues to override the programs designs.

Chickfighter screams as the alien creature begins to grow even more muscular, then feels a pop, and then another. Her supreme efforts are pulling the creature's limbs out of socket, joints apparently overextended by the Gamemaster's altering of monster's physique past its own limits. One of its arms is torn loose and the beast begins to blink.

The Gamemaster screams in rage as his monster starts to shred apart at the seams, the CGI alien fluid spurting out from its dismembered limbs as the heroine's abilities have far exceeded his expectations. Soon, the monster has disappeared, leaving the heroine alone in the spaceship. His image appears in front of her again.

Chickfighter clenches her gloved fists, giving the Gamemaster a defiant look as she poses in full, undamaged costume. "Cheaters never win... let that be a lesson to you!"

"You have more ability than I had counted on. But you know the fun thing about video games, Chickfighter? One can always adjust the difficulty level to meet the abilities of the CPU's opponent. Welcome to Difficulty level EXPERT, Chickfighter." The Gamemaster laughs and fades as the words ROUND FIVE appear on the screen.

Chickfighter blinks and fidgets, nibbling at her lip before murmuring as the background begins to shift, "You mean it hasn't been expert up until now? Yikes!"

The background changes and instead of standing in an alien ship, Chickfighter finds herself standing in the midst of a graveyard, only the moonlight and giant grandfather clock break the darkness. The clock strikes midnight.

Chickfighter hears the clock strike twelve times and then once more. She can only hope unlucky thirteen doesn't turn her into a pumpkin. Genetically engineered eyes search the darkness to see what lurks on Round Five, set on expert level. "I don't see anything yet..."

Slithering and stumbling, growling and grumbling, stalking through the dense fog and growing weeds, a mass of the walking dead moan and point at the heroine. An entire army of them marches toward her as if in formation.

Chickfighter takes a step back, screaming as the very ground where she stands bursts open, dirt falling from another groaning figure as it rises. She ducks behind a stone cross to catch her breath, the cemetery seemingly coming to life around her.

The undead explode from their graves, one by one. They walk, but not aimlessly, seeming to be able to sense the hiding heroine, one by one turning and walking straight towards her.

Chickfighter takes a deep breath and tries to slow the beating of her heart at the sight of this unholy scene. Moonlight catches the glimmering nylon on a flexing leg as it comes up and side kicks the closest zombie in the midsection. She wheels and kicks the pointed top off of the stone cross, sending it flying at a second zombie.

This level appears to be more graphically detailed than the previous four. The blood and guts fly and splatter as the kick and cross slice through and into the zombies. The howling monsters crumple into steam as she attacks.

Chickfighter exhales as finds the dead can be destroyed. But while that is the good news, the bad news is that there are a lot of them. She sweeps two more off their feet side by side and drops a pink elbow into the forehead of each, blood and brains splattering all over her costume. "Eww!"

The monsters start to melt away with each strike she delivers to the beasts, but the horde surrounds her and hands clutch at her throat.

Chickfighter strikes right and left creating steam as the horde of undead close in slowly. Finally there is nowhere to go to escape the forest of reaching, groping, boney hands. She leaps into the air, kicking down on top of a head, and another, and another, bouncing about on the tops of the slow moving heads like ninja masters once trained her to do on the tops of wooden posts.

More and more of the zombies vanish into the dead of the steam rising beneath her until a ghostly white male figure with red claws and sharp teeth floats above the horde. "Looks like you are my dinner," the demon-vampire-mix thing hisses, the first character to actually speak in the entire game.

Chickfighter gasps and stares, transfixed for an instant as yet another zombie turns to steam beneath her feet. She flails as she falls, her buns smacking wetly against a head stone. She rolls aside and cartwheels back into the air, walking on the exploding heads of the zombies as she attacks the pale man with a combination of punches.

The pale man is quick, showing off signs of the advance in difficulty level of the game. Every combination she throws at him is parried by a flurry of skilled blocks. Finally he uses a block of a punch to set up a thrust of a palm right at her stomach.

Chickfighter makes faces as all her blows are blocked despite her genetically enhanced quickness. She oophs as the palm thrust drives the wind out of her sails and sends her sprawling, only to be swallowed up by the mass of groaning zombies that remain. Uncountable boney hands and rotting teeth claw and bite at her costume as she frantically fights to get to her feet.

Fortunately for her, the zombies do not have the pale man's abilities and more of them vanish into steam with each blow she delivers to them. Yet their numbers seem to more than make up for it as they start to pin her down, the mass of the mob becoming too much as they almost all have piled on top of her at this point.

Chickfighter squeals in terror as the seething mass of rotting flesh bears down, clawing and clutching. There seems no escape until her pink leotard comes free with a loud rip and several zombies stagger backwards, creating a domino effect. She scrambles to her feet and uses a gravestone like a stepping stone to attack the vampire once more, her bared breasts bouncing tightly.

The pale man freezes in place, his hands clapping together as twin shadows of elongating snakeheads with sharp teeth shoot out towards the attacking heroine, their fangs poised to sink into the bared flesh of her breasts, their venom painful and semi-crippling.

Chickfighter gasps, but manages to catch the snake heads in her gloved hands just short of her bobbling breasts even as she dances on the tops of more zombie heads, turning each into steam as she does. She holds on tight and gives the snake like extensions a yank, trying to whip the vampire himself down into the horde of hungry zombies below their feet.

The pale man falls forwards and the snake creatures turn to smoke, just like the counterpart zombies beneath her. But the pale man hovers back up towards her, grinning as he gives her a coy wink. "My dear Chickfighter. Did you think the brainless slugs would so easily turn on their master?"

Chickfighter gulps as she continues to dance on the seemingly endless supply of undead, more rising from the graves all the time. "Well it was worth a try..." She runs forward across the tops of exploding skulls and leaps into a 123 dropkick, moonlight catching the shimmer of sheer tights on churning legs, aiming to land a footie to chest, chin and cheek of the vampire.

This time the vampire simply dematerializes and the flying heroine is sent through the air with nothing planned to stop her flight, as the pale man reappears behind her once she flies on past him. "You, on the other hand, they would love to have for lunch."

Chickfighter disappears once more into the moaning mass of undead as hungry as their master. She screams as they press down on her, boney hands clawing at her face, teeth biting at her nipples, buried in a vicious feeding frenzy from which there seems no escape as her life meter sinks. She is seemingly about to be finished until the vampire commands she be lifted up. The thralls do as commanded, more than a dozen pairs of hands lifting the struggling heroine to a prone position on their shoulders.

"Someone has lost control of this game," the pale man says. "Time for me to put things right again." His arms extended and large claws protract from his already nasty looking fingernails as his mouth opens and a gulf of sharp teeth extend downwards towards her.

Chickfighter writhes in fear, unable to free her limbs from the multitude of hands that hold her, her bare breasts wobbling wildly like buoys on an angry sea, her nylon-clad thighs rubbing together, the shape of her pout glistening as she wets herself in terror, her head yanked back by a hand in her hair, as fanged teeth sink into the exposed slender neck. "Please... ohmyfuckingawd... nooooo..."

The pale man's teeth shoot its poison into her even as it suckles the blood out of her. Her lifespan shrinks drastically as the blood flows freely from her neck wound and into the pale man's body, the demon growing even stronger with each bit of life force he takes from her.

Chickfighter shivers as the poison burns in her veins, but gloved fingers find a pencil in the pocket of one of the zombies that hold her. She takes the pencil in hand and, as the grip of the zombies relaxes with the cessation of her struggles, she suddenly rips her arm free and plunges the point of the wooden pencil toward the heart of the sucking vampire.

The pale man screams and falls backwards, the vampire suddenly turning to steam in front of the shocked zombies and aggravated Gamemaster. “No fair,” he screams. “No fair! She never went through the Peril Punishment!” As the vampire dies, the lethal poison evaporates from Chickfighter's body and the Bonus Round begins!

Chickfighter blinks as her tormentors vanish into thin air. She looks up to see her life reading about as low as it can get as she moves into the BONUS ROUND FIVE still with four lives. What could possibly be worse than that zombie and his vampires she wonders to herself as she covers her chest with gloved hands and looks all around?

Her question is answered by the sound of a wolf howl from off in the distance. Then, the growling creature is suddenly very, very close, steaming breath and dripping saliva, peering over a gravestone as its yellow eyes take in the nearly completely nude and barely alive heroine.

Chickfighter shakes her head and turns to run, the werewolf at her heels, her pert upturned breasts swinging side to side as she pumps gloved hands, her tights-clad ass twitching as she strides. But run as she as hard as she might she finds a gate blocking her way no matter what direction she runs. She turns with her back to the last gate, sweat rolling down cheeks from under her mask.

As she turns around, she finds herself once more alone in the graveyard, the wolf creature nowhere in sight. A mist rolls in towards her, thick and heavy as it engulfs the darkness and clouds up the area so she has to hold her hand in front of her face just to see that it is indeed still attached to her body. Thicker and thicker the mist grows, all but blinding her to anything else.

Chickfighter blinks as her eyes search the mist, droplets of water condensing on her body, soaking her sheer tights. She wonders if the Gamemaster is tinkering again, but breathes a sigh of relief that the wolf is gone. The sigh turns into a gasp as she sees something unnatural lurking in the mist.

The large, unnatural shape begins to make its way into view. Parting the dense fog with its spindly legs is a giant tarantula, over six feet in height, moving into her vision, its two sharp fangs glistening as if with dew and dripping with venom.

Chickfighter shakes with fear and instinctively puts her gloved hands up over her eyes like a child trying to hide from her worst fear thus leaving her quivering breasts on full display. She takes a long shuddering breath and faces her fear, launching a kicking attack aimed at the spindly legs on the giant spider's left side.

She rushes rapidly towards the spider, but her attack is brought to a halt by sturdy strands of sticky substance. She has run into the spider's webbing! The webbing thickens fast, wrapping around her and encasing her into its cocoon-like mess.

Chickfighter fights frantically to pull free of the sticky webbing only becoming more entangled. The silvery web sparkles with condensation as her struggles send ripples of movement through the strands, but it holds her fast. Her blue eyes widen in utter horror as the hairy monster approaches, dripping fangs moving towards her heaving chest.

The spider-thing screeches as it lifts up into the air, pulling the webbed heroine up with it, wrapping those spindly legs around the trapped girl before sinking those two horrid fangs down into the flesh of the girl's two web-encased orbs, injecting the final dose of poison needed for her 4 to turn to a 3.

Chickfighter wails out her agony as this poison sends ten times the pain of the vampire’s poison coursing through her veins. She passes out from the pain only to regain consciousness with her body webbed and spread eagle, still clothed in her tights, footies, gloves and mask. She notes her number of lives now reads three as a PERIL PUNISHMENT is announced and the spider eyes her.

The large spider rises up on its back legs and from underneath, a dozen smaller spiders scurry up the webbing and began to crawl all over Chickfighter's body.

Chickfighter whimpers pathetically as the hairy little things crawl up her tights. Some stop to nibble at the nylon matted to smooth sex while the rest cross her concave abs to nibble on bare breasts. A few even venture up her neck and across her face, examining mouth and nose. They rise up and seem to communicate something to the giant spider. She cringes as the spider rears up to display an angry appendage, its young having apparently approved the victim as a host, the monster pressing the tip of this appendage to the nylon that covers her sex, apparently unaware that it is not her skin, pushing the nylon down into the cleft of her tight pout until it tears like a hymen, as the bulge of an egg sac progresses through the appendage.

As the spider begins its impregnation of the heroine, the heroine's life meter starts to drop, the meter no longer full as the appendage rips angrily again and again into her sex and the little spiders continue to nip and bite at her on various parts of her body.

Chickfighter wails as the huge egg sac is forced into her womb an inch at a time by the thrusting appendage. The sensation is like being taking by a horse and she finds herself becoming sexually stimulated. Her juices flow and her hips gyrate, easing the impregnation. An orgasm builds and breaks, a wave of warm juices drenching the egg sac that is deposited in her womb. She channels the force of her sexual energies into pulling free, snapping the silvery strands with sudden force. She drops to the ground below and spins to face the looming monster.

Even before the heroine can attack the spider monster, the egg sac grows and grows rapidly, getting larger and larger inside her womb, stretching her womb to a near breaking point as it becomes monstrously huge inside her.

Chickfighter clutches at her distended abdomen as the thing inside her is suddenly alive, the tingling becoming crawling, the crawling becoming painful biting. The creatures are still tiny, but plentiful and hungry, the pain enormous. The heroine crumples and convulses on the on the ground, her life meter going quickly down again, as a multitude of creepy crawlies begin to emerge from her orifices and swarm over her flesh.

The 'mother' spider looks on as the tiny baby's begin to feed on Chickfighter like leaches; attaching themselves to her skin and sucking the blood out of her, each little spider growing larger and full as it feeds; even as they do, her life force meter grows dimmer and dimmer.

Chickfighter twitches and then goes still as her near naked flesh is devoured by the beasties she just hatched with her warm orgasmic juices, her use of sexual chi having backfired on her for once, her number of lives dropping from 3 to 2 just like that.

Once again, the heroine is bound and spread-eagled, hung up by spider webbing as the PERIL PUNISHMENT is started over, the tiny spiders again scurrying towards her.

Chickfighter sniffles and shakes her head as the little spiders crawl up her tights and across her flesh once more, stopping to drink the sweat that beads up on her breasts and trickles down to her bellybutton, or the tears streaming down her cheeks. This peril is her greatest fear and it looks as though it will be the end of her.

The spider's again begin their communications with one another, and once again the giant tarantula thing raises up to reveal its monstrous extension, moving in to try and repeat its impregnation of the heroine, the Peril Punishment scene appearing as if it will repeat itself over and over until she either escaped or runs out of game lives.

Chickfighter squirms as one of the little spiders nibble examines the smooth bulging cleft of her sex protruding through the hole torn in her tights during the previous attempt to escape this peril. The sensation of the tiny hairy legs crawling over the pucker of her pout is maddening. The webbing proves as unbreakable as ever. She gulps as the little spider signals and the scene begins to repeat.

The tiny spider crawls along her sex, as if a motion guide for an 18-wheeler, its legs rising up and signaling directions for the giant spider's appendage to once again penetrate the womanhood of the helpless Danger Doll.

Chickfighter shakes her head, writhing frantically, tits and ass jiggling and wriggling tightly, the webbing supple enough to allow plenty of movement while strong enough to prevent escape. Her eyes blink with hopelessness as the appendage presses to her pout, prods, and pushes between the tight folds. "Ohmyfuckingawd! This can't be happening!"

The spider creature screeches horribly once again as its appendage presses deeper and deeper into the heroine's womb, past the point it had gone to in the previous stage of this peril punishment. The thing pushes in deeper and deeper, as if it is trying to split Chickfighter in two, with her crotch as the proverbial wishbone point.

Chickfighter gasps as the huge spider begins to thrust its monstrous appendage deeper and deeper, until she wonders if the lump in her throat is in fact the tip of it. Once more the bulge of an egg sac is worked inch by inch inside the poor heroine's womb. Her sex tingles and becomes moist, but she knows above all else she must not cum now or she will hatch the eggs.

The spider slowly retracts its appendage, backing away from the heroine slowly, pressing back in again, the appendage once again penetrating and ripping into the womb of the bound heroine.

Chickfighter screams as the brutal thrust that deposits the egg sac nearly rips her apart, her life meter dropping a bit. She fights against the urge to succumb to her arousal, chomping down on one of the smaller spiders crawling across her face and spiting it at the hairy beast as it rapes her. She does it a second time and in a frenzied rage the spider begins to cut her free of the web.

The obvious mother hen of the spider family shrieked, sinking its fangs into the webbing that surrounded the heroine, a spindly leg slapping at her cheek as it witlessly cut her bondage away little by little, giving Chickfighter an opening to tug herself free as only a thin line of the webbing held her in place on each side of her body.

Chickfighter drops from the web as the last strands are cut, the spider apparently instinctively intent on protecting its brood. She lands on her ass and sprawls out, breasts careening wildly about her chest, her swollen sex glistening where it protrudes through her tights. She rolls to hands and knees, blinking as she looks up. She's free of the web, but still has the monster with which to contend.

The tarantula thing turns and screeches out a signal and a new horde of scurrying spiders race up the heroine's leg, heading straight for the egg sac within her. Though the spider's message was gibberish, it appears the intent is to make the egg sac hatch immediately with tiny scurrying feet tantalized the heroine’s heightened inner senses.

Chickfighter gasps as sensation of eight-legged motion through her tights sends a sensual reaction rippling through her flesh. She flicks most of them away with a gloved hand as she stands, but one manages to squeeze through the wet fold of her exposed pout. She shudders as it makes its way for the egg sac, holding back her need to climax, knowing she has little time now to defeat the spider. She spins into a series of kicks at the strands where the web is attached to the ground, trying to collapse it and drop the spider to the ground, preparing to high kick into what appears to be a soft underbelly if it falls as she intends.

The spider screeches as it falls, its legs immediately kicking out and sending strands of webbing firing back upwards towards the roof of the dark cavern, its body stretching out, catching the lines just as the foot drives into its underbelly. A splat sound can be heard, then the greenish goo of the thing’s guts fly outwards, coating the heroine with its flying guts even as the tiny spider inside her skitters around in a maniacal circle around the egg sac that is buried up inside her.

Chickfighter groans as the explosion of green goo that goes all over her hair, masked face and breasts combines with frenzied skittering inside her womb to create an overwhelming climax. She focuses the energy into frenzied kicking matched only by the frenzied sensation hatching inside her. Her life bar and that of the spider race each other toward zero.

SQUISH! SQUISH! SPLOOTCH! SSSKKRKKCHH! Her frenzied feet plastered into the dying spider monster even as her stomach begins to gorge out as it had done before. The sac opened and the horrid baby spiders again raced out of her womb and began to cover her flesh, just as the life bar of the monster spider hit zero. The game almost pauses right then and there, but then the heroine is standing on icy ground, the wind whipping through her hair but the cold not affecting her pink colored body, obviously not dressed for arctic conditions. In her hand she held a long sword and in front of her, wielding their own weapons of ice, stood six ice golems.

Chickfighter lets out a sigh of relief, reading ROUND SIX next to her restored energy bar, her costume restored, the gloves and tights warm enough despite the brisk breeze. But with only two lives remaining she realizes there is no time to catch her breath. She lifts the long sword in a two-handed grip, cocking it over her right shoulder as she charges the golems.

There is a clash of metal on ice as sparks and shards fly through the blizzard. The heroine's blade crashes into the body of an ice creature and then another, knocking big chunks of ice off of her foes before one of the ice beings tosses an uppercut at her jaw.

Chickfighter is quite skilled with a blade, even a heavy unwieldy one like this long sword. Her strokes chip away at the golems, even shattering the ice sword of one foe. But for all her sword-fighting skill she forgets to account for other attacks and the surprise uppercut of a rock hard fist snaps her head back in an explosion of blond bob. Her mask flies off and her whole body is lifted off the ground, flipping over and over as video characters do before landing roughly on a block of ice, the long sword flying from her gloved hand as her limbs splay out and she slides off the block to the snow, her pretty face revealed, her eyes glassy.

The golems stalk towards her, ice swords at the ready, a hand reaching out to snatch her blond hair and haul her to her feet before the next attack is launched.

Chickfighter has stars circling her head as she is lifted by her hair. She shakes off the stars quickly, her life bar having taken a hit, but still 3/4 full. An athletic slender leg in sheer nylon high kicks at the elbow of the stone arm that lifts her, hoping it can be snapped like any elbow. "Let me go!"

In fact, it can be snapped better than any elbow. The forceful kick snaps the arm of the golem right off and it falls to the ground and shatters into tiny shards of ice at her feet. But a blunt ice sword whips around at her side, the impact would be more like a club than a sword though as the ice is too thick to be razor sharp.

Chickfighter oophs as the powerful blow from the blunt sword lands like the crack of a gunshot, nearly bending her in two, before sending her flailing pink and black form flying toward the blue-white background. The wall of ice brings an abrupt end to her flight and she crumples to the snow, struggling to get to hands and knees, her gasping breaths making little clouds in the cold air.

The ice golems advance on her once more, even the one-armed golem who holds his ice weapon in his one remaining hand. The first golem to reach her raises his sword over his head, eyeing her hands and knees position the way an executioner would eye the person he was about to behead.

Chickfighter looks up with pleading eyes and shakes her head as a heavy ice sword is lifted, charging forward into a shoulder tackle as the blade descends, missing her by inches and shattering against the rock surface where she crouched an instant before.

Her shoulder drive pushes the executioner golem into another one and the two colliding ice creatures shatter around her, leaving shards of ice flying about and around her, and even some raining down onto her back. Despite how that might feel, it in no way tampered with her life meter for this round. With only three fully powered golems and one with only one arm remaining the heroine was making better progress than the Gamemaster had anticipated, especially at EXPERT LEVEL. Still, the golems had their weapons and another one thrust at her back with a blunt point of its ice sword.

Chickfighter spins around with a sudden sense of confidence as the two golems shatter around her. Her confidence is short-lived however as an ice sword aimed at her back is already being thrust under her ribs, completely driving the wind out of her in a visible cloud of vapor. Her body doubles over the blow as though being hit by the blunt end of a steel beam. She staggers backwards, wobbling, costume flapping open to reveal her belly button.

She staggers backwards and into the icy grip of another golem. Though the weather itself is not a factor, the bare skin around her navel can feel the icy cold arms of the golem creature that traps her in a reverse bear hug and starts to squeeze as it lefts her off of her feet with the roar of a ...well...of an ice golem!

Chickfighter screeches out her dismay as flailing legs come off the ground, struggling arms trapped at her sides the only thing keeping the powerful creature from crushing her ribs. Croaking noises come from the gaping mouth of her contorted face as she tries to get some air, the blue pools bulging almost out of socket. She back kicks wildly at where the crotch of the overpowering rock creature should be.

CRACK! KKKKRRRRCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! The kick lands perfectly and the ice golem's body is SPLIT right down the middle, the shuddering form cracking in half and the two pieces falling to either side of the unmasked heroine before shattering into ice shards on the hard ground below.

Chickfighter herself crumples to the snow-covered ice, every gasp for air sending shooting pain through her cracked ribs, the poignant shape of nipples beneath the pink costume a testament to the cold touch she escaped. The icemen are huge, hard and fast, but fortunately brittle. She trembles as she tries to will herself up, getting to one knee, prepared to sweep at the legs if one of the remaining three attacks.

The Gamemaster watches with amazement. "What does it take to finish this girl?" The one-armed ice golem falls from the leg sweep and crumbles into ice shards as a second golem brings its ice sword down with a bludgeoning blow towards the outstretched sweeping leg, the computer memory picking up on the many uses of the heroine's legs and telling the golem to take out the knee.

Chickfighter shrieks out in pain as the blade of ice impacts her joint, the lovely leg in sheer black tights popping as it bends the wrong direction. The heroine rolls away and up into her stance as she has done thousands of times before, only to have the leg collapse under her slender body. She crawls toward the boulder to pull herself up, dragging the leg, tears streaming as she looks back.

What she sees when she looks back is one of the two remaining golems flying through the air, its blade held high as it starts to arc downwards, her exposed spine the destination and its arrival appearing imminent and immediate.

Chickfighter 's pretty face is contorted in pain and anguish that only increases as an icy realization dawns in those pools of blue. The heavy blade lands with a resounding crack in the small of her back, driving her body back to the snow. She gurgles as a trembling gloved hand reaches for the block once more, unable to feel anything but pain below her waist.

The golem pulls her up by her hair and spins her around before bending her backwards across the block of ice. Meanwhile, the second golem approaches, holding her sword! He measures her with the sword's tip, slowly running the tip along her upper body from her chin to her crotch before raising the blade up with the tip of it poised 6 inches above the center of her heaving breasts.

Chickfighter flops about like a ragdoll as she is spun around and sprawled out over the block of ice. Her eyes seem to plead with the poised blade as it plunges down, through her and into the ice, pinning her like an insect. Convulsions wrack her flesh, breasts lurching against her costume. Gloved hands start to reach for the steel blade for an instance before falling back to the sides of the block. She continues twitching as a pool of red begins to pool on the white snow around her pink and black costume. Finally the tension goes out of her twitching limbs and clenched fists, blond bangs sliding from her face as her head lolls to one side, her deep blue eyes becoming crystaline as she goes cold.

The game life counter falls to 1 and when she awakens to her PERIL PUNISHMENT, she finds herself on the same block of ice, naked, her breasts flattened out to her sides as they are mashed down against the ice, the cold biting into her nipples as the frozen hands of an ice golem grip her ass cheeks tight and its cold ice phallus presses against both her sex and her sphincter simultaneously.

Chickfighter shivers as she becomes aware of her peril, realizing her gloved hands and footies are fused into the corners of the block of ice, holding her in position as though tied to the legs of a table. She tenses the round mounds of her glutes as they are gripped, wriggling them desperately as she feels the press of a mammoth icicle to her cleft.

The two ice phallus extensions both rip into both orifices at the same time, their coldness engulfing the insides of her sex and ass with no remorse, no mercy and no warmth whatsoever. There is almost a sick squeaking sound erupting from behind her as the golem's icicle members tear through her and press deeper and deeper.

Chickfighter has a terrible shudder run through her body from this assault, her taut flattened nipples burning with cold. Her wild scream, whether of pleasure or pain is quickly muffled as the other golem fills her mouth with a popsicle of his own. She blinks as the columns of ice are plunged in and out of her hot humid overheating holes.

Yet as they plunge in and out of her, the ice phalluses start to grow smaller, just a tad with each thrust but it is noticeable after a small while. There is a cool liquid starting to puddle between her legs and also she can feel the ice in her mouth slowly starting to melt. The Gamemaster's perverse idea of a punishment had not taken into account that her warm insides would melt his icemen!

Chickfighter hollows out her cheeks as she suckles the popsicle excitedly, her writhing form tingling inside and out, almost choking once as too much water goes down her throat, her glutes quivering in the icy grip that holds them, as her rectum as well as her vagina becoming sloshy from the thrusting action. She can feel a climactic tsunami building as her instincts rush toward orgasm.

"No no no! Damn her! DAMN YOU BITCH, CHICKFIGHTER! YOU ARE RUINING EVERYTHING!" Gamemaster hisses and sputters as he watches the game unfold in front of his eyes, knowing how this Peril Punishment will end. Slowly he takes a deep breath and smiles again. "But she'll no way, no how survive Round seven. The Gamemaster's Round!"

Chickfighter can hold back no longer, cuming in an unbelievable wave of sexual release, her whole naked body humping the shrinking phallic intrusions and block of ice shamelessly for longs seconds before channeling this energy into action, yanking her limbs free of the block and going into a pommel horse flair of kicking legs, aimed at the melted golemhoods of icemen.

Her sizzling energy-laden cum itself has already begun to turn the one golem's member into a steaming memberless crotch before her kicks send both icemen crumpling into shards of broken ice. The arctic scenario then changes into a fighting arena with Molly resplendent in her costume, standing in the center of the arena awaiting her opponent. "FINAL ROUND To Become The Ultimate Chickfighter” is announced, her opponent steps into the circle and reveals himself to be...

The Gamemaster. "You have to beat me to win, Chicky!"

Chickfighter stares across the arena at the Gamemaster. She knows she has to be careful with no lives left to lose, but she's made it to the final stage and it only turns out to be the villain himself. Her confidence soars. A gloved finger is pointed at him as she says, "Didn't think I'd make it this far did you?" She blows him a kiss, giggles, thrusts out her hip, and gives her rump a pat.

The Gamemaster sneers and slams his hands together, sending a wave of concussive force thundering through the air at the overconfident heroine. "You don't know what I can do in here, Chickfighter. You'll be wishing you had succumbed to those tarantulas!"

Chickfighter gasps along with the computer generated audience surrounding the arena. She cartwheels aside, barely dodging the powerful blast, which rebounds off the arena wall at half strength, sending her stumbling awkwardly forward when it surprises her from behind.
Chickfighter: Nnngh!

The Gamemaster leaps into the air, spinning a heel kick at the jaw of the stumbling heroine, whirling in the air at a speed none of her other computerized opponents had matched to this point. "You are way overmatched, Chicky. My CGI form was designed to destroy you!"

Chickfighter doesn't even have time to blink before the kick snaps her head to one side, her body following, spinning three times as it goes horizontal in the air. But a pink shoulder is dipped as she hits the sandy arena floor and she rolls away and back up to her feet, the back of a glove wiping a trickle of blood from her lip.

The Gamemaster leaps and flips in the air, landing on his feet right in front of her, hands at the ready, positioned perfectly to thwart whatever attack she may try, whether her hands or her feet are the weapons of her choice being irrelevant to him.

Chickfighter bull rushes him as he lands in front of her, knowing she can't afford to lose. Determined to take the fight to the villain, she ducks a shoulder at his midsection and reaches around, her body beginning to twist into a body slam as her pert breasts flatten against his abs.

The Gamemaster simply cartwheels with the momentum of the heroine's move as he ends up lifting HER into the bodyslam position. Yet, instead, he drops to one knee, extending his right leg and dropping her down. The small of Chicky's back slams into and then bends around the Gamemaster's raised thigh as he delivers a vicious backbreaker to his sexy foe.

Chickfighter squeals and flails as the move is reversed, grunting loudly at the thudding impact, the shape of tits and twat alike straining at the tight costume. The CGI crowd roars its approval. She dangles there, draped over the Gamemaster's thigh, eyes blinking as she suddenly recognizes many of the upside down faces in the background, a rogue's gallery of her greatest foes.

The Gamemaster laughs as he keeps the heroine across his knee for a moment, a hand running along her bent and displayed body, laid out for him like a buffet of Chicky treat ready for consumption. "Poor little girl. You really don't get it yet do you?" he asks before finally dumping her onto the ground and standing up straight again.

Chickfighter plops unceremoniously to the ground, reaching for her back as she gets to one knee. As he lets her stand she realizes he is just playing with her, but she has no intention of ever giving up. Instinctively she goes for her favorite maneuver, running forward and launching herself butt-first at his face in her signature moonshot.
Chickfighter: I'll never quit!

The Gamemaster has this move well scouted by the cpu memory banks and moves even faster. As soon as she launches, he drops and spins on his shoulders, the heroine sailing over him out of control. As soon as he can see her face, his feet kick up and begin to send rapid fire kicks up into her groin area. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

Chickfighter yelps as her momentum is stopped by the first kick, going almost fetal as she is kicked repeatedly. The kicking feet of the Gamemaster get her spinning almost like a clown might a beach ball, before a final shot to the bulge of her pout sends her spinning into the arena wall. Canned laughter fills the air as she slides to the sand.

The Gamemaster handsprings to his feet and slowly walks towards the fallen girl. "Do you notice anything different, Chicky? Like...no power level bar perhaps?"

Chickfighter looks up and blinks, nibbling at a pink lip as she sees her bar already somewhat shortened and that her opponent has none! "But then... how could I ever... I mean... hey, that's no fair!" The canned laughter crescendos.

The Gamemaster laughs as his hand shoots forwards, snatching her by the throat in the blink of an eye, lifting her to her feet and shoving her against the wall before he starts to spin at a tornado speed, his fists shooting out and rattatatatting into Chicky's breasts repeatedly, delivering a sick superspeed attack for a long moment before he slows to a stop and backs away, smirking.

Chickfighter yelps as is pinned to the wall by the force of the fists that use her breasts as speed bags, the pink teardrop shapes continuing to vibrate violently even as he backs away. Her gloves come up and clutch her battered boobies, rubbing. Seeing her life meter further diminished her face contorts in pain and rage. She clenches gloved fists and begins punching wildly.

The Gamemaster easily blocks her punches as they swing wild and out of control. "You forget your training and discipline so easily," he says as he grabs a hand in mid-punch and simply arm whips her across the arena, the glove coming off in his hand. "Hmmm. Looks like you lost something," he quips as he drops the glove to the ground.

Chickfighter staggers across the sands until her back smacks the far wall. She looks down at the glove at his feet and back up to her foe, lower lip curling into a pout for an instant before the determination returns to her face. "I won't let you humiliate me!" She cartwheels across the arena and flips into a flying cross-body.

The Gamemaster catches her in mid-flight, hand between her legs, other hand on her shoulders. He walks around the arena, carrying her like this for the applauding villains to admire and then SLAMS her to the ground while clutching at her pink body covering, the material ripping from her back and dangling in his hand as she hits the ground. "You just don't get it, do you? I'm unbeatable at EXPERT level!"

Chickfighter grunts as she hits the sand, instinctively rolling away and exclaiming as she comes up to her feet. "It's not fair, but I don't know what I can do about it!" She hears catcalls from the crowd and blushes as she realizes why. She covers her oscillating bare breasts with one gloved hand and one bare hand. She gasps, "You bastard!"

The Gamemaster holds up the ripped remains of the outfit and tosses it into the CGI crowd before turning back to face Chickfighter. "You could always bow to your Gamemaster," he says with a grin. "Oh, wait, no you couldn't. Your pride would never allow that to happen. Guess there is only one thing left you can do." He suddenly leaps and kicks out at her head with a flying thrust kick. "You can die!"

Chickfighter moves to block but the Gamemaster of this impossible final level is too fast for her. The kick nearly decapitates her, only the miracle of computer game life keeping her neck from being snapped. Her body flips backwards and she sprawls on her back, bruised breasts careening wildly about her chest.

The Gamemaster stands over her, placing one foot between her breasts and posing, flexing his arms as the crowd cheers the apparent defeat of the heroine. "Give it up, Chicky. I've designed this level so no one, not even the greatest fight gamers in the world, could control you to beat me at this level. You've never had a chance from the beginning."

Chickfighter writhes as the boot pins her to the ground, her hands trying unsuccessfully to push it away, a dark spot forming around her nylon-covered mound. Tears stream from behind her mask as she looks up at her life bar, realizing her game is almost over. She blinks. That's it! It’s HER game! "You may be right that I have no chance against the computer, but you forgot one thing..."
Chickfighter: Pause!

Chickfighter almost giggles as everything freezes and she continues speaking, "I'm not going to restart unless you enter the game in player versus player mode... if you want to finish me you have to do it yourself!"

The Gamemaster sits outside the CGI world of the game, slamming his hands down onto the control panel. "No! It's not supposed to go like this! DAMN YOU BITCH! You can't do that! If you sit on pause forever, you can't get out of the game world. I am still The Gamemaster! Not you! NOT YOU!"

Chickfighter looks up calmly from where she lies next to naked and pinned by his character's boot. "What are you? Chicken?" Her eyes sweep around the faux crowd full of her rogue's gallery. "What would these real villains think of you?" Her eyes drift to her life bar. "I mean you have the advantage and I have less than a third of my bar left!"

The Gamemaster laughs, switches the settings to two-player mode and immediately, before she even has a chance to realize it, unpauses the game and stomps onto her belly. "That's right. I am the Gamemaster! ME! ME! ME!"

Chickfighter oophs as the stomping boot drives the air right out of her. But even as she winces in pain she grabs hold of the boot with both hands and flings the raging villain aside with all her might. "Now we can have a fair fight!"

The Gamemaster tumbles across the arena floor and into the arena wall. THUD! He falls on his ass. "Oww. No, not...possible!"

Chickfighter pops to her feet, the tight shape of her breasts waving at the crowd as her slender tights-clad legs cartwheel through the air and come around into a leg drop to his midsection.

The Gamemaster oophs as the air is driven out of his abdomen and spasms a bit, looking up at her with wise eyes and a stunned expression. "You...cheated!"

Chickfighter giggles and stomps him once before plopping down on his chest. "No, you cheated! I play fair!" She slides forward into a schoolgirl pin, then wrestling with his arms to tuck them behind her knees, slides damp nylon bulge of her sex over his mouth and nose. "Nite nite Gamemaster!"

The Gamemaster 's eyes bulge as he struggles and kicks beneath her to no avail. The computer nerd is in no way going to be able to get out of this and soon his muffled struggles became motionless whimpers vibrating against her crotch.

Chickfighter watches his life meter shorten several ticks before the it stops, the move having been awarded its maximum. She yelps as her foe bites her tender pussy lip through the nylon mesh. She hops away, rubbing her swelling pucker. "Yeow! Now that's cheating!"

The Gamemaster slowly rolls onto his side, trying to push himself up onto his hands and knees. "I...I'll...make y-you pay! I am The Game...master!"

Chickfighter spins and attacks with series of crescent moon kicks, the stylish arc of these kicks making quite the display of her long legs and tight ass, flexing inside the sheer dark sheath of shimmering nylon.

The Gamemaster 's body twitches and jerks as each kick lands dead on. His grunts and groans weaken, then stop altogether as he flops down into the dirt, barely able to move at all.

Chickfighter kicks him over to his tummy. She crouches and pulls back a wrist, then secures the opposite ankle, arching his body painfully as she stands in the small of his back, locking in her skateboard submission. "Do you give?"

"N-Neverrrr! I ...am...owwww...The...GAMEMASTER!" The Gamemaster slams his free hand on the ground as his power level shrinks lower and lower and lower....

Chickfighter blinks as the shortening of his life meter once more stops, though now as short as her own. He is almost finished but she knows the computer will break the hold any second unless she changes it. She maintains her grip and rolls to her back, her feet pushing up into the small of his, hoisting him up into an over-the-barrel backbreaker. "But this is MY game! And I am the ULTIMATE CHICKFIGHTER!"

The Gamemaster writhes and howls, his free hand slapping down at her weakly before then going limp as his life meter runs nil and he blinks and then vanishes from the scene completely. As he disappears, she finds herself once again fully clothed as a CGI fireworks display begins in the background and a booming voice announces:


Chickfighter giggles and jumps up and down like a pink Chun Li for a moment before the arena scene vanishes and she finds herself sitting back in the gyrosphere.

Then there is that flash of bright light and she is transported back into the computer lair of the Gamemaster, as the sound of a released airlock breaks the silence and the spherical orb opens up, a mightily disheveled but victorious heroine inside.

The Gamemaster is nowhere to be seen. "Darn it! He got away!"


Ultimate Chickfighter debuts at #4 on the best selling games' chart. The instant success of the game propels Molly Whipple into an instant gaming phenomenon on the level of Lara Croft. As the game's popularity skyrockets, Susan MacDuff receives the following message on her cell phone.

"This is Randall Lincoln of Time Warner Films. We've just purchased the movie rights to the Ultimate Chickfighter video game and we were wondering... would Molly Whipple be available to star as herself in the movie?"

(February 2008)