Twin Terrors


Blue Belle patrols the streets of Empire City with her brightsword dangling from her belt.

Princess Gemini sit at a table in front of a local cafe/sweet shop, going through a stack of photos, bounties placed on local Supers by various and sundry. "Ohhhhh, this one is super cute!" "Love her hair!" Princess Gemini giggle in unison.

Blue Belle strolls along the street, hoping her presence there will help deter crime in the neighborhood.

Princess Gemini take a sip from their shared ice cream soda. They glance up.

"Is that one on the list?" The blonde points at you.

"Don't know," the brunette responds.

Blue Belle gives her flaming red hair a toss and nods to a passing denizen wearing a DDSTV t-shirt.

"Let's ask her!" "HEY, YOU!!!" Princess Gemini both wave and shout at the redhead.

Blue Belle turns on booted heel. “Yes? Do you young ladies need something?”

"Any bounties on you," the brunette asks?

Blue Belle blinks. “I don't really keep track of such things, but I suppose so... Why?”

The blonde turns to her sister. "She looks tough!"

"Yeah!" The brunette smiles cutely.

Princess Gemini push their chairs back. "Because our parents cut back our allowances, and we need money"

“Money? Don't try to panhandle me!” Blue Belle frowns. “I just do what I can to make the city safer. So would you like an autograph or something?”

Princess Gemini giggle. "Also, we'd like to beat you up, please."

Blue Belle shakes her head. “Don't make me report you to your parents?”

Princess Gemini smile cutely. "Doesn't everyone?"

The brunette whispers to her sister, “I think this one's a little dense.”

“What are your names?” Blue Belle scowls. “I may need to talk to them about you two. And no, you cannot beat me up! You shouldn't beat up anyone!”

Princess Gemini strike a pose. "You may address us as Princess Gemini... Princess being plural here." Princess Gemini beam brightly.

“Twins?” Blue Belle chuckles. “Bottled blonde I take it?”

Princess Gemini pose for you. "We are non-identical twins." "She is dense, isn't she?" "Seems so."

“Really... Princess... Princesses... whatever... you need to give this up before someone gives you the spanking you so seem to need.” Blue Belle smiles at the two teen girls trying to act cute and tough.

Princess Gemini smile at each other. "Feisty!" "Yeah!" "Okay, we are going to beat you up now, if you don't mind."

“Don't put me in an awkward position, girls... please.” Blue Belle shakes her head at the silly twins.

Princess Gemini give each other a high five, then come running at you, clasping hands atop forearms, going for a clothesline across the redhead's upper chest and neck. "Gemini Clothesline!" Princess Gemini shout out the name of the move, so people can take note.

Blue Belle blinks and drops into a crouch just in time to avoid being hit. She turns as she rises, tapping a boot on the pavement and giving the girls a stern look. “Girls... stop this before someone gets hurt!”

Princess Gemini spin around, the brunette clasping the blonde's wrist, whirling her up and around, the blonde's cute boots heading towards your chest in another combo move. "Gemini whirling chest kick!"

“Unngghhh...” Blue Belle goes stumbling backwards from the kick, the shape of her generous bosom in midnight blue wobbling about like a pair of drunken sailors.

The blonde flips backwards into a low crouch, glancing up at her sister. "I think they're real!" "Wow!"

Blue Belle shakes her head and gasps for air. “I... warned... you... girls!”

"We'll have to check those out afterwards!" Princess Gemini slap their hands together in a double high- five, splitting up to race around you.

Blue Belle turns back and forth, unsure which girl to most keep an eye on.

The blonde races towards your right, the brunette towards your left. Princess Gemini each make a grab for one of Blue Belle's wrists.

Blue Belle decides to attempt one of her teammate Chicky's moves and leaps up into a splits kick, a cobalt blue boot snapping out to each side just as her wrists are grabbed.

Princess Gemini yelp, being booted aside, tumbling into low crouches. "Hey!" "No fair fighting back!" Princess Gemini whine in stereo.

“Now be good girls and head home before this gets out of hand! If you don't, I'll have to give your mother a call!” Blue Belle poses with hands on hips, big brown eyes staring sternly down her nose.

The brunette smiles at her sister. "Razzle-dazzle time?" "Yeah!" Princess Gemini begin to race around you, the brunette clockwise, the blonde counter-clockwise.

Blue Belle turns one way and then the other, flaming hair flaring as her head swivels.

"Faster!" "Run faster!" Princess Gemini zip around Blue Belle at a brisk clip.

Blue Belle is tempted to reach for her brightsword but decides it might look bad if she tasered two delinquent girls.

Princess Gemini shouts to her sister, “Go high! I'll go low!” "Right!" The brunette tumbles towards the redhead's thighs from behind, intending to hit her low, as the blonde leaps up for a cross-body block attempt across Blue Belle's chest!

Blue Belle is taken roughly off her feet by the high/low combo, flailing as she goes horizontal, grunting as she hits the pavement, attempting to roll away and back to her feet.

Princess Gemini are slightly quicker, each grabbing for a wrist again.

Blue Belle makes a face as her wrists are grasped, straining to pull free. “What are you too delinquents trying to prove anyway?” Blue Belle asks from her knees as she is held there.

Princess Gemini tug Blue Belle up by her wrists, intending to yank the heroine forward and bury one knee apiece into her belly. "We wanna play!" "Yeah!"

“Oooph!” Blue Belle bellows loudly as she doubles over the knees, her impressive chest heaving outward against the BB logo emblazoned there.

Princess Gemini raise the heroine's arms up high, then whip them forward and down. "Gemini Judo-Toss!" Princess Gemini try to flip Blue Belle over onto her back.

“Ooooohhhh ssssshhhit!” Blue Belle squeals as she is flipped forward to land roughly on her back, the concrete driving any remaining air out of her lungs.

Princess Gemini hold into the redhead's wrists as she flips, the blonde on your right, the brunette on your left. "Ready?" "Yeah!"

Blue Belle has had enough of this rough treatment from these juveniles and slips her hands out of their gloves as she sweeps her legs at their ankles.

Princess Gemini yelp, tumbling backwards. "Darn!" "We were gonna show you a good one!" Princess Gemini whine twice as loud.

Blue Belle gasps for air, grimacing as she rolls to hands and knees, shaking her head. “It's about time I introduced you girls to my brightsword.” Blue Belle reaches to her belt for a flashlight-looking object.

Princess Gemini are up quickly, trying to drape one arm apiece down around the redhead's neck as she kneels. "I think she's getting serious!" "Can't have that!"

Blue Belle raises her weapon and the beam of blue energy issues forth even as she is dragged backwards to her feet, choking. “Gurrrk...”

Princess Gemini quickly try to pull off their intended tandem move, grabbing at Belle's thighs, trying to bring the heroine up and over with a... "Gemini Suplex!"

Blue Belle flails a bit and lands on the back of her neck, the impact causing her to lose hold of her weapon, the beam of light going out as the device clatters away across the pavement.

Princess Gemini playfully roll atop you for a double-pin, pressing Belle down. "Hey, you're right .... they are real!" "Told ya!" The sisters giggle and press down.

Blue Belle raises her head for an instant, tries to get up, but the head slumps back and she lies there stunned as the two girls press down on her now sweaty chest as it heaves up and down.

"Hey!" "Let's show her that trick she got out of before" "Okay!" Princess Gemini hop off of you, grabbing at your wrists again, tugging your arms out to your sides as your chest heaves.

Blue Belle tries to clear the cobwebs, realizing she must be getting too old for field duty if two silly teens can take her out like this.

Princess Gemini tug Belle's wrists close to them, dropping to scissor Belle's biceps with their thighs, the cute twin's long legs criss-crossed across the heroine's ample chest, one on either side. "Gemini Crucifix!"

Blue Belle hears a pop to her right as the twins try to jerk her shoulders out of their sockets and apparently succeed with one. “Aaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh...”

Princess Gemini tug more, interested in wearing Belle down. "See?" "Isn't this move the best?" Princess Gemini playfully work the heroine's arms.

Blue Belle doesn't answer but her face is contorted in agony, her legs kicking wildly, her boobs rolling about like buoys on an angry sea.

"Last time, we held on till the woman's arms went numb" "Yeah!" "What a blast!" Princess Gemini hug Belle's biceps tightly with their thighs.

Blue Belle looks from one twin to the other, beads of sweat rolling down her face, unable to pull her arms free, the right one already going numb.

Princess Gemini smile at each other, getting cocky. "Let's pull her up again!" "Okay!" Princess Gemini unfold their legs, tugging Belle to her feet.

Blue Belle grimaces in pain, dragged up by her tortured arms, her bodysuit soaked with sweat.

Princess Gemini grin wickedly, the twins plotting an even more evil fate for Belle.

Blue Belle flexes her round ass as she gets her legs under her, leaping into a back flip and trying an inverted splits kick in hopes of freeing her arms.

"Hey!!!" Princess Gemini yelp, being kicked aside. They fall backwards onto their bottoms.

Blue Belle lands on her feet and falls to a knee, furtive eyes looking around for her weapon.

"We should've just popped her shoulders" "Yeah, but we were having too much fun with her!"

Blue Belle gulps as she spots it and stumbles frantically in that direction, her right arm hanging limply, useless, flexing her left to get some feeling back in it.

"Okay, let's do her legs then!" "Yeah!" Princess Gemini roll to their feet, getting ready to resume.

Blue Belle pants for air as she scrambles for her brightsword, the beam issuing forth as she raises it in her left hand, moist hair matted across her narrowed eyes as she turns. “I've had it with you two sadistic bitches!”

Princess Gemini are already racing towards you, the sisters wickedly cute.

Blue Belle lunges forward and drops to a knee, sweeping her energy beam around in waist-high arc, intending to taser the two delinquents. “Not this time!”

"Awp!!!" Princess Gemini the twins yelp as the beam slashes through them, their lithe forms stiffening as if struck by lightning.

Blue Belle holsters her weapon and pulls out her phone. “Hello, Charlie... it's Belle... I've got a couple of delinquents for your boys to pick up... corner of 39th and Messick...”

Princess Gemini crumple into sizzling heaps. "Owies..." "She's mean!"

Blue Belle stands over the fallen twins, shaking her head. “This is what happens when parents don't ever thwart their children...”


(July 2010)