Trick or Treat Kei


KunoichiKei snatches up the Orb-O`Lantern and smashes the silly-looking pumpkin in the street.

Linus_72 gasps, “AUUUUGH... you didn't tell me you were gonna kill it...”

KunoichiKei responds, “Why else would I make a pilgrimage to pumpkintown?”


KunoichiKei smirks, “It was a head on fire... I mistook it for Flamebrain...”

Linus_72 nods, “Oh... him.”

“Tink of it as community service,” replies Kei. “What is the saying? It takes a pillage...”

KunoichiKei kicks over a trashcan and prepares to TP Taz Treats.

Taz eyes, “Don't make me call Belle.”

KunoichiKei laughs and runs like someone who's seen an 800-pound abominable.

Taz roars and starts to chase.

KunoichiKei squeals, “Yikes!”

Scorip gives a sage nod. “Do not anger a Taz.”

KunoichiKei whips out her yoyo to catch a lamppost and swings around the corner, skirt flaring from the sudden change of direction.

Taz has to stop and applaud.

KunoichiKei triple jumps from bus-stop bench to top of bus to perch atop a second story building marquee, taking a deep breath as she adjusts her backpack and looks down.

Taz looks up at Kei and waves. "Nice leap."

KunoichiKei takes a can out of her pack and spray paints "Tanks" on the brick facade.

Taz gapes. “It's not Halloween yet, you delinquent!”

KunoichiKei smirks at the yeti. “Ok, I'll stop it if you fix me a root beer float!”

Taz sighs. “You got a deal, Kei.”

Policeman_72 rolls up, red and blue lights flashing. “Here now, what seems to be the trouble?”

“This yeti was chasing me, officer... but we’ve made up now.”

Taz laughs and heads back to Taz' Treats to fix root beer floats.

KunoichiKei leaps down, her short skirt opening like a parachute. She dashes after Taz like a schoolgirl late for class.

Policeman_72 blinks. “Well...damn!”

Taz plops the root beer float on the counter and chuckles, a low, growly, hearty Yeti-laugh.

“I was just having some good ol' fashioned fun, Tazerooni!” Kei sips. “Mmmmm…”

Taz chuckles. "You should have seen yourself jump when I started chasing ya."

KunoichiKei fidgits, eyes evasive.

Taz nods. “Scared ya, didn't I?”

KunoichiKei takes a deep breath and pouts. “Well you are a little intimidating... for a big warm fuzzy teddy bear.”

Taz winks. “That escape was good enough to have been used in a Chicky movie, though.”

KunoichiKei sips float through a straw, the corners of her mouth curling into a grin.

Taz musses Kei's hair. "So, what's the news tonight?"

KunoichiKei raises the straw and fires a floaton torpedo at the big wooly booger.

Taz growls. “You up to mischief!”

KunoichiKei giggles. “Hai!”

Taz says, “You acting like a girl who just got kissed by the boy she been chasing for three months.”

KunoichiKei leans over the counter and whispers. “Ninja training...”

Taz nods and gives the okay sign. "I'll keep it on the down-low."

“You're the man... er... beast... er... yeti...” Kei shrugs. “Have you seen Kid around tonight? You know... my bo... Kid Crossbow...”

“I sure haven't,” Taz replies. “Were you meeting him here?”

KunoichiKei nods. “I thought so.”

Taz smiles. “Yes. You've told me about him.”

KunoichiKei giggles and sips some more float to try to cool the warmth in her cheeks.

Taz leans over and whispers. “Is he supposed to be... ninja training... with you?

KunoichiKei blinks. “Well I thought we were going to study together this evening... we have a class together at the Empire School for the Fighting Arts.

Taz nods. "I see. Maybe he's just running late."

KunoichiKei sighs. “Shinobis... I swear...”

Taz moves to the back of the kitchen.

(October 2008)