Transcendental Party Girl


Evelyn Song waves hello to her student in Advanced Organic Chemistry.

Joanie Quest has her assignment from Kei and so heads to Empire U in civvies, a simple black dress. She waves as one of her professors recognizes her. “Hello, Doctor Song!”

Evelyn Song smiles lightly, although you can tell her eyes a little bloodshot. Becoming a tenured professor is a lot of work. "I'm glad you are around during the summer: your work was exemplary last semester." She carries a heavy laptop bag slung around her back. "Are you ready for the mid-term next week?"

Joanie Quest blinks. "Already? I figured with summer session being so condensed and with my undergraduate research and all..." Joanie stops herself and smiles. "No, but I guess I will be."

Evelyn Song smiles, a tiny bit of strain in her voice. "Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices for what's important." She nods. "I will not keep you. Good day, Ms. Quest." Detective Chan, after some leaning on the three kids Red Hornette captured, got a name, one Marco Arent, a sixth-year student who seems to be less focused on graduating and a lot more focused on dealing drugs and going to all the cool parties.

Joanie Quest nods to the professor and heads on past the Bale Building toward the commons to mingle. She hopes her short black dress screams party girl and will make people more likely to give her the information she seeks. "Excuse me, I'm looking for a party, I heard Marco might be having one somewhere?"

The two have on large hats and weird wrap around sunglasses, and already appear a little drunk. One of them looks over Joanie's fine figure and wraps an arm around her waist, pulling him to her side, hand caressing your hip. "Oh, honey, yeah, Marco's throwing the best party tonight, the abandoned pizza shop two blocks that way.

Joanie Quest does her best to smile despite the hand grabbing her hip through the cutout area on the side of the skirt. "Awesome! See you at the party!" She wriggles her slender hips away from the groping hand and struts on toward Chanelo's, the old pizza place. She feels really tall and unsteady in high heels, hopes she carries them off. She pushes down on hem of dress as it rides up slender swaying hips.

Chanelo's looks from a distance normal, but when you get closer to it, you notice the black tarp against the windows, blocking out light, and hear the thump, thump, thump of a repetitive beat. When you get close to the door, it opens for you, and you're ushered into a spectacle of flashing lights ,overturned tables. "Quick, come on, come on." as the door slams shuts behind you, lots of classmates here, lots of liquor on the old counters, some people playing with the ovens, and you see a smaller, quieter group little celebration, a hastily assembled curtain cutting it off in the back of the pizza place. People bump into you left and right, trying to get you to the dance in the packed spot.

Joanie Quest smiles and nods and even tries to dance for a moment, her shaky steps in the heels apparently just making her look as drunk as everyone else. She keeps an eye out for Arent, but finally just asks another girl. "I heard this is Marco's party. Have you seen him?"

The girl yells. "Your dress looks great!" You ask the question again. "Oh, the beer's over there!" You ask one more time. "Oh, Marco! Why didn't you say something?" and she points to the back. You see a small flash of blue light from behind the curtain. Marco's sitting back there, entertaining a woman on his lap, and a small group of friends, as he traces in the air with his hand, multi-color shifting light appearing in front of him.

Joanie Quest heads toward the blue light like a moth to a flame, shaking back her own flaming red hair and blotting her lips as she approached the curtained area.

Marco looks up as you enter, the girl on his lap, somebody who tried to cheat off your test in Electrical Engineering, giving you a glare as she recognizes you, wrapping a hand closer around Marco's waist. "Oh, hey, baby, here for the one and only Marco show?" as he waves his hand, colors swirling in front of your face, little circles trailing and drifting.

Joanie Quest saunters on into the room, smirking ever so slightly at the girl in Marco's lap. She gapes as if in awe of the light show. "Wow! That's amazing! So pretty! How do you do that?" She reaches out a hand to try to touch the little virtual aurora.

When you touch it, you get a little tingling sensation, like a really really low-grade electrical pulse, as the lights wink out. "Hey, come over here.." twisting the girl off his lap a bit, so she's straddling one of his legs as you come closer. "A hot new little pill called Transcend. Gives you powers. Neat, huh?"

Joanie Quest smiles and goes to sit on his other knee, having to push down on the hem of her dress to keep it from riding up her ass as she does so, still there is a glimpse of white panty before she settles down. "That's very cool! I heard something about that, but I thought it was dangerous!"

Marco laughs, his hand brushing up the outside of your thigh, trying to hike up that dress again as he bounces you on his knees a bit. "Maybe it's a little dangerous, but what's fun that isn't a bit dangerous?" The woman on his other leg gives you a look that can freeze water, and her hand goes to your thigh too, and then her nails dig in a bit.

Joanie Quest starts to lean back against Marco's arm. "I guess danger can be a little exciting... yeouch!" She yelps and swivels away from the scratching nails of the other girl. Of course this results in her dress riding up more than ever, revealing a fair amount of white panty and smooth derriere.

You can feel, in your personal electromagnetic field, the presence of a few cellphones, one of them no doubt his, and as you swivel a bit, you catch glimpse of the tip of a plastic baggie hanging out of his pants, maybe that's where he's keeping his drugs. Marco laughs, not catching onto what's happening, taking his hand off the other girl, which makes her even less happy, as he swats your ass a little bit.

Joanie Quest yelps again in real surprise as her ass is smacked, but is able with all this physical contact to sense some of what Marco is thinking, not to mention make a list of all the numbers and addresses on his cellphone. "Whoa... aren't we getting fresh... I wish I had a power!"

You get flooded with names and numbers, notes, emails. There's not anything obvious, but it'll take a few seconds to cross index all this stuff together. And his thoughts of you naked, with her and him, aren't really helping. He laughs, dragging your hips along his leg. "I thought you liked danger…" he dangles the bag, an almost glowing, translucent blue pair of pills there. $3000 a piece. But maybe you can convince me to take the price down." The creep grins, as the other woman protests. "I thought you were going to give them to me!"

Joanie Quest widens her eyes at the sight of the bag of pills, essentially ignoring the other girl as she wriggles her lean ass about on his leg. "That's some expensive danger! Do you really think I'm that kind of girl?" She purses smirking apple lips.

Marco pushes the other woman off his leg, with a pout and frustrated little yelp, his eyes locking with yours. "How about we find out?" as he puts the bag of pills down on his leg, trying to pull you around for a kiss.

Joanie Quest is actually still trying to decide just exactly how far she is in fact willing to go to get hold of those pills even as her surprised lips are pressed to his. She straddles his leg, the hem of her dress pratically around her waist at this point, quite the sight for other girl or anyone else in the room. Her eyes blink, no sign of the calculations going on behind them.

Marco pushes you back, grinning, licking his lips. "Not bad." as your ass is shown off the men and women watching in this curtained off little area. Your mind zips through the calendars, to-dos, emails, all that information, as he grins. "So let's see the goods..." as his hand grabs the front of dress and yanks down, and you get quite the vision of you in bondage and gags, as you realize that there's a man, Mike Z, never called before a month or so ago, and then called exactly at 6:48pm on every Sunday. Never any other time.

Joanie Quest squeals in very real surprise as the violent yank of her dress causes the straps on her halter-style dress come unsnapped behind her neck. "Eep!" Instantly the little black dress is little more than a sash about her waist, revealing her modest but pert breasts, jiggling tightly. She swallows hard as she feels the eyes upon her.

There's laughter at your squeal from around the little circle. He grins, looking up at you riding his leg. "Still want the danger?" as he grins. "Let me give you a taste..." as his hands come up, not touching your breasts, but biting his lip as he causes those little glowly light shows right over your cute, pert breasts, and then as they touch the nipples, it causes this tingling, stimulating sensations right as you're trying to cross reference Mike Z's phone number, emails received from him.

Joanie Quest feels her nipples tighten as she experiences the tingling that involuntarily seems to ripple through her flesh. For a fleeting moment the light show even intensifies as she squirms about, clamping her thighs tight about his leg. Did she just dampen her panties he might wonder? She shakes her head to clear her mind, flaming hair dancing about.

Marco laughs, seeing the flush on your face, your squirming . "You like that? You want some more?" as he moves his hand down to your bare cheeks, grabbing them and dragging them across his leg, digging your hips in as your hand brushes up against that plastic baggie wit the drugs in them, as you can't find anything much more on his phone in relevance to this Mike Z guy.

Joanie Quest is in fact very red in the face at this point as she recovers from the shock of the erotic sensation and realizes what a scene is being made of her. She realizes she has gleaned all the information she can from Marco and needs to find her way out. Her fingers curl about the little sack of pills as she shakes her head at him. "I think that's enough. I don't like... uhm... being watched..."

Marco doesn't seem to notice at the moment as the bag disappears into one tightly-clenched fist as he pushes you off of him and stands up. "Want to go somewhere a bit more private?" as his hand slides up those thighs and right across white panties, that tingling sensation of the lights right again on top of you. You spot the service entrance to the rear, maybe ten feet away, or back out the front.

Joanie Quest shakes her head. "Maybe another time, Marco. I'm feeling a little funny... I need to run." And with that statement she attempts to do just that, taking one step for the back door and sprawling out on the floor as she trips in the ridiculous heels, looking quite the sight as she tries to scramble back up to her feet, red-faced and trying to pull her dress up over her bare breasts.

"Aw, baby, where do you think you're going?" There's laughter, and then a yell as he feels in his pockets. "Hey, where's the pills? Get her!" as the two men hanging out with him run after you, trying to grab you before you scramble out the back door.

Joanie Quest comes out of her heels as she dashes for the door in only white panties and dress wrapped about her breasts almost like an old tube top. She gasps as a reaching hand caches her by the back of the dress as she goes out the door, her feet going out from under her, the dress coming up under her armpits as he drags her back inside, legs flailing. "Let me go!"

A hand comes muffled around your mouth, cutting off your cries as you're pulled back in, and the woman grabs your hair and pulls at it sharply for just a second before you're staring at Marco again. His finger curls up your cheek. "Said you didn't want danger? Well, you got it now..." as his hand pries open your hand, taking the pills from you, stuffing them back in his pocket as he grabs for those white panties, to rip them off of you. "When'd you think it be a good idea to mess with somebody like me?"

Joanie Quest emits a muffled squeal of sheer surprise as her panties are ripped violently from her hips, the crotch of which digs deep between her pussy lips as it leaves an exiting burn. Her green eyes are wide with terror as she is stripped naked and the twisting material of her own dress tightens about her neck.

You can feel the bulge in the man holding you and muffling you as Marco comes up, holding your panties on a finger, and motions to the man behind you, who lifts his hand up just for him to stuff your panties in your mouth. "Think you can steal from me? You got another thing coming..." as his hand teases between those lips, playing with your clit as a phone camera taking a pic reminds you of the phones around you, Marco's, the guy who's holding you. just as that tingling light stimulation plays with your clit.

Joanie Quest gulps on the taste of her own sex in her mouth, cowering, trying to pull away, writhing in the tight grip, her loins seemingly having a mind of their own as they are filled with tingling. It is all see can do to activate a pocketed phone and text the DDSTV Tower for help.

You get the response, although you're quickly distracted back by the man holding you slipping his hands down to your pert breasts, squeezing hard, fingers rubbing over nipples as Marco slips a finger into you, the area between your legs literally glowing as he licks your cheek. "Aw, baby, having enough danger yet?"

Joanie Quest pants for air through the soaked ball of her own panties, Marco's grin reflected in her terror-stricken eyes, her taut nipples and damp sex betraying the natural involuntary reactions of her flesh. She whimpers and shakes her head no.

Marco grins, "How about a little more then?" feeling every little clench and shiver of your body as his thumb massages your clit, a second finger thrusting and out as the two men press against you, trapping you between them.

Joanie Quest struggles gamely but hopelessly between the two larger men holding her between them, lurching as she tries to hold back on her natural instincts, a single tear running down her face as a drop of something else runs down her inner thigh. Marco's phone texts, "Hurry Kei!"

Marco laughs. "Ready for the main event?" as he drops his pants down, showing off tented boxers as there's a commotion at the front of the party, something about the party being full.

Joanie Quest contorts her face in a pout as Marco drops his pants, realizing where this is going. She looks up from the boxers at the sound of the commotion. She can't help but wonder if that's Kei although it seems a little too quick, even if Kei were on campus for some reason.

Marco laughs and pulls down his pants as the woman from before rakes her fingernails along your arm, people laughing, a photo or two being taken as you see his nakedness, holding himself, guiding it closer and closer to you. "Sure you wanted those pills so bad? Maybe I'll give you one after all this... probably not though." as the tip of his cock plays with your lips.

Joanie Quest rolls her hips about frantically, trying to escape, finally clamping her legs together, her body glistening as a cold sweat beads up. She reaches out with her mind, fueled by fear, trying to shut off the lights even as she activates her smartsuit.

The circuit breaker blows, the music skitters to a halt, and the smartsuit activates. You're still held by those hands under your arms groping and squeezing your chest, but it's darkness. "What the hell?" Marco says, as groans of complaint come up from the partygoers, distracted from you for a second. "Get that back on!"

Joanie Quest had hoped to wait until not being held, but simply felt she had no choice. The activated smartsuit actually initiates from her sex, flowing about her entire body in a second. She tries to deliver a little shock of her own to the hands that hold her and pull away, but admittedly it's more startling than debilitating.

The jerk of the electrical shock, the sudden lights out, and the feel of the smartsuit suddenly there make the guy holding you lifts his hands off. "What the hell is going on?" as it continues to be dark and you suddenly feel that you're free, although your panties are still wedded in your mouth. You can see the shadowed form of Marco in front of you, fumbling around for his phone to shine some light on the subject although your panties are still wedded in your mouth.

Joanie Quest spits out the panties as she ducks away from the releasing hands. She shifts her suit to invisibility and moves toward Marco, infrared lenses allowing her to see him already digging for his phone, hoping he'll pull out the package of pills with the phone and drop them on the floor.

You can see the bag fall to the ground, and a little flick of your fingers and you've got it. You're crouched on the floor, as you hear the man behind you fumbling around for you. "Where'd she go? She just slipped out of my hands?" "Oh, come on!" Marco hasn't noticed the missing pills, and shines his phone around, trying to see Joanie.

Joanie Quest is nigh impossible to see, her smartsuit effectively absorbing incoming light on one side and emitting it again precisely on the other. There can be a ghost of her form as she moves, but in this light should be hard to see. She runs in a crouch for the backdoor, anxious to get away.

The door creaks a bit, but by the time Marco, boxers around his ankles, and the others see it, you're long gone down the alleyway, bag of two pills, hard-earned, in your hand.

Joanie Quest runs into Kei rushing to her aid at the other end of the alley. She quickly makes herself visible and shows Kei the pills with a wan smile. "We need to get out of here before they come looking for me." Kei grins and winks. "Good work, Questionnaire, I knew you could do it!"

(June 2011)