Summer Job Kei


Caddie Kei marches up the eighteenth fairway carrying both bags for her pairing as they play their last hole.

Princess America declares, “It's a trap!”

Caddie Kei nods and hands Prin a sand wedge.

Longshot72 protests, “No food on the golf course!!”

“Not sandwich, Longo!” Caddie Kei gives Longshot a Land's End wedgie.

Longshot72 screeches, “Owowowowowowow…”

She-Ra laughs out loud.

Longshot72 quips, “She's been out clubbing again...”

Caddie Kei kicks Longshot's bag.

Longshot72 goes down and Caddie Kei gets credit for a sack.

Caddie Kei thanks Longo for the tip and signs his scorecard.

Dart wonders if she should try golf.

Longshot72 groans, “It's not played the way you just saw...”

Caddie Kei heads out to the practice tee between rides to hit a few balls.

Son-of-Gaia raises a brow.

Molly Carpenter waves to Kei.

“Hiya Ms Carpenter!”

The Matador watches Caddie tee up.

Caddie Kei buffs her brassie, wiggling her hips as she addresses the ball.

The Matador follows her hips.

Caddie Kei rotates hips with a natural swing that, not only causes her lavender skirt to flare, but sends the ball screaming well beyond the driving range, over the harbor, to crater on the Navy's artillery range on Vieques Island in Puerto Rico.

Caddie Kei grins. “I got all of that one!”

Molly Carpenter giggles. “Good shot!”

Caddie Kei hits a couple more with similar results, having to brush her skirt down each time.

Son-of-Gaia chuckles.

Molly Carpenter wonders if maybe Kei should invest in a longer skirt.

Caddie Kei smirks, knowing the short skirt can't hurt when it comes to tips.

Son-of-Gaia chuckles again.

Caddie Kei hits another ball. "I wonder if I could reach Europe with the driver?"

Caddie Kei gets her play club and settles in to really smack one, just short of escape velocity. She targets France, because who doesn't?

Risktaker stops her. “Hold on, aim for Spain.”

“Spain? Why?”

Risktaker does not give the whys.

Caddie Kei makes a full turn and over swings, hitting a duck hook right into the North Sea, the impact causing a tsunami. She can only hope Belle doesn’t find out she was responsible for the reduction in EU oil production.

Caddie Kei turns her cap around backwards and takes a deep breath. “Okay, relax Kei... be the ball...”

Caddie Kei closes her eyes, grips and rips, coming right out of her shoes as she rains the ball right down on the main plain in Spain.

Miss Muscle ducks as a golf ball comes flying though. "Whoa!"

Goth Vaughnberg gets hit with said golf ball.

Caddie Kei glances down and frowns as she now stands in front of her shoes, her muscular legs ending in tiny white ankle footies.

Molly Carpenter applauds.

Caddie Kei shrugs her shoulders to her cheeks and blushes. “Whoops!”

Molly Carpenter giggles.

"No wonder they don't like our types on their courses..." Goth Vaughnberg stands up and hides his Star of David.

Caddie Kei plops down and changes dirty white socks to lavender ones before putting her shoes back on.

Miss Muscle thinks it is best to move off the course for the sake of Caddie Kei.

Caddie Kei next takes a pitching niblick out of her bag to see if she can jigger a few balls onto the practice green.

Crazy comments, “She works hard for the money.”

Son-of-Gaia agrees, “I guess so...”

Caddie Kei takes a swing, her lavender skirt flaring as she follows through and the ball is sent sailing, plopping on the green and backing up within inches of the hole. She hits a few more with the same result, the only variance accounting to changes in the wind.

Crazy yells, “Alright, you, back to work.”

Caddie Kei tosses a ball in the air and hits it before it falls to the ground, sending it whizzing past Crazy.

Crazy snatches it from the air with lightning reflexes, and crushes it to powder and rubber.

Caddie Kei gapes, her eyes widening. “Nice catch!”

“Nice hit.” Crazy approaches Kei on the golf course, clearly not a member.

“Aren't you Crazy Reed?”

Crazy is halted by your recognition, sharing his secret identity with only a few heroines. “I am called Crazy, yes.” Crazy only utilizes the name Reed, or any other name whilst wearing a pair of spectacles designed to curb the destructive appetite of the barbarian thundergod.

“Well Montgolfier's is a private club... are you the guest of a member?”

“On the contrary, I do not respect the right to private property.” Crazy grabs hold of Kei by her thin tee shirt.

“Hey! What the...” Caddie Kei reflexively attempts to pull free.

“Where are the Danger Dolls? Have they forsaken you?” Crazy gives a firm pull to liberate the young teen of the oppression of her company tee shirt.

Caddie Kei kicks her legs wildly as she is lifted. Her shirt gives way to the strain and she plops on her pink-pantied bum, her skirt flaring as she plops.

Samsoni’s jaw drops.

Crazy lets loose of your tattered tee, which taken by the wind, flutters away. This is not enough. He grabs for you again. “Answer me.”

Caddie Kei narrows her eyes as her knuckles whiten around the shaft of the club in her hand. “Don't make me whack you!”

Samsoni offers. “Don’t forget to say fore first.”

Crazy snaps your club between a forefinger and thumb. He lifts you by your wrist.

Caddie Kei kicks frantically at Crazy with her spiked golf shoes, her bared breasts bouncing tightly. “Put me down you overgrown oaf!”

Crazy is impervious to the sharpened spikes of your golf shoes, and the reach of his arm is equal to that of your legs. He has a message to the Danger Dolls, and you are that message. You won't need your shoes to deliver the message.

Caddie Kei blinks and gulps, her struggles pausing. “What exactly do you want with me?”

Crazy tosses your shoes aside, and unfastens your skirt. “I want you to tell the Danger Dolls I am back.”

Caddie Kei gapes as the man removes her skirt, redoubling her struggles as she is reduced to nothing but pink panties a size too small, monogrammed with a Cf. “But why are you stripping me then?”

“I've seen these before...” Crazy wants to get the attention of the news authorities who will more likely follow you than he.

“So I raid Chicky's drawers...” Caddie Kei kicks up under his chin as he leans in to look at the monogram.

“Because the uniform you wear marks you as a servant to the landscapers. We both know that isn't who you really are.” Crazy avoids the kick by suddenly releasing you, allowing you to drop to the ground. “Besides, I want you to run, not walk. Go!”

Caddie Kei makes a face as her kick misses, but she scrambles to her feet. “I've read your file... I'll fix you!”

Crazy isn't broken.

Caddie Kei reaches for her bag and pulls out the mashie niblick. She swings it at Crazy's knees.

Crazy ruins another club through inactivity.

Caddie Kei stands there frowning, then bites her lip.

Crazy sighs. “We can fight if you feel it necessary.”

Caddie Kei pouts. "Well crap... these old clubs are hard to replace you know..."

Crazy grinds his knuckles together.

Caddie Kei would like to fight, but remembers that Crazy's file had standing orders not to engage unnecessarily. “Er... well...”

“Perhaps you might run faster without Chicky's panties,” asks Crazy?

“What? You wouldn't!”

Crazy's patience is quickly expiring and he wants her to report as quickly as possible. “Try me.”

Caddie Kei goes with her last resort, swinging the play club at his crotch.

Crazy 's crotch is impervious as the rest of him, and true to his word, he is soon wrestling your panties away from you.

Caddie Kei gapes at the man's total lack of manhood, squealing as her panties are ripped away.

Samsoni wonders if there’s a bazooka in the golf bag.

Crazy dangles the borrowed panties teasingly overhead.

Caddie Kei spins and runs as fast as she is able, her naked buns and thighs flexing as she sprints off toward the clubhouse showers in nothing but lavender socks.

“Geez.” Crazy tucks the pink panties away to save as a souvenir. The rest of your clothes play where they lie.

Longshot72 knows how this next scene goes and drills a hole in the ladies' locker room wall.

Caddie Kei shucks socks on the floor as she heads to the shower stall.

Dart blinks and waves at Kei as she passes her by, “you uhh... ohhhkay...”

“You're not a caddie... who let you in?” Caddie Kei gives Dart a dirty look.

Longshot72 turns on the camera, hoping for a soapy catfight.

Caddie Kei hangs up her towel and turns the water, bending a bit as she adjusts the temp. She jumps back. “Eek! It's cold!”

Longshot72 pans, tilts, and zooms.

Caddie Kei leaps back in, squealing and sudsing up quickly even as the cold water cascades over her, raising goosebumps, a couple of which on her chest are quite full, firm and pointy. She shivers as she shrubs, rubbing here, there and her other there too.

Longshot72 nearly drops the camera.

Caddie Kei closes her eyes and sings as she rinses, “Raindrops keep falling on my head... but that doesn't mean I should shoot Longo dead...dyin's not for him... no... he can stand under my umbrella... fella... fella... under my umbrella...”

Longshot72 looks around at the drifting music.

Caddie Kei shakes herself dry a bit before groping for her towel, eyes still closed. She drapes towel over her shoulders and twist wrings out her hair into the shower before pinning it up.

Dart slips up behind Kei and runs her hands through her hair, “Darling what have you been doing!” She fusses and musses over the hair, “It’s all just plain gnarled!”

Caddie Kei gurgles and buffs dry, scowling at Dart as she begins getting dressed for her evening job as a Tooters waitress.


Molly Carpenter waves at Kei.

Tooters Kei swishes over. “Yes ma'am... what can I get you?”

“Um... an application? Oh, and a Coke!” Molly Carpenter smiles and pushes a strand of cotton candy pink hair out of her eyes.

“Sure thing.” Tooters Kei grins and bounces back to the bar, rolling her hips between tables and away from reaching hands. She returns a moment later with a soda on her tray. “I hope Pepsi is ok...”

“Yea, that’s cool.” Molly Carpenter smiles at Kei, taking a sip of her drink.

Ms NYC Blacksuit sits at the bar and waves over at Kei. "Uhm, Miss, I'd like a glass of wine I think, please."

Tooters Kei nods and weaves her shiny orange shorts back through the gauntlet of reaching hands to get Ms Blacksuit some wine. “Here ya go, ma'am!”

Ms NYC Blacksuit smiles. "Thank ya."

“You're welcome!” Kei hopes the well-dressed woman is a better tipper than the application girl.

Molly Carpenter sips her drink, filling out the application, and frowning.

Ms NYC Blacksuit: "Oh, and here." She tosses a few bills across the bar.

Tooters Kei grins. “Tanks... let me know when you want another.”

Ms NYC Blacksuit smirks and sips her drink. “Don’t worry... those are big bills.”

Tooters Kei nods with wide eyes as she collects the bills and gives thumbs up.

Ms NYC Blacksuit looks around. "Oh, so this is called Tooters?"

Tooters Kei nods. "Yes ma'am, best sea fauna in town! Mild wings too!"

Molly Carpenter finishes her drink, and digs in her purse for a twenty, waiting for the waitress to come by again.

Recluse lowers his gauntlet as he watches humans going into a 'Tooters.' A black brow is raised. "The names people come up with for established eateries.... isn't a 'toot' a fart?"

Tooters Kei uses her tray like a shield to get past the rowdy table and back over to the girl with the finished soda. “Can I get you anyting else?”

Molly Carpenter smiles. “Just another drink, and, um... keep the change.”

Tooters Kei nods, lighting up as she sees the twenty. “You've got it, girlfriend!”

Molly Carpenter can't really be spending money like that, but doesn't want to be a cheapskate either.

Tooters Kei smacks one groper over the head with her tray as she races back to the bar to get Molly a Pepsi.

Ms NYC Blacksuit smirks.

She-Ra laughs out loud.

Tooters Kei deftly bobs and weaves her way back with the Pepsi. “Here ya go!”

Molly Carpenter has finished the application by the time Kei comes back, smiling and handing it to her, in exchange for the drink. "Thanks."

“I'll see that the manager gets it... come by during the day if you'd like to talk to him...”

Molly Carpenter smiles "Ok, I'll do that."

Star Bright eyes the Tooters place... is that like that other restaurant... hose-clad girls with big... erm... eyes?

Spade slips out his apartment door and down to his black corvette, sliding his signature desert eagle into a compartment just under the dash, setting the spring to throw the gun into his hand should he need it. The car pulls out and begins looking for a place to eat.

Molly Carpenter feels she should get a job for two reasons, money being the obvious one, the other reason being to learn more patience and focus. She mulls these things over as she sips at her drink.

Tooters Kei takes the app and runs with it, again demonstrating the usefulness of her tray by blocking Longshot's hands before bonging him over the head.

Longshot72 yelps, “Ow!”

She-Ra walks past the tables and slaps the groping Longshot. He goes flying into the wall. She-Ra takes a seat at the bar. “Guess I need to take it a little easier on him.”

“Ya tink?” Tooters Kei grins. “Can I get you anyting, Ms RaRa?”

“Sometimes I forget my own strength!” She-Ra smiles. “A pineapple juice would be nice.”

“Are you sure you don't want pineapple grapefruit juice?”

“Never had it but I'll give it a try.”

Tooters Kei soon returns with said juice. “You'll love it, tink prickly melons...”

She-Ra takes a sip of the drink. “Mmmm, not bad!”

Spade drives down the road looking at the different places to stop for some grub. "Fast food... crappy fast food... crappier fast food... crappy slow food... what the hell is a Tooters?" He turns into the parking lot to park, locking his door before slipping the desert eagle into a hidden holster and entering.

Molly Carpenter finishes her Pepsi and leaves another couple of dollars on her table for the waitress, and heads out to make herself a new blasting rod. "There goes the rest of my night," she mutters to herself as she leaves.

“Ta Molly!” Star Bright blows kisses as they pass in the street.

Tooters Kei collects her tip, stuffing it in the hidden pocket in her shorts as she begins to clean up the table for the next customer.

Spade checks for a sign to seat himself or wait to be seated then slips into the now open seat, looking over the menu as he taps his left foot to the beat of the song to which he was listening.

Ms NYC Blacksuit tips her empty glass towards Kei. "Miss..." She glances over to the side at Spade as he sits at the table.

Tooters Kei weaves back over to Ms Blacksuit. “Another glass for you?”

"Yes, please miss."

Tooters Kei serves it right up. “Sure you don't want anyting else... wings... poppers?”

Ms NYC Blacksuit nods, smiling. "I don’t think so... not right now. Thanks. Here, just open up a tab for me why don't ya." She flips her credit card over the countertop.

Tooters Kei catches the card on the fly and whisks it through the machine in one motion. “You got it!” Tooters Kei flicks the card back right into Ms Blacksuit's hand.

Ms NYC Blacksuit slips her card back in her purse.

Spade sets the menu aside and takes the one with the drinks listed on it. He sees a few fancy ones though not many, which is good since he likes keeping things simple. When he is done with that menu he puts it aside and looks about, smirking as he remembers coming to places like these when they are dead and switching tables on the waitress to keep her on her toes.

Star Bright pats her skirt, wishing she had pockets to keep soda money in, eyeing the Tooters, drawn "somehow" by all the pretty girls in shorts and hose legs. “Ursula! Buy me a soda!”

Komrad Ursula buys a can of soda from a vending machine and tosses it at Star Bright.

Star Bright squeals and ducks the can! "Eeee! nooo in there!!" She points to the fancy Tooter's restaurant where all the cute waitresses are working.

Tooters Kei cartwheels over a prone Longshot to Spade. “Are you ready to order?”

“Sure... I'll have a beer, some of those poppers, and what ever the special is." Spade looks into the eyes of the waitress as he offers a smile and slaps a groping hand with his menu for her helpfully.

"Coming right up!" Tooters Kei stops and bends over straight-legged to help Longshot up off the floor. “I tink you may have had one too many, Judge Longo!”

Spade looks at the waitresses' rear as she bends over. He can't help doing that.

Shinobi Kei would be looking as well, if he weren't busy.

Longshot72 mumbles, “I have not had too many... hic...”

Blue Orchid judo throws Kei into the corner.

Komrad Ursula winces. "Ouch..."

Longshot72 blinks. “He wasn't even looking...”

Blue Orchid judo throws Longo next.

Longshot72 lands on Shinobi Kei and is unharmed.

Tooters Kei flexes her buns of nylon and hoists Longo back into his chair. “Just be careful on the way home...”

Longshot72 nods. "Absho... abs... right...”

Samsoni stares, “Mmmm... buns of nylon...”

Star Bright gasps, seeing Kei's display from outside the window. "I havta get in there! And... uhm, warn her... doesn't she know she's gonna be a target for horny villains everywhere??"

Tooters Kei loads up her tray and manages to spill nothing as she does a one-armed cartwheel past the hooligan table, delivering Poppers, Wild Things and a pint to Spade.

Spade makes sure she has room to do this and pays for the food before pushing a folded bill into her hand as a tip. "Thank you very much. By the way, when do you get off?"

Tooters Kei blinks, her thoughts drifting to her boyfriend Kid Crossbow. “Whenever... hey! What kinda question is that?”

“I was going to offer to get you a drink or something, you'll be tired after all this hopping around, right?”

Tooters Kei blushes. "Oh, sorry... I thought you meant... well we're open until midnight... but I'm busy later!"

Spade shrugs. "That's too bad..." He takes his card from his pocket and offers it to her the same way some one would offer her the bill since most people would reflexively grab it. "How about you give me a call later then?"

Ms NYC Blacksuit glances over, smirking slightly.

Tooters Kei takes the card and glances at it. "Knave of Spades... you some kind of agent of tarot or someting?"

Spade just grins and takes the beer with one hand. "No, I handle problems." He then takes a sip.

Tooters Kei waggles a finger at him. "Not this one you don't... keep your hands to yourself!" She pivots on a white crosstrainer and goes to check on Ms Blacksuit. “Got everyting you need?”

Spade smiles even more at that. "Planned on it," he replies before she turns her back on him. He leans back and starts to eat.

Ms NYC Blacksuit checks her glass, almost empty again. "Well, uhm... maybe another?"

Tooters Kei grins and sings as she takes the glass. "You picked a wine time...” She sets Ms Blacksuit up with a third glass of wine.

Ms NYC Blacksuit smiles, nodding to Kei. "Oh, thank you."

“No problem, Ma'am!”

Spade first finishes off the poppers, which aren't bad. Then he moves on to the special he ordered. His frame relaxes against his black jacket as his steely eyes look around with a bit of interest, hiding his deeper thoughts, even as he uses his phone to send an image of the waitress to the Germans who hired him.


The manager calls Kei into the kitchen... "Listen hun... would you mind making this delivery... the caller promised a big tip if we sent one of the waitresses instead of a driver... and after seeing you throw out those four hooligans the other night I figure you can handle yourself if things get... uhm..." the manager searching for the right word as he hands over a sack full of Tooters goodies... "heated..."

Tooters Kei nods and takes the sack... "Sure, no problem..." glancing at the address... "I'll run it over there and be right back..." smirking... "with MY big tip... tanks..." bouncing out the door in her Tooters uniform... shiny orange shorts over shimmering hose... white cut-off t-shirt... and white crosstrainers...

The address a little way out of town... in a large mansion... no more than fifteen minute's run... making it there with time to spare... and ringing the doorbell... a suspicious-sounding voice coming from the other side... "Ja? Who ist there?"

Tooters Kei breathing hard after run... her face as shiny with sweat as her legs are in nylon... "Tooters delivery, Mister... I'm Kei... I'll be your server tonight..." shaking her head... "I mean I brought your order right over... frog legs... wings... poppers... chips and salsa... and lots of extra hot sauce..."

The voice brightening... "Ah... ja... very gut... come in, come in... we have the money in here, and a tip..." The sound of bolts unlocking before the door opens... an eager-looking German man with a thin face peering around the door... "Come in, come in..."

Tooters Kei grinning... always anxious to get a good tip... holding up the sack as she steps forward... giving the man a once over and peering beyond... "This is quite a place... mister... nice deadbolt... what's your name anyway... er... what do you mean 'we' and why did you demand a waitress anyway?"

The thin man looking over your shoulder... as two big men move in behind you... aiming to grab hold of your arms and get them behind your back... while another tries to secure your legs... "Quickly... get her into the kitchen..."

Tooters Kei blinking in confusion... nearly dropping the sack as her arms are wrenched behind... "Hey! What the... okay okay... I'll take it in the kitchen and unpack it... but that's it... then I need to get back to work..." her pert young breasts pointing the way under the Tooters logo on her shirt... the bag of food bouncing from glute to glute behind... as she is marched to the kitchen...

The thin man taking the sack of food and putting it on one side... as your eyes take in the kitchen... widening... an incredibly large and well-appointed kitchen... the oven seemingly big enough to cook a whole cow... a giant fat fryer to match... as the thin man moves behind you with some thick rope... aiming to bind wrists and ankles...

Tooters Kei gapes at the kitchen... bigger than that of the restaurant... her eyes narrowing at the sight of the rope... "Oh no you don't... you can't make me stay and eat with you... that's kidnapping!" back kicking the thin man as she tries to shake off the other two brutes...

The thin man flying across the kitchen... one of the brutes snarling and trying to punch you in the head... as the other attempts to keep a firm grip on your arms... sweaty and slippery though they are...

Tooters Kei ducks the punch... which catches the man holding her arms right in the mouth... she slips away easily... "I don't know who you people are... or who you tink you're dealing with... but I'm Kunoichi... er... well... Tooters Kei... and you're in big trouble..." her fitness model legs glimmer as they flex... launching her into a splits kick... one white crosstrainer aimed for the chin of each brute...

The trainers kicking home... sending the big men stumbling back... dazed and confused... the thin man frowning... "Ach! I must do everything myself!" Reaching into the sack for the hot sauce... attempting to fling it into your eyes...

Tooters Kei squeals as the stuff that burns lips and stomachs alike gets in her eyes... "Ohmygawd... I can't see..." she rubs frantically... stumbling toward the faucet she saw before being blinded... hands groping for the handles... turning on the water... in a frenzy as she splashes water in her eyes...

The water helping to wash out the sauce... even as the thin man comes up from behind with the rope... attempting to wrestle your arms behind your back and tie them off... the two bruisers slowly picking themselves up... rubbing sore jaws...

Tooters Kei shakes her head and back kicks once more... sending the thin man stumbling back against the opposite counter top... and the various cooking utensils hanging there... he narrows his eyes and grabs a skillet... which he brings down on the head of the girl still frantically trying to wash out her burning eyes... she crumples to the linoleum floor...

The thin man gasping... panting... "All right, you two... get her undressed and onto the table... we need to baste her... and make sure she's tied up as well..." the two big lugs moving quickly to comply...

Tooters Kei is literally trussed like a turkey by the time she wakes up... blinking her swollen eyes... her blurred vision slowly clearing... naked and hogtied with twine... on a platter lined with potatoes... a carrot crammed in her mouth like a gag... wriggling a bit as she comes around... twine biting into her skin...

The men standing around... the oven door open and waiting... while the thin man brings a brush loaded with honey marinade over to you... beginning to baste you with it... starting with your breasts... smiling... "Zis will be a feast worth all our trouble..." One of the big men coming close with a bowl filled with sage and onion mix...

Tooters Kei shakes her head... straining again against the twine as the man paints her breasts with sticky honey... but not only are her wrists bound to knees... and ankles to elbows... but her waist is also bound to the broiling pan... a tear rolls down her cheek as she realizes these crazies intend to cook her alive and eat her...

The man with the stuffing moving around behind... grinning as he takes a great handful of the stuff... then begins to force it roughly into your folds... packing your pussy with the stuffing mix... a humiliating operation... as the oven door is opened... the two big men preparing to lift you into it...

Tooters Kei murmurs a protest... her meaty loins and delicious buns shiny with honey... stuffing oozing from her clean tight slit as she squirms... a feast for the eyes... biting down on the carrot in her mouth... spitting pieces in the oven... splattering and sizzling... her eyes wide... "You can't do this to me!"

The men grinning as they begin to ease you into the oven... the heat already stifling... the Germans chuckling... "Ja... we can... and we will... I think we've outdone ourselves this time... it will be the tastiest meal yet..." The oven door slowly closing on you... leaving you already simmering in the roasting heat...

Tooters Kei nearly passes out as the fierce heat of the oven hits her in the face... becoming almost instantly bathed in sweat as she is shoved inside and is enveloped by the oppressive heat... her own sweat turning the space into a uber sauna... as she is gripped with panic... realizing this could be the end... suddenly thinking to use her fingernails on the twine that binds...

The twine tough... but relatively easy to pick apart... even as you feel yourself starting to sizzle... the twine around your knees and wrists finally coming free...

Tooters Kei back kicks like a mule once more... knocking the oven door off its hinges... flying out into the room... a screaming hot ninja girl following... snatching up the salt and pepper shakers and flinging them unerringly at the two gaping brutes..

The two heavies gawking until the heavy salt and pepper shakers smack them between the eyes... sending them stumbling back... crashing down and out for the count... the thin man swallowing nervously... desperately picking up a heavy pan and hurling it at you... then reaching for another...

Tooters Kei grabs a huge fork from the counter... knocking away pans left and right as she advances on the thin man... glistening with a glaze of honey... leaving a trail of stuffing on the floor... her eyes narrowing... "You sicko... eating people is insane... I'm going to stick this fork in you... cause you're done!" bringing the fork down on his arm as he reaches across the wooden counter top for anther pan...

The fork pinning his arm to the counter... going either side of his wrist and trapping his hand... leaving him desperately tugging... but unable to free himself... in your fury you've driven the fork more than three inches into the wood...

Tooters Kei gives him a merciless stare... "I ought to cook your goose right here and now... but Belle would want me to call the police and let them do it..." and with that the shiny naked girl snatches up her discarded Tooters uniform... clutching it to her own tooters... as she stalks out of the kitchen... looking for a phone...

(May 2009)