Possum Playing Stuntman


Son-of-Gaia had already set his plan into motion far before the shoot was set up. Possum was easily enough taken care of, his vice of greed exploited and the flamboyant man was lured away. He had only been to glad to get paid for traveling to France. The one eyed mystic took great pains in the elixir that allowed him to look like the other man, appearing on the set without much fanfare.

USAngel emerges from her trailer in a white robe that barely covers her costume, taking it off and handing it to her assistant as she reaches the set, a complicated set-up with three cameras set to film a fight atop a moving elevated train. Angel takes her red white and blue staff from the props guy and nods to Possum, the stunt man she's worked with many times as her arch villain.

Son-of-Gaia rolls his head a bit, popping it back into place. The stunt man kept that haughty look on his face. Luckily a quick scan of the script showed that they were going for the full effect, once the train had started they would be carried far and wide away from the first set. He'd have more than enough time to work on her. Nimbly he clambers on the side of the train, moving to the X marked in tape atop the train as his starting position.

USAngel does the same, cartwheeling atop the train, she and her most popular villain used to doing these action sequences on the fly, finding they often looked more realistic that way. "Let's do it!" Callie grins and winks as the train begins to roll, rigged cameras going with it to film from three angles as the train loops the downtown. An instant later the director yells "action" as they pull away from him.

Son-of-Gaia moves, following the script for now, darting at her. "This time I'm going to clip your wings Angel," he says in that haughty hoarse voice of the bad guy. The scrip calls for a trio of high kicks at the actress, and he performs them flawlessly.

USAngel parries with her staff almost as if she knew the kicks were coming since of course she did. She ducks under the last kick and lunges forward, thrusting one end of her staff at Possum's midsection. "I don't think so, vermin!"

Son-of-Gaia sticks with the plot as the train clatters down the tracks and builds up speed. His tinkering beforehand will cause a switch down the way to throw them onto a wide turn that will take them beyond the bounds of help arriving anytime soon. Until then he acts the part taking the blow to the midsection and crumpling over the rod, gripping it he pulls her forward and swings a fist at the side of her head.

USAngel stumbles forward on cue, snapping her head back from the punch, losing hold of her staff, blond hair exploding outward from her lovely face, that face one big reason she got this chance at television stardom. She rolls across the top of the train, gloves gripping the edge as her body dramatically goes over the side of the moving train.

Son-of-Gaia chuckles as he stalks over to her clinging to the side of the train, "well well what have we here, piddies. This little piddie when to market." He lifts a bare foot and stomps down. The magi stays in form however and the blow is lighter than it needs to be.

USAngel dramatically loses that grip, shaking gloved hand as it comes away, dangling by one hand, legs in shimmering tights flailing for an instant before planting on the side of the train and pushing off, doing a one-arm giant swing around the hand still gripping, aiming a kick at the villain's chest as she rotates up and around.

Son-of-Gaia grunts as the kick comes, her foot planting in his chest. He wraps his hands around it and spins even as he falls, pulling that one leg perhaps a tad too far from the other for modesty’s sake and giving camera two a very clear view. As he lands on his back on the metal surface of the train car he can see out of the edge of his vision the track switch armed with the small explosive... in the next few seconds it will blow, sending the train along another route.

USAngel sprawls across the roof of the train as she is thrown by one leg, rolling over a couple of times before coming back to her feet. She kicks her staff up into her hands and points it at her foe. "Now to take you down for good!" She begins to run forward and leaps into a flying drop kick just as there is a small explosion and the train lurches sideways.

USAngel 's eyes widen as she goes flying over the side, but she spreads her arms and the morphing wings of her costume so that she loops back at the villain. Meanwhile the crew is asking the director what to do. "Just keep the cameras rolling," he yells as he watches on remote, "This is the best action we've had... almost Tony Jaa worthy!"

Son-of-Gaia grins to her, keeping well within role, but just slightly more, mean spirited. As she hurls to him he lashes out with a hand to grip her by the neck of her outfit, flinging her down hard on the metal roof of the cab. “Now lets see what you really got Angel!”

USAngel squeals as she is caught by the high-neck of her leotard and flung around, oophing and again losing her staff as she lands flat on her back. She shakes her head and pulls her knees up to her chest, kicking him away, gasping as a piece of her leotard goes with his still clutching hand. “Ohmygawd... how dare you!”

Son-of-Gaia is kicked away, hopefully one of those overlarge breasts is exposed on that stout frame. He stands running his hand over his close-cropped hair, grinning at the exposed flesh. "Alright girly... now we'll see if your all you claim to be." He pauses for a moment, catching his breath.

USAngel blinks as she scrambles to her feet. It takes a moment for it to register where the fluttering flag emblem that Possum tosses to the wind came from. She looks down and gapes. Her left pert left breast has been exposed. She clenches her fists as the watching director says, "This is absolutely amazing!"

Son-of-Gaia sprints at her his cocky grin bright on his face as he stops a few feet away and backflips, his heel coming down on the spot where she stands.

USAngel throws up her hands to block this unrehearsed attack, stumbling backwards, teetering on the edge of the train car, her bare breast jiggling, managing to hop deftly to the next car before she falls. She catches her balance and launches her own attack, running forward to leap into a flying drop kick over the gap between cars, shimmering legs churning, aiming kicks to chest, chin and cheek. “My turn!”

Son-of-Gaia takes the few hits as he stumbles back, one, two, three of her blows land with out any effort, he is driven to his knees a few feet from her, his lip split and oozing blood. He eyes her before those long legs flicker out in a low quick sweep.

USAngel backflips off her kicks to land squarely on her blue footies, but only for an instant before being swept off her feet by an impossibly long leg. She again rolls across the top of the car and over the side, again desperately clutching the rail there with one hand, grasping the staff which came to rest there with the other hand. She thrusts it up at the crotch of her enemy as he stalks toward her. “Back off or I'll taser you!”

Son-of-Gaia takes a step back from the crackling pole, those eyes crackle blue... no wait... only one eye flicks that dangerous azure as he snarls. He drops low near her hand striking the side of the car, there is a fearce implosion, rending the metal and leaving a gaping hole there before her to the inside of the car.

USAngel screams and swings out of the way of the blow, nearly losing her grip as the blow proves explosive. She kicks out a window and drops inside the train car, landing in a window seat. She bounces quickly to the aisle to make a run for it. "Ohmygawd! He really is a villain!"

Son-of-Gaia slides down smoothly, giving chase. Long legs bound after her as he watches her round bottom shake in the outfit... the outfit that he grabs, pulling hard to make the spandex constrict to her front, "Oh yes, not so brave when its the real thing huh?"

USAngel feels her now sweaty costume pulling tight, across the breast it still covers, and into the nylon-clad cleft of her sex, but she does not stop running. Her form seems to hesitate, then flies forward as the leotard rips free, sending her sprawling on her front. She grimaces and crawls forward on hands and knees in only her sheer-to-waist tights, blue gloves and footies. “If only I can make it to the next car forward and cut this car lose before he catches up...”

One of the fallen cameras catch sight of the wobbling breasts as he holds up the torn white costume like a prize. He allows her a foot or two head start before he leaps, an elbow aimed for the small of her back.

USAngel is still ten feet from the door when she is driven flat by a vicious back-crunching blow, her face, breasts and crotch all eating carpet. She grunts in pain and tries to roll under the seat.

Son-of-Gaia laughs warmly, now it is not the Stuntman’s voice, but something else all together. As she squirms away he grips tights. "Hiding from the camera, that’s not very professional of you now is it?"

USAngel squeals as the tights are torn, suddenly swinging her stout flailing legs up to kick at the source of the taunting voice, even as the nylon mesh that makes them shimmer is rent to pieces. “What are you doing? You're not Possum! Who the hell are you?”

She can see the dark hands grappling her, yanking her nearly nude form out from under the seat, she can feel her almost bare bottom press to his hips and the threatening bulge there, he turns her head up to face the dangling camera.

Son-of-Gaia cups a full breast as he is hunched over her, next to her head he says, "I am Son of Gaia... and there is only one that can save you from me... call out her name!"

USAngel struggles frantically as she is dragged out into the open by the ankles, the clefted pout between her spread legs pressed to a threatening bulge. Her face contorts in dismay as her tight breast is groped. She shakes her head. "Please don't... not that... I don't know what you mean... I'm just a television star... on DDSTV... ohgawd..."

His free hand moves behind her as the director cannot see what’s going on, but it’s obvious. Her breast is cruelly cupped, squeezed and nipple pinched... he lifts her up onto the bench as out of frame his hips buck up against her, "You know what I mean... you know who your boss is... you better beg for help before its too late." Indeed the train is speeding into a dark tunnel.

USAngel squeals and gasps in rhythm to the lurching of her body as she is assaulted. "Nngh... nngh... nngh... help... nngh... plssss... nngh... Belle... nngh... some... nngh... body... nngh... help me..." Her begging face is covered with a sheen of sweat as the light begins to dim.

Son-of-Gaia lifts her face still, "you better come quick belle... this is just the first!" the signal is fading, but the act is clear, gripping her and making her plump body shake.

USAngel shudders in silhouette as the picture fades to black, her back arched and firm ripe breasts jiggling tightly, body lurching as she rides the train into darkness.


Belle grimaces as she watches the footage Son-of-Gaia sent to her hours later, testing the depth of oral skills of the young actress and giving her full coverage.

USAngel is stripped and bound hanging upside down, her mouth at crotch level, her sex and breasts available for mauling as her mouth is used, clenching dark balls ground against her upturned face.

Son-of-Gaia is feeling quite evil, making her suckle on the shaven balls, threatening to tip the white candle inserted in her anus and spill hot wax on the pout of her smooth clean-shaven sex. "That’s it...slow and nice."

USAngel whimpers as she suckles, the ropes binding her gloved wrists behind her tight, the candle plugged in her ass uncomfortable. She has no choice but to try and keep her captor happy for now and hope a chance will come when he leaves her alone.

Son-of-Gaia rests the swollen organ up between those hanging orbs, finger slipping around her little nub. She at least knew what she was doing enough to keep his interest.

Belle clenches a fist as she watches the tape and swings it down on the table. “Damn bastard!”


BlueBelle decides to go to the amusement park alone, as much out of fear as to what the dark mage might do if he realized she was up to anything as from honor. She parks the blue Z4 and steps out in her traditional costume, leotard and tights as nearly overflowing with her curves as she is with emotion. She shuts the car door and struts forward, the footfalls of her ankle boots sounding very lonely.

The "Cap'n Wiggles" Amusement Park stretches in the distance. Rotting timbers from shops and rides rise up like broken teeth in the red sky, the smell of rust seems to invade everything around her. Perhaps unseen by her one wireless video camera blinks a small red light as she comes into view. There in the distance, the red/green hulk of the "Wiggles Grand Ride" Looms. That is where the film she was sent was taken.

“Hmm... I guess I’m supposed to let myself in...” BlueBelle slips a gloved hand past the brightsword dangling from her belt and grasps the grapple gun. She fires a quick shot over the fence and is quickly inside the perimeter of the darkened rusty skeleton of an amusement park. She puts on night-vision goggles and begins her search, reminding herself that rescuing Callie comes first as she sets off toward the looming ride beyond.

The goggles are not really necessary after a few steps near the twisted rails of the rollercoaster. Poised on poles and atop the heaps of small buildings spotlights flicker on. Two swivel to envelope her in a cone of light, somewhere in the distance crackling carnival music starts to play. “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the star of the evening! The lovely and talented BlueBelle, she's come all the way down from the city to perform for us tonight...how about a round of applause!”

BlueBelle frowns and pushes off the goggles, letting them drop to her heaving bosom as she takes a deep breath, a gloved hand reaching for her brightsword. "Listen Son-of-Gaia... I've come for the girl... not to play games..."

Son-of-Gaia steps into the spotlight, he is dressed as he normally is, that long coat snapping in the wind behind him, "well, you've come in costume...you come with toys...and you come with that fire in your belly. *I* think you want to play." He offers her that wide grin. "And the playground was set up just for you!"

BlueBelle feels her age for an instant, the aches of old injuries, the emotional worse than the physical. She screws her courage to the sticking place. He's right. She is full of rage and really wants to kill him for the things he's done to young women in her charge. "I'll do what I have to do..."

“And what is that? What are you doing...disbanding your group...taking a step back from the limelight? Retirement? Is that what your doing?” Son-of-Gaia paces back and forth on one of the lower tracks of the rollercoaster...padding back and forth, foot in front of foot. He had been around a while too, but shows none of his age, his chest bare, that knife scar on display. There is a high fence...then brush...he stands at least a story above her watching.

BlueBelle takes a deep breath, the movement accentuated by the light glinting off her metallic blue leotard and shimmering tights. She stares him down. "I can't be responsible for destroying more young lives... Tiffany... Stephanie... Carly... now Kei and Callie... too many young women have suffered trying to..." She draws her grapple gun and fires a zipline at a higher track than where he stands.

“And for that you'll go...and let us, the bad guys run roughshod all over creation...then come if this is to be the swan song of Belle and I will give it to you...” Son-of-Gaia does not flinch as she fires her gun, his right hand clenches and the crackling blue mana blade is called forth. "Because I will not pull my punches!"

BlueBelle activates her line and zips up it to not far past where he stands. She drops onto the tracks, holstering the gun in exchange for her own beam of blue, humming as it extends. Her jaw is set in determination. Her knuckles tighten. "I DO want revenge for the things you've done... I can't deny it..."

“Revenge, or Justice...will you kill me, or would you have me put on trial for my crimes?” Son-of-Gaia drops into that casual stance, sword tip lifted to her, the runes of power scribed onto his chest seem to glimmer in time to his heartbeat.

BlueBelle seems to almost be having trouble breathing as she walks forward along a rail, lifting her weapon in a two-handed grip, suddenly lunging and striking downward from above.

Son-of-Gaia drops a few inches, turning the 'blade" flat against the attack, magic pushes ancient science as he slides forward into the attack and tucks into a roll, "So, it's true...you no longer *are* a hero?"

BlueBelle stumbles back from the sparks that fly, bringing her blade back around to a lower defensive position, her voice quavering as she replies. "It's set on stun, but I'm tempted to reconsider..."

“And what tempts you?” Son-of-Gaia smoothly leaps from where he is to join her, that coat fluttering about as the blade comes out at her in two arcs, back/forth.

“My disgust for you and the things...” BlueBelle blinks and parries with the skill of a former pentathlon competitor, but catches the heel of a boot between wooden planks as she steps back, tripping and falling on her ample bum. She rolls quickly to one side in desperation, right off the track, crashing into the bushes below.

Son-of-Gaia chuckles as she drops out of sight. Casually he hops off the tracks to follow, "Is that it then...are you really going to give this up...can you sit on the cute little ass of yours while I destroy the world...or will you sink to my level and, 'get rid of me'?" For a round girl in bight blue tights she manages to get out of his line of sight rather well.

BlueBelle is temporary lost in the underbrush, but the rustling of branches as she searches for her dropped weapon on hands and knees means she isn't hard to locate. She tries not to become frantic, but knows without her brightsword she really has no chance, if he isn't already simply toying with her.

Son-of-Gaia smiles spotting that round rear lifted up in the air, he takes a silent step in and lashes up with his crackling blade, it is powerful enough to slash the tights and leave her flesh numb for a few moments...and that’s all. "Ha-ah, a little game of hide and seek?"

BlueBelle squeals as she is struck, crawling forward in a frenzy, half her ass hanging out as the pecan-tinted tights flop open. She feels a tingling in her hindquarters, but is too busy trying to get away to look back and see how badly she is hurt. She ducks to one side behind the motor housing of the rollercoaster.

Son-of-Gaia smiles at the show of flesh but then loses her. "See now this is how it should be...your mind is probably racing to figure a way out of this...show me what you got hero," he taunts her as he stalks about, parting the branches and weeds, not able to actually cut or harm them.

BlueBelle backs around the motor housing of the ride, coming out behind him. She picks up a huge rusty crowbar laying there, perhaps used to tighten bolts on the gears. She lifts it and charges, swinging it down at his back.

Son-of-Gaia only half turns as she rushes him, the rusty slab of metal swinging down in an arc that strikes him on the shoulder with a meaty thud. He lets out a groan of pain and tumbles to the litter-strewn ground.

BlueBelle finds the heavy crowbar a bit awkward to wield, but manages to lift it again and swing it around, trying with all her might to knock the mage out, going to a knee with the effort.

Son-of-Gaia is not that easily brought out by the clubbing, one hand props himself up the other grips her raised wrists, the crown of his head brought up to her chin.

BlueBelle loses hold of the crowbar as the wrists of her costume are grabbed, her head snapping back from the blow under her chin, hair exploding outward like flames. But the tough old broad has not given up. Her knees come up to her chest and she kicks out, driving the mage back, coming free of his grip as her leotard tears free. She rolls into the bushes, backing away in a crouch in only her torn tights.

Son-of-Gaia takes a moment to stand on up, he eyes the costume he has in hand as he stands. "That was...uuuhhh...a good one...you almost had me here. Are you going to lurk in the bushes of come out here and face me?"

BlueBelle stays silent and continues backing away, next to naked, looking for anything she might be able to use as a weapon, wondering if she'll get another chance like that one. Sweat begins to bead up on her skin, causing gooseflesh to form in the cold night air.

“No...that’s it...you’re better than me hand to hand...you always have been...and now you skulk and hide?” Son-of-Gaia walks past her hiding spot, looking back and forth that one eye glimmering slightly.

BlueBelle is without her weapon and knows he can manifest his at anytime, but she simply sees no other choice. She watches until she no longer sees the glimmering blue eye, then lowers a shoulder and lunges to tackle him to the ground from what she hopes is his blind side.

Son-of-Gaia lets out a growl of pain as her shoulder rams into his blind side, she was always fitter then him. But he attempts to roll in the tackle to at least draw her side to side with him as they sprawl on the ground, rolling out of the bushes and onto the boardwalk.

BlueBelle grunts as they roll over the wooden planks, scratching and bruising her shoulders among other bare bits. Her bare breasts flatten out against him as she comes out on top, bouncing wildly as she quickly rears back to throw a right cross at his chin.

Son-of-Gaia crosses his forearms an instant before impact taking most of the blow, but he sees stars for a moment as he blindly thrusts his arms outward at her in the hopes of pushing her away enough to catch his breath.

BlueBelle yelps indignantly as he punches her in the bare breasts sending her tumbling over on her back, sprawling spreadeagle on the boardwalk in only her shimmering tights and boots, her flesh itself glistening as much with sweat as do her tights.

Son-of-Gaia growls as he rolls forward shaking the swimming stars from his eyes before he pounces, a short hop with his forearm coming down onto her taut belly.

BlueBelle lurches as she is struck, her whole body seeming to come up off the boards, except her midsection of course. The fist in the belly drives all of the air out of her lungs and brings tears to her eyes and she flops back, her large breasts oscillating, her body paralyzed. She looks up through the haze of her watery eyes. Is this it then?

Son-of-Gaia pants and stands up, her fist had split his lip and the back of his fist draws away the blood. He takes a few steps away...breathing hard and takes his fighting stance. "Get up," he whispers hoarsely.

BlueBelle sputters, coughing a bit as she rolls to hands and knees, still breathless as she looks up while struggling to stand. "Why don't you finish me? I have never understood your game, Mage..."

“A game...perhaps...perhaps its the greatest game...face me down...you win I give her to you and never bother your girls again...you know the price if you lose.”

“Sexual humiliation? *gasp* You know... *gasp* I would endure that to free Callie... *gasp* there was no call *gasp* for what you did to her... none!” BlueBelle shakes with rage.

“Really? So sex is NOT a weapon to use...is that what your going to tell me now...how about that stint on the yacht you recently took?”

BlueBelle twitches. "I have... *gasp* done things... *gasp* I would never ask anyone else to do... *gasp* because I care about these young women like Kei and Callie..."

Son-of-Gaia firmly takes his fighting stance..."You’re a hero, Belle... I think you forgot that. You’re not to 'endure' anything, you are to rise above it and show the world what is best in humanity!" The mages one eye glows, "Now show me what you have! Prove it... FIGHT ME!”

BlueBelle takes her stance with a perplexed look, her big brown eyes trying to hold his blue one, still not understanding what he is up to and not sure she cares, but moving to her left to turn him away from the approaching figure of a naked little blond with a wooden beam in her gloved hands. “If you insist...”

Son-of-Gaia never even sees it coming.

BlueBelle leaps forward, swinging her fists wildly, battering the unconscious man's head side to side until Callie puts a hand on her shoulder. "Shouldn't we just restrain him and call the authorities, Belle... that's what I always though you would do..." Belle blinks and looks at Callie, bursting into tears and nodding as she reaches out to hug the girl.

Son-of-Gaia is left a bruised heap on the ground, next time he's going to spring for the steel handcuffs and ditch the zipties.

“But how?” asks Belle, “How did you get free?”

"Chicky was giving me wrestling tips and told me to always hide a blade in my gloves..." Callie responds.

BlueBelle is left to ponder if it is really up to her whether these young women want to be heroines or not as she and Callie wait for the cops.

The special unit shows up, they had dealt with the mage before...he slowly comes to as they are bolting him into the restraints..."Uuuggg...you...asked me what my game was...it's that..." The man nods to the blond wrapped in a towel talking to one of the officers..."That is what we are both doing this for...for the betterment of humanity."

BlueBelle looks from the mage to stout young television star and back again... she lofts a brow... "You must be as nuts as I am to lead these foolish girls!" Belle 's voice indicates that nuts as it may be she does indeed again consider herself to be leading them.

“The world needs the kinds of fools we are...with out it...well...with out you, she would not be where she is now...she just took out the bad guy...” Son-of-Gaia grins at her a bit as he is muzzled and rolled back into the armored car.

BlueBelle shakes her head at the mage as he is rolled into the armored car, watching until the doors are closed, then turning to stare at the little blond fondly, tears in her eyes as she takes Callie's hand to lead her to the Bellemobile and drive her home to the DDSTV Tower.

(March 2009)