The Stonecutter

Channiton gives Kunoichi Kei a present.

Kunoichi Kei replies, “Gee... tanks.”

Channiton nods, “You’re welcome.”

Kunoichi Kei slices the air a bit with the new katana she was just given. “With this I can carve up anybody who bothers the dojo!”

Channiton smiles as the blade glows and hums a bit with the motions. “You’re welcome, Kei. Finally, someone who takes a gift as just that.”

Kunoichi Kei nods and grins before taking a look at the red tassel on the purple handle.

Michael Vescovi eyes Kei, wonders what idiot gave her a sword.

Kunoichi Kei is a weapons savant, but finds this particular weapon seems to have a mind of its own. “Darn it, that's not the form I was trying to do...”

Channiton watches. "Kei, the sword is sentient, a demon who has spent centuries fighting, and can speak to you."

Son-of-Gaia chuckles warmly.

Kunoichi Kei scowls, “What the... this is worse than a talking teller machine!”

Michael Vescovi remembers other ninja boy Kei having talking demon swords, maybe Kei should go to him for advice.

Purps muses, “Kei n Kei! There was a couple.”

Kunoichi Kei grins at Purps. "Yep, Kei'd know what to do with this sword."

Michael Vescovi whispers, “Drop it in the ocean.”

Kunoichi Kei asks, “So does this sword have a name, Channy?”

Channiton chuckled. "Shrikalazan."

“Shriek-a-la-san... got it!” Kunoichi Kei smirks and tries to menace Channiton with the sword.

Channiton chuckled. "It means stone cutter. That was his job. Do enjoy him. Oh and dear. Behave." A six-foot long scythe appeared in one hand.

Kunoichi Kei grins and spins around to carve a statue of Nazrudden down to size. “There... it looks more like Murder now...”

Michael Vescovi blinks, “Stonecutter? Like from the Complete Book of Swords?”

Channiton simply smirked at her. "Oh I am sooo intimidated. Child, I made the weapon. Do not ever use a weapon on the one who made it."

Kunoichi Kei turns back to Channiton. “I have dispatched demons before you know...”

Channiton laughed at her. "One. I am older than dirt. Literally. I have seen and been in more battles then you ever will. Two, I crossed blades with archangels and lived. Three, I do not fight fair," he said as his eight tentacles quickly morphed into eight different weapons.

Kunoichi Kei makes a face. “Ewww... tentacles?”

Michael Vescovi observes, “Eight of them.”

Kunoichi Kei nods. “Dirty tentacles?”

Channiton looked at the tentaweapons. "Yes. Tentacles. No. Clean. And I usually use them for combat anyway."

Michael Vescovi slips off to do some further plotting against the Black Mask Dorks.

Kunoichi Kei blurs and disappears into shadow, intending to detach the tentacles from the body with a few slices of her new weapon.

Channiton being a demon of shadows, knows exactly where she is and smirks. "You do realize what kind of demon I am yes?"

Kunoichi Kei winces and bites her lip as her ploy apparently fails.

Channiton chuckled again. "You truly want a fight though?"

Kunoichi Kei states, “I thought a demon was a demon... all silly other worldly stuff trying to creep into the real world.”

Channiton laughed again. "My my. I truly need to repair some of the untruths of my kind. Care to learn?”

Kunoichi Kei bites her lip. “I guess that it would be rude to kill you... after all you DID give me a sword... tanks again.”

Channiton watches Kei. "So tell me, why do you hunt demons?"

Kunoichi Kei replies, “I don't generally, but I once had to fight several to save my clan... I tink Uncle Yugi kept the oni masks...”

Channiton smiled as he put his scythe away. "Hmmm. Truly. Well I will give you oni demons. They can be a particularly hateful lot. However, I implore you, next demon you face, ask him why he torments souls hmm? You may be surprised," he said turning his back and wrapping his tentacles around himself as he walked away.

Baroth sat at the edge of the park, snoring contentedly beneath a tree, the fourteen foot tall minotaur quite warm under a fur blanket though his nose ring has frost covering it.

Kunoichi Kei just shakes her head after Channiton had leaves, sighing, looking at the sword, returning it to its sheath, and tossing it over her shoulder to dangle next to her backpack. Kei heads to Taz Treats to get a soda. She enters Taz Treats, tucking her lavender skirt under her round bottom as she hops up on a stool at the counter to have a root beer.

Baroth mutters some and opens one eye, looking at Taz's, a perfect view from his napping spot, before rolling over and closing his eye again, pilling the shaggy white fur tighter around himself.

Kunoichi Kei gets her soda to go and heads off quickly, lavender skirt snapping at muscular thighs as she heads off toward the Gator Bait club in Seacourt. Kei sips her root beer and walks the streets, wondering if Chicky could be right that the Black Mask Dudes are involved at the Gator Bait club.

Baroth opens an eye again in time to see Kunoichi Kei exiting Taz's and causing him to stir some, sitting up. Short skirt. A bit of muscle but not too much, seemingly not paying attention. He grinned and stood up, his fur blanket becoming a cloak as he tossed it across his shoulders and picked up his ice encrusted axe, following after her quietly, wanting to get a better view of her.

Kunoichi Kei skips along the sidewalk in her black crosstrainers and knee socks.

Baroth grinned to himself, opening up his stride to get right behind Kei. "Hello beautiful. Mind a bit o company on this ere walk? It’s chilly out and every one needs company no?" he asked, his massive axe bouncing on his shoulders.

Kunoichi Kei looks back over her shoulder past the purple hilt of her sword, eyes getting as big as buckeyes as they roll upwards. "Hiya... you're kinda a big one aren't you?"

Baroth chuckled at her, nodding a bit, as much in answer as to look at her ass. "So I been told. But don’t let that scare ye now. I don’t mean no harm. Usually. But ye see, I saw ye walkin and sometin about ye spoke te me. Might o been yer beauty." He said with a wink.

Kunoichi Kei grins. "Well tanks... no law against walking the streets... though I don't usually date guys with nose piercings... or horns..."

Baroth chuckled again, rubbing his chin a bit. "Who said I was askin fer a date hmmm? Dates just get in te way. Relationships too. But na, me own kind, we don’t be bothering with tha sort o thing. If ya get me drift." He said, eyeballing her openly.

Kunoichi Kei shrugs and keeps walking, his constant looks down at the flapping of her skirt not lost on her. "Okies... cool beans... just didn't want to mislead you or anyting... what's your name?"

Baroth grinned, following still. "Names Baroth. Whats yers?" he asked, his cloak billowing a bit

“Hiya Baroth... I'm Kei Kishimoto... I attend the School for the Fighting Arts at Empire U...” Kunoichi Kei thinks she may get a crook in her neck looking up at the guy with the axe.

Baroth nodded a bit. He had seen it. Had even considered trying to join. "Ah. Thought I saw ye before. Watched the school a few times meself. But decided it wa'nt worth the time. Learn much there?"

Son-of-Gaia tilts his head peeking up Kei's flapping skirt on the sly.

“Hai... some... and Belle expects me to get a degree before she will even consider making me a full-time Danger Doll...” Kunoichi Kei eeps and pushes down on her billowing pleated skirt as she crosses a sewer grate. “I could have sworn their were eyes down there...”

Baroth stopped, his eyes twinkling a bit. "Danger doll eh? So ye be tryin to get in ta that there group hmm?" he asked her spitting into the sewer grate.

Son-of-Gaia smoothly steps to the side with a grin seeing that move coming. He's watched enough bad TV.

Kunoichi Kei looks up and nods with a grin. "I sure am! And Belle is my guardian... I want to be just like her someday!"

Baroth chuckled at her. "Maybe taken down some baddies 'll score ya some points with er? Ever thought o that?"

Kunoichi Kei sighs and shrugs. "I try, but I always do someting wrong... or lose my clothes... or Belle simply says I should have avoided the conflict altogether... it's like I can't please her no matter what I do..."

Baroth raised an eyebrow, for once feeling sympathy. "Poor thing. How's she ta talk though when she does the same thing eh? Hmmm....maybe I can help ye."

Kunoichi Kei raises a brow, her head already tilted back as far as it will go. "Please don't get me in trouble... what are you tinking?"

Baroth grinned at her. "Well see now, I just so happen ta be one o them there baddies. And I got a deal fer ye. Interested?"

Kunoichi Kei blinks, her voice pitched a little higher, her speech suddenly stacatto. "You are? What have you done? You should turn yourself in..."

Baroth rolled his eyes. "Blah blah blah. Same ole prattle all ye heroines speal out. What I done aint important. That I be wanted is. Now wouldnt yer gaurdian look fondly on ye if ya were able ta bring me in all by yer little lonesome?"

Kunoichi Kei narrows her eyes, finding this more than a little weird. She gives the big bull of a humanoid as much of a sideways look as she can considering the difference in height. "So you're just going to volunteer to let me take you in?"

Baroth chuckled. "Not quite. But I be willin ta give ye a chance ta capture me and others. If ya can win."

Kunoichi Kei stops in her tracks and faces the huge creature, eyes unblinking as they look up into his. "Why? What's in it for you?"

Baroth grinned and turned. "Ye win, ye capture me and I help ye capture a few others, lettin ye take all the credit o course. I win, ye come back to me place fer the night and leave in the mornin."

Kunoichi Kei works her mouth all about, seemingly pondering this. "I... I'm a heroine... I don't make wagers like that... but if you're really wanted... then it is my duty to apprehend you..." Her eyes roll up and down all fourteen feet of him. "If I can..."

Baroth chuckled. "Correction. Yer a young girl seekin ta impress yer mentor. Yeah ya can make tha deal cause if I win yer comin back wit me anyway sowe might as well toss in a little sometin fer ye as well eh?"

Kunoichi Kei's lower lip trembles as it rolls out a bit. "I don't tink so... you really should go turn yourself in before I'm forced to carve you into prime sirloin!"

Baroth smirked. "Like I aint heard that line befer. Last chance te make a deal.' he said, his axe dropping to both hands.

Kunoichi Kei takes a step back, furrowed brows knotting, white blouse rustling as she reaches back over her shoulder for the purple hilt there.

Baroth snorted. "yer loss." he said barreling in towards her, nearly a thousand pounds of muscle bearing down on her.

Kunoichi Kei unsheathes her sword as she sidesteps, lavender skirt flaring as her hips turn and she goes to a knee, aiming to bring the singing blade around at the back of the huge creature's ankles, just above the hoof.

Baroth leapt over the blade, stumbling some and spinning, a big elbow aimed for Kei's belly as he did, but it was poorly aimed, him still stumbling from his hasty leap.

Kunoichi Kei poses with her follow-through, scowling as her blade fails to find flesh, catching the elbow on the hilt of her sword, the force of the blow still sending her flying. She ducks a shoulder and rolls, coming back to her feet.

Baroth was snarling at her, his axe high overhead as he dropped it down the blade burying itself in the cement in front of him. With a grunt he ripped up the chunk of ground, spun, and hurled it from his axe at the heroine.

Kunoichi Kei gapes as the huge chunk of pavement is flipped at her, instinctively stepping into the collision, her sword singing as it blurs in the air before her, turning the huge chunk of pavement into gravel as it flies past her. She yelps as a few pieces do in fact hit her.

Baroth blinked in shock at what she had just done to his projectile, spreading his hooves and lifting his axe. "Now that there aint sumtin I be seein everyday. Not from someone as smalll as yeself anyway."

Kunoichi Kei is more than a little amazed at the success of her actions as well, suddenly feeling a little more confident in her new sword. She uses a two-handed grip and charges, weapon held at one o'clock, aiming to swing it at the axe handle in Baroth's hands.

Baroth held the weapon up, the blade smacking solidly against his axe. "Ye aint the only one who gets presents woman. I am bettin ye got that from a certain demon." he said before swinging his axe at her, aiming so the handle would smash into her instead of the blade.

Kunoichi Kei oophs as she doubles over the handle of the axe, eyes nearly popping out of sockets, crosstrainers coming up off the pavement, careening through the air, lavender skirt fluttering up from pink panties.

Baroth chuckled, hefting his axe up onto his shoulder and following Kei's path through the air, reaching for her. "Now then. Ya really should've taken that deal."

Kunoichi Kei tumbles through the air, fluttering skirt over fluttering hair, until a hand catches her by that hair. "Eek!" She finds herself dangling by the hair several feet off the ground. "But..." Suddenly she realizes the sword is still in her hand and swings it up at the wrist of the hand that holds her.

Baroth drops her. Well, more tosses her as the sword bites through the wrist, not completely severing it but doing plenty of damage as he stumbles back, looking up at her. "Ye bitch... Imma make ye scream fer death."

Kunoichi Kei lands with a plop on her ass, sword clattering away from her hand. "Not if I have your head mounted for my wall!"

Baroth hoisted his axe, apparently plenty able to use it with one hand, and brought it crashing down, the flat of the blade aiming for her foot to crush it

Kunoichi Kei scrambles back from the axe blow, gulping as it cracks the concrete where she sat an instant before. She reaches into her backpack and pulls out some loose change, pelting the attacker with it, her supple wrist able to toss the coins with force approaching that of bullets.

Baroth had been shot before so the coins seemed to mildly annoy him. The bullets hadn’t slowed him and neither did the coins as he charged her, trying to trample her.

Kunoichi Kei has no time to pick her sword up from the ground as the huge creature charges like a bull. She leaps up into a flip, skirt flapping, trying to fly clear over his ducked head. She feels her skirt flutter up again in mid-flight, but doesn't feel it settle as she lands squarely on her crosstrainers behind him. She blinks as she sees the lavender garment fluttering from his horns. “Yikes! That was close!”

Baroth spun on his... hoof... and charged again, horns lowered. It was apparent his rage had overcome his lust, as well as his good sense as nearly a thousand pounds bore down on her again, the skirt fluttering like some sick flag.

Kunoichi Kei leaps up again, his time intending to land the seat of the pink panties with the "Cf" monogram on the back of Baroth's neck as her hands reach for the remains of her skirt, hoping to pull it down over his eyes and tie it there.

Baroth snarled and kept charging though now blinded, trying to grab her legs and take her with him as he lowered more and charged straight forward towards a brick wall.

Kunoichi Kei tries to pull free, but her ankles are firmly grasped so all she can do is throw her upper body backwards as Baroth collides with the brick wall, leading with his head. The wall collapses, showering them both with bricks as they disappear into a cloud of mortar dust. “Oh shi... aiyeeeEEEEEEEEEEEE... unghhhh...”

Baroth stumbled from the rubble, ripping the skirt from his eyes and coughing, cross eyes from the collision but somehow still standing though a wee bit staggered and dizzy, looking around for Kei.

Kunoichi Kei crawls out of the cloud on all fours, her blouse hanging in tatters, plastered in white from head to toe. She hears coughing and looks up, eyes widening as she sees under his loincloth. She clenches a fist and drives it upwards toward his minotaurhood as she comes to her feet.

Baroth crossed his eyes and collapsed. Even a creature as solid as him went down with a good nut shot and she got a good one in, his hands going to his groin, him to his knees and then his side, groaning in agony.

Kunoichi Kei dives into a roll to avoid being trapped beneath the huge creature as he collapses.

Baroth lay there, holding his groin, eyeing her. "Ooooh ye bitch. ye didnt need to do tha....oh gods tha was cheap." he said rolling a bit. "What ever happened ta fightin with honor eh?"

Kunoichi Kei declares, “I'm turning you over to the police now, Baroth.”

Baroth looked up at her again. "Insult ta injury eh ye lil wench? And ta think I was actually willin ta help ye! If I'dda known ye were tha kind o.....ooooh." he moaned rolling over away from her, still curled and still holding his groin.

Kunoichi Kei goes over to the flagpole in front of the city Veterans Administration building and removes the chain, spinning it overhead as she turns back to Baroth, aiming to whip it around and around his body to bind him.

Baroth literally blows up.

Kunoichi Kei finds her backpack in the rubble, takes out her phone and calls the authorities to come pick up the chained demon. "Hai Charlie, in front of the rubble that used to be the veterans administration building... Yikes! He blew up!" Kei retrieves her sword and heads home to the DDSTV Tower, sure Belle will chew her out when she sees her in her undies and caked all over with mortar dust.

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