Spiraling Out Of Control

Spiral's voice thunders into being long before her form is seen, "I shall not be contained!" Arcs of orange energy and crackling power sunder the air until at last a great gaping hole opens in the world and from its glittering depths steps the pallid sorceress, her wild white hair wreathing her face.

Amelia opens one glowing eye to glance at the howling, then recloses them and mutters darkly.

Slipstream is at home, cooking a late dinner when DDSTV picks up Spiral's arrival. She looks at her food, then to the TV, as the energy arcs over the place, setting off car alarms. She sighs and then steps backward through a portal opening behind her, appearing upstairs, nearly stepping backwards into her closet, and then turning and hurriedly tugging on her purple and black bodysuit.

Town Drunk sleeps on a cold park bench, using a old newspaper as a blanket.

Yoru Hiyashinsu could feel the energy of the world being pulled apart as a great hole was opened in the air. She charged her chi up, looking like transparent white flame around her body. She blasted up off the ground, taking care not to damage the streets, as she flew towards the source of the disturbance.

Magic Juggler puts on a scanner and tries to evaluate Yoru Hiyashinsu's power levels.

Spiral's psychosis was in terrible affect. She cackled madly as she appeared, her body trembling with might she could barely contain. "No shackles... no bonds... no chains..." She tosses her head back and howls to the sky, the grass beneath her feet withering and shriveling, turning to dust and fading away. A feeling of terror bursts into life, centered on her. A tangible, creeping dread that stifled the bravest of hearts.

Chickfighter was by now on her way back to the DDSTV Tower after spending the evening at the dojo. The sound got her attention first. “This can't be good...”

Slipstream is still stepping into her body suit as she steps from her bedroom down to her living room, hopping and nearly falling over as she watches the broadcast. "Come on, tell me where it is." She looks at the computer next to it, playing the police scanner channel for Empire City. "Ninth and Church. Ninth and Church." She hops through the portal and falls from a portal ten feet above the ground fifty feet away fro Spiral, landing on the ground with one knee. She shivers at the feeling of dread seeping over the area.

Spiral licks her thin lips as she reaches her right hand across her body, holding her left arm as if it were injured, the brilliant orange light pouring from the massive scar that wound its way tightly around her arm may have something to do with it. "We can hear you... what are you telling us..." she whispers to no one. No one answers.

Slipstream pushes herself up, and yells down the street, walking, her face screwing up a bit at exactly how weird it feels to be in her presence. "Um, hello? Are you okay? Is there anything I can help you with?" She tries to think what would be helpful against whatever she is, and comes up blank.

Chickfighter at first has trouble drawing a bearing on the source of the sound, but then a strange orange glow becomes her beacon as she rushes through the darkened streets.

Yoru Hiyashinsu flies to the scene, shivering a bit as fear grew around her heart. But that wouldn't stop her. She hovered in the air, her chi still flaring around her. She didn't hear the woman speaking however.

Spiral clenches and unclenches her fist as she crouches low and looks back over her shoulder, her body bending in the most ungainly of ways. She grins wickedly, her white teeth showing a set of far too long double canine teeth. "We... seeee you..." she coos at Slipstream, beginning to laugh once again. That feeling of fear grew as did the feeling that she was a creature of Other. A Thing That Should Not Be.

Chickfighter looks the part of the movie and video game starlet she is as she runs, hem of white sweater dress riding up curve of pink-tights-clad bottom. She pushes hem of sweater back down repeatedly with black-leather-gloved hands that match ankle boots and belt. Carbon black throwing star earrings rock, amazingly Ducati motorcycle cap stays on her head.

Slipstream stops going forward, and then backs up a step, adjusting her goggles with one hand. She thinks, what do I need, what do I need, but her thoughts just die as she freezes in that gaze. She stammers out. "I'm glad you. uh... see me..." as her voice trails away.

“Scoop Muldoon here for Circee News Network, that's right, the real scoop of Empire City and ... well, what have we here. Is that the famous Chickfighter coming into the scene here?

Chickfighter nearly runs into the back of Slipstream as takes a step back. "Lookout! I'm right behind you!"

Spiral grins terrible as her head seems to stay where it was canted, her body moving beneath it until she is facing Slipstream. "I... I shall not be contained..." she says quietly, before her face twisting into a mask of rage as Chickfighter rushes up, outnumbered now her scream becomes manic and full of fury. "I shall not be contained!"

Scoop Muldoon moves closer with the news cameraman. "What...in the world...is that?"

Slipstream slides a little to the side. She looks at Chickfighter. She says quietly, as her body shivers. "Oh hey... you're that movie star, right? Any idea what we should do here?"

Chickfighter grins as she is recognized and whispers in Slipstream's ear. "Yeppers. That's me. No idea. But I don't think she wants to be contained." Chicky giggles nervously, but a giggle nonetheless.

Yoru Hiyashinsu landed next to Slipstream and Chickfighter, facing Spiral, her hands balled into fists, held loosely, and keeping her eye on the crazy other worldly person.

Spiral's lips begin to move, a quiet whisper beneath her breath. Those with any training in the magical or arcane could make them out, the words of the most foul of spells and most abhorrent of rites drifting from Spiral's lips with ease. Her voice rises until the others can hear, "... I make the earth heave... split and wracked by my touch... iron and silver, steel and stone... RISE AND OBEY!" With that the ground beneath the pale woman and the three heroines begins to roil and roll like an increasingly wave tossed sea, slowly at first, but more and more the waves of earth swell.

Chickfighter says, “Well we have numbers on her... I say we... whoa Nelly!”

Scoop Muldoon continues her coverage. “Looks like three of Empire City's finest heroines are here. I figure it shouldn't be too long before we see at least one of them half-naked and a second one bound and gagged. Earthquake! Keep that camera on ...where the hell are you going?”

Slipstream reaches through a portal forming to her right, and comes out with a notebook and pencil. "You mind signing an autograph for my daughter, she'll be so thrilled when I see her next... Ahh, what the hell!" She drops the notebook, runs forward, through a portal, raising her fist, and then appearing behind Spiral, trying to punch her in the back in the head.

Chickfighter holds on to her hat and rides the waves of buckling pavement, screaming, "If she can do this we may be out of our league!" Chicky blinks as Slipstream seems to teleport into the fray. "Wow! Wish I could do crap like that..."

Yoru Hiyashinsu didn't wait, and as the ground began to roll and buck, she hovered above the ground, charging an energy blast in her hand. She raised her hand, palm out, and shooting it out at Spiral, trying to blast her with it.

Spiral's head rocks forward as from behind the fist smashes into the back of her head. There is a lull for a moment in the roiling... but then her head snaps up, glaring forward and with a scream she smashes her fists into the ground, plateaus of rock and stone erupting skyward all around her. Spiral's eyes went up to the chi rushing toward and with a snap up of her left arm she snarls, "... Spiral... into nothing..." She coos as the bolt of chi energy smashes into her palm, the cascading shimmer flowing down her scar and vanishing into her left eye.

Slipstream is blasted by the rocks exploding outward and flies up, up, up, and then blinks and a portal appears behind her, and she appears slightly to the right of Chickfighter, all that momentum up transferred into a fall from ten feet up to the ground. Thunk. She looks up at Chickfighter. "Ow. Any better idea? You want a port over there?"

Chickfighter has already leapt up atop one of the suddenly upheaving columns of earth and pavement, leaping from the top of one to another, displaying amazing quickness, balance and agility, trying to make her way through the maze to approach Spiral. She hears Slipstream’s voice over her shoulder and wishes she had waited.

“Well...that's never happened.” Yoru Hiyashinsu flew up higher and brought her hands together, fingers steepled together, an energy ball forming between her palms. She had her eyes closed for a moment, and then snapped them open. “Spears of Agony!” She cried, the ball in her hand exploding into hundreds of spears of chi, all headed for Spiral, attempting to impale her with them.

Spiral stands amid the chaos of the thrusting spires, wildly moving up and down like the hellish columns. She trembles with overwhelming emotion, looking furious one moment, weeping the next, and laughing maniacally regardless. She crouches suddenly and surges into the air, her legs riddled with dozens of the spears of chi, what remains of her jeans riddled with holes. She hovers in the air, slowly drifting upward until she is even with Chicky and Yoru... her grin remains.

Chickfighter removes her black leather belt as she leaps from spire to spire, sweater dress having gathered around her waist by the time she dives at Spiral, intending to wrap the belt around the woman's arms and restrain them at her sides if she can. "Wipe that insane grin off your face!"

Slipstream sees Chickfighter and thinks that's a wonderful idea. She thinks. "Chains... chains...!" A portal opens to her top-secret lair (hint: it's her garage) and a big storage bin labeled with magic marker "H7" appears in front of her, and she grabs some metal chains on it. She leaps through a portal, trying to land behind Spiral and wrap some more around her.

Spiral falls back a bit as Chicky leaps against her, wrapping her arms down and against her sides. Slipstreams chains around Spiral's legs, whipping into place and binding tight, rattling against one another for a moment. Spiral stares ahead at Chickfighter, a look of depthless sadness pulling across her expression.

Chickfighter has seen enough of that look and in an instant whips off her motorcycle cap and pulls it down over Spiral's face, jamming the bill of the cap into her mouth. "And no more spells!"

Yoru Hiyashinsu stops, and blinks. “Well...that was anti-climactic.”

Slipstream holds onto the chains tightly, balancing more than a little bit precariously, trying to cinch the chains around the legs, looking up at Chickfighter for any cues as to what to do next.

Spiral's scream of rage was loud enough to detonate the nearby windows of an office complex and as the ground beneath her heaved and shivered the chains that wrapped her body and the belt that bound her arms began to burn and melt. Hot rivers of molten steel wicked off her body, flowing into spheres of glowing metal that orbited around Spiral's hips. "I... shall not... be... contained..." she growled menacingly, her dreadful aura swelling again, pressing now into the nearby buildings.

Mai Edgerton blinks, "What's going on?"

Chickfighter giggles nervously as she teeters atop a column of earth. "I guess I shut her u... ungh!" There is an explosion of white as if Chickfighter has been disintegrated, pieces of white sweater dress wafting in the cold air like snow.

Slipstream shivers, pure dread for being so near spiral, and then oh my god, hot hot hot, and the chains seem to be melting and so she leaps back, recalling the easiest spot she can calculate, and appears in the exact same spot she first appeared at, ten feet off the ground. Thunk. Slip sprawls. "Freezer, E2" she thinks and a portal to a mini-freezer in her garage appears. She grabs a pack of ice and then pushes it onto her now burned hand.

Mai Edgerton blinks, "I'm going to guess and say your trying to bind Spiral?"

Chickfighter regains consciousness only to find herself lying inside a battered office in a nearby building, apparently thrown that far by the blast. She rolls to hands and knees. Surprisingly nothing seems broken. But she feels cold. It is then she realizes her sweater dress is gone.

Yoru Hiyashinsu charged up her chi once more, the fiery aura growing a bit as Spiral's expanded. “Okay, this isn't working. That was one of my more powerful attacks. Looks like I'll have to obliterate her.” She sighs, not wanting to do this, turning to Slipstream. “Hey, Fally McGee, can you keep her distracted?”

Spiral's eyes burst to blazing brilliant orange as she repeats, in Yoru's voice. "Okay, this isn't working. Looks like I'll have to obliterate her." In her own voice now, "Let bone blacken and crack, let skin melt and fall away... let victory be awash in sparks of living flame!" Her voice screams skyward as her hair begins to seemingly burn and in a torrent of scalding white fire she sends a stream of the heat cascading toward Yoru with alarming speed.

"Fally McGee?" Slipstream pushes her cracked goggles out of her face and looks up with a pained expression. "Okay, that's kind of lame. But sure." She falls through the ground, and tries the same old trick, flying punch from behind!

Chickfighter looks around the office for a pen and paper and some tape. She takes her time with the calligraphy, trying to get the figures exactly right. "Maybe if I can duplicate that binding spell I saw on the scroll I used on that demon that time... then all I have to do is get close enough to place it on her forehead..."

“SHIT!” Yoru Hiyashinsu cries, unable to doge the flame blast, barely able to get her arms up in order to block the blast. The heat of the flames was incredibly intense, and hit her hard, blasting her into a building, even as it burned away some of her suit, almost revealing her breasts.

Spiral stumbles forward and snarls from the punch at her back. With a growl like a wild animal she whirls around and with eyes of crackling orange energy she takes a grip of Slipstreams portal and begins to wrench it open wider, hissing with rage.

Mai Edgerton looks up as she walks out on a near building's roof, "Well now we know they're real." She took a seat as she pulled out a book flipping through it.

Chickfighter steps to the opening of the broken window to observe the situation.

"That's... that's not supposed to happen." Slipstream’s fear doubles, as she tries to close the portal Spiral is wrenching open, and then hops backward, opening two more, with the burning, unable to concentrate on more than three, trying to get some space, ending up near the sidewalk, trying to close the portals as fast as possible so Spiral can't follow her.

“Maybe if I could get that teleporting girl's attention...” Chickfighter picks up a trash can and throws it out the window. "Hey, up here, Miss... I have an idea!"

Spiral screams as she tears apart the first portal, leaving a great gaping hole in reality, launching herself through it. The next two close before Spiral can reach them, but that doesn't prevent the raging woman from snarling at the retreating Slipstream.

The trashcan clatters next to Slipstream, and she looks up, narrowing one eye as numbers float in front of her, and then she falls through the ground, a portal opening in the ceiling as she lands on the ground. You can see a bit of her black and purple body suit is burned off near the right arm and thigh. She breathes hard. "Hey, what's up?"

“I'm up here! And I need your help to get close to her again!” Chickfighter makes a hand gesture with one glove as if to indicate the woman should join her on the 22nd floor.

Slipstream zips up to Chickfighter, falling through the ceiling of the office floor she's on."Okay, you sure? I totally thought you were dead for a second there. My daughter would have hated me forever. She probably already does."

Yoru Hiyashinsu blast out of the building, her belly reddened, and exposed, as well as her fore arms. The burns hurt, but nothing she couldn't handle. Her chi flared again, as she brought her hands above her head, crossing her wrists together above her head. “SUPER... NOVA!” Yoru cried, bring her arms down in a circle, her arms outstretched in front of her, aimed at Spiral. Large amounts of her energy were being focused in her palms as she brought the edges of her hands together.

Spiral's eyes narrow as the rising of Yoru's energy sends a shudder through her own cascading power. "I... seeeee you..." she says tauntingly as she turns to face the aiming Yoru, Spiral's left hand twitches and shudders beside her, the spiral that cuts around her arm shimmering with faint orange light. She howls to Yoru, "MORE! IS THAT ALL! MORE!"

“Of course I'm not sure... I have no idea if this will work or not... but we have try something before she levels a fifty block quadrant of Holborn! If we survive I'll give your daughter an autograph... in person!” Chickfighter nods and giggles nervously. “Now just get me close to her!”

Slipstream holds her arms back to shield herself from the light. "Let's wait till after that. Hmm. I've jumped at her from the back twice, so let's say the side, okay?" She watches, waiting for an opportunity. "You're on." She grins and then opens a portal, right out the window, letting Chickfighter get a few steps to build speed, and then is going to open that right at Slipstream's side.

Mai Edgerton looked up from her book, "Oh they're trying again."

Chickfighter takes a deep breath as she waits, standing there in pink tights and bra, then nods and runs forward into the portal on black ankle booties, holding her makeshift binding scroll in a black-gloved hand as she trusts Slipstream to get her close.

Yoru Hiyashinsu spiked her power higher, and higher, soon reaching her maximum limit, pouring all of that energy into what appeared to be a small ball in her cupped together hands. Her chi began to flicker with effort of holding it, and she began to pant. “BLAST!!!!!!!!!” She finally screamed, the energy lancing out from her hands with all of the power, and fury on an exploding star, attempting to vaporize Spiral with that blast.

Slipstream opens the portal to Spiral's side, and also one near Yoru. She yells. "You are just feeding her! Stop giving her more energy!"

Spiral's grin blossomed fully... that was until Chicky emerged from the portal at her side. Chicky's aim was unerring when she slapped that makeshift charm on Spiral's head, but that wasn't what Spiral was concerned with. She looked from Chickfighter to the rapidly approaching blast for Yoru. Spiral shook her head, "Not like this..." She snarled and with a motion as swift as lightning she lunged forward, wrapping her arms around Chickfighter and turning her own back to the oncoming blast, the taller woman hunched over Chicky as it detonated around her and Chicky like a screaming bomb.

Chickfighter appears next to Spiral and smacks the piece of paper with its tape to Spiral's forehead, prepared to return through the portal a bare nanosecond before Yoru's blast would atomize her, but to her dismay Spiral's arms wrap around her and hold her fast as they become ground zero together.

Yoru Hiyashinsu panted heavily, her chi flickering around her. She smiled a bit, and then her eyes slid shut. Once her eyes shut, she dropped from the air. She didn't hover down, or anything, she just dropped.

Slipstream is totally, totally not entering that, and gets blown back in the office by the shockwave. The portals stay open though. Slipstream blinks, her eyes refocusing after the blast of light, and sees Yoru falling across the street. She opens up a portal below her, then one above her, so that Yoru continues to fall in perpetuity while Slipstream focuses back on the event at hand, not wanting to spare the time and mental math to lessen Yoru's fall for a bit.

Spiral is silent as the smoke swirls and the debris falls... or Chicky would be dust. A flickering aura of orange light shivered around the pair, a cloud of drifting energy. Blood dripped down Spiral's forehead and legs from her torn and injured back. Spiral's arms were wrapped protectively around Chickfighter, clenched like iron, her cheek laying on Chicky's head and holding her there in place in the full protection of the arcane shielding.

Chickfighter groans as she tries to move and look into those insane eyes of the woman who holds her, "I guess I should be thankful the binding scroll failed and you saved my life... Wha... the... are you...?” Chicky gulps.

Spiral opened her eyes as the makeshift scroll pulled its way from Spiral's forehead and she leaned down and whispered softly in Chicky's ear, her voice achingly sweet and as tender as a mother or best friend. "I... shall not be contained..." she says softly as she slowly lets Chickfighter go, staggering back and moving away into the dark.

(February 2011)