Slave or Stave

Tess Cabral is happy just to stroll along.

Arik Cabral walks with Tess, quietly enjoying the night. “A lot of our captures lately have put up quite the fight. It has been an interesting time, recently.”

Tess Cabral smiles. “I've noticed you've had an usually healthy glow. Must have been a good batch.”

Red Hornette makes a note. "He mentioned captures."

“The more effort one puts in, the more one gains from it, I suppose.” Arik Cabral runs a hand through Tess's short hair, briefly.

Tess Cabral grins.

Arik Cabral feels oddly conspicuous, somehow. "Do you get an odd feeling of being watched, Tess? More than usual from being with a Supervillain Sorcerer in a cloak, I mean?"

Red Hornette tries to inconspicuously drink a cola as she strolls the streets of Empire, texting on her myWand.

Tess Cabral discreetly looks about. "Just a heroine sexting as she jaywalks."

Arik Cabral asks, “Do you recognize her?”

Red Hornette eeps as she nearly gets hit by a car, its tires squealing.

"I think I've seen her about but I haven't talked to her, no." Tess Cabral turns at the sound of the tires screeching.

Arik Cabral glances over at the near death experience for poor Red. "Hm. Odd. I think she is one of Kei's companions..."

Red Hornette squeals as well, inadvertently breaking a window out of the car. She rushes over to apologize and offer to pay for it.

“Kei...oh yes...she was in the crowd during that Amelia arrest,” Tess Cabral notes, “hmm...she's a sonic...”

Arik Cabral nods, “You know, I did rather recently wronged Kei. I would not be surprised if they are trying to track us.”

Tess Cabral blinks. "Oh that's right. I forgot she helped you with that last bit of the stave. I wonder what became of her?"

“I know not.” Arik Cabral sounds odd as he speaks, for a moment.

Red Hornette gives the man in the car her number and he seems satisfied as she swishes back to the sidewalk in her short red skirt.

Arik Cabral muses, “Perhaps we should acquire her company and make certain of things.”

Tess Cabral squeezes his hand, "Don't worry about it. You had to do what you had to'm not so sure I should be going up against sonics. I might...<gulp> shatter..."

Red Hornette sips her soda and gets back to following the Cabrals, hoping to catch them in the act.

“Stay in the background. I should be able to deal with her alone.” Arik Cabral has a touch of his usual overconfidence in his voice, there.

Tess Cabral warns, “Honey...she could do severe brain damage...please be careful.”

Arik Cabral stops, giving Tess a nod. A moment later, after speaking quietly with Tess, he turns and walks suddenly back down the sidewalk, passing close to Hornette if he can.

Red Hornette just tries to act normal as if she doesn't even know Arik, recording everything on her myWand.

Tess Cabral studies a window display.

Arik Cabral stops near Hornette. "Haven't we met before, young lady? I seem to remember you from somewhere?" He smiles rather disarmingly, at least for a known villain like Arik.

Red Hornette gulps and looks up, brushing some blond hair from her face to reveal deep blue eyes. She grins. "I mean I don't think so... but I'm Penny... like Pennywhistle West is actually my full name... and you are?"

Arik Cabral bows slightly at the waist. "Arik. I was rather certain we had met before, I usually remember such attractive features..."

Tess Cabral smirks at the shameless flirting as she checks her own smartphone, sitting on a bench.

Red Hornette nibbles at her lip, trying to recall if she has actually met the man she's feigning not to know, but was in fact trailing. "Err... like I don't remember... and I mean I'm sure I'd remember a handsome face like yours..."

Arik Cabral bows, “A fine and polite thing to say. At least you are well mannered. A shame we have not met, then.”

Red Hornette dimples her freckled cheeks with a grin. "So like what's up, Arik?"

Arik Cabral wraps an arm around the young woman’s shoulders, rather overly familiar, perhaps. Steering her along if she allows it. "Perhaps I can buy you a drink somewhere and we can be properly introduced? It would be my pleasure..."

Red Hornette raises a brow and shows him her cola. "I'm not like old enough to drink!"

Arik Cabral smiles. “I meant something along those lines, my dear. This is a dry city, after all.”

“OhhhHHHhhHHhhHHhhhhh...” Red Hornette blurts and bonks self on the head. “I mean I can be so... what's the word... sometimes...” Hornette suddenly realizes that if Arik is trying to capture her she might be able to catch him "Red" handed by playing along.

Arik Cabral nods briefly in Tess's direction, and since Red seems at least somewhat willing to be steered, turns down an alley with her. It should not be too much of a surprise, then, that he says simply "My dear, you are reasonably well disguised but I know a famous Heroine when I see her. Why are you following me?"

Tess Cabral sighs as she walks the other way, making her way around to the other end.

“I... I... err... I wasn't... okay... so you know I'm Red Hornette!” Red Hornette takes a step back and puts her hands on her hips. “I mean there's no law against me walking down the same street you do!”

Arik Cabral sighs. “Not at all. On the other hand...”

Red Hornette watches Arik suspiciously, half expecting him to try something, and quite ready to respond.

Arik Cabral looks down at Red, slightly, his intense green eyes meeting her steely blue eyes. She can actually feel a brief touch at her mind, his gaze locking with hers. Not mesmerizing her, but it seems hard to look away. “I do enjoy it when such lovely gifts fall into my hands.”

Red Hornette narrows her eyes like gun barrels. "I mean it's not polite to stare... like I don't care if you are cute... and besides... what gift?"

Arik Cabral chuckles. “You, of course.”

Red Hornette blinks and shakes her head as the spell is broken. “Hey! What were you trying to do to me?”

“Abduct you, of course.” Arik Cabral steps closer, then, reaching out to grasp at the heroine, overconfident perhaps, but it is a failing of such men, sometimes.

Red Hornette gapes as he admits his intentions. She is speechless for a moment as she steps back into a stance, finally finding her voice. "Ready? Okay, then you're going down!"

Arik Cabral steps in, trying to force her back against the wall while she is surprised, the villain trying to simply overpower the Heroine physically. Hoping his sorcerer’s reputation would make her expect something less... brutish.

Red Hornette is not large, but is stout and, as she is pushed back against the alley wall, brings a knee up to her chest, skirt flying up as well, trying to plant her sneaker on his chest and kick him away with her back firmly against the wall behind. “Oh no you don't!”

Arik Cabral tries to twist slightly aside, grasping at her leg with his left hand if he can manage to catch it, enjoying a bit of the direct approach, dusty warriors reflexes springing back into his mind, his right snatching at her top to try to keep her pinned, or lacking that, pull her off balance.

Red Hornette keeps her stout form braced and upon feeling the hand on her kicking leg, violently snaps it up at his chin to get free of the hand on her ankle, nevermind the other hand inadvertently ripping off her top at the same time.

Arik Cabral catches a rather limber leg in his hand briefly, before a blow to his chin forces him to step back, wincing in pain at the split skin. Shaking his head slightly as it stings rather a good bit, he makes as if to throw a punch, before casting her own ripped top back at her face, hoping to distract her briefly.

Tess Cabral is now known as Lady Diamond and has made it around and up to the roof by this time and watches for her moment.

Red Hornette gasps as her red bra is revealed, throwing up her hands as her top is thrown back at her, but blinded just long enough not to see the fist aimed at her midsection. She oophs as she doubles over it, left breast leaping out over the cup with the little hornet emblem on it. “Unngh...”

Lady Diamond leaps off the roof, tries to pounce and pin down Red Hornette.

Red Hornette is driven hard to the asphalt as someone comes down on her back.

Lady Diamond does her best to keep her flattened, holding her limbs down with her own. "Hurry Arik!"

Arik Cabral is briefly surprised by the sudden appearance of his Lady Wife, the rush of the scrum having made the Sorcerer briefly forget he had an ally on hand, before he draws out a length of strange, Silver and Black cord, which is coldly metallic yet flexible to the touch. With Lady Diamonds sudden assistance, he tries to begin trussing up the ambushed heroine!

Red Hornette tries to roll away only to have her arms pinned behind knees. She tries to use her scream but a posterior muffles her mouth before she can do much more than eep. "Aaiyeerrmph!"

Arik Cabral finds that between the awkwardness and the struggle of the heroine, trussing her elbows behind her back requires him to be rougher with her than he might have normally, pulling the cord tight as he knots it there, before hurriedly searching for something to gag the now briefly muffled heroine.

Silver Sparrow frets, hearing a tussle and wondering whether help is needed.

Lady Diamond sits up and continues to hold onto Red's wrists as Arik binds them. Sitting firmly on her lower back, she has her living suit melt and wrap around Red's face, making a form-fitting gag.

Red Hornette struggles wildly, skirt gathering about her waist, revealing red panties that match her bra. “Help... hrrmmph...”

Arik Cabral soon has her ankles tightly bound if no one interrupts, the heroine not long for freedom if this continues.

Silver Sparrow swoops in! "Stop right there!"

Lady Diamond looks up not recognizing this person. "Oh bother..."

Arik Cabral declares, “Keep her busy, this one’s almost in the bag, love!”

Red Hornette strains and twists and turns, writhing on the dirty alley pavement as she is bound, her heart pounding in her ears so loud she barely hears the voice of help coming.

Arik Cabral pulls the rest of the knots tight about poor Hornette’s half stripped form, the Sorcerer unable to help briefly appreciating how she looks.

Lady Diamond nods.

Red Hornette rolls knots of glute and fists of calf about as she frantically tries to squirm away.

Arik Cabral then hurriedly snatches up his Captive, drawing one of his Circular gateways in the air with his free hand, making to escape while the escaping is good!

Silver Sparrow demands, "Let her go!" She breathes in a bit, preparing one of her two powers...

Lady Diamond teleports just above Silver Sparrow, attempting to use her diamond weight to bring her down, and wrap her arms around the neck to choke out whatever she's taking a breath for.

Arik Cabral then vanishes through the Gateway, knowing Tess can teleport after him thanks to certain gifts, making good his escape!

Silver Sparrow cries out, her sonic scream interrupted by Lady Diamond. She feels arms wrap around her neck, and begin to squeeze, and she immediately tries to get her own hands underneath the arms to create some separation so she can take a breath!

Red Hornette wriggles about as she is tossed over a shoulder, the hand on her squirming little butt the last thing to disappear from view.

Arik Cabral would not object to Tess bringing along another heroine, either.

Lady Diamond holds on desperately, trying to knock out the heroine.

Silver Sparrow struggles and pries away at Lady Diamond's vice like arm, but sadly, her air does not outlast the woman's grip. Silver Sparrow sees "stars" dance in her vision, and then, she passes out.

Lady Diamond feels the woman slacken and loosens her grip, panting from the effort. She scoops up the unconscious heroine and teleports to Arik's mansion.


Arik Cabral is currently intently reading through one of many Sorcerous tomes lying haphazardly about this room, which is only candle lit. Various tubes and beakers filled with strangely bubbling liquids in many colors sit near him. All about this room lay chains, lengths of neatly coiled rope, and many other objects of restraint both ancient and modern styled. The flickering candle light falls on Hornette’s bare skin. She is chained to a wall, standing, her wrists over her head. The chain linking her wrists passing through an old-fashioned iron ring set into the wall. She has been forced to stand for several days, though on occasion let down to be fed, bathed, and to take care of simple "human" needs.

Captive Hornette slumps to dangle from the chain and rest as best she can. She has nearly worn herself out trying to get free ever since being taken through the portal to she knows not where, some sort of laboratory dungeon where Arik has mostly kept her chained to an iron ring in the wall above her head. The flickering of the candlelight only accentuates the faint bobbling of her breasts as she breathes.

Arik Cabral turns a page, and sighs softly. To rest his mind from wrestling with the incantations inscribed in the book, he stands up, walking over to Hornette. He doesn't say anything, merely looking over her form in silence. Appreciating the unique beauty of a captive superheroine.

Captive Hornette is a natural blond, though there is nigh a trace of hair on her smooth skin anywhere below her neck to prove it. Presently her head is slumped forward as she tries to rest, hair over her youthful faintly freckled face. She might even be asleep for she seems to be drooling ever so slightly onto the proud slope of her pert left breast with its petite primrose nipple.

Arik Cabral's gaze seems more like that of someone appreciating a painting than a captive. It is almost frightening the way it feels when he looks at her like that. Like she isn’t entirely a person anymore. Chilling, perhaps. He is apparently not entirely immune to her charms, though, as he reaches out, one thumb lightly flicking over her breast, teasing the nipple, perhaps wiping away that bit of liquid. “Pretty youth that you are...”

Captive Hornette starts at his touch, a snap of her head tossing the hair from her face and those furious blue eyes. Her breathing is quick and the corners of her red lips twitch. She blinks and lowers her eyes as the resignation of her situation returns after the brief escape into a few minutes of fitful sleep. She tries to turn her freckled face away, not wanting him to see the heat rising to her cheeks.

“Blush if you will. It adds a certain...spice, to the view.” Arik Cabral lightly takes one of those breasts in hand, squeezing it a bit roughly. Simply enjoying the feel of her soft flesh under his hand, his flickering thoughts considering what he could do with her, but... so young. Perhaps to wait a bit longer would be well.

Captive Hornette feels the heat in her cheeks only increase at the sound of his words and cool detachment of his gaze upon her nakedness. Then his rude blatant examination of her firm breast, like someone idly trying to pick out a melon at the supermarket, makes her lower lip curl out in a pout. She sniffs back a tear.

“It is a shame you require a gag.” Arik Cabral turns away, then. Calling the stave into his hand, leaning it against the desk he had been reading at. Perhaps preparing to study it at greater length...

Captive Hornette clenches her hands around the chains above her, her breasts uplifted as her knuckles whiten, eyes staring fiercely at him as the stave flies to his hand. She eyes widen as she recognizes the artifact as the one that he tried to sacrifice Kei to get. Her heart and mind race as she realizes that he must be researching its power in those times even now. She has to do something! Think, Penny! Think!

Arik Cabral runs his fingers across the stave, an... unpleasant green fire beginning to lick from its surface. The powers he is calling on causing a strange wrongness in the air about them. Arik glances back up at Penny from time to time, the slight heaving of her breasts an... enticing sight to the Sorcerer. Even briefly a distraction from the power at hand.

Captive Hornette grits her teeth on the bit gag in her mouth as she watches him. He must be stopped. If only she could rid herself of the bit and use her shrill cry she'd teach this sorcerer a thing or two. She tries to slow the pounding in her head and holes. She breaks out in a cold sweat as she makes her plan, watching and waiting for Arik to seem distracted by his work rather than her heaving breasts.

Arik Cabral eventually becomes entirely engrossed in the stave once more, the fire licking over its surface slowly growing brighter and brighter. Emerald streamers of force flickering more and more frequently as his mastery over the Power slowly grows. Arik's breathing slows even as he studies the stave, his fingers tightening on it.

Captive Hornette makes her move as quickly and quietly as she can, her cheerleader strength on display as she pulls up on the chains until her fingers can reach the gag. She grasps either side and slips it from her lips and down her chin. “Fiend. I mean you left Kei to die! And now you treat me like an object! I've like been saving my voice for the right time... AiyeeeEEEEEEEEEEE...” Hornette lets loose with that shrill squeal of hers that could rattle everything from walls to brains, shatter glass and make ears bleed. She aims that voice first at Arik as she dangled with bare feet off the floor, then uses her gymnastics skills to roll up and plant those feet on either side of the ring in the wall, giving Arik a full view of her upturned ass should he be in any condition to notice, pulling on the chain with her hands as she turns her voice on the ring that holds her.

Arik Cabral staggers back, groaning in pain, instinctively dropping the stave, the green fire almost at once ceasing. The eerie chill in the air slower to fade, if indeed it will fade at all. Shaking his head slowly at the nearly impossible sight of the naked heroine breaking herself free, the rock around the ring crumbling under her voice.

Hornette launches herself out into the room like a human missile as the ring comes free of the crumbling stone, tucking her naked body into a ball as she flies at the surprised sorcerer, her glistening flesh passing through the eerie chill left by the emerald fire, fading from the air almost like a bit of the energy of the northern lights brought into the dungeon.

Arik Cabral tries to catch at her with one hand, but the pain of the sudden assault and the swiftness of her leap makes the attempt a rather desperate one, the Sorcerer still quite shocked at the suddenness of it all!

Hornette grunts as she careens off of Arik and sprawls across the floor, tumbling over and over, tits and ass alike leaving wet splotches on the stone as her stout little body’s impacts make wet slapping sounds that echo in the chamber. She comes up to hands and knees, too winded to attempt another squeal immediately, but instead dashing forward, chain rattling as her hands reach for the stave on the floor between them.

Arik Cabral tries then, starting to recover from his shock, to throw himself in an unsubtle tackle at Hornette and his stave, all thoughts of summoning Sorcery briefly banished from his mind as he focuses on trying to grab the heroine and get his Stave back!

Hornette is tackled before her hands reach the stave, oophing as her naked body doubles over his shoulder. She feels his arms wrapping around her tiny waist and gripping at crack of her butt as he drives her backwards. "Noooph... nngh..." Desperately she tries to wrap the chain between her the manacles on her wrists about his neck, intending to attempt to strangle him.

Arik Cabral begins to choke on the chain, which also helps to prevent him from calling on any Sorcery! His one hand reflexively tightens on her butt even as his other hand grasps at the chain at his throat, trying to help himself breathe. Still, having the small determined woman atop him is a difficult situation for the Sorcerer.

Hornette is small but stout and very desperate, clinging to that chain as if clinging on to life itself, writhing and shifting about to get a better grip, inadvertently grinding her sweaty bosom into his face in the process. "I mean you're going down!"

Arik Cabral blunders into one of the walls by accident while carrying her, groaning in desperate pain, the Sorcerer feeling the strength slowly leeching from his limbs, both hands now grasping at Hornette, one even striking a blow at her stomach. Struggling with her as best he can as she slowly chokes him out...

Hornette grunts as she is driven into the wall, then punched, gurgling as the sorcerer slumps to the floor with not only the chain but her naked flesh still wrapped about his head. She blinks and crawls away on hands and knees, still panting for air as she reaches for the stave, her eyes furtive, frantically looking for a way out of the dungeon. Hornette spots the most normal door, the one through which she was brought to this place. Stave in hand she staggers towards it and up the stairs beyond, not knowing where she is or where she going, but suddenly trusting the stave to guide her bare feet as they leave their sweaty trail behind her.

She can feel slight touches at her mind as the Stave guides her instincts. Perhaps it has a will of its own. But if it does, can she trust it...?

Hornette finds her way up into an ornate and decadent mansion, no doubt decorated by Tess she realizes. She gulps as she realizes Tess might be about, fleeing for the front door as fast as her little legs will carry her, still naked as the day she was born except for the chain as she flags down a car with the stave and begs for the use of a phone.

One of the staff cars gives her a ride to town. The man whispers to her, "I know the people I work for aren't good people. I'll get you out of here before anyone notices. But please, don’t tell anyone I helped you!"

Hornette swallows hard as she realizes she just got help from one of the Cabral's staff. "Like not a word... if you've got like a blanket or something I could..." A wan grin dimples her faintly freckled cheeks.

The man offers her his coat.

Hornette wears that coat back to the DDSTV Tower where she reports in to Kei and delivers the stave to Joanie for research after removing the manacles from Penny’s wrists.

(July 2011)