ChickFighter's Search for Masked Americana

(A story created by some of my earliest logs)


ChickFighter questions ChloroVillain 2004

ChickFighter joins a gathering on an Empire City street corner.

ChickFighter: Hi, my name's ChickFighter.

ChloroVillain2004: So, chickfighter, tell us about your, uh, weaknesses

Liberty grabs Deedlit by her ear, 'admit that you're an evil elf!'

Deedlit slaps libby.

Deedlit: leggo you witch

Liberty: no you admit I'm not evil!

Deedlit: I'll admit I'm not evil.

ChickFighter: Like I'd tell you, Sleepy (aka ChloroV), weren't you one of the dwarves?

ChloroVillain2004: Distant cousin

ChickFighter: Cool, I loved the dwarves' cameo in Gremlins!

Willow joins the group.

ChloroVillain2004: You know, I was on set that day

Deedlit: heyyy willowlicious

Willow waves.

Willow: Hey, Elfie.

ChloroVillain2004: Being a celebrity relative has its benefits

ChickFighter: Cool, ChloroV, if you must know I used to be a sidekick but my mentor's gone missing.

Deedlit: RoosterFighter?

Solemn: Henfighter?

ChloroVillain2004: Oh wow! A sidekick! You find yourself in perilous positions all the time!

Solemn: Poultry Pugilist?

ChickFighter: I most certainly am not a rooster, ooh, gross!

ChloroVillain2004: Who's your mentor crime fighter, Chickfighter?

StellarIrishCross walks away.

ChickFighter: Yeah, been there, done that, now I'm going to make a name for myself.

ChickFighter: My mentor is a women's wrestling champ turned heroine named Masked Americana. Have you seen her?

ChloroVillain2004: I saw her in here a while ago actually.

Deedlit: No. Have you tried dredging the harb... errr... I mean, the library?

ChickFighter: What else do you know? I must find her.

ChloroVillain2004 steps up next to Chickfighter.

ChloroVillain2004: Well, I think she went that way

ChickFighter adopts a martial arts stance.

ChloroVillain2004 points towards a nearby hallway that curves around the corner.

ChickFighter: Oh. OK.

ChickFighter: Where's that go?

ChloroVillain2004: My dung...I mean, I don't know.

ChloroVillain2004: I'll come with you if you want.

Son-of-Gaia nudges the door open, the one eyed man shifts the guitar from his shoulder looking about.

ChickFighter: Dung? Shit, I thought you were going to help me.

MorganDrakewing: Dung? The stuff that's brown and sounds like a bell?

ChloroVillain2004: Oh no, she really went that way.

ChloroVillain2004 shakes his head up and down.

ChickFighter: I see. How long ago?

ChloroVillain2004: Coupl'a hours, maybe.

ChickFighter: But I haven't seen her in days. Gee, I must be getting close.

ChloroVillain2004: Spandex outfit? right? And a mask?

Deedlit: Chloro, how can you shake your head up and down?

ChickFighter: Red, white and blue, like with a white mask, gloves and footies.

ChloroVillain2004: That's her!

Luna Crush has joined the group.

ChloroVillain2004: Deedlit, my cousin's a dwarf man, give me a break.

ChickFighter: Blonde like me?

ChloroVillain2004: Yeah!

ChloroVillain2004: Come. let's go find her!

ChickFighter: Awesome, I'm better at this tracking people down thing than I thought.

ChloroVillain2004 looks at Chickfighter.

ChickFighter appears excited and expectant.

ChloroVillain2004: After you.

ChloroVillain2004 bows and motions to the hallway to who knows where

ChickFighter: But I need for you to show me the way, pretty please?

ChloroVillain2004: Oh, uh, sure.

ChloroVillain2004 walks towards the hall.

Willow wanders out. TTFN folks.

ChickFighter: Cool, you won't regret it.

Son-of-Gaia chuckles to himself a bit.

ChickFighter follows.

ChloroVillain2004 laughs, and leads the heroine out of sight.

ChickFighter: follows at a safe distance.

ChloroVillain2004: You know, I think Masked Americana may have even been asking about you.

ChickFighter: Really? I mean sometimes she used to act like I was such a bother.

Son-of-Gaia: wow ya think they would learn by now.

ChickFighter: Learn what, hey, I finished high school.

ChloroVillain2004: No, no ... she was saying all sorts of great things about you.

ChloroVillain2004: and how you're so smart.

ChickFighter: She did?

ChloroVillain2004: Yeah, she told me that if it wasn't for you, she'd have a really hard time solving any of her capers.

ChickFighter: Yeah, there was that time I led her right to that biker gang ... uh, well by getting captured.

ChloroVillain2004: She told me that you were the true brains of the operation.

ChloroVillain2004: And she told me something else, but I'm not supposed to tell anyone.

ChickFighter: What was that?

ChloroVillain2004: Well, I can't say it out loud.

ChickFighter: I suppose you want to whisper in my ear?

ChickFighter brushes back her blond cupped hair.

ChloroVillain2004: Well, I wasn't the one who told me not to tell anyone.

ChloroVillain2004 turns and keeps walking.

ChickFighter: But I mean, I'm her sidekick, or was, you can tell me.

ChloroVillain2004 stops.

ChickFighter comes closer.

ChloroVillain2004: Alright, I'll whisper it in your ear if you want me to.

ChickFighter brushes back the cup of her blond hair and leans forward.

Deedlit: Off for a while, laters all :)

ChloroVillain2004 leans forward to whisper in Chickfighter's ear.

ChloroVillain2004: She told me you get captured a lot.

ChloroVillain2004 suddenly reaches up and presses a white cloth over your nose.

Son-of-Gaia leaves the group.

ChickFighter: Yikes, throws a back elbow at ChloroV.

ChloroVillain2004: Ooof!

ChloroVillain2004 falls back, but grabs your wrist.

ChickFighter: What are you doing?

ChickFighter stares in disbelief.

ChloroVillain2004 laughs.

ChloroVillain2004: I was just gonna...tar and feather you...that's all!

ChloroVillain2004: And you almost fell for it!

ChickFighter: I'm warning you, let go of my wrist or I will pummel you. I know three different martial arts styles.

ChloroVillain2004: lol.

ChloroVillain2004: Alright.

ChloroVillain2004: But just because I have to go in a minute.

ChloroVillain2004 giggles.

ChickFighter: OK, thanks for the lead on my missing mentor.

ChloroVillain2004: Anytime.

ChickFighter: Cool.

ChloroVillain2004 sighs.



ChickFighter and Solemn

* Solemn is a man of about average height, with black hair and blue eyes. He's quite a handsome fellow, with a slender but muscular physique rather like that of a gymnast. He tends to dress in dark clothes, due to his thiefly occupation.

ChickFighter finds 66 Greycourt Circle. It's set back off the road, hidden by trees, and quite the mansion.

* Solemn is lounging about in his current dwelling there, having acquired the mansion awhile back. Through means that were actually somewhat legal by comparison to his usual methods. Currently he's doing some exercising in the gym.

ChickFighter: After vaulting the brick wall and making my way through the trees I come a beautiful old mansion. I begin to snoop around. I don't even see any alarm system.

* There is an alarm system of course, but it's very subtle. Don't want people sneaking in knowing that they've tipped him off after all. Having been notified of the alarm, Solemn quickly dresses. *

ChickFighter: At first I sees no one inside, so I decide to slip in through a skylight on the roof. I use a tool from my belt to unlock the skylight and drop into what appears to be an exercise room. Now to explore.

* Solemn smiles as I watch you drop in. He notes you have some training as you don't make to much noise when you land. "You know," he says, conversationally. "If you're going to be sneaking about on a regular basis, pink really isn't the colour you should wear."

ChickFighter: spins around to the sound of a man's voice. Is this the Solemn fellow her informant had said knew what happened to Masked Americana. "I like pink and where are you?"

* Solemn chuckles as he steps into view. "Well I suppose it does look nice on you," he admits. "But it's not exactly a stealthy colour, you know?"

ChickFighter: A handsome fellow fitting the description of Solemn comes into view. "Thanks, you must be Solemn? I've told you have information about Masked Americana's disappearance."

* Solemn taps his chin thoughtfully. "Masked Americana?" he asks. "Masked wrestler wasn't she? Fought crime around the New York area?"

ChickFighter: "That's right. The women's champ for a while. Now what do you know about her disappearance? I'm looking for her and in no mood to mess around with a known thief. Tell me what you know and I might leave you alone." I glare with hands on hips.

* Solemn feigns shock. "Known thief?" he asks. "Why I've never been tried nor convicted of a robbery in my life." He looks you over a bit before continuing. "And why would I know anything about the disappearance of your mentor?"

ChickFighter: "I have my sources. They told me a story about some missing art. If you don't talk to me I will be forced to take you to the police." I point a black gloved finger at you.

* Solemn arches an eyebrow. "A story about missing art is hardly proof of wrongdoing on my part," he points out. "And you are currently breaking and entering into my house. Not that I mind lovely ladies dropping by of course."

ChickFighter: "Listen buster, would you prefer I beat it out of you? This is important and I will not be put off..." pauses as if something is registering, "lovely, did you say?"

* Solemn chuckles and nods. "Yes I did," he replies, with a charming smile. "Quite lovely in fact. Especially in that outfit."

ChickFighter: blushes a bit before continuing, "Do you really think so ... now tell me what I want to know."

* Solemn nods. "Yes I do think so," he replies. "Perhaps we could discuss this in a more comfortable setting? The sitting room perhaps?"

ChickFighter: "Uhmm, well, OK, if you promise to start talking, you know I designed the outfit myself ... wait a minute, you're just stalling me, start talking now!" She takes a fighting stance.

* Solemn smiles as he checks you out. "Nice stance there," he says, with a smile. "Honestly I'd just prefer to discuss this in a more comfortable setting. No reason why we have to be crude about things." He does take a very subtle defensive stance, just in case.

ChickFighter: tries to take measure of this Solemn fellow. He seems a suave sort. The kind she'd like to meet under different circumstances perhaps. "Very well, lead the way and be quick about it."

* Solemn smiles, gently taking your hand and kissing the back of it as a gentleman would. Then he offers you his arm. If you take it he will lead you into a lavishly and tastefully decorated sitting room.

ChickFighter: takes his arm still trying to figure him out.

* Solemn smiles, offering you a seat. Whether or not you take it, he pours two glasses of a very expensive wine and offers you one of them. "Now what did your source say that I would know about Masked Americana?" he asks.

ChickFighter: "No thank you," she refuses the drink before answering, "I was led to believe that you in fact know exactly what happened and where she can be found."

* Solemn sets the drink down near you, in case you should change your mind, then sits next to you. "Well he was quite mistaken on one of those points," he replies. "I have no idea where to find her."

ChickFighter: leans away from him and crosses her arms. "I'm willing to start with what happened if would please?"

Solemn: "I only know rumours about that. That she was taken by some criminal organization of some sort."

ChickFighter: "What sort?"

* Solemn shrugs. "Some say VIPER, some say DEMON. I don't know why anybody would say it was me."

ChickFighter: speaks as she leans toward him, "because not only did my informant identify you, but you fit the description of a man Masked Americana identified in her notes as a key to the series of thefts she was investigating. Now give me some real answers. You know more than you're telling me."

* Solemn arches an eyebrow at that. "Do you know that you're beautiful when you're persistent?" he says, with a roguish grin. Then he suddenly moves forward to kiss you on the lips, just for a few moments.

ChickFighter: Just as their lips brush together she grabs a handful of the front of his shirt and attempts to yank him to his feet. "I can be even more persistent if you don't start talking, NOW!"

* Solemn sighs as you attempt to yank him to his feet. Shifting his weight his hands come up to break your hold on his shirt, then grabs one of those arms as he tries to judo throw you.

ChickFighter: is surprised by the ease with which you break her hold on your shirt and grasp her arm. She thrusts at your chest with the open palm of her free hand to attempt to drive you back into the chair.

* Solemn grunts as your palm slams into his chest, stepping back a few steps. He retaliates with a martial arts kick to your side. It is telling that he seems to be upset, as though he wished it hadn't come to this.

ChickFighter: "Ooph," she winces from his kick to her ribs. He is surprising quick and powerful for a man of average stature. She adopts her right-handed stance. "You should have just told me what I needed to know. If I have to pummel you I will." She attacks, leading with a snap kick, followed by a crescent kick.

* Solemn winces as the snap kick slams into his side, noting that you're quite strong for a slender lovely lady. As the crescent kick comes in, he manages to get his hand up and catch it. "Please understand, I wish it hadn't come to this," he says. Then he slips off the black footie on that foot, plants a kiss on the bare sole and aims a kick at your groin.

ChickFighter: is stunned by his behavior of kissing her foot and doesn't even attempt to block his kick. Thud. She is sent careening over a nearby cushioned chair. Wow, that was quite a kick. Fortunately Her costume protects her from too much damage if not from the relative force of the blow.

* Solemn tosses the footie away as he approaches. He slips a device off his belt as he gets closer. "I'm really sorry about that," he says. "I really hoped that we could've worked this out in a civilized manner. You must understand, I'd hate to damage a lady as lovely as yourself."

ChickFighter: What's that she wonders to herself. "You're the one who's going to get damaged, " she exclaims attempting to sweep him off his feet and bounce up to her own.

* Solemn yelps in surprise as you sweep him off his feet, but he recovers quickly, rolling backwards and using the momentum of his fall to get to his own feet. "Lovely," he says, seeing you standing once again.

ChickFighter: "If you really want to work this out peacefully, start talking," she says angrily and approaching with gloved fists raised.

* Solemn watches you approach, readying his device. "But what can I say?" he asks. "Masked Americana may have been investigating me, but I don't kidnap people."

ChickFighter: feints a one two punching combination while loading up on a wheel kick meant to plant her now barefoot right on his kisser.

Solemn: * As you feint the punching combination, he brings the device up and sprays a pink gas into your face. A powerful aphrodisiac. This of course means that he's not got his guard up as your kick connects and this time he's sent flying by the force of your blow. *

ChickFighter: "Damn, what was that pink stuff," she exclaims feeling funny. But she charges after him in any case. She will not be denied.

* Solemn is in the process of getting to his feet. As you charge him, he lunges forward, driving his head into your stomach.

ChickFighter: Instinctively she grabs him in a headlock and rolls, clutching him to her. Her whole body is tingling strangely.

* Solemn smiles a bit as we're now grappling. He struggles to gain an advantage, though oddly his struggles seem to be almost as much about groping and caressing as they are about gaining an advantage.

ChickFighter: is getting unexplainably wet inside and out as she grapples with him. Almost without any rhyme or reason she attempts to maneuver her legs around his head.

* Solemn chuckles at this, since this allows him the opportunity to caress your legs and ass. As your legs maneuver about his head, he suddenly presses a kiss to your crotch.

ChickFighter: "Ooooohhh..." she gasps. Why does his every touch seem to be driving her wild. Her legs begin to tighten around his head. Once his mouth and nose are covered she will choke him out.

* Solemn isn't about to let that happen. Quickly he works his arms between your legs, preventing them from tightening about his head. As he does that, he continues planting kisses on your crotch.

ChickFighter: Even as she derives great pleasure from his naughty kisses she finds his own crotch in her face. His pants have become tighter than before she thinks. "What is wrong with her," she wonders. "Aaaahhhh..."

* Solemn smiles, playfully grinding his crotch against your face, there is definetly a noticeable bulge there. As he does that, he tries to pull the crotch of your leotard to one side so he can kiss your bare pussy.

ChickFighter: She feels his fingers pulling at her leotard exposing the ordinary panties beneath. They are already wet. Inexplicably she finds herself undoing his trousers.

* Solemn smiles at that, as he doesn't wear any undies at all. Once his trousers are undone his big hard cock springs free. He smiles as he sees the wetness of your panties, kissing your crotch through them.

ChickFighter: "Oh, oh, oh ... NO! get that out of my face," she cries as the slap of his cock against her cheek seems to help her regain some semblance of reason and she tries to crawl away from him and this humiliating feeling that has possessed her.

* Solemn turns to look at you, pinning you down as he slides out of his outfit. Once he's naked you can see that, while he's slender, his muscular physique is actually quite impressive. "Just relax," he says, softly. "I won't hurt you."

ChickFighter: "But I'm not ... I mean I don't ... would never ... oh shit ... you're beautiful!" Her struggles are not what they should be.

* Solemn smiles, gently tilting your head up so that he can kiss you on the lips. Not the relatively gentle kiss of before either, but a full deep passionate kiss.

ChickFighter: She flails on her back like a bug on a rug on the floor. Her mind is awash in unfamiliar passion. She feels his tongue in her mouth. Their tongues grapple like little sumo wrestlers and hers seems to be losing.

* Solemn kisses you passionately, like a long lost lover. As our tongues wrestle one of his hands cups one of your breasts and gently fondles it. Meanwhile his other hand begins rubbing your crotch, his fingers slipping past the crotch of your leotard.

ChickFighter: tries to inch away crying, "No,no, no..." but her hips are humping and her chest grinding against your felonious fingers. "You ... thief!"

* Solemn smiles, giving your breast a gentle squeeze. His fingers work past the crotch of your panties to slide into your pussy. "Don't let that bother you," he replies. "Just enjoy."

ChickFighter: "Aaaaahhhhhh..." She trembles as his touch on her hairless pussy lips sends shock waves through her body. And then they go inside her. "Oh nooooo..."

* Solemn gently thrusts his fingers in and out of your pussy. He's not being rough about it, in fact he seems to care just as much about your pleasure as he does his own.

ChickFighter: "Oh, oh, oh," she hears herself moan. This is simply not her. But his pursuit of pleasure is so sincere. "Oh yes, oh, oh..."

* Solemn smiles as he gently tries to pull down your leotard to bare your breasts. As he does that, his fingers curl within you, seeking your g-spot.

ChickFighter: "Oh my," new shock waves run through her flesh. Her leotard is being pulled down and she can't bring herself to resist. This is madness.

* Solemn gently plants kisses on your nipples as they are bared. Since he's pulling it down anyway he just slides your leotard the rest of the way off you, removing your panties also. Once that's done his fingers are back inside your pussy, teasing your g-spot.

ChickFighter: "Mmmmm..." her protestations have become wimpers. Her gloved hands are in his hair. She clutches him to her and takes a shuddering deep breath.

* Solemn smiles at that, taking one of her nipples into his mouth and beginning to gently suckle it. His fingers wiggle inside your pussy.

ChickFighter: lurches up and down with unexplored passion. Blood is racing through her naked body. She feels herself going past her limits. "Ohmygawd..."

* Solemn's thumb brushes over your clit as his fingers work in your pussy, thrusting faster and faster. As he does that, he alternates between your nipples, suckling one and then the other.

ChickFighter: becomes aware of the tautness of her nipples as this devil's tongue toys with them, but the sensation inside her is becoming overpowering. "Harder," she wails and claws at his back and ass.

* Solemn smiles, thrusting his fingers harder into your pussy, smiling at your wails and the clawing. He suckles your nipples harder as well, knowing that this is merely the beginning.

ChickFighter: "Damn, damn, damn," she mews as her own traitorous hands betray her by groping for his rigid cock.

* Solemn moans softly in pleasure as your hands grope his cock. "Would you like that in you Chickfighter?" he moans.

ChickFighter: "Noooooo..." she protests even as those traitorous hands of hers grip and regrip his cock and pull it ever closer to her pussy. "I don't knoooo..."

* Solemn smiles as his fingers slide out of your pussy, letting those treacherous hands of yours guide his cock into your pussy. As that happens, he rubs the fingers that were in your pussy over your lips, so you can taste yourself.

ChickFighter: licks her lips, takes his fingers into her mouth and begins to suck on them as she wraps her slender legs around his body. "Mmmmm..."

* Solemn smiles as your legs wrap around him, sliding his cock all the way into your pussy. Once he's in you he begins thrusting with deep hard strokes that somehow manage not to be rough.

ChickFighter: "Harder, HARDER," she moans insatiably. Her whole body ebbs and flows in rhythm with his thrusting. She knows she cannot stop. Perhaps the gathering climax she feels will wash away the effect of the aphrodisiac. "Faster, more..."

* Solemn smiles, being only too willing to follow your instructions in this case. His thrusts do become harder and faster too, his balls slap against you as he tries to give you a good hard fucking. Yet he never seems overly rough at any time during the proceedings.

ChickFighter: can't help but wonder if her pussy feels as good to Solemn as his cock does to her. Her body begins to seize up now. She is coming. "Oh yesssss..."

* Solemn smiles as you cum, kissing you on the lips. Your pussy must certainly feel as good to him as his cock does to you, for your orgasm triggers one of his own and soon he's filling you with cum.

ChickFighter: feels his warm wet explosion merging with her own. Her legs and arms grip him tightly to her as she holds on to the sensation for as long as possible.

* Solemn smiles, clutching you close as well, as he fills you. Gently he trails kisses up your neck and along your jaw line as he gently pulls off your mask.

ChickFighter: The effect of the aphrodisiac seems to vanish as, having already been stripped her of her clothes and her pride, the thief exposes her face. She will never know if it was the act of being unmasked or if her extraordinary metabolism had simply finally had enough time to clear her system of the potion, but suddenly she is herself again. "You, thief, you will pay now!"

* Solemn looks into your eyes as he tosses the mask away, still inside of you. "You're beautiful," he says, sincerely. "It's truely a pity the superhero bit requires you to wear a mask."

ChickFighter: Ignoring his attempt to mollify her, the enraged woman's legs tighten around him in a threatening manner and she cocks a fist. "Now you will tell me everything you know about Masked Americana."

* Solemn smiles at that. "Well she's your mentor for starters, and she's missing," he replies. "She's a former women's wrestling champ and considered one of the sexiest female wrestlers ever. She's been training you for quite awhile, rather well from what I could see."

ChickFighter: rolls on top still gripping him tightly inside her. "Using that aphrodisiac on me was a dirty trick, but now I've got you where I want you ... uh, I mean now I've got you ... I mean if you don't tell me something useful to help me in my search I can snap your spine." Her gloved hands lock together behind his back as she clutches him to her.

* Solemn doesn't seem to mind being clutched too her, despite the threat and the squeezing. In fact he seems to enjoy having you on top. "Such an act would avail you nothing," he replies, calmly. "I don't know where Masked Americana is, but if you ask me nicely I could be convinced to aid your search for her."

ChickFighter: seems to consider the offer for a moment. "You are certainly no gentleman and I don't know why I should trust you after what you just did, but it's a big city and I could use help finding my way around. We could start with ... what was it ... DEMON and VIPER." She takes his chin between her thumb and forefinger and gives it a tug. "Don't try anything."

* Solemn gently slides his arms around you and gives you a surprisingly gentle hug. "I won't try anything that would harm you," he promises. "And DEMON and VIPER do seem like the best candidates. As I recall, Masked Americana and VIPER really didn't like each other."

ChickFighter: disengages and immediately looks terribly embarrassed as she gathers up her clothes from the floor and holds them in front of her naked body.

* Solemn smiles at you, craning his head over to plant a kiss on your barefoot. He doesn't seem embarrassed at all, but he's not being lewd or crude.

ChickFighter: for some reason does not jerk her foot away, but allows him to kiss it. "Now, if you don't mind, I need someplace to get dressed and freshen up, Solemn."

* Solemn smiles, kissing her foot again. "There's a bathroom upstairs," he replies. "You're free to use it, I could also lend you some clothes if your outfit needs washing."

ChickFighter: "That would be great. It most definitely needs to be washed. Thanks."

* Solemn smiles. "You're welcome," he replies. "My house is your house."

ChickFighter: "So, what do you have for me to wear?" she asks, "while I wait for the costume to wash."

* Solemn thinks. "Well my sister visited a few days ago," he replies. "Some of her things are still here probably."

ChickFighter: "Something of your Sister's? Gee, I was hoping to wear something of yours," she retorts with a coy smile.

* Solemn grins. "That too can be arranged," he says, as he gets to his feet. "Shall we go pick something out?"

ChickFighter: "Yes, please," she says rolling her costume into a bundle, "and where's the laundry?"

Solemn: "It's downstairs. We'll go there first and then we can pick out something for you to wear."

ChickFighter: "Lead the way."

* Solemn quickly leads you downstairs so that you can put your costume in the washing machine. When that is finished, he leads you up to his room, a very tastefully decorated and quite large master bedroom.

ChickFighter: follows him seeming less concerned about her nakedness than earlier. "One of your shirts would be perfect."

* Solemn notices that, and wonders about it a little, not that he's complaining. "Here you go," he says, holding out a black silk shirt for you to wear.

ChickFighter: slips it on, spins as if to model it, showing her bottom again as it flairs out, then gives him a peck on the cheek.

* Solemn applauds the modeling and smiles at the peck on his cheek. "It looks truely lovely on you," he says. "I don't suppose there's something I could call you aside from Chickfighter is there?"

ChickFighter: "You've seen my face, I don't suppose it matters if you know my name is Molly. What's yours?"

Solemn: "Would you believe that my real name IS Solemn? I can even show you my birth certificate to prove it."

ChickFighter: looks very solemn. "That would explain a lot," she says breaking into a giggle, "Now where can I get some sleep while you clean my clothes that YOU soiled!"

* Solemn smiles at your giggle, giving you an impulsive hug. "Well aside from my own bed," he replies. "This house has around a dozen or so guest rooms."

ChickFighter: "One with a private bath will do just fine."

Solemn: "Chose a room then, they all have private baths. You can even use mine if you like?"

ChickFighter: "Sorry, Solemn, the drug's worn off and I'll take a pass on that. Goodnight." She backs away shyly. There is something about him.

* Solemn smiles. "I wasn't suggesting that," he replies, gently. "I was just trying to be polite. Honest, well as honest as I get anyway." He winks playfully.

ChickFighter: "I know, night."

* Solemn gives you a peck on the lips. "Good night."

ChickFighter: bounces playfully down the hall to the next room and shuts the door behind her.

* Solemn smiles, slipping into his own room as he thinks what a fun and interesting situation this is.


Morning at Solemn's

* Solemn smiles, whistling cheerfully in the shower the next morning. He had an excellent sleep last night and as he steps out of the shower and dries off, he wonders if you did as well. Stretching a bit, he slides on his dressing gown.

ChickFighter: She felt really good when she awoke in the morning. She finally had a lead on Masked Americana's disappearance. She opened the door to find that her costume had been left neatly folded in the hallway next to the door. He was such a charmer. She got dressed quickly.

* Solemn slides on a pair of shorts as he walks out into the hallway, figuring that would be politer then his standard lounging in his dressing gown. "Molly," he says, politely knocking on your door. "Breakfast will be ready soon."

ChickFighter: takes one last sniff of the shirt she had used to sleep in before opening the door and handing it to him. "I'm ready now, let's go."

* Solemn smiles, putting the shirt into his room before offering his arm to lead you down to breakfast. "Have a nice sleep?" he asks.

ChickFighter: "Yes, the best night I've had since coming to Empire City. The bed was quite comfy."

* Solemn smiles. "You're welcome to stay you know," he replies. "There's a cook employed, you'll have excellent meals and comfy beds all the time you search for your mentor."

ChickFighter: appears trying to decide if she should speak feely. "That might be nice, you know I'm actually wanted internationally for a misunderstanding in Japan last year. Someplace out of the way would be good in case the local cops come looking for me."

* Solemn smiles at that. "Well the local police have never bothered me," he replies. "Despite the various suspicions they have about my activities, so you should be safe here." As he leads you into the dining room, you can see a wonderful continental breakfast has been prepared.

ChickFighter: grins and rushes to the table. Despite having a slender almost petite body, she has a voracious appetite perhaps due to her increased metabolism.

* Solemn smiles as he watches you eat so voraciously. You may notice that he has a healthy appetite himself. As he eats his foot brushes over yours.

ChickFighter: pulls back the foot and gives him a scolding look.

* Solemn just chuckles and blows you a playful kiss.

ChickFighter: smiles back and ask for more, more food that is.

* Solemn chuckles as more food is provided. "The first thing we need to do is get you used to the players in this game," he replies.

ChickFighter: "Indeed, I don't know too many people here," replies CF between bites.

* Solemn nods. "I think Molly," he says. "Perhaps an infiltration might be in order."

ChickFighter: "Tell me more," she says, her face alight with interest.

* Solemn explains. "VIPER seems the most likely to have taken your mentor," he replies. "Because of the feud between them. I think if we pose as a pair of villains looking for work, we could get into the Nest and find out what they know about her."

ChickFighter: "And you know where we can find this ... did you call it a Nest?"

* Solemn nods. "I believe I do," he replies. "At the very least we shouldn't have trouble finding it. Oh and yes I said Nest, that's what VIPER calls its bases."

ChickFighter: "They sound dangerous, I think Americana was exploring the possibility that there might be a connection between them and the Snake Ninja Clan that led to my problems in Japan."

* Solemn nods. "It wouldn't surprise me and they are dangerous," he replies. "That's why we have to be careful about this."

ChickFighter: "So, you appear to have a plan. What do we do?"

Solemn: "We'd have to establish ourselves a bit, but that shouldn't be to hard. Showing up at some events VIPER higher ups in this city frequent could work as well. We need to be seen in our villainous guises."

ChickFighter: "That shouldn't be difficult, seeing as how you're a thief and I'm wanted in Japan."

Solemn: "True. Do you think you can pretend that Chickfighter has turned evil for this mission?"

ChickFighter: "Maniacally, if it will help."

* Solemn chuckles. "I'd prefer dangerously seductive."

ChickFighter: "Oh, you just want me to be myself with a bit of an edge. Sure, I can do that."

Solemn: "Glad to hear it. I'd hate to change that costume after all, you look SO good in it."

ChickFighter: "And dangerous, don't forget dangerous."

* Solemn smiles. "Sexy too," he replies, brushing your foot with his again.

ChickFighter: bats her eyelashes at him and takes a deep breath to show off her otherwise smallish, but pert chest. "Like this, big boy?"

* Solemn licks his lips and nods. "Oh yes," he replies, that will do very nicely. "Thought at least some of the events will require formal wear."

ChickFighter: "I have a sleeveless black sheath dress that fits me like a glove and black heels to match."

Solemn: "And I have a nice tux."

ChickFighter: She comes around the table to him. "Won't we make the sophisticated couple!" She puts her arm on his shoulder and leans in, her cheek touching his.

* Solemn smiles, wrapping his arm around your waist and hugging a bit as he nuzzles his cheek against yours. "That we will, sweet Molly, that we will."

ChickFighter: "But if this turns into some ruse to get me into more trouble your butt is mine buddy!" She kisses him on the cheek.

* Solemn smiles, playfully nibbling your neck. "No worries my lovely," he replies. "I don't want to see you in trouble after all."

ChickFighter: "Well, cover your eyes because trouble seems to follow me around."

* Solemn gently pulls you onto his lap. "'Trouble' like last night? Or the more dangerous less amusing sort?"

ChickFighter: "The threatening of life and limb sort, but don't think that lets you off the hook for taking advantage of me last night." Bounces hard on his lap as an effective low blow.

* Solemn winces as you bounce on his sensitive bits. "Well you could always take advantage of me in revenge," he replies.

ChickFighter: "You'd like that wouldn't you," she asks rhetorically before putting a finger to his lips to silence him. She slides down to the floor licking his body from neck to chest to navel as she goes. She pulls down his shorts with her hands as her tongue comes to them. "Hope I didn't damage anything with that little old bounce just now!"

* Solemn moans softly in pleasure as your tongue licks over his chest and navel. As you pull his shorts down it's clear that nothing was injured by that bounce. Indeed, thanks to the actions of your tongue his cock is quite stiff and hard as the first time you saw it last night.

ChickFighter: touches the tip of his cock with her tongue. She looks up with a naughty grin. "I don't think I've had enough breakfast yet," she says and takes his cock into her mouth.

* Solemn gasps in pleasure as your tongue touches his cock. He smiles at your naughty words, letting out a soft moan of pleasure as his cock enters your mouth.

ChickFighter: Saliva drools from her mouth as she works the base of his cock with her hands. It is glistening and ready as she takes it all the way to her throat hollowing out her cheeks as she sucks.

* Solemn leans back in the chair, moaning loudly in pleasure as you suck him. His body shivers in pleasure as you work the base of his cock, his own hands running through your hair.

ChickFighter: feels his hands in her hair moved her head up and down on his cock. She learned well how to do this in the hands of the Snake Ninja Clan. Very well.

* Solemn moans of pleasure get louder as he discovers that fact. His body writhes in pleasure on his chair and he gasps your name.

ChickFighter: caresses his swollen member with her warm wet tongue. She can tell he is getting close now.

* Solemn snakes a foot out to brush over your crotch, as his precum flows into your mouth. "Gonna cum," he warns.

ChickFighter: nods in the affirmative and continues to pleasure him like a pro. She feels a touch at her crotch and a tingling.

* Solemn toes continue brushing over your crotch as he lets out a loud yell of pleasure. Naturally this signals his orgasm, and a large load of his cum floods your mouth.

ChickFighter: swallows the bulk of it, but a little dribbles from her lips as she pulls away. She picks up a napkin and wipes her face before looking at him and saying, "That's just a taste of how evil I can be if it serves my purpose. And I can turn it on or off in a flash. Those naughty ninjas taught me that the hard way."

* Solemn nods, gently tilting your face up so he can give you a gentle kiss before replying. "That was a fine demonstration," he admits, smiling. "Though I feel I ought to return the favor, seeing as you made me feel so good. Only fair after all."

ChickFighter: "Show me what you can do. I'm not easily aroused when I'm myself."

Solemn: "Well take a seat then and I'll try and see what I can do."

ChickFighter: "OK, doctor, do your damnedest!"

* Solemn smiles, kneeling before you as you sit. With a grin he slides off your footies, planting a kiss on the sole of each foot as he does so. It's an odd place to begin, but he seems to like it.

ChickFighter: There is something oddly exhilarating about having one's feet kissed she thinks and remembers how stunned she was when he had done the same during last night's battle.

* Solemn smiles, planting a kiss on each of your toes. He remembers how surprised you were too, and found the startled look on your face to be quite adorable.

ChickFighter: sighs as her body relaxes. This is almost like massage.

* Solemn smiles at your reaction, gently suckling your instep.

ChickFighter: causing her toes to curl. 'Mmm, nice."

* Solemn grins up at you, suckling your toes now.

ChickFighter: is reminded of her own recent display. "Yes, you have some talent for sucking too, I see," she says in as detached a manner as she can manage.

* Solemn licks the sole of her foot with a playful wink. "You have no idea," he says, with an impish grin.

ChickFighter: "And now the other, slave," she demands, but cannot suppress a giggle.

* Solemn grins, taking the other foot and licking along that sole as well. "As you wish," he replies, winking.

ChickFighter: looks off into space. "But of course!"

* Solemn smiles, nibbling your instep with a smile. Perhaps it was weird, but he really enjoyed this sort of thing.

ChickFighter: feeling very relaxed says, "I might be able to get used to this sort of thing. Not a bad way to start the morning."

* Solemn grins up at you. "This and perhaps a little cunnilinguis?" he replies, with a playful wink.

ChickFighter: "Cunning what?" she exclaims laughing.

* Solemn grins. "The more mundane term for it, is pussylicking," he replies.

ChickFighter: "I was hoping for a demonstration, not a synonym."

* Solemn grins, sliding between your legs and pulling the crotch of your leotard to one side. "I plan to give you both."

ChickFighter: takes hold of the leotard and holds it aside to free his hands of the business at hand.

* Solemn grins at that, tongue snaking out to take a long slow lick of your pussy. As he licks you can see he is clearly savoring your taste.

ChickFighter: definitely felt that. She is amused by that look of the wolf that has caught scent of its prey which crosses his face.

* Solemn smiles, the tip of his tongue flicking over your clit, trying to tease it to stiffness.

ChickFighter: is at first unmoved, but slowly she feels the flow of blood through her veins quicken. She ruffles his hair with her free hand.

* Solemn smiles at that, with an almost boyish grin. Once your clit is stiff, he gently takes it into his mouth and begins suckling it.

ChickFighter: "Mmm, mmhmm," she groans, suddenly biting her lip. Her hand in his hair grips at him as if to say, "more."

* Solemn seems to get the message as he suckles your clit harder, his hands moving to gently caress your thighs as he does so.

ChickFighter: "Ah, oh, mmhmm, my juices ... mm flowing," she moans leaning back and pushing her hips forward.

* Solemn grins at that. As he enjoys your moans, his lips slide over your pussy as he gives it a nice long suckle.

ChickFighter: bucks with pleasure as this new sensation sends her over the edge. "Yes, oh yes!" She is climaxing now!

* Solemn grins broadly as he eagerly begins licking up your sweet nectar. As he does so, you can hear the soft moans of pleasure he makes as he savors your taste.

ChickFighter: "Oooohhhh..." she sighs with satisfaction, "You are, at this at least, true to your word."

* Solemn smiles happily up at you. "Always have been," he replies. "And I give you my word that as long as you're living here, your life shall never be boring."

ChickFighter: smiles coyly as she shakes her head. "Promises, promises ... now what's our first move?"

* Solemn smiles as he gives your stomach a gentle nuzzle. "Well the event isn't till later," he says. "How about skinny dipping?"



Chickfighter meets Superbgirl

Superbgirl: hi

Superbgirl: :)

ChickFighter: hello

Superbgirl: how are ya?

ChickFighter: fine, just messin around ;)

Superbgirl: there's a website called

ChickFighter: Really! Should I check it out? I honestly hadn't even thought to look.

Superbgirl: yeah, it's funny

Superbgirl: I just wanted to tell ya that, actually

Superbgirl: hey, but with a nick like that, shouldn't you be in #femvsfem?

ChickFighter: Cool, I'll go take a look. Thanks.

Superbgirl: oh wait, does chick fighter mean you are a chick who fights, or one who fights chicks?

ChickFighter: Very funny ... the first option. Let me check out your pic.

ChickFighter: Now I'm jealous.

* Superbgirl smirks

Superbgirl: Well of course you are, deary

Superbgirl: After all, I'm me and you're... you

ChickFighter: and you are ... well, superb!

* Superbgirl strikes her power pose, hands on her hips, shoulders rolled back to push the 'S' of her costume forward

Superbgirl: I sure am!

ChickFighter: Or is it just Super-B-girl? ;-)

ChickFighter: Showoff!

Superbgirl: Grrr

Superbgirl: Hun, if you've got it... flaunt it

* Superbgirl grins smugly and flexes her toned arms

ChickFighter: I'm pretty, but not like that. Sulks and pouts.

Superbgirl: There there... we can't all be real superheroines

* Superbgirl pats you on the head, condescendingly

ChickFighter: You're as bad as my mentor Masked Americana. No body ever takes me seriously.

Superbgirl: Hun... it's real dangerous here in the big leagues... it's probably for your own good

ChickFighter: Yeah, that's why SHE'S missing and I'm here.

Superbgirl: Hmm you say your mentor is missing?

ChickFighter: Yes, I'm looking for her.

Superbgirl: when did she disappear?

ChickFighter: A few weeks ago right here in Empire City. Know anything?

Superbgirl: and that is when you rose to the limelight?

ChickFighter: Yes, I am trying so hard to measure up, but it's been difficult, your superbness.

Superbgirl: sounds like someone here had a motive for your mentor's disappearance

* Superbgirl narrows her gaze at you

ChickFighter: You must have heard about that disturbing incident in Japan. It really wasn't my fault. I swear!

ChickFighter: I can't be the first sidekick to have broken under severe torture and given away my mentor's secret identity.

* Superbgirl shakes her head...

ChickFighter: So like what's your name ... when you're not Superbgirl?

ChickFighter: Mine's Molly.

Superbgirl: Sssh

* Superbgirl clamps her hand over your mouth

Superbgirl: Don't release such information!

ChickFighter: Oops, I guess your right. That's how I got in trouble before. Hey, you're blond too, how come you're so smart?

Superbgirl: actually, I don't need smarts

Superbgirl: not with a bod like this

* Superbgirl giggles and does a lil twirl

Superbgirl: kewl, huh?

ChickFighter: Even more intimidating than MA was ... still, she's gone missing so I guess you can never be too careful.

Superbgirl: Hmm I guess you could be my sidekick

ChickFighter: Gee, thanks, thanks alot, but I've got a mission to find MA and I guess I'm on my own now.

Superbgirl: Hmmm

Superbgirl: You can't do it on your own

ChickFighter: Why do you say that?

Superbgirl: you don't have any real powers, deary

ChickFighter: Like what kinda powers?

Superbgirl: you know, like mine, duh

Superbgirl: flight

Superbgirl: strength

Superbgirl: looks

Superbgirl: invulnerability

Superbgirl: heat vision

Superbgirl: x-ray vision

ChickFighter: Ok, well, my costume's invulnerable ... of course it doesn't cover my legs. I have to show them off.

Superbgirl: see, never let your ego get in the way

Superbgirl: what if someone shot you in the kneecaps??

ChickFighter: Yikes!!

Superbgirl: yeah

* Superbgirl nods sagely

Superbgirl: it'd just tickle me

Superbgirl: but you

ChickFighter: I heal real well, but that might take days to recover from.

* Superbgirl does a little ominous whistle

ChickFighter: Still, I have to learn to work with my own gifts.

ChickFighter: looks down at her footies.

Superbgirl: maybe you should just... let us real heroines handle it, huh?

* Superbgirl puts a hand on your shoulder

ChickFighter: jerks shoulder away and pouts.

Superbgirl: now now

Superbgirl: let's not be childish

* Superbgirl clamps her hand on your shoulder again, more firmly

ChickFighter: I'm not childish, but it's all been so much

Superbgirl: I wish you the best of luck, hun



ChickFighter vs Kidnapper

ChickFighter: follows the man in the black leather jacket she spots talking to a known member of VIPER. This could be the break she's been hoping for.

ChickFighter: follows him into the alley, but not too closely.

* Kidnapper watches hiding behind a trashcan as he sees one of his henchman walking towards him along the alley towards a dead end

ChickFighter: slides quietly along the brick wall side of the alley. There are some trash cans along the other side and ... it looks like a dead end ... what the...

* Kidnapper waits until Chickfighter has passed him then he slowly gets up behind the trashcan. He is a strong bulky guy, also wearing a black leather jacket black pants and black boots. His face is covered by a ski mask. His henchman, a guy named Joe suddenly turns around trying to locate you with his eyes

ChickFighter: flattens against the wall as the man turns. Why has he led her into a dead end? Finally decides to just face him. Steps out of the shadows in her tight pink costume. "Where do you think you're going?"

* Kidnapper sees you stepping out of the shadows and facing Joe. Joe just grins looking at your beautiful body as he slowly walks towards you. Kidnapper moves silently trying to get behind you undetected

ChickFighter: is unthreatened by a single thug. Puts her hands on her slender hips and purses her lips before speaking, "Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"

* Kidnapper walks closer until he is only a few feet away from you. Suddenly he grabs your arms trying to pull them behind your back while Joe runs forward trying to help his boss."Got you, bitch"

ChickFighter: "Yikes, hey, let go..." she cries as she drops to a knee and attempts to throw her attacker over a hip with her enhanced strength.

* Kidnapper falls over you crashing against Joe. Both immediately get up and start circling you. Kidnapper has an angry look on his face.

Kidnapper: Get her!!!

ChickFighter: "Don't you know who I am ... I'm ChickFighter ... Hey what the..." Adopts her stance and prepares to punch.

* Kidnapper jumps forward trying to kick you in the stomach while Joe lashes out for an upper-cut against your chin

* ChickFighter blocks the henchman's uppercut and counters with an open fist to his nose as the boss delivers a blow to her toned abs. "Uooph!"

* Kidnapper sees Joe stumble backwards holding his nose in pain. "Ufffff". Kidnapper kicks out again at you this time aiming between your legs

* ChickFighter winces and goes to her knees, but raises her hands in defense. "Come on, buster!"

* Kidnapper grabs your wrists trying to force you on your back. Joe is looking up, blood running from his nose and moves towards you. "You will pay for that"

* ChickFighter rolls backwards, plants a footie in your chest and uses the momentum to throw you. She hops up to face the oncoming threat from Joe.

* Kidnapper flies through the air luckily crushing softly into some trash while Joe, mad from anger, jumps towards you trying to grab your neck with his large hands. From the alley Kidnapper sees another of his thugs approaching holding a stick in his hand

* ChickFighter throws up both arms to knock away Joe's hands and aims a front snap kick at his crotch. "You two are toast!" she brags.

* Kidnapper gets up again slowly waiting for his other henchman a guy called Jim to move closer toward you. Joe tries to grab your leg as you attempt to kick his crotch.

ChickFighter: has her kick awkwardly blocked by Joe much to her surprise. But he has left himself wide open for a one, two to the kisser where she focuses all her attention.

* Kidnapper sees Jim moving closer to you from behind lashing out with his stick aiming for your upper back. Kidnapper is back on his feet running towards you again

* ChickFighter falls forward as something cracks across her back, but her long sleeved partially protects her. "Ouch!" she yelps and wheels.

* Kidnapper tries to jump on top of you trying to pin your wrists while Jim goes on his knees attempting to hold your legs down "I think we got her"

* ChickFighter fights and flails with strength enhanced by her powerbelt and, even though but a slender women, begins to break away.

* Kidnapper still uses all his strength to try hold down one of your wrists while Joe works on the other. Jim continues to pin your legs."This bitch is strong as a horse"

* ChickFighter refuses to surrender to these thugs and flails her arms and legs like a superpowered hellcat!

* Kidnapper and Joe still uses all their strength to hold you down pushing their heavy bodies on top of you while jim grabs a piece of rope from his pocket trying to bind your ankles together."Make sure she is not getting away!!!"

* ChickFighter feels all the weight of the men pressing down on her slender form. She twists and turns but cannot quite break their hold. She feels a knee press into her abs and another across her throat.

* Kidnapper sees Jim wrapping the rope around your slender ankles pulling it tight while kidnapper continues to pin your wrists choking you with his knee. Joe suddenly starts stroking your bare legs with his one hand

ChickFighter: "No, you slimy bastard, what are you doing?" she chokes out at the touch of the man's hands on her legs. She tries to kick him but cannot break the firm binding of the rope around her ankles.

* Kidnapper sees Joe continue to grope you while he is sitting on top of you pinning you down. Jim now also starts stroking your tender legs reaching up between your thighs. As you protest kidnapper is slapping your cheek with his open hand.

Kidnapper: Shut up, bitch

ChickFighter: "But I'm a Superheroine ... You (SMACK) can't (WHACK) do (SMACK) this (WHACK) to me! Nooo!" Her head rocks back and forth as she is slapped.

* Kidnapper suddenly gets up kicking you in the side. Then he orders his two men to also step back. All of them stand over you looking at you with you lying in front of them with your tied feet.

ChickFighter: "Ooph, Ugh, Unnh," she grunts as she is kicked. She looks up at the men standing over her. What do they intend? She rolls to her hands and knees to try to hop away even with ankles bound.

* Kidnapper laughs..."Pathetic bitch". He lets you hop a little then runs after you kicking against your ass

* ChickFighter sprawls across the dirty alley crashing into a trash can causing a terrible racket.

Kidnapper: Get her!

* Kidnapper orders his two henchman to pick you up. They come storming after you trying to carry you back to their boss

* ChickFighter feels hands grabbing her leotard and pulling at it as she struggles swinging her free hands wildly.

* Kidnapper sees his man trying to pick you up Joe holding on to your legs while Jim taking a hold of your chest. "She is a wild one, boss!!!"

* ChickFighter feels one man's hands around her legs, while the other man's grab the top of her leotard, pulling the elastic fabric tight into her femine area. She tries to claw at his face.

* Kidnapper sees his henchman carry you over and drop you down to the ground in front of him. "Not so tough anymore, are we?"

* ChickFighter tries to sweep the apparent leader off his feet with my bound legs. "Hey, it's three to one. No fair."

* Kidnapper jumps to the side avoiding your bound feet. "You still think you can fight me little girl?!"

* ChickFighter tries to roll away. "I will never give in to you."

* Kidnapper grabs your legs and pulls you closer to him."Come on...Chickfighter...Fight me!!!"

* ChickFighter punches hard right at the chest and face of her captor as he pulls her close.

Kidnapper: You are a pretty tough girl!

* Kidnapper lets go off your legs and walks backwards a little. Then he orders his henchman to take care of you. They go on their knees trying to grab your wrists

* ChickFighter struggles against the two men as they twist her arms above her head. She can get no leverage with her ankles bound.

* Kidnapper sees his man rolling you over and pin your wrists behind your back. "Tie her up". Joe takes out another piece of rope and wraps it tightly around your wrists

* ChickFighter feels the hard asphalt of the alley against her breasts as large man sits across the small of her back and begins tying her wrists together.

* Kidnapper sees his man finishing tying you up. Joe gives you another kick to the side than they stand up and watch their catch. "We will have a lot of fun with this one"

* ChickFighter flops about like fish out of water. "Ooph!" she grunts as she is kicked again in the side. She can feel the fabric of her leotard working it's way up into her crack. She realizes they are getting a show as she continues to try to inch away. It is so humiliating to be overcome by ordinary thugs.

* Kidnapper laughs as he sees you squirming and grabs your leotard between your legs pulling it back forcefully. "How do you like that!!!"

* Kidnapper sees his man smiling as his cock starts getting hard from seeing you squirming around

ChickFighter: "Yeowwwwwwww!"

* ChickFighter cannot get away because of the cruel man holding on to her leotard and taunting her.

* Kidnapper continues to pull on the leotard trying to humiliate you while Joe goes on his knees and starts groping you between your legs "I want to fuck her first, boss!!!"

* ChickFighter feels the tight leotard and the panties beneath it pull tight between her pussy lips as she continues to wiggle and struggle. Then she feels hands touching her there. Yikes! What did he say?

* Kidnapper lets go of your leotard and orders his man to do the same. Then he gets on his knees and starts untying your feet. "Get up bitch!! I want you to fight me!"

* ChickFighter is surprised that her captor appears to want to fight. As soon as her feet are untied she leaps up and kicks at his face with a powerful roundhouse kick with her hands still tied.

* Kidnapper grabs your kicking leg and holds it in front of him "What now...little fighting girl?" His henchman laugh at the site of this.

* ChickFighter is surprised by his amazing quickness and strength to catch her leg. "Damn you, " she curses hopping awkwardly on one leg trying to keep her balance.

* Kidnapper smirks at you as he removes one of your black footies and throws it away. He continues to hold on to your foot as you are hopping in front of him.

* ChickFighter sees her footie removed. Hops one more time and swings the other foot at him angrily.

* Kidnapper lets you fall on your back as both of your feet leave the ground. "Get up, fighterbitch!!"

* ChickFighter tears slightly at this humiliation as she climbs slowly to her knees in front of her captor. "Who ... who are you and ... why?"

Kidnapper: Get up!!!

ChickFighter: "No ... sob."

Kidnapper: I heard a lot of things about you but not that you are so easy to defeat!!!

ChickFighter: Lashes out with another quick sweep.

* Kidnapper receives the kick and looses his balance falling to the side. "Not bad!!!"

* ChickFighter snaps off another kick but cannot punch because hands still tied. "I can take you with my hands tied behind my back," she suddenly boasts.

* Kidnapper gets up and avoids the kick. Suddenly he lashes forward and grabs you by the hip trying to pin you against a nearby wall. The two henchman are watching the action with excitement

* ChickFighter is slammed hard against the wall pinning her there. She tries to thrust a knee into his groin.

Kidnapper: Unghhhhh

* Kidnapper gets to his knees as you connect with his crotch. Immediately he grabs your legs trying to pull you down with him

* ChickFighter pulls free and launches into a barrage of varied kicks with her only weapons, her long slender, but powerful legs.

* Kidnapper receives some of the kicks but tries to grab one of your ankles to throw you off-balance.

* ChickFighter unused to fighting with her hands tied loses her balance as he catches hold of an ankle.

* Kidnapper quickly removes your other footie and rolls you on your back sitting on top of you on his knees laughing and slamming an open hand at your cheek.

* ChickFighter ends up her back with a knee driven hard into her stomach and an open hand smacking her face. "You're going to have to do better than that to stop me," she exclaims attempting to roll him off her.

* Kidnapper starts squeezing your breasts with one hand while groping your pussy through the leotard with the other. Kidnapper pulls hard on your leotard trying to break it as he squeezes your hardening nipples with his fingers

ChickFighter: the exterior of her leotard is invulnerable, but unfortunately it does not prevent her from feeling the crush of his fingers.

* Kidnapper gets frustrated unable to break your leotard. Instead he starts fingering at your pussy slowly inserting one finger into it

ChickFighter: "Ohmygawd!" She fears as his hand goes inside her leotard that he will discover it can be torn from inside. She tries to wriggle away.

* Kidnapper notices a slight ripping sound coming from the leotard as his hand works your pussy. Swiftly he grabs the leotard again this time from the inside and yanks at it again while ordering you to pin your ankles down.

* ChickFighter suddenly hears the sound of fabric ripping and feels the night air on her public region. "Damn." The man straddling her has discovered that the leotard can be torn like ordinary spandex from the inside. She redoubles her efforts and tries again to throw him off with violent bucking.

* Kidnapper laughs as he feels how easy it is to rip your costume from the inside. He yanks the rest of your leotard further up trying to rip your costume all the way up to your breasts.

* Chickfighter, with hands tied behind her back, is helpless to prevent his hands from digging into the thin pink fabric of the leotard. As she continues to buck like a wild animal the tear in the fabric runs all the way to the neckline. Rrripppp! The whole front of her body is uncovered! Only her tiny pink panties remain. "Damn you, you sleazy bastard now I'm really going to have to kick your ass!" And so she does, landing every conceivable sort of kick on the kidnapper and his henchmen, and leaving them out cold in the alley, before running away into the night barefoot with her hands still tied.



ChickFighter corrals Varro & Kimme

ChickFighter: I see the man I've followed from my stakeout enter the side door of a closed coffee shop. I spot an open second story window. I quickly scurry up the brick wall like a ninja and slip silently inside

Varro: You hear alternate yelling and low voices from a room down the hall.

Varro: Now the yelling stops, and just low female and male voices.

ChickFighter: The hall is empty. As I enter it the yelling I was hearing stops, and the voices become low. At least one man and one woman. I think I can tell which room so I approach the door cautiously.

Varro: There's a larger room at the end of the hall with a door appears to be coming from that room.

ChickFighter: As I approach the end of the hall I can tell for sure that the voices are coming from the room at the very end of the hall. The door is cracked, so I decide to take a peak inside.

Varro: You see me and Kimmi talking in a room with a desk and a significant open space...we're sitting in two leather and metal chairs near a small table. Nothing seems very suspicious here.

ChickFighter: I see the stocky man I followed and an older woman sitting and talking. I put a gloved hand to my ear and press it against the wall outside the door to try to hear what they are saying.

Varro: What you hear is may or may not be anything illegal, and there's a significant amount of "garbage" there. Of course, you're impetuous.

ChickFighter: They don't look to dangerous so I decide to use the straightforward approach. I just walk right through the door and announce myself, "I'm ChickFighter, and I'm here to ask some questions!"

Varro: Hey...get outta here!!!!

ChickFighter: "Not until you two answer some questions!" I stand with my black-gloved hands on the hips of my pink leotard blocking the door.

Varro: I rise and attempt to shoulder you out of the room...

Kimmi: "Get RID of her!!!"

ChickFighter: As the man charges I attempt to sidestep and shove him into the wall with a two-handed thrust of open palms to his side. "Oh no you don't!"

* Varro gets thrown into the wall and knocked off balance.

ChickFighter: "Let that be a lesson to you, buster! You are no match for ChickFighter!" I point a finger at you as I continue, "now I'm going to ask some questions and you're going to answer them."


Varro: I swing at you wildly...

ChickFighter: My training allows me to block your blows on my arms with relative ease while simultaneously loading up on a front snap kick aimed at your gut.

* Varro takes the kick to the gut and falls to one knee, gasping.

* Kimmi responds and slams the hard toe of her boot into your thigh, just below the protection.

ChickFighter: "Now, stay down, or you're going to get hurt ... yeeooowwww!" I wince as the woman who I had forgotten to keep an eye on kicks me in my bare thigh. I limp back a few steps rubbing the spot as my eyes well up slightly. "That hurt!"

* Kimmi again kicks at the side of your knee.

ChickFighter: I see this one coming and hop out of the way. "OK, you caught me by surprise once, but not twice!" I assume a ready stance, gloves raised.

* Kimmi tries jabbing through the gloves...

ChickFighter: I block her jab and throw a sidekick toward her midsection. "You asked for it!"

* Kimmi takes the kick and is knocked back a step...

ChickFighter: I cross my arms with renewed confidence, "Now, as I was saying, I am going to ask some questions and you two are going to answer them. I saw you," I point at you, "coming from a meeting with a known criminal. What was it about?"

Varro: I'm not saying anything, and you broke in HERE.

* Varro swings at you again...

ChickFighter: Looking perplexed, I stammer, "But I'm not a crim ... hey, wait a ... ooph," You catch me by surprise as I try to justify my break in and hit me in the gut. I double over and gasp.

Varro: I try to use my bulk to subdue you...putting you into a bearhug.

ChickFighter: As you grab me I thrust my knee into your crotch.

* Varro gasps and loosens his grip.

ChickFighter: I hit you with a crescent kick and then a roundhouse to the side of your head. "I've had it with you, buster!"

* Varro falls down, semi-conscious.

* Kimmi charges you...

ChickFighter: I spin to face the charging woman, backing and kicking her in the temple as I face her. I lead with a one two punch right into the middle of her blouse.

* Kimmi gasps and is stunned at the punches...and defenseless.

ChickFighter: I leap up into a flying snap kick which I plant right on her chin.

* Kimmi collapses down right near the man, also semi-conscious.

ChickFighter: "You two should've just answered my questions," I say to myself, "now your finished!" I rip some cord from the window drapes and tie your wrists together behind your back and then your ankles. Then I do the same with the woman in the blouse and skirt. As I drag her over to you by her boots, her skirt flairs around her waist.

ChickFighter: I slip the woman's bound ankles over your head so that your head is caught between her legs. Then I untie her wrists and retie them behind your back so that the two of you are pressed into each other, your head between her legs, her face near your crotch. Then I call the police and give them an anonymous tip.



ChickFighter encounters Morgan Drakewing

* MorganDrakewing sits on the wall, smiling down at her. "I'm hired to go after ALL of you girls, darling. No exceptions."

ChickFighter: Indeed.

* MorganDrakewing nods. "I looked you over." He jumps down, landing, red eyes glowing a little, walking forward.

ChickFighter: Then you should know what happened to my superheroine mentor, Masked Americana.

* ChickFighter takes a fighting stance.

* MorganDrakewing smiles, chuckling. "A want to know where she is, do you? That tidbit of info may come at a...price, you know..."

ChickFighter: I don't pay bribes. I simply expect you to tell me what I want to know.

* ChickFighter cocks a gloved fist.

* MorganDrakewing keeps his hands behind his back, adjusting his gloves, setting the tasers in them. "That...may be difficult if you don't offer the proper incentive.

* ChickFighter shrugs and spreads arms slightly. "Do I look like I'm carrying any money. Where would I hide it?"

MorganDrakewing: I'm not talking monetary gain...perhaps it's as simple as...making it worth my while, hrm?"

ChickFighter: You're not suggesting ... what do you think I am ... I'm ChickFighter, I'm not that kind of girl!

* MorganDrakewing laughs, drawing his fists out. "I know...that's why I gotta fight you first, right? Defeat me...and I'll give you the info I have...lose...and I'll decide to have a little fun before I give it away."

* ChickFighter thinks his red eyes remind her of her Master Tsunami. "I'd best be careful," she thinks as she slides back into her stance and takes one step forward.

* MorganDrakewing darts in, crackling electrode knuckles swinging in the air, aimed at her stomach first.

ChickFighter: Sweeps his blow aside with a double block and snap kicks at this gut.

* MorganDrakewing hisses, drawing back, wincing. Bit of a hard kick. Best to keep this fight short range. He moves in, throwing a few more punches, electric fists slamming into the wall behind, tearing a small hole when he connects.

* ChickFighter avoids his blows with her quickness. Wow, the blows do incredible damage to the brick wall behind. She ducks low and sweeps.

* MorganDrakewing stumbles to the ground, nipping up, aiming a kick of his own at her chin.

ChickFighter: Kludge! Her head rocks back from the blow and she stumbles back against the wall behind her. He is quick and talented for a man.

* MorganDrakewing charges shoulder first into the girl now. Getting her off guard should make for a good pin.

* ChickFighter drives a knee up as he tackles her into the wall. Must get him off her!

* MorganDrakewing slides of, crawling up, breathing heavily, trying to grab at her arm, trying to get an electrical shock into her system.

* ChickFighter feels the blow land and the wind go out of him. She feels him attempt to shock her through the arm of her leotard as he slides to the ground, but fortunately the special material disperses most of the energy.

* MorganDrakewing growls, noting the material, grabbing her head, trying to hit it hard on the ground.

* ChickFighter feels his hand in her hair, clutching, grasping, trying to slam her into the pavement, throws out her forearms to break the fall and rolls away and up into her stance.

* MorganDrakewing gets to one knee, hissing a little. "Pretty fit...guess this fight might take a while, hrm?" He gives a shaky grin, wheezing, a hand to the wall, but ready to repel any attacks.

ChickFighter: I am well trained and stronger than I look ... you might want to just tell me what you know and avoid further pain and punishment, Mister...what is your name?"

* MorganDrakewing spits on the ground, straightening up. "Call me Morgan...for the next time we meet..." He reaches for his belt, activating his optical camouflage, a bright flash coming before, to disorient the heroine.

* ChickFighter suddenly finds his movements hard to follow. She tries to just feel where he is and not trust her eyes too much as she was taught, but she is no real master and it is difficult. She backs slowly trying to concentrate.

* MorganDrakewing acts as she does so, grabbing her from behind, a hand to her hip, letting the energy connect to the unprotected parts on her thighs, aiming to incapacitate.

* ChickFighter is suddenly seized by electrifying pain. It is as if her body is on fire. Her muscles seize up and she cannot move.

ChickFighter: Arrggghhhh!

* MorganDrakewing presses the charge down, then lightens up, supporting the herione in his arms, fingers sliding along her crotch, giving it a squeeze as he fades in.

MorganDrakewing: Underhanded...but gets the job done...don't it?

* MorganDrakewing drags her into the shadows. Hrm...better give her a place to rest...until the sensations pass...



ChickFighter and Chun Li

* Chun_Li rescues your unconscious body from the alley and wakes you gently.

* ChickFighter strokes your hair.

* Chun_Li hair is tied up in its usual ribbons and braids

Chun_Li: mmmmm

* ChickFighter tugs at one of the ribbons, pulling it loose.

* Chun_Li a braid falls free

Chun_Li: darn that takes ages to do

* Chun_Li giggles

* ChickFighter strokes your cheek. "But you have such pretty hair when it's down.

* ChickFighter pulls the other ribbon from Chun Li's hair.

* Chun_Li black hair rubs against my back, "Thank you"

* Chun_Li shakes it loose

ChickFighter: Your welcome.

* ChickFighter brushes the long dark hair.

Chun_Li: mmmmm, thats nice

* ChickFighter sniffs your hair.

* Chun_Li hair smells lightly of roses

ChickFighter: Your hair smells beautiful ... like roses.

Chun_Li: well a girl as to look and smell good, as well as be able to kick ass

* Chun_Li cracks my knuckles

ChickFighter: That's for sure.

* ChickFighter reaches for your hip.

ChickFighter: You've always kicked ass pretty well with these powerful thighs.

* ChickFighter strokes your quad.

Chun_Li: oh yes, a lot of work went into those thighs

ChickFighter: I can tell, I can only hope to be nearly as strong some day.

Chun_Li: with hard work and practice, you never know

* Chun_Li turns around to face you looking you over

Chun_Li: hmmm, not too bad *smiles*

* ChickFighter kneels down and begins unlacing your white boots.

ChickFighter: Thanks, you really think so? *Beams*

* Chun_Li slips off my boots once they are unlaced

Chun_Li: certainly

* ChickFighter caresses your calf muscles in my gloved hands. "Nice tights you wear,Chun."

* Chun_Li giggles. "Thanks, your outfit is sexy too"

* Chun_Li strokes your head

* ChickFighter gives your knee a kiss and reaches for the buttons on your outfit. *sighs*

* ChickFighter unbuttons the top of your outfit with excited hands.

* Chun_Li wiggles out of my costume

* ChickFighter quickly does the same, tossing the pink leotard aside. Now stands in only pink panties, black gloves, footies, and mask.

* Chun_Li has on blue panties and nothing else

Chun_Li: nice

* ChickFighter approaches, slipping my gloved hands under the seat of your blue panties cupping your bottom.

ChickFighter: Very nice!

Chun_Li: ooooooo

* Chun_Li presses back against your hand, I reach up to stroke your breast

* ChickFighter presses her lips gently to Chun Li's.

ChickFighter: Oh yes, please.

* Chun_Li kisses you gently rubbing your ass

* ChickFighter gropes inside your panties with gloved hand while kissing you full of the lips.

Chun_Li: mmmmmmmmm, oh, yes!

* Chun_Li probes your mouth with my tongue

* ChickFighter use my tongue to wrestle with yours like little streetfighters although my tongue seems to be losing.

ChickFighter: Ooooohhh myyyy!

* Chun_Li giggles

* Chun_Li pulls away forcing you to your knees. "Lick me out"

* ChickFighter pulls off your panties and extends my tongue between your pussy lips while thumb and finger spread them.

* Chun_Li sighs as your tongue probes me, I press your face firmly against my sex

* ChickFighter licks one side and then the other. You are damp and it makes me even hotter. I begin to flutter my tongue against your clit.

Chun_Li: ahhhhhhhh! ah yes

* Chun_Li fluids start to flow as I let out little moans, my clit is hard.

* ChickFighter works my tongue harder, grasping my arms around your thighs to pull them tight around my head. It is like an oven and I am in heat.

* Chun_Li squirms and wriggles as you continue to lick, "Oh god, I think I'm going to cum!"

* ChickFighter presses on, triple tonguing like a horn player.

* Chun_Li yells out as I cum, my juices flowing rapidly, pussy trying to grip your tongue

* ChickFighter digs the fingers of my gloved hands into your thighs as bury myself into your sex even as I am drenched with your juice.

* Chun_Li squeals and squeals, slowly subsiding as my orgasm does

* ChickFighter drops slowly to the floor, panting, with your cum all over my excited face.

Chun_Li: mmmmm, that was good

* ChickFighter stares up happily.

ChickFighter: I'm glad you liked it, so did I!

* Chun_Li smiles

ChickFighter: That was almost as much fun as catching villains. *grins as she wipes her face and then licks her glove*

ChickFighter: ...or being caught by villains. ;)

* Chun_Li giggles

Chun_Li: fortunately that doesn't happen to me

ChickFighter: Well, you're the most powerful woman in the world ... and the sexiest too!

Chun_Li: why thank you

ChickFighter: Good luck.

Chun_Li: you too



ChickFighter & Solemn

ChickFighter: You're so good to me, Solemn. I don't know what I 'd do without you.

* Solemn smiles. "Now you'll never have to know."

* ChickFighter smiles.

* Solemn kisses your forehead.

* ChickFighter leans in to your shoulder and rests her head there.

* Solemn kisses your head again, lovingly holding you close.

* ChickFighter wraps her arms around you and gently kisses your neck.

* Solemn smiles at the kisses. "You know," he comments, "I've never seen you in civvies."

ChickFighter: But you've seen me in less. Want to go out to dinner or something?

Solemn: That would be nice. I'd just like to see you in something different then your costume.

ChickFighter: OK, I'll go get dressed ... and you make us reservations."

* Solemn smiles and kisses again. "Alright," he says, smiling.

* ChickFighter pulls away, grinning, and bounces happily upstairs.

* Solemn watches you bounce upstairs as he makes reservations at a very nice restaurant, for a private booth.

* ChickFighter searches my clothes for a nice outfit ... let's see perhaps a nice white blouse and dark skirt over my usual pink undies and bra...

* Melancholy walks in and sees you looking through your clothes. Grinning impishly she sneaks up behind you and gooses your firm rear. "What's up sweetie?" she asks, it's Solemn's sister, Mel, of course.

ChickFighter: Oh, hi Mel, Sol and I are going out to eat.

* Mel grins. "And you don't have a thing to wear hmm?"

ChickFighter: Well Mel, I'd really like to make Sol look at me in a whole new light. You know him, suggestions?

* Mel smiles. "I have a really nice dress he likes, and some sexy undies too."

ChickFighter: Do you think they'll fit me?

* Mel nods. "We're about the same size, so they should," she replies. "I have some heels and stockings too, no bra though."

ChickFighter: Great, that'd be awesome. Let me try it on.

* Mel grins, getting the outfit for you.

* ChickFighter hold it up to herself, beaming from ear to ear. Doffs her costume in seconds and starts putting on this ensemble.

ChickFighter: Where'd you get these undies?

* Mel smiles as she watches you dress. "Fredericks of Hollywood," she replies. "I thought they were just awesome and had to have them."

* ChickFighter grins. "They barely cover anything." Finishes pulling on the dress and walks to the mirror to look at herself. "It fits like a glove ... ohmy, I can see the outline of my nipples."

* ChickFighter giggles.

* Mel grins at that. "That's the idea," she grins. "You'll drive Solly wild, he'll love it. Betcha he reserved a private booth."

ChickFighter: "Do you really think so? I hope your right. I love to eat," she says breaking into laughter and taking hold of Mel's hands, clasping them.

* Mel smiles, holding your hands. Being Mel she plants kisses on both of them. "I know you do Molly," she replies. "You enjoy food too," she adds, winking playfully.

* ChickFighter giggles some more, "You're naughty, and I like it."

* Mel grins, pressing against you a bit. "So are you," she replies, softly. "Now go drive my brother wild."

* ChickFighter shakes her head in the affirmative and bounces downstairs slowing as she reaches the hall to attempt to walk more seductively.

* Solemn smiles at you. He watches you approach him with a grin, looking dapper in a tux. "Ready to go?" he asks.

ChickFighter: Yes sir, Solly!

* Solemn smiles, offering you his arm as he plans to lead you to the rented limousine.

* ChickFighter takes his arm and nods.

* Solemn leads you to the limo, which drives off as soon as we get in. Obviously he didn't spare any expenses.

ChickFighter: Very nice.

* ChickFighter looks around and smiles.

* Solemn grins.

Solemn: I spared no expense. We're eating at the best restaurant and nightclub in the city.

* ChickFighter gives you a quick kiss on the cheek.

* Solemn replies with a hug as we arrive. He soon escorts you to the private booth, which allows us to see what we want but nobody can see in.

ChickFighter: This is great, Solly, I love it.

* Solemn smiles, waiting for you to take a seat at the booth before he sits down.

* ChickFighter cups the bottom of the dress as she sits and looks back at you with eyes aglow.

* Solemn smiles as he sits down, a bottle of wine is already waiting for us. A very good year.

ChickFighter: Well, Solly, pour me some wine.

* Solemn smiles as he pours us both some wine. Naturally his foot brushes yours as he does so.

* ChickFighter takes a sip.

Solemn: * It is very good wine, the best you've ever tasted, which might not be saying much if you've never actually had wine. *

* ChickFighter tries to look impressed not knowing what to expect. She's only ever tasted wine a couple of times before, but she doesn't want Solemn to know.

* Solemn guessed this might be the case, so he didn't get a very strong wine. Again his foot brushes yours as he sips his drink.

* ChickFighter takes another sip.

ChickFighter: It is very good, Love.

* Solemn smiles, rubbing his foot against your calf.

Solemn: Only the best for you my dear.

* ChickFighter grins and kicks off my high heels.

* Solemn smiles, rubbing his foot over your bare feet.

ChickFighter: Why don't you order for us both, dear Solly.

* ChickFighter runs one barefoot up the inside of your knee and along your thigh.

* Solemn shivers in pleasure as he nods at you. When the waitress comes by, he orders us both a filet mignon.

* ChickFighter continues to beam with pleasure as she looks around at her surroundings and searches for your crotch with her toes.

ChickFighter: It's very nice.

* Solemn gasps a bit as your toes find his crotch. Not surprisingly it's rather hard at this point and only gets harder.

Solemn: Indeed.

ChickFighter: My ninja master didn't exactly take me out dining or dancing ... certainly not like this! He was more into dance-for-one's-life-or-eat-crow kinda outings.

* ChickFighter curls her toes against your stiffness.

* Solemn shivers in pleasure, pressing his hardness against your toes.

Solemn: He just didn't know how to treat a lady.

* ChickFighter bows her head slightly. "He loves me in his own way ... but I never knew there were men like you in the world!"

* Solemn smiles at that. "Well there are," he replies. "And I'll continue doing stuff like this with you."

* ChickFighter smiles gratefully as she continues to work your crotch with the toes of her barefoot.

* Solemn moans in pleasure as your foot rubs his crotch. Thanks to the acoustics of the booth, nobody can hear.

* ChickFighter manages to unbutton the trousers of your tux with her talented toes.

ChickFighter: Do you like the results of my training?

* Solemn grins broadly at that little trick as his cock is freed.

Solemn: A very useful trick, that.

* ChickFighter smiles broadly as she curls her little toes around the tip of your cock, massaging it. She brings up her other foot and does the same to the shaft.

* Solemn body shakes from the intense pleasure, gasping as you stroke his cock with your feet. Obviously he likes this a lot.

* ChickFighter looks up and says "Hey, I think our food's coming."

* Solemn grins as the food is delivered. He thinks it might not be the only thing "coming" if you keep up what you're doing.

* ChickFighter smirks saying, "Do you think you're going to be able to keep anything down?"

* Solemn grins. "The food will stay down," he replies, with a wink. "Other things might not."

* ChickFighter laughs and digs into her steak like a hungry child for a moment before forcing herself to slow down.

* Solemn grins, enjoying his steak and the movement of your feet.

* ChickFighter keeps working her toes even as she eats. Her toe's movements seem, if anything, to be invigorated by the act of eating.

* Solemn moans and shivers in pleasure through the meal, grinning at you the whole time. "Keep that up and I'm going to make a mess," he says, with a wink.

* ChickFighter smiles with satisfaction at the comment and finishes off her meal, eating everything including the peels of the baked potato.

* Solemn grins, his body shaking as he moans in pleasure again. "I could give you something to wash that down with, if you hurry."

* ChickFighter glides under the table with shadow warrior skill and takes his member in hand and plants her lips around its twitching head.

* Solemn moans loudly as your lips are planted around his head. Soon your mouth is flooded with large loads of his tasty cum.

* ChickFighter works his shaft with her hands to get it all and gulps it down before popping her face up above the level of the table with lip still drooling.

ChickFighter: Dessert!

* Solemn grins, leaning over the table to lick your drooling lip. "Dessert indeed," he replies, with a grin.

* ChickFighter climbs up on the table and sits on Solemn's plate, spreading her legs.

ChickFighter: Your turn. ;)

* Solemn grins as he watches your legs spread. "You borrowed Mel's panties," he says, with delight as he slides them off.

ChickFighter: She told me you liked this outfit.

* Solemn grins. "I do," he says, as he plants a loving kiss on your pussy.

* ChickFighter sighs with shuddering bliss and runs her bare hands through your dark hair.

* Solemn smiles, eagerly licking over your pussy with gusto.

* ChickFighter wriggles like a worm on a hook.

* Solemn smiles, sliding his tongue into your wet pussy.

ChickFighter: oh, Solly, there, yes, yes.

* Solemn grins, eagerly thrusting his tongue at the spot you're enjoying so much.

ChickFighter: Ah, fucking yes, you're so good to me ... you're just so good! YESSS!

* Solemn grins, thrusting his tongue faster and faster into your pussy.

* ChickFighter feels herself about to be served warm and wet au jus. "Aahhhhhh..."

* Solemn thrusts his tongue as deep into you as he can, wanting some dessert.

* ChickFighter feels her body stiffen as his tongue goes deep inside her and her damn bursts.

* Solemn moans happily in pleasure as he licks up your sweet nectar.

* ChickFighter lifts his head by the hair to kiss his sticky lips long and hard.

* Solemn happily returns the kiss with intense passion.

* ChickFighter wraps her legs around him and leans in to his body, her arms clutching his face to hers.

* Solemn holds you nice and close as we kiss, not caring who might come into the booth and see us.

* ChickFighter finally lets the kiss end smiling as her lips leave his. "That was nice."

* Solemn nods in agreement, holding you nice and close.

* ChickFighter reaches back and lifts her wineglass to her lips, spilling some as she sips, which dribbles down her chin. "Oh no, not on Mel's dress!"

* Solemn licks up the dribbling wine as he holds you close. "It's ok," he says. "It should come out in the dry cleaning."

ChickFighter: I think you got most of it with your talented tongue. I'm afraid I may be getting tipsy already.

Solemn: Do you want to stay?

ChickFighter: It was great, but I think I'm ready for you to take me home ... I probably shouldn't have had the second glass ... my metabolism just doesn't process alcohol well for some reason.

* Solemn smiles as he scoops you into his arms. "Ok," he replies, softly. "I have something special planned anyway."

* ChickFighter has a silly smile, "OK."

* Solemn carries you outside where the limo is waiting for us. This however is a different limo, one with a hot tub!

* ChickFighter waves drunkenly at bystanders as she is carried to the waiting limo. "He said he has something special planned," she tells them.

* Solemn grins as he slides you into the limo, getting into it with you. Once we're inside and the door is shut, he begins undressing you.

ChickFighter: Oh ... aren't you the forward one ... what are you doing ... where are my shoes?

* Solemn chuckles. "The manager will send you the shoes," he says. "And you can't play in the hottub in Mel's dress after all."

ChickFighter: Does it have jets ... I love the feel of the jets!

* ChickFighter falls in.

* Solemn smiles, stripping down as he gets into the hottub with you, cradling your body against his. He grins as he turns on the jets.

ChickFighter: oooooooohweeeeee!

* ChickFighter kisses him clumsily.

* Solemn kisses back, positioning you so that the jets blow over your pussy.

* ChickFighter fondles herself as the water rushes through her fingers.

ChickFighter: It's super.

* Solemn grins, smiling at that as he fondles your breasts.

* ChickFighter splashes him once and gives herself over to the sensation of his hands on her breasts and the jet on her pussy.

ChickFighter: Mmmm

* Solemn lovingly squeezes your breasts, smiling as he knows the driver will take the scenic route so they can enjoy this fun.

ChickFighter: I believe you're taking advantage of me ... or you should be ... I don't know.

* Solemn grins, rubbing his hard cock against your rear.

* ChickFighter gyrates inviting at the touch, spreading her bottom with her own fingers.

* Solemn grins, placing the head of his cock at your anal opening.

ChickFighter: Do it, Solly, I need to feel you inside me ... now!

* Solemn grins, gently working his cock into your ass.

* ChickFighter gasps and shudders with unadulterated pleasure.

* Solemn grins, thrusting his big cock all the way into you.

* ChickFighter wriggles as her anal ring spasms around your cock. "Oh yessss..."

* Solemn grins, beginning to thrust into her nice and slow.

* ChickFighter finds his rhythm and relaxes a bit.

* Solemn smiles, thrusting into you as he holds you close.

* ChickFighter turns her head to the side to look back at him as she rides him, "That's quite a saddle horn you got there, cowboy!"

* Solemn grins, thrusting into you a bit harder and deeper. "And you ride it right well purdy lady," he says, in his best ridiculous cowboy accent.

ChickFighter: Well, good Solly, Miss Molly!"

* Solemn chuckles as he eagerly fucks your rear.

* ChickFighter arches her back and loves it as he moves her up and down by the grip of his hands on her taut breasts.

* Solemn grins, fucking your ass good and hard now, with a big grin on his face the entire time.

ChickFighter: Oh ... oh ... oh ... oh ... oh ... ohhhhhhh... *water sloshing everywhere*

* Solemn grins, his cock thrusting deep with every movement. His finger plays with your clit as he fucks you.

* ChickFighter bounces up and down with eyes closed in the grip of complete ecstasy. And continues to grunt, "Oh ... oh ... oh..."

* Solemn grins, tweaking your clit.

* ChickFighter stiffens, clamping down on his cock as she wails, "Ohhhhhhmyfuckingawd, yessssss..."

* Solemn howls in pleasure as he shoots a load into your wonderfully tight ass.

* ChickFighter is melted by the overwhelming warm wet pleasure that engulfs her and falls limply back against him.

* Solemn grins as he holds you close. "You're so hot," he moans.

ChickFighter: So are you ... and devious too!

* ChickFighter grins a naughty grin.

* Solemn playfully tweaks your clit again.

Solemn: You love it.

* ChickFighter puts a finger to your lips. "So what if I do ... it's no more or less than you!"

* Solemn kisses your fingers. "I never claimed that it wasn't."

* ChickFighter turns, lifts his mouth to hers and kisses him lovingly on the lips.

* Solemn happily returns the kiss.

* ChickFighter whispers as their lips part, "Can I curl up and cuddle with you when we get home?"

Solemn: I wouldn't have it any other way.

* ChickFighter hopes the splashing water all over her face disguises the streak of a tear running down her cheek as she hugs him quickly to hide her face.

* Solemn kisses the tear away, but doesn't comment at all as he holds you close

ChickFighter: night, night, sleep tight.

Solemn: You too.



ChickFighter vs Bundy

* ChickFighter enters the forest where she's been told she can find the hideout of a man named Bundy. She's been told he can lead her to her missing friend, Masked Americana.

* bundy is home at his hideout a small cabin with only two rooms ..he sits working at his desk plotting his next project wearing moleskin pants and jeans

* ChickFighter pushes back a branch as she makes her way through relatively dense undergrowth ... in full costume of course. It is hot and sweaty.

* bundy is expecting a quiet relaxed day nothing is ever any trouble out here

ChickFighter: "His hideout's supposed to be around here somewhere," she says peering into the brush and spying a small cabin.

* ChickFighter approaches the cabin.

* ChickFighter tries the door to see if it is locked.

* bundy gets up from his desk and sits down on the couch facing the TV ...grabbing the remote he starts surfing the channels looking for something to do

* ChickFighter decides to knock instead. "Hello, in there."

* bundy hears the door and jumps up quickly ..."who is it?"

ChickFighter: The name is ChickFighter ... and I'm looking for a man named Bundy ... are you he?"

bundy: I might be him ... why do you want him?

* bundy opens the door

ChickFighter: "A reliable source told me you would know something about the disappearance of my friend, Masked Americana, the wrestler and superheroine," she says on her guard.

* bundy looks chickfighter up and down eyeing her cute body and very sexy legs "I might ...but why should i tell you"

* ChickFighter eyes the man who opened the door. An ordinary ruffian by the looks of him. "We can do this the easy way or..."

* bundy looks at your form and chuckles ... "i am definitely not telling you anything now little girl bye!!!"

* ChickFighter thrusts out a hand to keep him from shutting the door and reaches to grab his arm. "MA was my friend ... and I'm not going to just let it go!"

* bundy stands there facing you 5'9" approx 160lbs fairly athletic looking build

* bundy pulls his hand free and sends a knee towards your belly

* ChickFighter with enhanced reflexes redirects the knee aside and attempts to barge into the cabin, "Watch it, buddy! I'm no ordinary girl!"

* bundy is pushed aside by you but i throw a forearm at your back as you enter my cabin "make yourself at home then" I growl

* ChickFighter stumbles forward from a blow to my back. I teeter as I spin trying to catch my balance.

* bundy grabs for your arm with both hands trying to pull you towards the door

* ChickFighter jerks her arm free and trips on something ... damn, a beer can on the floor ... and falls back on the couch.

* bundy dives towards you and lands on top of you grabbing your hair with both hands looking you in the eyes .."so you want to play do you?"

* ChickFighter tries to push him away, "Get off me, you clod." She pulls her knees in tight and prepares to kick him off her.

* bundy clasping your hair tight I lift and bash your head into the couch ...grrrrr

* ChickFighter discovers he is stronger than he looks. "Shit," she exclaims as her head is driven into the wooden arm of the couch, stunning her for a moment.

* bundy bashes your head again then gets off you ... standing next to you and looking down at you "last chance you can leave now or else you become my toy ...which is it?"

* ChickFighter shakes her head to remove the cobwebs and to indicate "NO!" Attempts to leg sweep him off his feet.

* bundy watches you shake your head ... then your sweep sends me falling onto my ass hard ...i grab at my aching back from the fall

* ChickFighter pops up to her feet and kicks the heel of one of her footies right at your crotch. "I've had it with you, buster!"

* bundy ooooommmmMMMMMPPPHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! the power of your kick to my groin is harder than expected i curl up into the fetal position on the floor grabbing at my groin

* ChickFighter grabs him up by a gloveful of the front of his shirt, "Now start talking, what do you know about MA's disappearance?"

* bundy places his hands on your shoulders and gives you a hard shove backwards

* bundy "not telling that now"!!!

* ChickFighter is shoved back a step. "Oh yes you will," she declares aiming a sidekick at his midsection.

* bundy ooooommmmpppphhhhhhhhh is knocked onto one knee and one foot ... holding my side hurt from the kicks

* ChickFighter points a finger at him. "Now start talking or this pummeling will continue!" Puts gloved hands on pink clad hips and stands over her fallen foe.

* bundy looks up at you then charges from this low position aiming my shoulder towards your belly and wrapping my arms your waist

* ChickFighter is tackled by him and driven backward hard into the wooden floor knocking the wind out of her. Kerplunk! "Whoosh!"

* bundy gets up off you and drives a fist into your belly before scooting back and grabbing you by the right ankle ..I start twisting it

* ChickFighter gasps for air and then suddenly realizes her leg is being twisted so she rolls in the direction of the twist and swings her other leg at him.

* bundy slides in and lifts your leg as you roll ..then 'WHACK!!! your other leg catches me in the ribs .. I release your ankle as i fall to my side

* ChickFighter rolls away catching her breath as she climbs slowly back to her feet looking over her shoulder at this sturdy man with so much fight. "I'm warning you," she says.

* bundy slowly climbs to his feet holding his side ...feeling quite bruised there now ... watching you closely ...trying to recover as much as i can

* ChickFighter seeing him look rather the worse for wear approaches with gloved fists up. "Are you ready to start talking?"

* bundy ...circles you a little "never" I answer fists up myself now ..watching your feet very closely and warily now

* ChickFighter leaps into the air aiming a flying kick at your head. "OK, you asked for it!"

* bundy stummbles back but your kick is way to fast for me collecting my head ..sending my flat onto the floor ..quite dazed ...

* ChickFighter grabs you up by the shirt once more and pushes you up against the wall. "I want answers, NOW!" says the confident heroine, stepping back and placing her gloves on the powerbelt at her waist.

* bundy head still cloudy from the last hard kick I look at your confident stand ... yet so much smaller than me .. "never talking" as i throw a fist towards your belly

* ChickFighter is caught off guard as he attacks again. Ooph! She doubles up from a punch in the breadbasket.

* bundy grabbing your shoulders he drives a knee up into your belly as well

* ChickFighter feels all the air driven out of her lungs. Only the man's hands on her shoulders continue to hold her up.

bundy: "time to Pay"

ChickFighter: "nnnn," she chokes out weakly.

* bundy drobs a forearm across the back of your neck and steps back

* ChickFighter goes down in a heap, crashing momentarily unconscious to the floor.

* bundy looks down at you Laffing ... pokes you with my foot to see you aren't moving and heads off into his bedroom for a minute

* ChickFighter slowly begins to regain consciousness. She looks around. The room still seems to be spinning and she doesn't see the man.

* bundy gathers some rope and ties from his bedroom ..strips down to a pair of speedo's and comes back out to where i left you

* ChickFighter still on hands and knees sees him reenter the room carrying some rope and ... ohmygawd, wearing only a speedo. She tries to get up, but is still so weak she only sprawls on her front.

* bundy sees you have recovered a little i drop the rope and ties onto the couch and approach you ..standing in front of you ready to attack again

* ChickFighter flicks out a gloved hand to grab his ankle and throw him off balance.

* bundy acckkkk!!! thinking you were to unaware to fight back ..but i trip down onto my ass ... jarring my back again ...AACCKKKKKK

* ChickFighter struggles again to get up, slowly getting to her hands and knees, but she is still too woozy to stand so she starts to crawl for the door.

* bundy slowly climbs to his feet back aching ..grimacing in pain

* ChickFighter is halfway to the door, still crawling.

* bundy staggers towards you and reaches grabbing for your ankle again

* ChickFighter feels her ankle grasped and pulled back which causes her to sprawl out again, her breasts, covered only by thin pink fabric, smacking into the wooden floor.

* bundy pulls you back towards me ...eyeing your perfectly shaped ass as it escapes your costume ... I start folding your leg forwards

* ChickFighter feels the crotch of her leotard deep in her ass crack as her leg is bent forwards. She tries to twist away, but his grip is firm.

* bundy grabs you by the back of your leotard and picks you up off the floor standing facing away from me as i drag you back towards the middle of the room

* ChickFighter is suddenly lifted by the elastic fabric of her leotard, which cuts into her pubic region as she is dragged across the room, wriggling weakly to try and break free.

* bundy turns you around and shoves you onto the couch ... "now then your gonna wish you never came in here"

* ChickFighter rolls to one side, again showing her ass, and tries to crawl off the couch. "NO, I will escape and defeat you yet, " she mumbles.

* bundy stands back and chuckles at you ... enjoying the fight now ... "come on then lets see what you can do" I say as wait for you

* ChickFighter feels her strength returning enough to stagger to her feet. She puts up her gloves as she wobbles drunkenly in front of her foe.

* bundy laughs at you now as i slap your gloves away from me ... "is that it you give now"?

* ChickFighter begins to swing punches wildly, head hunting in desperation. "Never!"

* bundy ducks your punches watching you swing them wildly ...

* ChickFighter stumbles forward as she swings until she collides with him.

* bundy slips his arms around you and locks his hands behind your back lifting you off the ground

* ChickFighter feels her nipples poke against the man's chest through the thin sweaty fabric of her costume as he lifts her into a bear hug and squeezes. "Oooooph!"

* bundy mmmm moans with pleasure as i feel your body pressed up into mine ... i start to squeeze tightly now

* ChickFighter flails her arms and legs as the pressure of his hands in the small of her back bows her backbone, testing the limits of her flexibility. She squirms helplessly. "Nnnnnn..."

* bundy keeps his grip fairly tight and leans into you, whispers in your ear .."you're mine now little one ..nothing you can do about it does it feel"

* ChickFighter begins to pound her gloved fists on the tops of his shoulders as best she can. "Nn, never, you bastard!"

* bundy tries to keep the hold tight ..but loosens it a little as you pound at my shoulders ..your body starting to feel heavy as I start to lower you grip slipping

* ChickFighter continues to squirm for all she is worth in an effort to slip her sweaty body away from her attacker.

* bundy looses the struggle to keep the hold as you slip from my grasp ggrrrrr!!!

* ChickFighter goes kerplunk on the floor. "Ouch." Rubs her bottom, then quickly turns and starts to crawl off more energetically than before as her strength returns.

* bundy arms acheing from hold you up so long and the pounding on my shoulders I mange to get to the door and shut it before you get there ..locking it .."your not going anywhere hun"

* ChickFighter manages to get to her feet. "You're going to regret that, bud!" she says as she definitely feels her strength returning.

* bundy turns to face you "we'll see who has the regrets" i snarl

* ChickFighter launches a roundhouse kick at his head though she is not as quick as she was earlier.

* bundy manages to duck but the kick catches the top of my head still ...down on one knee

* ChickFighter steps forward to grab you, fumbling to get hold of an arm and push it behind your back.

* bundy in the confusion and daze i feel my arm twisted up behind my back

bundy: arrrr nn nnnoooo

* ChickFighter tries to push you face first into the wall by means of this arm trapped in the small of your back.

* bundy CrashhHHHHH ... my face hit the wall stunning me a bit

* ChickFighter presses into him to hold him against the wall. She speaks her words venomously into his ear and gives his arm a twist. "Now tell me what happened my friend!"

* bundy struggles but can't move as i am pressed against the wall ..."no never"!!!!

* ChickFighter twists his arm harder. "Talk, damn you, or do you want me to break it?"

* bundy arrrrr!!!! screams in pain as My arm feels like its going to break ..I keep trying to squirm free

* ChickFighter is frustrated that he won't talk and starts to walk him back to the couch by use of this hold. "What if I use your own ropes on you, buster?"

* bundy starts to panic ..wishing I had got the ropes on you before when you were down ... ..feels you slowly force me towards the couch arm and shoulder going numb with pain

* ChickFighter shoves him down on the couch and let's go of his arm with one of her hands to grab a length of rope from the seat of the couch. "Now I've got you!"

* bundy is shoved face first down into the couch ... my arm still trapped grabbing at my shoulder with my free hand trying to relieve the pain .. snarling, growling and groaning at you

* ChickFighter snatches up a length of rope and attempts to wrap it around your wrists, completely letting go of your arm in order to do so. "Hold still!"

* bundy arm numb and hard to move as i try to shake it free of your ties .. feeling the rope wrapping around my wrists .. head buried in the couch

* ChickFighter loops the rope around his wrists and pulls it tight. His struggles cause her to fumble a bit as she attempts to tie the ends together. "Darn it, I said hold still!"

* bundy feels the rope pull tight around my wrists ..heart starts to sink worried i am beat here shoulder aching ..hoping you can't get it tied tightly

* ChickFighter finishes tying off the rope as best she can. She snatches up another piece of rope and straddles his legs. "Now for your ankles."

* bundy struggles against the ties around his wrists ..but can't free them ... feeling you grab at my ankles

* ChickFighter pulls his ankles together and loops this second piece of rope around them, quickly knotting the ends. She slaps him on the ass as she gets up, "Now, are you going to tell me what happened to my friend. Masked Americana?"

* bundy struggles against the ropes shaking my head no can't make me determined look on my face ..

* ChickFighter laughs and grabs his crotch. "I guess you won't mind if I search the place then? Don't go anywhere!" She smirks, looks around, then struts to the bedroom, twitching her ass.

bundy: arrrrr!!!!!!

* bundy lays bound on the couch ..watching you head to the bedroom ..where are you going ???

* ChickFighter says, "To look in the other room, Bundy." She goes into the other room and leaves him on the couch.

* bundy keeps struggling against the ties .. manages to sit up but still trapped

* ChickFighter noses around in the bedroom until she finds a long white woman's glove. "Where did you get this glove, you bastard?" she yells.

bundy: I ... glove I um ..

* bundy gulps

bundy: its just a glove

* ChickFighter storms back into the room and walks up to him to thrust the glove in his face, "This glove belonged to Masked Americana, how did you get it?"

* bundy she gave it to me

* bundy laughs

bundy: with an evil grin

ChickFighter: Yeah, right! Get up, you ... you bastard!

* bundy struggles to get up

* ChickFighter pushes him to the floor. "If you don't talk to me I'm going to call the police."

bundy: ok ok

* bundy don't call the police on me ... I know what happened to MA

ChickFighter: OK, spill it now.

* bundy I was employed to capture and torture her... before handing her on to my employers

* ChickFighter looks distraught. "And so ... so you did ... what did you do to ... oh my ... hey, who are your employers?"

* bundy I captured her and tortured her for 2 days ..before passing her onto my employers ... i don't know their names or how to contact them ..they always contacted me

* ChickFighter bites her lip with a troubled look. "Well, I'd better do a thorough search before I call the police."

bundy: now let me go .I told you what you asked can't call the police we had a deal

* ChickFighter stops and puts a finger to her lips, thinking. "Exactly how did these employers contact you?"

bundy: via mail... ... a copy is over there on the bench

* Chickfighter takes this information, hoping it will help with her search, and leaves his ass for the cops to pick up later.


ChickFighter with Solemn & Melancholy

ChickFighter: Hey there, lover, wha'cha doing?

Solemn: Not much, just creating a character for a game.

* ChickFighter has come in from her run all sweaty wearing black trainers on her feet, a pink bikini bottom, black shorts top, and pink ribbons on her two braided pigtails. "That's nice, what kinda game?"

* Solemn smiles as you walk in, looking you over. "Online roleplaying game," he replies, as he openly checks you out. "Do you always go out running looking that sexy?" he asks, casually.

ChickFighter: Not always, but your grounds seemed safe enough. Listen, I hope I wasn't too annoying the other night. My metabolism actually processes alcohol quickly like everything else, I just like to use it as an excuse to be silly.

Solemn: You weren't annoying at all. I enjoyed the opportunity to eat you out in a fancy nightclub and buttfuck you in the limo hottub on the way back."

* Solemn grins impishly.

* ChickFighter starts toweling off. "Well, I guess YOU would. I had fun too. So what's this character all about?"

* Solemn smiles. "She's a strong girl, used to be a thief. She can survive at the depths of the ocean."

* ChickFighter looks puzzled. "You mean she can breathe water with like gills or something?"

* Solemn nods. "Yes," he replies. "And she can survive the pressures at the bottom of the ocean."

* ChickFighter raises her eyebrows, "Wow, can she function OK in an atmosphere of air too?"

* Solemn nods. "Of course."

* ChickFighter is still looking perplexed. "Does she look like a normal human or does she have like fins and scales and webbed feet? Sounds kinda fishy to me!" She laughs.

* Solemn playfully tickles you. "Of course she looks human silly!"

* ChickFighter giggles as she is tickled and curls up in a ball, "Stop ... hehe ... please ... hehe ... don't ... hehe ... I'm ticklish!"

* Solemn grins as he tickles you some more. "Cry aunty!" he yells.

* ChickFighter is writhing in an agony of giggling, "No ... hehe ... stop ... hehe ... please ... hehe ... no more ... hehe ... OK ... hehe ... Auntie!"

* Solemn grins, mock celebrating his tickling victory over you.

* ChickFighter pouts with head down. "Solemn defeat again for poor ChickFighter," she says and begins to laugh.

* Solemn playfully spanks you for the pun, but not very hard.

* ChickFighter grinning, "...and now she will pay dearly in the hands of her captor, oochie!"

* Solemn grins as he pulls you across his knees, still spanking. "You better believe it."

* ChickFighter with eyes open wide in mock shock yelps, "Oh no, yikes, no, please no, ouch, no more, yikes, please, yikes, more, please, yikes, I mean no more, hehehe..."

* Solemn grins and only chooses to hear the more. Thus he spanks you harder and more frequently.

* ChickFighter becomes excited by the loud vigorous smacking of her sweaty bikini bottoms and her body bucks a bit as she lays folded over his knees. "No, no more, oh, more, oh more, ohhhh..."

* Solemn grins, spanking you yet harder and faster, enjoying the view of your body bucking over his knees. The fact that you're becoming excited is not lost upon him.

* ChickFighter inches forward in an attempt to hump her crotch against your knee as her grunting continues, "oh, oh, oh..."

* Solemn chuckles a bit as you start humping. With an impish grin he pulls down your bikini bottoms so he can spank your bare bottom.

* ChickFighter quivers a bit as his hand begins to smack her bare ass. "mh, mh, mh..."

* Solemn grins, keeping it up, wanting to see what happens.

* ChickFighter reaches back with one hand and starts playing with herself as the disgusting display continues, "mh mh mh nh nh nh gnh gnnah cmmmm..."

* Solemn grins, watching you play with yourself as he spanks you even harder. It's quite obvious he's enjoying this now.

* ChickFighter rushes headlong to a shivering climax and rolls off your knees to the floor where she just lays on her back and groans. "Oh you evil villain, humiliating me like this!" She looks happily up at Solemn and cannot help but break into a grin.

* Solemn grins down at you, applauding your climax appreciatively. "It appeared to me that you liked it," he replies, not even bothering to feign villainy. "Enjoyed it quite a bit in fact."

* ChickFighter shrugs with a coy expression. "So maybe I did, exercise always tends to get me hot and sweaty you know ... so how's Mel, not mad about me staining her dress I hope?"

* Solemn shakes his head. "She's not mad," he replies. "I recall she borrowed something of yours though, so don't be surprised if she doesn't stain it her own way."

* ChickFighter shakes her head. "I'll bet she does. You two are something else. Hey, you know, I wish that roleplay character of yours was real ... she'd be just the person to check the harbor for me. When I ask about Masked Americana people keep giving me this ominous sounding answer. It's just two words ... Sea Fauna. What's that all about?"

* Solemn shrugs. "I'm not sure," he replies. "That's not code for anything that I know of, but then I usually travel in more refined circles. It could be an aquatic villain or something." He privately hopes that your mentor hasn't actually been fed to sea fauna.

* ChickFighter nods. "Well, it certainly doesn't sound good. But, hey, I do have another lead I'm hoping to check out soon!"

Solemn: "Oh, what's that?"

Solemn: "What is it?"

ChickFighter: Oh nothing, I'll let you know if it pans out.

Solemn: 'Why won't you tell me?"

ChickFighter: "Have you set up anything with VIPER, yet?"

Solemn: "I've opened negotiations, why?"

ChickFighter: "Well, I'm starting to wonder if you're really interested in helping me at all," She pulls off his slipper and begins to masssage his foot.

* Solemn smiles as you massage his foot. "Now why would you say that?" he asks.

ChickFighter: "You know, maybe if you won't help me, perhaps Mel will. She's a big fan you know. How'd you like that?"

Solemn: "Why do you think I'm not interested in helping you?"

* ChickFighter looks up at him. "It's not your friend who's missing but mine, and I'm more than a little impatient!" She uses her training to pinch a pressure point in the arch of his foot, sending a needle of pain into his leg, to punctuate her point.

* Solemn yelps a bit, glaring a little. "And it's not exactly a quick job to infiltrate VIPER," he replies. "If it was, then anybody would do it and VIPER would've been shut down ages ago."

* ChickFighter goes back to massaging his foot and the pain goes away. "Well, Sol, I like you and all, but just understand I can't wait forever."

* Solemn nods. "I understand," he replies. "But it's not going to happen instantly either."

* ChickFighter sighs. "I know ... I just want find her, that's all." She hugs his leg to her cheek and looks as though she is going to begin to cry.

* Solemn runs his fingers through your hair, smiling gently at you. "I understand," he replies. "We'll find her, don't worry."

* ChickFighter sobs for a moment, then rises saying, "I need to go get cleaned up."

* Solemn nods. "Get cleaned up," he replies. "Have a shower. Expect Mel to join you."

* ChickFighter walks quietly upstairs.

* Solemn watches you go, wishing he could do more.

* ChickFighter strips off her clothes and gets in the shower. As she suds her body she wonders what else she can do. If Tiffany (aka Masked Americana) were here she'd know what to do, but that was kinda the problem ... wasn't it. Molly begins to cry again.

Mel: As you sud your body up, you can feel hands on your body, caressing a bit. Soon you feel arms enveloping you into a hug and a soft body pressing against your back. "What's the matter sweetie?' she asks, softly.

* ChickFighter stretches and rubs her back against this intruder. "I'll be OK. That feels good, Mel."

* Mel smiles, rubbing her breasts against your back as she purrs in pleasure. "How can I make you feel better sexy?"

* ChickFighter bites her tongue a second and then begins, "Mel, do you think you could help me find Masked Americana ...I mean, do you know anybody ... or anything that might be helpful. As time goes by I'm becoming more and more worried. But, please, Mel, don't tell your Solly I asked."

* Mel gently cups your breasts with her hands. "I'll try to help sweetie," she replies, softly. "As best I can. I won't tell Solly either, even though he is doing his best to help you find her."

ChickFighter: "Do you really think so?"

Mel: "He promised he would."

* ChickFighter looks back at her. "Yes, he did at that." She can see there will be no wedgie's driven between these two as she drops the soap. "Damn, dropped it again," she exclaims as she bends to pick it up.

* Mel grins as you bend to pick up the soap. Once you're bent over, she spreads your rear and plants a kiss on your anal rosebud, just to see how you will react to it.

* ChickFighter goes to hands and knees in the shower spray and thrusts the bar of soap back toward Mel with one hand. "Finish doing me, please?"

* Mel smiles as she takes the soap, brushing it over your pussy. "Finish doing you?" she purrs. "My dear I've not even started."

ChickFighter: Just do it, you Minx!"

* Mel grins, crouching behind you as she rubs the soap against your pussy. As she does that, her tongue licks against your anal entrance.

* ChickFighter leans forward, thrusting her ass up, and gyrates her hairless pubic region invitingly.

* Mel smiles, sliding two soapy fingers into your pussy as she keeps licking.

* ChickFighter shudders with pleasure clenching a sponge on the floor in her hands.

* Mel grins as she rims you. Alternately fucking you with her fingers or rubbing the soap against your pussy.

* ChickFighter brings the sponge to her mouth and bites down on it as she rocks back and forth.

* Mel smiles, playfully trying to work the soap into your pussy.

ChickFighter: "Oh, damn it, do it!"

* Mel smiles, doing her best to try and fuck you with the soap.

* ChickFighter arches up and goes rigid as she experiences her second orgasm in less than an hour. Then she rolls to her back pulling Mel down on to of her.

* Mel smiles, pressing her body against yours as she lays on top of you. "Did I do the right thing?" she purrs.

* ChickFighter kisses Mel on the lips as an answer as she rolls Mel over to be on top. One hand probes Mel's ass as the other paws her right breast.

* Mel moans softly in pleasure as her breast is fondled. As you probe her ass her back arches from the pleasure.

ChickFighter: "Now where's that bar of soap ... ah ha, here it is!" She straddles Mel, front to front, face to crotch. She begins to lick Mel's pussy lips and rub the soap into her ass crack.

* Mel gleefully howls in pleasure, stretching her legs to give you the best access to both her holes.

* ChickFighter works diligently with tongue and soap to arouse Mel coming and going. Mel's clit is obviously excited and after a moment her anal ring begins to spasm as well.

* Mel howls loudly in pleasure as she writhes on the floor of the shower. It doesn't take very long at all for you to bring her right to the edge.

* ChickFighter does her best to work Mel's clit and anus for maximum effect, trilling with her tongue and scrubbing with the soap.

* Mel screams in pleasure as she cums hard, her body quaking from the intense sensation.

* ChickFighter slides back around and kisses Mel gently on the lips.

* Mel grins, kissing you hard on the lips.

* ChickFighter starts giggling as the water goes cold. "Maybe it's time we got outa here before we turn into prunes."

* Mel grins. "Sounds like a good idea."



ChickFighter vs Scott the thief

* ChickFighter sees a man in black clothes and a hat sneaking out of the building where she was told a robbery would take place. He fits the description: 5' 10" 220 lbs. I step out to confront him. "Stop where you are!"

* Scott_ i skid to a stop...i smirk... GET OUTA MY WAY LIL GIRL...

* ChickFighter adopts a martial arts stance. "Come quietly or I shall have to pummel you!"

* Scott_ smirks ...and puts down the items ive stole... and grins... " your funeral little girl"

* ChickFighter sighs. "Listen, buster, my name is ChickFighter and I eat thugs like you for breakfast!" I step forward, hands up.

* Scott_ i rush at you yelling shoulder down to tackle you...

* ChickFighter jumps nimbly out of the way and throws an elbow at your back as you fly by.

* Scott_ aaarrghhh drops to one knee..holding my back... i swing my arm back to hit you..

* ChickFighter catches the arm as you swing it in her black-gloved hands. "I warn you again. I will pummel you!"

* Scott_ i pull at you to try and throw you...

* ChickFighter is thrown, somersaulting, but rolling nicely to my feet. "Whoa!"

* Scott_ i stand and smirk...

Scott_: you were saying?

* ChickFighter puffs up and puts hands on hips. "One lucky throw doesn't mean anything."

* Scott_ i stand and grin..waves my hand... "come get me little girl"

* ChickFighter runs directly at him, launching into a flying kick aimed at his big chest. "You're going down!"

* Scott_ ooooofgffffffsss..staggers back clutching my chest...gasping for air..

* ChickFighter aims a one two punching combo at his face. "That's right ... say what?"

* Scott_ face goes left...right... i stagger back seeing stars...i swing wildly at you to try and stop you

* ChickFighter ducks his wild punches and dives for an ankle takedown.

* Scott_ i hop on one foot as you tackle me then grunt as i fall back slamming into the ground...

* ChickFighter tries to roll the big man to his front by twisting his ankle and knee. "Man, you're a healthy one!"

* Scott_ arrghhh... fighting the pressure i kick at your jaw...

* ChickFighter winces as she falls back on her ass. "Damn, I shoulda seen that coming."

* Scott_ i sit up and crawl at you...grabbing your arms... "got yea, now im gonna hurt you"

* ChickFighter pulls her long legs in tight to her body as she feels her arms grabbed. She tries to kick him away.

* Scott_ flies back crashing into the wall as you kick me off...sliding to the ground

* ChickFighter jumps up to her feet, brushing herself off. "Let that be a lesson to you. Now come along quietly." She points a finger at you.

* Scott_ i rub my back... and slowly get to my feet...NEVER

* ChickFighter again runs at him and leaps into a big flying kick at his head.

* Scott_ i duck down to try and avoid the kick...

* ChickFighter flies harmlessly over his head as he ducks and smacks awkwardly into the brick wall behind him, dropping to the pavement in a heap.

* Scott_ i stagger over and reach down" i gonna unmask see who you are" reaches down pulling you up by the hair...

* ChickFighter gloved hands grab the wrist of the hand pulling her up by her hair, "Yeow ... don't ... what ... no, not my mask!" She flails her legs.

* Scott_ i reach down... and smirk..." i though you were tough... guess all the talk about you was a load of bull."

* ChickFighter flails uselessly, dangling in midair by her hair. "No ... you bastard ... no!"

* Scott_ i swing and punch your middle."SHUT UP"

* ChickFighter collapses around the fist hammered into her gut and the wind whooshes out of her. "Ooooph...!"

* Scott_ i reach down and bend your head back...grabbing your mask...laughing as i pull at it

* ChickFighter gasps in horror as her mask is slipped off her pretty face. "Not my mask ... oh no ... you filthy scum!"

* Scott_ i turn you around and push you into the wall..."imagine the great chickfighter..gonna be beaten by a 2 bit crook like me... i advance on you... your mask barely on

* ChickFighter smashes brutally into the wall. "Knnngh!" She desperately throws back an elbow.

* Scott_ oofffs.. i grunt as the elbow hits my middle...staggering back a step

* ChickFighter readjusts her mask back into position and tries to catch her breath as she turns.

* Scott_ i rub my middle.."Yer dead" and i punch at you..swinging hard at your middle

* ChickFighter feels the wind hammered out of her again just as she gets her first good breath staggering her back to the wall.

* Scott_ i advance and punch at your stomach..left..right.. driving my fists into your middle over and over

* ChickFighter is pinned against the wall as her ribs are pounded. Whrap, thud, krack, pop, krunch... "Oh ... oh ... oh ... ooph..."

* Scott_ i continue punching your stomach.. then step back...and grin..." im gonna collect that bounty on your head... walks over pulling you up by your hair

* ChickFighter shaking her head, trying to clear the cobwebs, clutching her poor abs, trying to catch her breath. "No ... yikes, my hairrrrr..."

* Scott_ i put across my shoulder and start walking to my place..grinning..." Your worth 5000 bucks.. first i think ill have some fun then turn you in to the Big Boss!"

* ChickFighter groans in pain as her sore gut bounces across his shoulder. One arm presses my knees together as she's carried while his other hand grips her ass, fingers slipping inside the crotch of her leotard.

* Scott_ grins " yea i think having a little fun with you is just what needs to be done" heads to my place.. opens the door and tosses you inside

* ChickFighter sprawls on the hard floor, clutching at what she fears are cracked ribs. "Nnnngh."

* Scott_ i smirk and close the door..and then.. i walk over..pulling you up..." Time for some fun babe"

* ChickFighter tries to pull away despite her weakened state. "Nn..."

* Scott_ i reach down and rip at your top

* ChickFighter feels him rip at her top and discover that although it is very elastic, it's exterior cannot be ripped.

* Scott_ growls and instead pulls it out and down to try and expose your chest.

* ChickFighter feels the tautness of her breasts as they are exposed. "Stop, you bastard, stop..." she yells, flailing as she tries to crawl away.

* Scott_ i swing you to me and snap on a bearhug... squeezing you tightly.." time to go to sleep super hero!"

* ChickFighter gasps as her naked breasts are mashed against his big chest. "No, No, you Bast... ooo..." She kicks out with arms and legs. She cannot breathe and the pain from her ribs is enough to cause her to pass out.

* Scott_ i squeeze until your out and grin.. carrying you into the bed roomsmiles watching you outthen i toss you on the bed...

* ChickFighter dimly aware of being carried and tossed on a bed.

* Scott_ i reach down and strip you nakked then tie you to the bed spread eagle

* ChickFighter begins to regain consciousness and become aware that she is ... ohmygawd ... naked ... and ohmygawd ... bound spreadeagle, her hairless pussy completely vulnerable.

* Scott_ i grin and strip nakked and look down at you... "time for your punishment super hero!"

* ChickFighter strains at her bonds, but they hold her firmly in place. "What ... what are you going to do to me," she asks with a quiver in her voice.

* Scott_ i smirk and climb on you "im gonna rock your world super hero" then i drive my cock into you

* ChickFighter writhes in humiliating agony as he forces himself inside her. "Nnnnnnn..."

* Scott_ begins rocking hard and fast into you... taking you... "mmm your good hero...but im better!"

* ChickFighter gasps as he rams his cock in and out of her. "Nn ... oh ... nn ... oh ... nn ... bastard ... I'll get you for this ... ohohoh..."

* Scott_ i close my eyes and massage your tits "oh you're good super hero.. super hero slut you are..." rocking faster driving myself harder into you

* ChickFighter shudders as his rough hands squeeze her firm breasts, the nipples painfully erect. "Aaaarrrggh..."

* Scott_ slamming harder faster... twisting your nipples... moaning as i ride you "ohh so goood"

* ChickFighter is betrayed by her own body and begins to buck and sweat. Her heart races as she is fucked! "Ohhhhhhhh..."

* Scott_ drives harder...faster... eyes closed "yes... give in superslut...give in..." twisting your nipples

* ChickFighter is bouncing up and down now, her hips humping his thrusting. "Oh ... oh ... oh ... oh yessssss..."

* Scott_ rocks harder...faster...eyes closed... feeling my release building... "cum you slutcome for me!"

* ChickFighter bucks like a bronco now and cannot stop herself from cumming like a gutter spout in a thunderstorm. "Oh YESSSSSSSSS!!!"

* Scott_ grins and slams as my body spasms... i smile and lay on you... "gooood girl"

* ChickFighter pants for air now as his sweaty bulk lays on top of her, his explosion still burning inside her. "mmmmm," she whimpers.

* Scott_ rolls off and stands... "mmmm your a good superhero slut..." unties your legs

* ChickFighter trembles a bit at his touch as he unties her legs.

* Scott_ i fold you up...putting your legs above your shoulders and i begin spanking your ass

* ChickFighter gets a worried look, "Ohmygawd ... what are you doing? Nn!" She feels her asshole spasm as she is spanked. Smack, whack, smack, thwack...

* Scott_ laughs... continues spanking your ass... watching it turn redder and redder... "naughty super hero...trying to stop me..."

* ChickFighter begins to cry at this humiliation. Tears stream down her cheeks. Cum drools from her pussy. Her ass is on fire. " more," she hears herself beg.

* Scott_ grins hearing you beg... i release your legs...and stand... and untie your arms

* ChickFighter breathes deep shuddering breaths as he stops spanking and unties her arms. Her eyes look around furtively. She must escape.

* Scott_ i reach down... and pull you up...grinning..."well super hero...time to turn you into the Boss"

* ChickFighter tries to wriggle free of his overpowering grip on her arms. "The Boss?"

* Scott_ "yea the crime boss... said ill get paid 5000 for you" laughs as you struggle

* ChickFighter is lifted by her hair again as he taunts her. She sees an opening and kicks as best she can from this position at his exposed nads. "No you won't!"

* Scott_ "uuunnnghhhh" drops to the floor...groans, holding my crotch... "unngh you.. slut"

* ChickFighter also drops to the floor on her ass. Kerplunk. She scrambles away on all fours. "Must escape," she mutters.

* Scott_ groans... holding my groin... and curled up.. i fight the pain... "gonna... get you... for that"

* ChickFighter stands once she reaches the doorway. She looks back at him lying there. "This is what you get," She yells and runs over to kick him again.

* Scott_ "unnnghh" body spasms i groan rolling around in pain... "unnghhh

* ChickFighter kicks him again ... and again. She kicks him in the chest, on the ass, and... again in the nads. "You'll never do anything like this to me again," she claims.

* Scott_ body jerks from each kick... spasming in pain... then curls up holding my balls... "unnnghhhhh." groans in pain

* ChickFighter giggles at your pain. "Serves you right!" She struts into the other room.

* Scott_ groans laying there...

* ChickFighter comes back a moment later once again in full costume and smiling because she has found an address for contacting the Big Boss. "Now, to finish you," she says, approaching and pointing a finger.

* Scott_ i groan and slowly try to stand

* ChickFighter grabs him by the throat and the balls. She uses these holds to drive him back into the wall so hard that it knocks a hole in the drywall. Then she begins to punch his naked stomach.

* Scott_ unngh groans as you force me back.. unnghh body spasms doubling over as you punch my middle over and over...gasping as i fight to get air

* ChickFighter wheels and drives a devastating black footie into your midsection.

* Scott_ ooooooooofffffffffffff body actually curls around your foot...stomach caving in... coughing as i drop to my knees

* ChickFighter wheels the other way aiming a roundhouse kick at your head to knock you out.

* Scott_ head snaps to the side... and i crash down onto my back... groans...seeing stars laying stunned

* ChickFighter stands over you gloating. "Goodnight creep. I'm calling the police, who I am sure will be here to pick you up shortly. Chalk up another one for ChickFighter!" She punches her right fist into her left palm and leaves you gasping

* Scott_ groans as i lay there.

* ChickFighter pauses at the door and decides to make sure. She returns to where you lie, rolls you to your back and wraps my legs around your arms. She presses my ass into your face until she is sure you cannot breath.

* Scott_ i weakly squirm... and struggle under you as you lock on the finisher to put me away...unable to break free as your perfect ass smothers me

* ChickFighter grinds it into his face until he ceases to move at all. She lifts an arm and drops it back to the floor. He'll be out for quite awhile plenty of time for the police to get there. And so she leaves him...

* Scott_ i lay out cold...



ChickFighter Meets Dr. FeelGood

ChickFighter: hope we don't have another blackout tonight! :)

Dr`FeelGood: Ahh one of the many reasons I left Cali

ChickFighter: Yeah, I haven't heard a laundry list yet, but there seemed to be a lot of villainous activity immediately after

* Dr`FeelGood looks back and forth 'Villainous you say...." whistling innocently

ChickFighter: Everything from juvenile vandalism to thefts of priceless artwork I've heard, Mr. Whistling-in-the-Dark.

Dr`FeelGood: whywhy that's just terrible news. uhhope they caught him..............or maybe them

Dr`FeelGood: Ya, ya probably a them...

ChickFighter: Me too, if not, well then I'm ready to bring 'em in!

Dr`FeelGood: Well that's very condemnable...uhcommendable of you

ChickFighter: Hey, what did you say ... uh, oh, thank you. :)

Dr`FeelGood: In fact, you know I think I did see something'villainous' going on in the warehouse down the street, very dark perfect place to hide I'm sure

ChickFighter: I'll have to check it out immediately ... er, thanks again, Mr. what-did-you-say-your-name-was?

Dr`FeelGood: umm, JoeJoe Smith

ChickFighter: Well, Joe Smith, your a fine denizen, uh, citizen. You say it was that big drab building with no windows.

* ChickFighter points.

* Dr`FeelGood nods. He is 6'2 220lbs short back hair green/hazel eyes.

* ChickFighter heads quickly down the street to check out the warehouse. There are no windows so she tries a small side door, which happens to be open, and enters cautiously.

* Dr`FeelGood grins watching the her dash off, shaking his head slowly, making his way thru the front door and heads up to the 3rd floor

* Dr`FeelGood sets the game quickly into motion, there is a single staircase from the side door that is poorly lit with no hand rails, making it very dangerous

* ChickFighter finds it very dark inside. The man had said something about the third floor so she starts up the stairs which is in fact her only option..

* Dr`FeelGood turns on the speakers that boom down the stair case, the echo making it much louder that normal "Well, well, who do we have here...Fashion victim or superstar?"

* ChickFighter looks up with lenses in her mask already adjusting to the poor light, but sees only the winding stairs leading to a door three stories up. "Superheroine," she retorts!

Dr`FeelGood: well I would have thought a Superheroine would be able to fly, or at least run tsk tsk

* ChickFighter darts up the stairs at twice the rate of any ordinary human and is within a split second of the door. "I'm quick enough!"

* Dr`FeelGood watching on monitors the sudden burst of speed and starts flicking buttons as she runs, each step she takes the stair below her falls to the ground, the crashing steps forcing her to move faster or risk plummeting

* ChickFighter leaps for the door, reaching for the handle as the stairs fall away below her with gloved hands extended.

* Dr`FeelGood watches the door open seeing the heroine struggle to her feet on the other side. I'm sitting at a desk with several computers and monitors "Hmm slower than I thought, but you might have some power yet"

* ChickFighter jumps to her feet, pointing at the man she sees. "And what do you think you're doing, you're coming with me, now!"

* Dr`FeelGood stands up and half raises my hands "Oh yes, of course, uh I give up" smirking the whole time

* ChickFighter struts forward to take control of her prisoner. "That's very sensible."

Dr`FeelGood: Oh...there is just one thing

* ChickFighter looks perplexed, "What?"

* Dr`FeelGood pushes a button on the desk as you are half way into the room and three bolo-nets fly from different directions wrapping your wrists and ankles together the last one wrapping around your waist

* ChickFighter struggles against the bindings, cutting at the cord around her wrists with the blades in her gloves as her momentum carries her forward hopping. "Oh, shit!"

* Dr`FeelGood waits till you hop a few more steps before taking a yardstick and poking your chest right in between your bouncing breasts sending you onto your back with a dull thud

ChickFighter: Nngh ... ooph!

* ChickFighter rolls to the side cutting her wrists free.

* Dr`FeelGood "Mmmmm Very nice" as you roll over giving me a great shot at your ass then the whisfff of a dart flying thru the air strikes your ass, the psychotropic drug almost instantly taking effect much like the drug Ecstasy.

* ChickFighter feels something sting her bare bottom. Even as she balls up to work on her ankles she feels a warm sleepy sensation pervading her body. "Ohhh..."

* Dr`FeelGood runs the yard stick slowly over the crease of your ass, barely between your thighs

Dr`FeelGood: It sure is hot in here isn't it ChickFighter

* ChickFighter shivers at the warm sensation. It feels so good. For a moment she forgets to cut at the cord on her ankles, but then begins cutting again. Almost there.

* Dr`FeelGood walks over and kneels behind you, running my hand slowly around your waist, feeling you, slowly stroking your chest

Dr`FeelGood: You want to be a Star, don't you CF

* ChickFighter feels his hands groping her as she cuts the cord on her ankles. She is warm and wet all over now, sweating through her leotard.

ChickFighter: What is happening to me?

Dr`FeelGood: your gonna be a huge star that's what happening, Me and you...were gonna make a Movie

ChickFighter: What do you mean ... a movie? I'm a superheroine!

Dr`FeelGood: Noyou're going to be a SuperSTAR

* Dr`FeelGood running my fingers over and over your chest slow rhythm

* ChickFighter taking shuddering breaths and trying to understand what's happening.

ChickFighter: I feel so horny. Must fight it. Mmmmm

Dr`FeelGood: Yes that's right, Fight...but it's so hot in here, maybe if you took something off it would help you fight

* Dr`FeelGood flicks a button and a flood light bursts to life, several cameras set into position and next to each camera a large screen monitor showing back what the cameras see

* ChickFighter tries to think. Maybe if she removed her gloves.

ChickFighter: It is very hot!

* Dr`FeelGood whispering into your ear pointing to the camera with one hand My other hand slowly sliding south "See, you're on TV"

* ChickFighter looks around only to see herself on the monitors bathed in bright light. Begins to pull down the sweaty pink top of her leotard.

ChickFighter: So hot!

Dr`FeelGood: Don't you hear them...your fans want to see more of you

* ChickFighter pulls the damp leotard down to her waist where her belt and the last bolo are still in place.

ChickFighter: Fans ... what fans?

* Dr`FeelGood unstraps your footies and tosses them aside

Dr`FeelGood: Your fans, that's right. Your famous a Star

* ChickFighter flails her bare feet in the air as her footies are removed.

ChickFighter: Mmhm that does feel better!

* Dr`FeelGood one hand slides in between your thighs, running My thumb in deep as my other hand gently, quietly slides padded ankle cuffs onto you

* ChickFighter eyes flicker in recognition.

ChickFighter: What are those for?

Dr`FeelGood: All the big Movie stars wear them

* ChickFighter runs her hands over her own exposed breasts. They are so taut!

ChickFighter: Really?

* Dr`FeelGood knowing the drug has a limited time effect works more quickly sliding up your body grabbing your hand with mine, squeezing your breast with your own hand

Dr`FeelGood: Oh yes, really, It''s like matching jewelry. You do want the right jewelry don't you?

ChickFighter: Doesn't every girl?

* ChickFighter kisses him.

Dr`FeelGood: well then you have to have the best don't you

* Dr`FeelGood returns the kiss, and while keeping you in that kiss, I attach wrist cuffs also

* ChickFighter shakes her head. She just doesn't feel right. Her body is on fire, her head throbbing.

ChickFighter: More jewelry?

* Dr`FeelGood makes sure they are secure and that your footies and gloves are far away, then stands up and stops supporting her body letting it fall to the ground with a thud "Not exactly"

* Dr`FeelGood fires another dart into your now fully exposed breasts and the drug immediately stops having the effect

* ChickFighter has some sense knocked back into her as she hits the floor. Her heightened metabolism is beginning to clear the drug from her system.

ChickFighter: You ... you tricked me ... uh, drugged me?

* Dr`FeelGood pushes a button and the wires attached to each separate cuff pull taunt, severely stretching each arm each leg into a corner so tight that your body actually becomes suspended a few inches off the ground

Dr`FeelGood: Well, yes, and yes, but don't worry, We are still going to make that movie I promised you

* ChickFighter suspended in air spread eagle as if to be drawn quartered, her leotard pulled down to her waist, exposing her pert breasts.

ChickFighter: Oh no ... ohhhhhhh...

* Dr`FeelGood grins and slides My finger over your exposed breasts, slow circles

Dr`FeelGood: We are going to have funYou and I

ChickFighter: no, you slimy bastard!

* Dr`FeelGood beginning to attach Alligator clips to each nipple, making sure the teeth bite deep into your flesh, and forcing another kiss on you

* ChickFighter strains and jerks at the bindings.

ChickFighter: No, damn you, no, that hurts, Yeow!

* Dr`FeelGood forces your leotard up then slicing it off from the inside, from the chest down to your slit, letting the outfit fall to the ground

* Dr`FeelGood sliding My finger down under your panties dancing My thumb across your clit

* ChickFighter shivers at the feel of his finger inside my panties.

ChickFighter: No, damn you, you fucking bastard, stop now, bastard, motherfucker..."

* Dr`FeelGood cuts the panties off also and attaches a third clamp, this time a butterfly clamp to your clit

ChickFighter: yeowwwwwww!

* ChickFighter bucks at the bindings.

* Dr`FeelGood slides a finger into your cunt as you begin to buck, watching as you turn from anger to pleasure of the digit fucking you

* ChickFighter grimaces as she holds her head up to see what he is doing.

ChickFighter: Damn motherfucking bastard ... stop you bastard!"

* Dr`FeelGood zooms one of the cameras in to your cunt watching My finger vanish in and out of you

ChickFighter: Arrgggh ... damn you ... stop ... ahhhhh ... mfucker ... ahhhhh shit ... you ... you...

* Dr`FeelGood then attaches copper wires to each of the clips and slides them into a small box with several dials

Dr`FeelGood: Ever seen one of thesefun little device

* ChickFighter twists and turns, straining with all her might at the cuffs that hold her.

ChickFighter: What...?

* Dr`FeelGood twists the dial and volts of current began attacking your nipples and clit

* ChickFighter goes rigid as her muscles spasm and seize up.

ChickFighter: aaarrrggggghhhhhhhh...

* Dr`FeelGood lets the current flow for several seconds before turning it off

Dr`FeelGood: SeeFun

* ChickFighter sags limply.

ChickFighter: oh ohhhh...

* Dr`FeelGood makes sure no matter where your head is facing you see a monitor zoomed on your cunt

* Dr`FeelGood turns on the current yet againfive seconds this time

* ChickFighter looks about with crazy eyes, then goes seizes up as she is electrocuted again.

Dr`FeelGood: 1234445

* Dr`FeelGood turns it off again

* ChickFighter gasping now and sweating.

ChickFighter: What ... what do you want ... please stop!"

* Dr`FeelGood finger rests against your cunt again "Now are you going to be a good girl?"

* Dr`FeelGood dips My finger back into your cunt

* ChickFighter shakes her head violently and desperately back and forth in the sign of defiance.

* Dr`FeelGood dips slowly in then slowly back out

* ChickFighter wriggles her legs as if to try to escape.

ChickFighter: nooooooo...

* Dr`FeelGood uses her wriggling and adds a second finger into your cunt, the cameras catching every moment of your cunt devouring My fingers

ChickFighter: Ohmygawd, noooooo

* ChickFighter back arches up.

* Dr`FeelGood grins "Mmmmm defiant lovely" slides those fingers out and slides My soaking wet fingers over your mouth

* ChickFighter chokes once and then bites them hard.

* Dr`FeelGood turns on the current to level 3 and keeps it on as long as the bad girl bites

* ChickFighter convulsing violently, electricity sizzling through every fiber of her being, muscles, breasts, eyes, all taut and trembling.

* Dr`FeelGood rubs fingers and turns the device off only to turn it immediately back on

* Dr`FeelGood frowns "Bad girlseems someone needs a bit more"

ChickFighter: oh oh oooohohoh...

* Dr`FeelGood continues to rub my fingers and finally turns the device off

* ChickFighter hangs limply from the cuffs.

* Dr`FeelGood moves around and stands in between your thighs, pressing My jeans against your tortured clit

* ChickFighter displays no fight now as she wriggles only slightly.

* Dr`FeelGood finger probes slightly lower, opening your ass with My thumb, sliding deep

* ChickFighter gasps and throws her head back, "ohmygawd!"

Dr`FeelGood: Oh...did I find something that the Heroine is still going to fight

ChickFighter: Oh, you terrible ... awful ... bastard!

* Dr`FeelGood grabs your hips gently releasing Myself from My jeans, and slowly rests My tip against your anus

* ChickFighter cries out, and her body wriggles a bit as it feels the touch of his cock.

* Dr`FeelGood reachs for the device again "Now...are you going to be a good girl, or a bad girl?

* Dr`FeelGood presses a bit harder but still waiting

ChickFighter: NO, not that, no more ... please no ...

Dr`FeelGood: well then...the Heroine had better ask...nicely

* ChickFighter gets a flicker in her eyes at the sound of the word heroine.

ChickFighter: Never!

* Dr`FeelGood grabs your hips and forces My cock in, piercing your ass 8 inches with a single friction thrust

* ChickFighter screams as her body is seized by new shuddering pain, "IEEEEEEE!"

* Dr`FeelGood uses your suspended body for My will, pushing your body back and letting the wires holding you in place thrust you back onto Me,

* ChickFighter 's anal ring collapses as it is totally defeated by his brutal thrusting and she is impaled to the hilt repeatedly.

* Dr`FeelGood continues the slow deep thrust, each camera focused on My cock assaulting and vanishing into your ass again and again, forcing you to watch your own rape

* ChickFighter closes her eyes as she can no longer stand to see the horrible humiliating images of herself that surround her.

* Dr`FeelGood WHACK! "Watch...or you know what"

* ChickFighter opens her eyes wide in pain and shock, "Yeow"

* Dr`FeelGood thumb rolling again and again over your clit as I savage your ass "Closer....closer"

* ChickFighter is rocking back and forth now, her weary body sweaty and excited and humping.

ChickFighter: Oh ... oh... oh ...oh...

* Dr`FeelGood pulls out and easily slides My cock into your cunt, already flowing with sweat and sex faster faster

* ChickFighter has given herself over to her body's natural reactions. "Oh ... no ... oh ...oh... oh"

* Dr`FeelGood grabs your hips and stops thrusting into you "buck good girl, show Me you want it"

* ChickFighter bucks harder, trying to keep going even as he stops. Her juices are flowing and she must cum. "Oh ...oh...oh...oh..."

* Dr`FeelGood holds still for moments before again thrusting brutally into your cunt, giving into the animal within both of us and thrusting hard and deep preparing to 'finish her

* ChickFighter rides him with renewed vigor as he again participates, her bucking becoming more pronounced with each passing second. "Oh...oh...ohhh...ohhhhhh..."

* Dr`FeelGood twists your hips slowly with each thrust giving that extra amout of contact needed, again and again, feeling every inch of your desire

* ChickFighter feels herself completely filled, his cock twisting and turning inside. She lurches to take more ... more ... more. "oh...oh...ohhhh...ohhhhhhhh..."

* Dr`FeelGood reachs up and runs My nails across your body, from your breasts to your clit thrusting every inch holding on to the last moment before exploding

ChickFighter: Ooooohmyyygaaawwddddddd!!!

* Dr`FeelGood thrusts harder into your climax crushing pounding until finally I feel the explosion pulling out and aiming high as My seed fires the first stream across your body, striking your uncovered mouth and breasts, then pushing into your cunt, letting your body milk every drop from Me

* ChickFighter feels the warmth of his cum on her face and breasts, tastes it in her mouth, filling her burning hot insides as her own juices flow freely and she humps him for every last drop.

* Dr`FeelGood slowly sliding out and zipping up My jeans moving over to your face

Dr`FeelGood: Hmm a good girl after all...hmmm

* ChickFighter hangs there, cunt dripping, head hanging back and down.

* Dr`FeelGood pushes a button the release lets your body fall to the ground, giving you some semblance of relief

* ChickFighter goes kerplunk.

* Dr`FeelGood drops a 5 dollar bill onto your body and chuckles "see ya around Heroine"

* ChickFighter lies on her back, wrists and ankles still bound, as he humiliates her like a very cheap common whore.

* Dr`FeelGood keeps the cameras rolling but removes one of the multiple tapes "for the memories" and puts the tape away

ChickFighter: I'll get you for this ... once I escape!

Dr`FeelGood: in factspeaking of memories

* ChickFighter jerks at her bindings. "You bastard!"

* Dr`FeelGood steps back and turns on the device sending volt after volt into your clit and nipples

* ChickFighter begins to convulse, bouncing roughly on the floor as the current dances unceasingly through her body.

Dr`FeelGood: Don't worry 'Heroine,' the battery won't last forever hahahahaha

ChickFighter: Aaarrghhhhhhhh...

* Dr`FeelGood retrieves the 5 dollar bill and instead drops five $1 bills onto your bouncing body, laughing as I vanish into the night



ChickFighter Encounters The Goon

* The_Goon sprays oil on the floor to make the heroines more "footloose"

ChickFighter: Oopsie! The oil is slick!

* bundy watches Chickfighter slip all over the place in the oil

The_Goon: you don't say

* ChickFighter catches her balance and tiptoes away.

* The_Goon acts innocent

Princess_America: Watch the oil

* ChickFighter stops to glare and falls right on her pink clad butt. Looking all around, "Did anybody see that?"

Princess_America: I think he's trying to trap you

* The_Goon whistles innocently

* Somnambulo grunts

ChickFighter: Thanks, PA, that'd be his mistake of course.

* bundy sprays oil on Chickfighter's hands

Princess_America: ;)

ChickFighter: I'm just hoping nobody drops a lighted match!

* The_Goon gets sudden urge to play with matches

* The_Goon flicks a lit match at Brian27...sets his pants on fire

* ChickFighter grabs a fire extinguisher and begins to spray the goon.

The_Goon: hey!!!

ChickFighter: oopsie!

The_Goon: ¬¬

ChickFighter: I meant to spray his pants.

ChickFighter: but with this oil on my hands. ;)

* The_Goon retaliates...sprays Chickfighter with a can of silly string

* ChickFighter giggles.

ChickFighter: Oh, I love this stuff!

* The_Goon snickers...notes the silly string is made by Goon Enterprises

* Solemn blinks. ChickFighter is an oil wrestler?

* The_Goon 's string has super tensile strength and quickly entwines Chickfighter and ties her up

ChickFighter: Hey, this isn't the usual ... are you just stringin' me along?

ChickFighter: Yikes!

The_Goon: heh...looks like you're starting to get "strung" out

* The_Goon yucks it up

* The_Goon picks up bound Chickfighter and dumps her on a nearby pool table

The_Goon: tsk tsk

* Somnambulo wanders away

* ChickFighter flails a moment before cutting the string loose with a blade hidden in her gloves.

* The_Goon sees her cutting free and takes knife away

ChickFighter: Damn, that was my only one!

* The_Goon gunks on more string...even though it's super strong stuff

* The_Goon flicks Chickfighter on the nose

The_Goon: *boink*

* ChickFighter rolls about the pool table until getting a hand on the eight ball. Throws it at the goon. *doink*

The_Goon: hey!

* ChickFighter lol

* The_Goon catches 8 ball...gets fiendish idea

ChickFighter: Hey, I don't like that look.

* The_Goon shoves 8 ball into Chickfighter's mouth and ties it in place as a gag

ChickFighter: Hey, you son of a mmmrmph...

The_Goon: looks like you're behind the eight ball now Chickfighter

* ChickFighter nods, eyes furtively searching for a means of escape.

* The_Goon racks up balls (minus 8 ball)

* The_Goon gets out pool stick and breaks the rack

* The_Goon begins fiendishly shooting pool and bouncing balls off Chickfighter's head

ChickFighter: Mmph ... ooph!

* ChickFighter spies a lighted cigarette on the edge of the pool table and knocks it off into the oil.

The_Goon: hey!

* The_Goon notes oil begins burning up pool table

The_Goon: darn!

* ChickFighter rolls off the table and hops away through the flames in invulnerable footies.

The_Goon: curses!

* ChickFighter is thinking I gotta get out this string now, but some day I'm going to pummel that goon!

* The_Goon suddenly could swear he hears that Led Zeppelin song playing somewhere off in the distance..."Dream on"

ChickFighter: That's Aerosmith, you goon!

The_Goon: quiet still have an eightball tied in your mouth

* The_Goon assesses penalty points

ChickFighter: OK, more penalty points! The Zep song you're hearing is "Trampled Under Foot" next time we meet.

* The_Goon adds them to the total and declares himself winner

* ChickFighter sulks still trying to remove that damn eightball.



ChickFighter vs Dr. FeelGood (The Rematch)

ChickFighter: hi, doctor feelie

Dr`FeelGood: FeelGood...I did not spend 8 years at Evil Medical school to be called feelie

ChickFighter: Oopsie, I meant FeelGoon!

* Dr`FeelGood grins towards ChickFighter, and pulls out a few 'still frames from a recent 'home movie' and starts admiring them

ChickFighter: Hey, buddy, I'm taking you down.

Dr`FeelGood: Oh joy, the 'witty banter' part of the fight

* ChickFighter runs at Dr. Feelgood to tackle him.

Dr`FeelGood: btw, hope that 5 dollars came in handy...OOOFFFF!!!!

ChickFighter: I'm no bantamweight, I'm ChickFighter!

* Dr`FeelGood lands prone you on top of Me "If you wanted Me on my back all you had to do was ask

ChickFighter: I promised I'd catch up with you and teach you a lesson for messin' with me!

* ChickFighter punches him in the mouth

* Dr`FeelGood head snaps back, obviously not used to receiving actual physical violence

Dr`FeelGood: OWWWWCH!

* ChickFighter grabs him up by the front of the shirt with one gloved hand while still straddling him and threatening another punch.

ChickFighter: Now, where's the tape?

Dr`FeelGood: Ok ...ok itsits back at the warehouse

ChickFighter: OK. I'm taking you there with me to retrieve it so I can destroy it like I did all the other tapes.

* ChickFighter lifts your big body with her incredible strength, twisting your arm behind you.

Dr`FeelGood: Ahhh Ahhhh that hurts...I'm sorry really, can't we just forgive and forget?

ChickFighter: "I don't think so," she says, pushing you along the street toward the old warehouse.

* Dr`FeelGood stumbles into the warehouse "Its down in the basement, but I'm gonna need both hands to enter the code to get down there

ChickFighter: "Just tell me and I'll punch it in," she replies holding on to you with one hand while reaching for the keypad with the other hand.

Dr`FeelGood: It's not that easy it needs both of My fingerprints to open,

* ChickFighter looks annoyed.

ChickFighter: Ok, but I'm standing right here and will pummel you if you try anything.

Dr`FeelGood: yes, yes I'm sure of that

* ChickFighter lets go of the arm, watching you closely.

* Dr`FeelGood holds his mouth still swore and begins entering the code. A few moments later the door opens

Dr`FeelGood: Me firstor do you not trust me to go first?

* ChickFighter grabs the arm again, twisting it and pushing you toward the open door.

ChickFighter: You lead the way.

* Dr`FeelGood grins to himself thinking everything is right as planned. He walks into the elevator and hits the subbasement level 3 button

* Dr`FeelGood looks at ChickFighter as the elevator lowers "I'm sorry, Really, see I want to be a good guy now:) Honest:)"

* ChickFighter ushers you into the elevator, wondering what you've got up your sleeve, but desperately wanting to retrieve that humiliating tape.

ChickFighter: Yes, I'm sure you are as long as I'm twisting your arm.

* Dr`FeelGood feels the elevator stop and the doors open up, into a dark room with a few screens and VCRs

Dr`FeelGood: There, it's in the top one

* ChickFighter walks you slowly to the machine to which you were pointing.

ChickFighter: This one?

Dr`FeelGood: yep, that one...

* ChickFighter continues to hold your arm with one hand while reaching up to hit the play button on the machine.

* Dr`FeelGood hits play and the screen turns on to the point where my cock pierced you for the first time

ChickFighter: Just want to make sure.

* ChickFighter pops the tape out.

Dr`FeelGood: awww, don't you want to stay a while and watch it

Dr`FeelGood: I think your performance was excellent

ChickFighter: Listen, buster, don't push your luck or I'll break your arm. Now let's go!

* ChickFighter pushes you toward the door.

Dr`FeelGood: No....I think I'm happy just where I am, twisting out of your grasp I run to the wall and hit a flashing button, the elevator closes and leaves us trapped in the room

ChickFighter: OK, now I'm going to have to kick your ass!

* ChickFighter cartwheels toward you to kick your face.

* Dr`FeelGood then picks up a small box and holds it out, slowly opening it showing you a large Amazon tarantula

Dr`FeelGood: See, I've been studying up on you ChickFighterseems you have all sorts of fun facts

* Dr`FeelGood picks the tarantula up out of the box and holds it in my hand, walking closer towards you

* ChickFighter veers off course and comes to a stop, standing and shaking.

ChickFighter: I don't like spiders.

* ChickFighter backs away.

Dr`FeelGood: But they Love you

* Dr`FeelGood backs you into a corner with the Huge spider in my hand

* ChickFighter backs into a wall, holding herself and trembling with fear. "Get it away ... what ... are you ... doing?"

* Dr`FeelGood places the spider onto my shoulder and moves inches away from you, whispering "Come now...I though we could befriends"

* Dr`FeelGood grabs your wrists and takes off your gloves throwing them into the other corner

* ChickFighter cowers and whimpers, "Never, you monster! Get it away!"

* Dr`FeelGood takes your hands behind your back and begins wrapping them with electrical tape around and around, and in a figure eight time after time until they are completely bound, letting the foot long spider onto the ground as I continue to work,

* ChickFighter starts to shake uncontrollably at the sight of the crawling spider, charges forward like a trapped animal, crashing into you as she tries to escape with hands bound.

* Dr`FeelGood shoves you around and onto your knees, head in the corner so you ass is raised high to greet me

* ChickFighter feels her leotard hiked into her crack as she is shoved into the corner, head down, crying. "Where is the spider?"

* Dr`FeelGood laughing softly "Do you really want to know?"

* ChickFighter is not only shuddering with fear, but has begun to sweat through her costume with fear as well. "Noooooo..."

* Dr`FeelGood slowly almost gently slices off a bit at a time of your leotard first around your ass, then freeing your pussy, finally up the back until it falls off completely

* ChickFighter just huddles trembling with hands bound behind her back as her leotard is sliced away. There are goosebumps on her naked flesh and her breasts are taut either out of fear or from the chill of the air.

* Dr`FeelGood pulls you to your feet by your arms, forces you around again, fully exposed to whatever I decide, again I take the tape and starting on your right breast, makes a slow figure 8 with the tape and your tits, again and again, tighter and tighter until they begin to form oddly under the pressure, also beginning to turn a slight shade of blue

* ChickFighter stands, taking shuddering breathes as you wrap her poor little breasts in tape, causing them to bulge out and feel so tight. Her eyes stay transfixed on the spider on the floor.

* Dr`FeelGood notices that chickfighter is still completely unaware of anything but the spider, grins knowing this will bring her back to reality, as a cord is slid through the tape on her breasts which was attacked to the ceiling, a few turns of a wheel crank and suddenly chickfigher is no longer touching the ground, being lifted entirely by her breasts

* ChickFighter gasps in unbelievable pain, wriggling like a worm on a hook. "Aaaarrrggghhhh...!"

* Dr`FeelGood turns the wheel three more times until she is about a foot off the ground and swinging lightly

Dr`FeelGood: see nowno more need to fear the spiderlast time I checkedthey couldn't jump

* ChickFighter flails legs and footies, struggling to free her hands as tears stream down her cheeks from the pain of her now purplish breasts. "Aiyeeeeeeee..."

Dr`FeelGood: awwwDo you need something to sit on?

* Dr`FeelGood rolls in a wooden-pony and slides it between your thighs, still a ways below actually touching her though

ChickFighter: Help meeeeee ... pleeeeeeeee...!

* Dr`FeelGood begins to raise one side however up and up until the polished hardwood comes to a semi-point aimed at your cunt as I lower you just enough so your tip toes can reach the ground

* ChickFighter is heaving in pain as she is lowered almost enough to touch the floor. She can touch it, just a hair more and she could try to take pressure off her poor breasts by standing on the ground. "Arrggghhhh ... aahhhhhhhh...."

* Dr`FeelGood lowers one more inch, that lets your take the pain off your breasts, but doing so forces your weight to crush your cunt lips against the wood

* ChickFighter feels the sharp wedge of the board cutting into her feminine crevice as she takes the pressure off her breasts and discovers a whole new pain threshold. "Aaaaahhhhhh ... aaayyyyyeeeee!"

* ChickFighter tries desperately to stand as high as possible on tiptoes to get away from the board between her pussy lips, but she cannot escape it.

* Dr`FeelGood moves behind the girl and slides my finger over your ass slowly before running that finger across your clit

Dr`FeelGood: I'll bet you can ride for hours can't youChickFighter

* ChickFighter spasms a bit bouncing on tip toes, "It's ... it's cutting me in two ... you bastard!"

* Dr`FeelGood grins, still fingering your clit knowing soonknowing soon your legs will cramp too much to hold you and your breasts will hurt too much to support you, then when you quickly begin to bounce from one agony to the next you will be riding the pony

* ChickFighter feels her sweat and other fluids dripping down the sides of the horse wedged into her cunt as she strains to stay up and his hands continue to work her clit. "Bastarrdddd!"

* ChickFighter slips and the horse digs in deep. "AAAAYYYYEEEEEEE!!"

* Dr`FeelGood rolling your clit in slow deep circles with My thumb My eyes keeping yours locked each time you fall so you know It gives Me that much more satisfaction

* ChickFighter pushes up again with exhausted calf muscles and spits into the face of her tormentor. She's almost convulsing from the intense pain now as she repeatedly cramps and falls.

* Dr`FeelGood takes a hand rag and slowly wipes his face picking up the Spider and moving behind her

Dr`FeelGood: You know I've always heard spiders are attracted to vibrationsI wonder how long it will take before this one starts to climb

ChickFighter: "wha ... whaaat ... arrrre ... you doing?"

* ChickFighter tries to stay up on trembling legs.

* Dr`FeelGood moves back in front of her, showing that the spider is no longer in his hands

* ChickFighter eyes go crazy and she begins to shake uncontrollably even as this increases her own terrible pain. "Noooo ... oooooh ... oooooo..."

* ChickFighter feels the wedge continue working inside her as she shudders in pain and fear.

Dr`FeelGood: Now now...don't you wish you were a little nicer to me

* Dr`FeelGood angles the board a bit more, now the wedge nearly threatens to enter her cunt

* ChickFighter is bathed in sweat, her naked flesh shivering, looking around despite great pain as she tries to locate the spider. "N ... n ... never!"

* Dr`FeelGood gets a delightful look on his face and points behind you

Dr`FeelGood: oooo looks like 'someone' just got interested

* ChickFighter struggles to see behind, twisting and turning and crying, "n ... n ... n, n, nooooooooooo..."

* Dr`FeelGood moves beside you and brushes your ass with the back of my finger and laughs

* ChickFighter shudders more, looking at you wide eyed, her body dripping ... reeking with fear.

Dr`FeelGood: little fingerslittle fingersthat's what they feel like isn't it

* Dr`FeelGood walks my hand up your ass with my fingers moving up your back

ChickFighter: Oh ... ohooooohohohohoo..." she whimpers.

* Dr`FeelGood laughs softly as my hand reaches your shoulder, another...very different feeling finger touches your ass

* ChickFighter trembling with fear and mewling, "Mmmm ... nnnnn ...mmhmmm ... nnnnn..."

* Dr`FeelGood then shows you both of my hands, and yet there is still another 'finger' brushing your ass

* ChickFighter begins convulsing and pees on the horse wedged into her cunt ... urine dribbling to the floor. "nth ... nth ... nth ... nnnnnnn..."

* Dr`FeelGood grins and slowly 'pets' the girls breasts and stomach

Dr`FeelGood: ahhh poor thingto much for one day?

* ChickFighter can't stop shaking any part of her naked body.

* Dr`FeelGood continues slowly petting your taped breasts, running my palm over and over again on your tight nipples

* Dr`FeelGood whispers softly as I caress your right breast "want to know a secretit's not a real spiderjust a youjust one of My many toys"

* ChickFighter takes shuddering deep breaths as her tortured breasts are stimulated. "Wha ... what? ... a ... a toy," she stammers.

Dr`FeelGood: yesjust my toy

* Dr`FeelGood slowly begins needing your breast in my hand squeezing and pulling sharply over stimulating the nipple the tender flesh

* ChickFighter cries a steady stream of tears, "nnmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn..."

* Dr`FeelGood whispers again as I switch to the left breast "Ride for me toyride my horse"

* ChickFighter feels the horse ride up in her cunt as she begins to grip and regrip it with her glutes ... effectively humping it as her juices drip all over it.

* Dr`FeelGood still petting my new toy, running my fingers thru your hair

Dr`FeelGood: good toy, that's right, ride...

* ChickFighter squeezing and humping with all her shuddering flesh as the horse cuts into her and she feels herself rushing toward orgasm. "nnnnnnnnn..."

* Dr`FeelGood tugs sharply on the tape now tugging both of your breasts down forcing your body to grind the horse cruelly deeply

ChickFighter: "Nn ... nn ... nn ... nn ... oh ... nn ... oh ... oh ... oh ... ohhhh..."

Dr`FeelGood: Yessssss Yesssssss

* ChickFighter goes rigid as she is overcome by pain and stimulation, cumming, "ohhhhhhhh ... yessssssss..."

* Dr`FeelGood reaches between your thighs as your body begins to explode, reaching in with My fingers and grab a hold of your clit, squeezing

* ChickFighter hips spasm uncontrollably as you tug her clit ... riding now as if breaking a bucking bronco ... her juices spilling out!

* Dr`FeelGood grins as you finally hang limp held by your breasts and by your cunt lifting my dripping fingers to your mouth

Dr`FeelGood: good toy indeed

* ChickFighter licks the fingers uncomprehendingly. "mmmm ... ugghhhhhhh..."

* Dr`FeelGood grins wiping the rest of your juices onto your cheeks and chest as I cut the cord holding your tits, letting you slump onto the horse before falling to the ground

* ChickFighter falls awkwardly to the floor like a sack of potatoes, feeling great relief even with her hands still bound behind her and her breasts still taped. She just lays there, bound breasts heaving.

* Dr`FeelGood whispers softly as I slice the tape holding your arms "you were granted release this time toy, next time we will provide Me with much much more" sliding a finger in and out of your mouth before I vanish yet again leaving you alone

* ChickFighter lies there for a long time before moving and whispering to herself, "You have not heard the last of this Dr. FeelGood!"



ChickFighter Mel & Solly Skinny Dip

Solemn: Well I'm thinking of sponsoring a fighting tournament also.

ChickFighter: I'm a sucker for fighting tourneys ... well, and just plain a sucker too. ;)

Solemn: I was thinking of calling it the Chickfighter Annual Jello Wrestling Tournament. :)

ChickFighter: And I thought you preferred me in oil?

ChickFighter: I hate trying to get that stuff outa the costume.

Solemn: Well I do, but with that title we can get the Jello people to sponsor us.

ChickFighter: Yeah, and jello comes right out in a good wash.

Solemn: Exactly. Besides, it'll be fun.

ChickFighter: I guess it's obvious ... today's laundry day. Rolling around with Mel in some Jello ... hello ... what's not to like?

Solemn: My thoughts exactly.

ChickFighter: How is Mel btw?

Solemn: She's resting a bit. She had a busy night last night you know.

ChickFighter: What happened? Not more to do with the mummy thing you mentioned I hope. You said she shot him I think?

Solemn: Well eventually we got rid of the mummy with help from some Egyptian guy. No this had nothing to do with the mummy. In fact she seemed to be inspired by you somewhat.

ChickFighter: Tell me about it, please...

Solemn: Well it seems my sister took it into her head to join a tournament. The Spice Channel Sexfight Tournament to be exact.

ChickFighter: Sounds great ... wonder why I wasn't invited?

Solemn: I think you were busy at the time. Plus, I believe she wanted to surprise you.

ChickFighter: That's very ... exciting to have her want to surprise me. So what happened?

Solemn: As far as I can tell she won. She got a trophy at any rate. She was too exhausted to tell me more.

ChickFighter: If the word "sexfight" in the title is accurate I can easily believe she won. Did she tell you about the shower the other night?

Solemn: A little bit about it. She went on for hours about how hot your were.

ChickFighter: She's the one who could turn cold water into steam!

Solemn: You're both incredibly hot.

ChickFighter: Well thank you. Should I go up and see her or do we need to discuss this tournament idea of yours.

Solemn: I think she'd like you to go up and see her. We can discuss the tournament later.

ChickFighter: "Well, OK, if you're sure you don't mind." She leans over and kisses Solemn on the cheek.

* Solemn smiles, turning his head so your kiss lands on his lips.

* ChickFighter turns it into a full-fledged embrace. She has missed him terribly during the last few stress-filled days.

* Solemn holds you close, snuggling you in an almost fatherly manner, which doesn't seem at all odd despite all the sex you've had with him.

ChickFighter: Thanks, Sol, that felt really good. Now let me go wake little miss Melancholy!

Solemn: You're welcome Molly. Have fun and rememberwe're skinny dipping later.

* ChickFighter raises eyebrows. "You think so, do you?" She giggles and bounces upstairs to hers and Mel's room.

* Melancholy is currently sleeping comfortably on her bed, a contented smile on her face.

* ChickFighter approaches quietly, slips out of her clothes and slides into the bed, curling up against Mel.

* Melancholy purrs in her sleep and snuggles up against you. Her smile gets broader as she feels your flesh against hers.

* ChickFighter kisses her neck softly and gently nibbles at her ear lobe, "Sleep well, Melancholy, and dream of me as I do of you."

* Melancholy coos as you nibble at her ear lobe, a gentle shudder going through her body. You can smell the scent of arousal on her.

* ChickFighter pulls Mel tighter to her until they roll together, front to front, cheeks touching, hair on each other's face, breasts pressed against one another, each with an upper thigh rubbing into the other's pubic region.

* Melancholy purrs louder, obviously waking up a bit now. You can feel her wetness against your thigh as well as a damp spot on the mattress. Clearly her dreams have been of the naughty variety.

* ChickFighter mews as the whole bed seems suddenly very wet and warm. She rubs more of herself against Mel as they further entangle.

* Melancholy eyes flutter open as she lets out a soft gasp, as she awakens you feel her cum against your thigh a bit. "Oh Molly," she gasps, softly.

* ChickFighter smiles sincerely and asks, "Sweet dreams, lover?"

Melancholy: I dreamt you were fucking me.

ChickFighter: Aren't you a naughty girl, and yet it appears your dreams have cum true

* ChickFighter grinds herself against Mel.

* Melancholy grinds back against you, grinning.

Melancholy: Uh huh. I've been having dreams like that since I was young.

ChickFighter: Do you mean sex dreams ... you know we all have ... or did you mean that your dreams come true?

Melancholy: Well not all of them have, just the ones that involved fucking you. *giggles*

ChickFighter: Naughty, naughty, naughty. *giggles and grinds*

Melancholy: Oh fuck yeah! *grinds back, moaning* I've been dreaming about fucking you ever since you started your career.

ChickFighter: Oh yes ... ohh yesss ... ohmygawd yessss ... now, do you want to tell old CF about that trophy on the table over there?

* Melancholy giggles as she grinds harder. "You mean the championship trophy for the sexfight tournament?" she purrs.

ChickFighter: That's the one ... I'll bet Minx Mel proved herself pretty hard to beat by taking on all cummers ... didn't you? *collapses against Mel, having just cum herself.*

* Melancholy grins, wrapping her legs around you. "Oh yeah," she purrs. "I took on all cummers and won. Left 'em all laying exhausted in the ring."

ChickFighter: Aren't you pleased with yourself ... well, I guess that is pretty impressive ... meanwhile, while you're having fun, I've been out getting electrocuted, raped, attacked by spiders, and forced to ride a horse ... not that I'm jealous, but if I'd been there... *lol*

Melancholy: Well I'm sorry that all happened to you Molly, but it's no fun being chased by a mummy who thinks you're his girlfriend you know! Besides, I wanted to win the trophy for you.

ChickFighter: I know, I was just teasing you. Solly mentioned the mummy incident. Why don't you tell me exactly what happened while we lay here and cuddle.

Melancholy: I'm not totally sure. I was going through a museum and I knocked something over. A sarcophagus. I didn't think I did much damage, but when the Mummy popped up and started walking around, I got scared.

* ChickFighter hugs her tight. "Well I guess so ... who wouldn't?"

* Melancholy nods. "So I ran off and it started assimilating security guards to get skin and stuff. Solly and I tried to fight it."

ChickFighter: Like how ... I mean ... with what?

Melancholy: Well we tried just normal fighting. Then we used laser guns and stuff.

ChickFighter: Any of it work?

* Melancholy shakes her head. "Nope."

* ChickFighter nods. "Figures, Solly said you shot it, but eventually it took some Egyptian fellow to save you from this ancient lover. You know that's what you get for being so adorable."

* Melancholy giggles. "Well that sort of attention I can do without," she replies. "My tastes don't run to ancient undead people."

* ChickFighter giggles as well. "Good to know. You know I hope you learned a lesson here. Sneaking around museums after dark to try and steal things is a good way to get into trouble. In the future I want you to quit any such activities unless I go along to protect you," she insists laughing.

* Melancholy looks at you with a grin. "What would you want with an ancient fertility tablet anyway?" she asks, with an impish grin. She stays snuggled up against you, grinning impishly the whole time.

ChickFighter: Hmm, maybe I'll tell you if you can keep a secret. Solly wants to go skinny dipping later by the way if you'd like to join us for a swim.

Melancholy: Well I always go skinny dipping with Solly. It's really lots of fun.

* ChickFighter shakes her head. "It figures, and he's the one leading you into this life of crime too ... which leads to attacks from sex crazed mummies. Really, Mel!"

* Melancholy grins. "Well I wasn't planning to steal anything," she replied, tickling you a bit. "I just wanted to see the tablet was all."

ChickFighter: And why did you want to see an old sex rock anyway ... never mind, silly question.

Melancholy: Well there was some legend about things that happened if you jill off while laying on the rock, and I wanted to see if it was true.

* ChickFighter leans her forehead against Mel's. "Did you get a chance to find out?"

* Melancholy shakes her head. "Naw," she says. "The mummy woke up before I could."

* ChickFighter looks at Mel sideways. "So, what happened to the fertility tablet? The papers said it was missing."

* Melancholy pouts. "I know," she says. "Somebody else took it. I wanted to go back and do you on top of it."

ChickFighter: See there ... you've got powers ... you read my mind ... I was hoping you and Solly had it here for the same reason!

Melancholy: So you want to fuck me on that old sex rock hmm? How long have you been wanting to do that?

* ChickFighter laughs loudly. "Maybe we should get up and get dressed for a skinny dip ... hmm, I guess we would already be appropriately attired in our finest birthday suits." *grins*

* Melancholy giggles at that. "It's not hard getting dressed for that," she agrees. "That's why Solly prefers it."

* ChickFighter gets out of bed and stands there with hands on naked hips. "So let's go ... and finish telling me about the Egyptian fellow as we walk to the pool."

* Melancholy grins as she gets to her feet. "Well he had some funky tattoos," she replies. "Tribal I think they were."

ChickFighter: Hieroglyphics perhaps?

Melancholy: No they weren't hieroglyphics. He said he was a medgai or something like that.

* ChickFighter bumps a hip into Mel playfully. "Well, how did he save you from the mummy?"

* Melancholy grins, playfully goosing you. "He used some sort of spell, from a book."

* ChickFighter pokes a finger at Mel's bellybutton. "And what happened to the mummy?"

* Melancholy giggles. "He kinda fell apart, and cussed a lot."

* ChickFighter pokes her finger into Mel's bellybutton harder and twists. "Kinda like if I were to unscrew you here ... and you just fell to pieces." *giggles as Mel doubles over*

* Melancholy yeeps as her bellybutton is twisted, retaliating with intense tickling.

* ChickFighter goes to her knees trying to cover up. "Hehehe ... don't ... hehehe ... stop ... hehehe... no fair!"

* Melancholy eagerly continues the tickling, to avenge the assault to her bellybutton! Besides, it's really fun.

* ChickFighter rolls into a ball on the floor. "Hehe ... please ... hehe ... Mel ... hehe ... stop ... hehe ... it's not funny ... hehe..."

* Melancholy grins at that. "Will you stop twisting my bellybutton and let me finish?" she asks.

* ChickFighter puts up her hands in a sign of surrender. "Yes, please continue."

Melancholy: "Alright then." *stops tickling* "Now where was I?"

* ChickFighter gets up and they start walking again. "The mummy just fell apart like I did when you tickled me."

* Melancholy nods. "Well it wasn't nearly as amusing as when I tickled you," she replies. "But he fell apart anyway. The Egyptian guy seemed pleased anyway."

ChickFighter: So what became of the Egyptian and where did he come from to begin with?"

Melancholy: "Well not to sound sarcastic or anything but I think he came from Egypt. Solly and I paid him before he left."

ChickFighter: OK, smartie pants, he came from Egypt originally ... but how did he just happen to show up when you were in need of some mummy eradication service?

Melancholy: I think he was hunting it actually.

* ChickFighter grins and, acting silly, begins to walk like an Egyptian, then puts a finger to her lips and speaks like a cartoon character. "Be very quiet, I'm hunting ancient mummy rabbits!"

* Melancholy giggles and playfully swats your rump. "Anyway, he was there when we needed him," she replies. "Dunno why the spell had to be performed naked though, I think he was making that part up."

* ChickFighter looks sideways at Mel. "Well, look at yourself, girlfriend, of course he wanted to see those pretty tits and ass!"

* Melancholy smirks and gooses you. "No you misunderstand," she replies. "The spell had to be performed while he was naked, or so he said."

* ChickFighter nudges you. "So was he hot ... I know you were checking him out!"

* Melancholy giggles and nods. "So was Solly," she whispers. "Don't tell him I told you that."

ChickFighter: And how about you ... were you naked as well?"

Melancholy: Not yet, that came later.

ChickFighter: So exactly what did this ceremony involve?

Melancholy: It was pretty simple actually. He read some words from the book and the mummy went down. I have no idea why it required him getting naked.

ChickFighter: ... and Solly was checking him out?

* Melancholy nods. "Solly goes both ways," she replies. "You mean he didn't tell you?"

* ChickFighter shakes her head. "I'm not surprised ... I come off as pretty naive and conservative, sometimes, and Solly was probably afraid that would offend or shock me."

* Melancholy nods, putting her arm around your shoulder. "That's probably right," she replies. "He really likes you and doesn't want you hurt."

* ChickFighter smiles back with a hint of sadness. "Yes, I know, but I wish he'd trust me more ... ssh, here he comes!"

* Melancholy smiles back as her brother walks up, naked as the day he was born. He smiles, greeting both of us with a gentle rub of our pussies.

* ChickFighter puts one arm around Mel and the other around Solly, looking back and forth between them. "So..."

* Solemn hugs you and his sister close, pretty much resulting in a sexy group hug. "You're looking lovely."

* ChickFighter puckers for a kiss ... but can't decide who to kiss first.

* Solemn happily kisses you on the lips, Mel grinding against your side.

* ChickFighter returns the kiss fully while pulling them both close.

* Solemn smiles, still kissing as you soon end up in a sandwich.

ChickFighter: Me likes being the tasty center!

* Melancholy grins, grabbing you by the hips as she slides you onto her brother.

* ChickFighter goes where hands direct her, enjoying the thrill of multiple hands on her body.

* Solemn grins as your pussy is guided onto his cock, moaning as he's thrust deep into you. He grins knowingly as he sees Mel producing a toy.

* ChickFighter presses against him, reading in his eyes that he and Mel are up to something. She kisses his grinning lips.

* Melancholy moans softly as her brother fucks the girl she loves so much. That and because she stuck one end of a double headed dildo into her pussy, the other end slides into your ass.

* ChickFighter sucks in a trembling breath as she feels the sex toy slide into her ass. She begins to pant as she is fucked coming and going.

* Melancholy moans louder and more intensely as the sibs work together to fuck you hard and deep.

* ChickFighter arches her flexible back and grinds her hips hard against both sibs, squealing in joy.

* Solemn grins, slamming his cock hard into you, listening to Mel's squeals of pleasure as she fucks just as hard.

* ChickFighter kisses Solemn's mouth greedily, wanting his tongue to fill her last opening and complete this trinity of fulfillment.

* Solemn happily thrusts his tongue into your mouth as he and Mel fuck both your holes with wild abandon.

* ChickFighter thinks this is the greatest moment of pure pleasure she has ever known and gives every straining fiber of her being over to her gyrating instincts.

* Solemn grins, moaning happily in pleasure as he slams into you, wondering which of us will cum first?

* ChickFighter is awash in pleasure inside and out, her body sweating bullets and cumming like a bullet train.

* Melancholy howls in pleasure as she's soon cumming as well. Her brother soon is too, shooting a massive load into you.

* ChickFighter caresses both sibs with her hands as she weeps with joy, "Oh yes ... OHH YESSSSS!"

* Solemn smiles, grinning. "Told you she'd love this," he says to Mel, winking.

* ChickFighter rolls to her back, still panting, and looks up at the devious siblings with whom she has fallen in love.

* Solemn grins, both of them snuggling you nice and close.

ChickFighter: Let me know when you're ready to go again, Mel and Solly!



ChickFighter Meets Dr. Doom

* Dr_Doom smiles...

ChickFighter: adopts a ready stance. "What's your deal metal man?"

* Dr_Doom looks at you... sinister...

Dr_Doom: Simply... to get to know you better.

ChickFighter: rolls aside to avoid any sinister ploys and to demonstrate her acrobatic martial arts skills.

* Dr_Doom simply folds metal arms... not needing martial arts... grey eyes staring at you from behind the mask...

ChickFighter: I'm a former sidekick who searches for her missing mentor and occasionally finds trouble. Know anything about her disappearance ;)

Dr_Doom: Describe your mentor to me...

* Dr_Doom taking a close look at your costume... and your body...

ChickFighter: Her name is Masked Americana, former women's wrestling champ turned superheroine.

Dr_Doom: very nice...

* Dr_Doom smiles wickedly under the mask...

ChickFighter: What else do you have up your sleeve ... uh, armor?

Dr_Doom: I've got some information of my own I need to know...

ChickFighter: Sure, shoot ... well, you know what I mean.

Dr_Doom: Masked Americana once stole a certain doomsday device from me... a minor run-in for both of us... but now I find I'm in need of it... she claimed she'd hidden it to prevent it being misused...

Dr_Doom: Know where it is?

ChickFighter: Like I'd tell you and doom us all!

Dr_Doom: Only a city or two... it's small and portable...

* Dr_Doom hands crackle with energy...

Dr_Doom: So... you do know...

* ChickFighter rolls to the side and back up into her stance. "And you probably do have MA, don't you?"

ChickFighter: "But she won't tell you anything, no matter what you do to her."

* Dr_Doom laughs...

Dr_Doom: If I did... I'd have broken her long ago... like I'm going to break you...

* ChickFighter moves forward cautiously.

ChickFighter: Dream on, Doom.

* Dr_Doom raising my palms... aiming a harsh burst of electricity right at you...

* ChickFighter cartwheels one direction and flips back the other to attempt to avoid your blasts, finally leaping at you with flying kick at your head.

* Dr_Doom snarling with rage as your foot impacts against the steel mask, causing me to stagger... my hand moving like lightning to try to catch your ankle...

* ChickFighter is surprised by the amazing speed of his reflex to catch her ankle in his metal glove. She awkwardly swings her other leg at his hand to try to knock his grip loose.

* Dr_Doom the kick lands... but my metal glove holds the grip... as I swing your body around and around... like a hammerbefore letting you go... hurling you at a wall...

* ChickFighter goes flying and flailing through the air, crashing into a brick wall before crumpling to the ground, wind knocked out of her.

* Dr_Doom marching towards you... reaching down to grip your wrists...

* ChickFighter rolls several feet away to hands and knees, crawling.

* Dr_Doom cursing... pointing a finger and firing a repulsor beam at your crawling form...

* ChickFighter is knocked sprawling by the force of the blow despite her costume absorbing some of its power. She rolls to a sitting position, reaching for a throwing star.

* Dr_Doom walking grimly forward... confident that no throwing star can penetrate my armour...

* ChickFighter lets fly with a magnetic star programmed to explode two seconds after impact.

* Dr_Doom seeing the star glued to my chest... scrabbling at it with metal fingers...

* Dr_Doom deducing its purpose as it sticks to one finger... holding it away from my body...

* Dr_Doom the blast wrecking my glove... and burning my left hand...


Dr_Doom: How dare you?

* ChickFighter leaps forward, throwing crescent kicks at your head and shoulders.

* Dr_Doom the armour absorbing most of the blows... staggering me... lashing out with my good hand in a wide arc... glove crackling with electricity as the hydraulics amplify my speed...

* ChickFighter is knocked sprawling again. His armor must enhance his quickness. No human is that fast. She scrambles back to her feet and takes her stance.

* Dr_Doom looking at you... realizing your costume must enhance strength and speed as well...

* Dr_Doom running towards you... snapping into a flying kick... ill-suited to martial arts, it's lazy... easily blocked...

* Dr_Doom then I fire my boot jets off into your face...

* ChickFighter has your kick easily slipped just enough in the ninja manner when something explodes in her face knocking her down to the ground.

* Dr_Doom landing again... not above these dirty tricks... seeing that your mask has protected your eyes... but the force has toppled you...

* Dr_Doom reaching to take a firm hold of your throat...

* ChickFighter is lifted, legs flailing, by the grip of a metal hand on her throat. She kicks at your sides and midsection with as much force as she can generate from this position.

ChickFighter: Arrcckk...

* Dr_Doom growling as you manage to buckle the armour a little... forcing as much electricity as I have stored through the glove around your neck in a long, sustained burst... lasting twenty or thirty seconds...

ChickFighter: Arrrgggghhhhhhh...

* ChickFighter convulses as the electrical current zaps her from neck to toe. Her whole body jerking about like a puppet on maniacal strings.

* Dr_Doom firing my jets...

Dr_Doom: Maybe you'll be more willing to talk in the dungeons of the Latverian embassy...

* ChickFighter feels herself being lifted and flown away as she dangles from his powerful grip. "nnnn."

* Dr_Doom flying you at top speed to a nearby building... entering through the back way... taking a private lift... all the time slowly squeezing your throat to render you... compliant...

* ChickFighter brings her own gloved hands to her throat to try and remove the grip of the metal glove nearly crushing her windpipe. She can barely breathe.

* Dr_Doom punching you hard in the stomach as we reach the sub-basement... assistants already preparing a file on you as I take you to what looks like... an old medieval rack...

* ChickFighter feels repeated powerful blows to her ribs drive all remaining air from her lungs. She gasps for air and her hands fall limply at her sides.

ChickFighter: nnnot that.

* Dr_Doom dumping you unceremoniously on the rack... tugging your leotard out at the neck... aiming a thin laser from my undamaged hand to slowly slice it away from the inside...

* ChickFighter sees her leotard being turned inside out and slowly cut away by a laser from the metal glove. She tries to push the glove away.

ChickFighter: no, stop, you fiend.

* Dr_Doom gripping your wrist and pinning it as I finish my work... stripping the leotard away from you... grey eyes looking down...

Dr_Doom: You're about to tell me... everything.

* ChickFighter kicks at him with her legs.

ChickFighter: Never.

* Dr_Doom gripping each wrist and tying it onto the rack... before doing the same with your ankles... leaving your thighs spread... metal fingers sliding slowly up the inside of one thigh to caress your soft pussy...

* ChickFighter bucks against her restraints. They hold firm. She tries to pull her slender wrists free. The bonds are tight. And a cold metal finger touches her in a most obscene manner.

ChickFighter: "No," she screams!

* Dr_Doom sliding the finger into your pussy... letting a jolt of electricity travel into you...

Dr_Doom: "Where is the device?"

ChickFighter: Arrggghh ... I will not ... can not tell you ... Americana made me promise."

* Dr_Doom smiling... taking a large, thick, studded metal dildo... stroking it between your breasts...

Dr_Doom: This is the very dildo I used on Americana in our brief encounter... and I will use it on you as well if you don't talk...

* ChickFighter eyes get as big as fifty cent pieces. She wriggles against her bindings to no avail. "That thing's inhumanly large!" Gulp!

* Dr_Doom tightening the rack... pulling you taut... before stroking it slowly against your pussy lips... moving it up... and down...

Dr_Doom: Where is the device?

* ChickFighter is stretched and straining now. Sweat beads up on her fair skin.

ChickFighter: Go to hell!

* Dr_Doom beginning to push... slowly... forcing the monster inch by inch... into your pussy...

Dr_Doom: Talk!

* ChickFighter quivers a bit with fear and dread. It hurts as it is forced inside her. She is sweating the bullets of fear now.

ChickFighter: Eek ... Nnn ... nnvrr ... plsss ... stpp

* Dr_Doom thrusting it deeper... deeper... inch by inch... filling you as I run my other hand slowly over your breasts... tugging one nipple hard...

Dr_Doom: The longer you're silent... the deeper you'll be violated...

* ChickFighter tries to heave her spasming body upward, but she is thoroughly screwed ... there is no escape from the mechanical device which is filling her. Her nipple points at the ceiling as you torment it.

ChickFighter: but i cannot talk ... mustn talk ... nnnn...

* Dr_Doom thrusting it to the hilt in your brutally stretched and filled pussy... then attaching a small clip at the base to your clit... so you can't work it free... and your clit is constantly gripped by the wicked clip...

Dr_Doom: Very brave... Americana might have approved... she begged me to stop...

* ChickFighter shivers with fear, eyes begging, her hips grinding, but unable to push it out.

ChickFighter: She did not ... she would never have begged ... never

* Dr_Doom looks at your file for a moment... smiles... then rummages in a small cupboard...

Dr_Doom: She pleaded with me for mercy... and so will you... before you tell me every detail...

* Dr_Doom taking out a large glass case... filled with six large, hairy spiders...

* ChickFighter bucks like an animal at every binding, eyes bulging.

ChickFighter: nnn ... nnn ... nnt ffrrr ... nnnnnnnnn...

Dr_Doom: I found these in the amazon... they're very deadly...

Dr_Doom: Would you like me to let one crawl over your breasts?

* Dr_Doom placing the glass case on your belly...

* ChickFighter hopelessly tries to wriggle free, eyes crazily looking about the room.

ChickFighter: n n n n nnnnnnnnnn...

Dr_Doom: Talk! Tell me where the device is... now... and I'll put them away...

* Dr_Doom opening the hatch... taking one out... holding it in my metal grip... close to your face...

ChickFighter: I ... uh ... it's ... but i can't ... i ... ieeeeeee...

* Dr_Doom placing one on your breast... letting it crawl...

Dr_Doom: The slightest movement, and it will bite... and kill...

Dr_Doom: Where is the device?

ChickFighter: OK k ... nnn ... get it off me ... we buried the device in a park in Seaview California beneath two big palm trees ... nnn ... get it off!

* Dr_Doom nods... taking the spider off... then smiling...

Dr_Doom: Do you know how it kills, girl? This particular breed of spider has a venom which acts directly on the pleasure centres of the human brain... one bite... and those centres overload...

Dr_Doom: The victim orgasms to death in minutes...

Dr_Doom: And the best part is... one single movement from you would make it bite... if I were to put it back down...

* ChickFighter continues to shake at the thought of it and at her still unpleasant predicament.

ChickFighter: nn ... you wouldn't ... I told ... nnnnn...

* Dr_Doom tightening the rack still further... your body taut... your shaking reduced to tremors against the viciously tight ropes... every muscle straining...

* Dr_Doom before I place the spiders on your body... two on your breasts... one on your belly... scattering the other three around your body...

Dr_Doom: Try not to move... slut...

ChickFighter: b b btt ... youu ... n n nn ... nnnnnnnnn...

Dr_Doom: Oh... one last thing...

* Dr_Doom triggering the dildo inside you... sending slow, pulsing vibrations trough your stuffed pussy... through the clamp at your clit...

* Dr_Doom smiling as I look back at the spiders crawling over you... your eyes wide... filled with terror... one twitch will leave you cumming helplessly to death...

ChickFighter: oh oh ohhhhhhohohoooo ... noooooooooooo...

* Dr_Doom smiling... checking that a camera is recording the action... before walking away... leaving you to your awful fate...

ChickFighter: i i ieeeeeeeeeee...



ChickFighter vs T-Wolf

* ChickFighter spots a man (approx 6'6" tall, 215 lbs) wearing ripped jeans, boots and an "Alice-in-Chains" shirt dealing drugs on the street corner. She was told his name was T-Wolf and that he was involved in her friend, Masked American's disappearance. She drops down from the second story to confront him.

* T-Wolf has his backed turned and is entering his warehouse, only he apparently knows what happened to Masked Americana (sold for profit)

* ChickFighter, realizing she has not been spotted, follows quietly and shadowy like her ninja training would suggest.

* T-Wolf enters his office (where he can watch his security cameras) and sitting at his desk goes through some files

* ChickFighter follows him inside where he enters an office at a second story level. She uses the grips in her gloves to go up a wall and try to look inside.

* T-Wolf turns his chair away from the door and is studying the security screens

* T-Wolf sees a flicker on one of the screens but it quickly disappears

* ChickFighter spots her target in a chair reviewing ... oh shit ... security screens. She looks around and spots a camera trained on her. So much for stealth she decides and, leading with a kick, smashes through the window and rolls deftly to her feet in front of him.

* T-Wolf spins in his chair "what the fuck," he mutters seeing you

* ChickFighter points a finger at him. "Don't move out of that chair. I want some answers. You know what happened to Masked Americana and you're gonna tell me.

* T-Wolf fingering the pistol taped under his desk. "why yes i do know what happened to the masked slut, are you chickfighter, hmmmmm i thought you would be taller," he laughs

* ChickFighter takes a step forward. "I can handle you one on one, so don't try anything. So you admit it. Well, what happened to her?"

* T-Wolf laughing at you. "so the sidekick is now the super hero, is that what you think you are. Do you think that i am intimidated by you, especially in that thing you call a costume"

* T-Wolf gripping the gun tightly under his desk now

* ChickFighter struts towards him. "I don't take kindly to ugly remarks about my costume!" She reaches out across the desk for his shirt collar.

* T-Wolf fires a shot that goes through the desk and between your legs

* T-Wolf pulls the gun up, stop right there young slut

ChickFighter: Yikes!

* ChickFighter snap kicks at the gun immediately.

* T-Wolf pulls it up, just avoiding your kick..."ohhh no, i've seen heroines do this way to many times"

* T-Wolf circles around the desk, blocking off the door way

* ChickFighter follows him with a spinning kick over the desk and at his head with all her enhanced speed, realizing he's faster than an ordinary person.

* T-Wolf tries to dodge it but gets nicked a bit "oouuchhh, that hurt"

* T-Wolf fire another shot, this one just past your head

* ChickFighter swings at the gun now while you are off balance in another attempt to knock it away from you.

* T-Wolf gets hit in the hand and drops the gun "god I hate you heroines, you just don't go easily do you"

ChickFighter: That's right!

* ChickFighter punching him in the midsection

* T-Wolf catches your fist and flips you over his back

* T-Wolf lunges forward toward you, trying to keep you on the ground

* ChickFighter rolls up to her feet and attempts to kick your crotch as you approach.

* T-Wolf grunts hard "aaahhhhhhh fuck that really hurts"

* T-Wolf falls to the ground

* ChickFighter stands over him.

ChickFighter: Give it up now.

* ChickFighter retrieves the gun.

* T-Wolf brings his leg up and returns the favor by kicking you in the crotch

ChickFighter: Ooph!

* ChickFighter holds on to the gun as she crumples.

* T-Wolf jumps on top of you and is slapping your face viciously and wrestling for the gun

* ChickFighter feels her head smacked side to side by her attacker and then the gun goes clattering away across the floor.

* T-Wolf rips away the top of your costume..."nice tits for a sidekick"

* ChickFighter gasps as he reaches inside the top of her invulnerable costume and rips it away from the inside with claw-like fingers.

* T-Wolf pins you under him and is trying to do the same to your panties

* ChickFighter struggles to throw him aside, but he seems to be even bigger than before if that is possible.

ChickFighter: No, you damn bastard, not the costume!

* T-Wolf is changing into a giant beast as he rips away your panties

* T-Wolf howls "tell me...ever been fucked by a villain bitch"

ChickFighter: Ohmygawd, what ... what are you! Nooooooo...

* T-Wolf has his big, hard wolf dick just outside your pussy, he slaps you hard...answer the question chickslut

ChickFighter: No ... never ... you wouldn't ... nnnnnn...

* T-Wolf smirks

* ChickFighter wriggles with all her might to get free of this beast.

* T-Wolf suddenly and violently rams his big wolf dick hard into your unprotected pussy

T-Wolf: aaahhhhhh shit sluttt your fuckin tight asss hell

T-Wolf: much tighter than that americana whore

ChickFighter: Yeowwwwwww... nnnnnnnnnnn...

T-Wolf: unghhhh godddd old are you cunt i bark

* ChickFighter has streams of tears running from her eyes.

ChickFighter: six ... sixteennnnn...

* T-Wolf spits on your face and proceeds to suck violently on your boobs as he fucks you harder and harder

T-Wolf: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

* ChickFighter bucks and spasms in pain, shaking with fear.

ChickFighter: nnnnnnnnnnnnn...

* T-Wolf spanking your sexy ass mercilessly between thrusts

T-Wolf: yyeesssss

T-Wolf: oohhhhh god yeahhhh young slut

* ChickFighter feels as though she is being split in two by his monsterous cock as his huge balls smack against her tight ass.

ChickFighter: aieeeeeeeeeeeee...

T-Wolf: unghhhhhh yeahhh young whore

* T-Wolf squeezing and biting and sucking your perfect young boobs viciously

* ChickFighter gasps for air trapped beneath your onslaught, breasts being mauled.

ChickFighter: nn ... nn ... nn ... nnnnnnnnnnnnnn...

* ChickFighter feels the force of his thrusts move her across the floor as she impaled on his powerful prick.

* T-Wolf moans as he lets you know that your partner went much easier than you did

* T-Wolf is fingering your ass as he fucks your pussy with all his strength

* ChickFighter begins to convulse as she is overwhelmed by the presence within her.

ChickFighter: oh ... oh ... oh ... ohhhhhhh...

T-Wolf: yyeesss...that's right chickcunt...yyeahhhh

* ChickFighter screams and screams as she cums even as she is crunched to the core.

* T-Wolf pounding his dick into you harder and harder

ChickFighter: nn ... nnn ... nnnn mmmmmmmmmm...

* T-Wolf suddenly cums hard and violently deep inside your tight pussy, filling you with what feels like a gallon of cum

T-Wolf: ooohhhhh yyyeeesssss

* ChickFighter feels as though she will burst open from the pressure of burning wetness inside her.

ChickFighter: ooohhhhhhh nnnnnnoooooooo...

* T-Wolf laughs as i wonder out loud if i've gotten you pregnant as easily as i did masked americana

* ChickFighter collapses under his hairy girth, her mind horrified by the thought of it.

* ChickFighter begins to sob as blood and semen drip from her body around his huge cock.

* T-Wolf stands over your naked body and is pissing all over you to mark his territory

* ChickFighter balls up clutching herself. She is defeated in mind as well as body.

* T-Wolf forces you to drink it up

ChickFighter: nn ... bth ... yss ... slurp ... slurp ... slurp...

* T-Wolf picks you up and bends you over the desk, his dick pressing against your ass

* ChickFighter chokes a little as she bent over the desk, still sobbing.

ChickFighter: nn ... nn mmmmmmmm ... what are you doing?

* T-Wolf not paying attention to your question starts stuffing his dick up your ass

T-Wolf: godddd you feel like heaven cunnttttt

* ChickFighter arches her back in pain as your huge member invades her tight virginal ass.

T-Wolf: yyyeessss's this feel you young whore

* T-Wolf moans as i thrust harder up your ass

* ChickFighter feels her anal ring grip, collapse, relax and spasm as it is defeated by your battering ram.

* ChickFighter screams even louder than ever!


* T-Wolf ignores your screams...pushing harder and harder up your butt

ChickFighter: NN NNMMMMMMMMM...

T-Wolf: godddd i love you body you slutttt


* ChickFighter feels that this impalement may kill her. She cannot breathe. Shaking with pain.



* T-Wolf bucking his hips against your butt with all his wolf strength, tearing your ass in two almost

* ChickFighter is bathed in sweat from her hopeless efforts.

* ChickFighter screams and drools and convulses.


T-Wolf: ooohhhhh shitttt i'm cumming chicksluttttt

* T-Wolf cums deep inside your perfect ass

* ChickFighter shutters and sobs.

ChickFighter: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...

T-Wolf: yyeesssssssss

* ChickFighter looks back at the hairy beast. His cock is covered with her shit and blood. She closes her eyes.

* T-Wolf reaches in his drawer and grabs a collar, placing it around your neckit is a tracking collar.

T-Wolf: if you attempt to remove it, it will blow up

* ChickFighter feels the collar slapped around her neck.


The Return of T-Wolf

T-Wolf: it's been two days since i let you go and the collar is still on youi've been shadowing you everywhere you go...leaving naked pictures of the mighty chickfighter on display where you are (in public and private places)

T-Wolf: its late at night

* ChickFighter can't remove the collar. With nothing else to do I have locked myself in my friend's old apartment to try and figure out what do.

* T-Wolf traces you there and has been denying himself some fun for long enough

* T-Wolf kicks open the door, bursting in on you

* ChickFighter knows she must do something. Pictures are turning up. Humiliating pictures. She springs up at a noise in her pink nightshirt and panties. It's him. She must challenge the wolf man and win.

* T-Wolf enters the room seeing you "hello slut"

* ChickFighter takes a step back and adopts her stance.

* T-Wolf smirks at you "you still want to fight bitch"

* ChickFighter nods. "If I have to ... Remove this collar, you beast!"

T-Wolf: hmmmmmm...fuck me fist cunt

* T-Wolf spits at you as he circles you

* ChickFighter circles warily, but physically feeling good, having already completely recovered from the first encounter.

ChickFighter: I don't think so!

* T-Wolf leaps at you...throwing a fist to your jaw

* ChickFighter displays her quickness by slipping the punch and kicking at your nads.

T-Wolf: uuummppffff..bitch

* ChickFighter spins to back kick at your head, her nightshirt flairing. "And take this..."

* T-Wolf cringes from the kick but swipes his legs across yours

T-Wolf: tripping you

* ChickFighter stumbles and rolls across the carpet and back to her feet in her usual stance.

* T-Wolf standing up "so, are you pregnant then slut"

* ChickFighter looks puzzled. "I don't think so, but it's only been two days."

* T-Wolf leaps at you as you think...knocking you to the ground

* ChickFighter reachs back and grabs a heavy coffee table by the legs and crashes it over your head with her enhanced strength.

* T-Wolf falls face down...motionless

* ChickFighter pops to her feet and swings a nasty kick at your head to try to make sure you're out.

* T-Wolf groans from the kick and howls loudly, throwing his head back in the air

* T-Wolf growling at you as he changes

* ChickFighter leaps up at your changing chest, driving multiple kicks into it with all the force and venom of her anger.

* T-Wolf grunts in pain at first "ummffff ouchhh" but as the transformation continues he groans less and suddenly catches your foot, flinging you into the wall

* ChickFighter hits the wall hard enough to knock a hole in the sheet rock, drops to the carpet, momentarily stunned. "Oooohh..."

* T-Wolf leaps at you...your pink shirt and panties easily ripped offhe drools over your naked body

* ChickFighter kicks viciously up at your nads again from her back on the floor. "No, not this time," she screams.

* T-Wolf blocks your kick easily with his paw...barking "oohhh yyeesss"

* T-Wolf big dick fully erect now as he forces your legs open

* ChickFighter wriggles free and tries to crawl away on hands and knees, bare bottom twitching.

* T-Wolf leaps and grabs your hips...his dick pressed against your ass

* ChickFighter flails wildly. "Damn it, let me go ... you hairy beast!"

* T-Wolf moans as his big dick presses into your tight, young ass

* ChickFighter feels your clawed hands on her hips and your dick in her ass ... reaches back and claws at your face with her nails. "Nooo..."

* T-Wolf slaps your face hard and pins you under his body, pounding his dick savagely up your butt


* ChickFighter is slammed violently face first to the floor by your weight as your cock plungers her defeated anal ring and impales her colon. "Aaeeeeeeee..."

* T-Wolf pumping his wolf dick wildly in and out of your sexy ass, ignoring your scream


* ChickFighter struggles and strains to inch away. "No ... noo ... never ... bastard!"

* T-Wolf reaches around you and is squeezing and shaking your bobbing boobs hard as he butt fucks you

T-Wolf: yyyeess.. yes...yesss slutttt i can see in your eyes you love it

* ChickFighter closes her eyes and shakes her head. "No fucking way ... nooo ... it fucking hurts ... aeeeeeeee..."

* T-Wolf pulling your hair, pounding his dick into your ass furiously

T-Wolf: aaaahhh hyyeahahhhh sluttt

* ChickFighter has her head banged up and down against the carpet as her ass is reamed. "Stopp ... p p pleassssssss ... nn ... nnnnnnnnnnn..."

* T-Wolf spitting on your back as i rape your tight, sexy ass laughing "stopwould you rather have me fuck your cunt"

* ChickFighter eyes fly wide open in terror. "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..."

* T-Wolf pounding his dick up your butt barking...

* T-Wolf suddenly cums hard up your ass

T-Wolf: aaahhhhhh yyyeaahhh sluttt

* ChickFighter sobs as she feels his hot load fill her intestines. "nnnnnnnnn...aaaaaaeeeeeeeee..."

* T-Wolf is pissing all over your raped body

* ChickFighter is gasping and crawling away. "n n n nnnn..."

* T-Wolf picks you up by your hair and throws you hard onto your back

* ChickFighter smacks to the floor, driving the air out of her lungs. "Oooooph!"

* T-Wolf quickly is between your legs "mmmmmmmmmmm i've missed your pussy slut"

* ChickFighter tries to roll away in this instant when she has the chance.

* T-Wolf slaps your face and is pressing his cock into your pussy "you just don't get it can't escape slut

* ChickFighter feels the tears stream from her watering eyes as her face is knocked back and forth by stinging blows. "nth ... nth ... ntn..."

* T-Wolf pumps his dick violently into your sweet pussy

T-Wolf: aaaahhhhhhh

* ChickFighter bucks like mad in a continuing effort to escape. "Ohh ... nnooooo..."

* T-Wolf thrusting his hips harder and harder into you making your tits bounce wildly

T-Wolf: "oohh yyess yyeesss yeesaaaahhh

* ChickFighter feels your huge animal cock impale her all the way to her womb as her taut breasts shimmy and shake. "NNnnnnnnn ... bassss...tardddd..."

T-Wolf: mmmmmmmmmmmmm god i love your tits sluttt

* T-Wolf is sucking savagely on them

* ChickFighter swings desperate punches at your face with her free hands, arching her back and bucking her hips for all she's worth. "Ssstop... oh ... you ...oh ... monsterrrr..."

* T-Wolf spits on your face..."you know you like it slut" as he pumps as hard as he can into your pussy

* ChickFighter feels this new thrusting ripping her apart even as she instinctively clamps her hips down against it. "Aaaarrrgghhhh..."

* T-Wolf spanks your ass violently and bites down on your boobs

T-Wolf: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

T-Wolf: spank

T-Wolf: spank

* ChickFighter is gasping and choking from the pain as you nearly bite off her nipple. "nnnnn...aiiiiieeeeeeeeeee...oh ... oh ... oh ... nooooo..."

* T-Wolf makes you wrap your legs around his waist yyyeess yyyesss...oohh fuck yeahhh chickcunt

* ChickFighter squeezes him with her legs and bucks against his thrusting. "Nn ... nn ... wwlf ... nn ... oh ... oh ... ohhhhh..."

* T-Wolf thrusts hard into your waiting pussy "yyeaahh yyeahh yyess sluttt

* T-Wolf sucking on your neck and biting your ear

* ChickFighter cries out anew as her earlode is bitten clear through. Bleeding and battered she wraps her arms around your neck and with all her remaining strength attempts to snap it. "Aarrrggghh!"

* T-Wolf laughs and bites on your tits (making you release your grip) he keeps pounding into your pussy

T-Wolf: yyyesss bitch

* T-Wolf barking with each thrust now

* ChickFighter is now sobbing at the pain and the uselessness of her efforts at resistance. She grunts in rhythm to his thrusts. "Oh ... oh ... oh ... oh ... oh..."

* T-Wolf fucking you faster and deeper with his big wolf cock, sucking viciously on your young boobs

* T-Wolf fingering your ass as he pumps his dick in and out of you

T-Wolf: scream bitch oooohhhhh

* ChickFighter nearly loses consciousness as the pain and humiliation over whelm her. "Oooohhhhhhhhhh..."

* T-Wolf can't help it and cums hard inside your pussy

T-Wolf: aaahhhhh yyyeeesssss bittccchhhh

* ChickFighter cannot stop her body's own natural impulse as she has her own humiliating orgasm in response. Her back arches, her hips grind. "Nn ... nooooooooooooooo..."

T-Wolf: yyeessss

* T-Wolf finally pulls out of you and standing over you he pisses in your defeated mouth

* ChickFighter gags and chokes until suddenly she grabs at the collar at her neck in an effort to rip it off, grab you and blow you up with her.

* T-Wolf plants his mouth on yours and delivers a long kiss to it

* ChickFighter feels his kiss on her lips and her tongue in her mouth and jerks away.

* ChickFighter attempts to rip the collar from around her throat and place it around yours as you kiss her.

* T-Wolf dick pressing into your pussy again as he kisses her

* ChickFighter sobs as he threatens to violate her again, "But why can't I remove this damn collar, you monster?"

* T-Wolf slaps your tits violently "how else could i find my favorite whore"

ChickFighter: whack! smack! thwack! smack! "B but ... I'm ... oh ... not ... oh ... whore ... oh ... aaeeeeeeeeeee..."

* T-Wolf stuffs his big dick back into your pussy

T-Wolf: yyyeesssssssss youuuuuu arrrreee

* ChickFighter sobs between shuddering breaths, her will once again broken. "nn nn nn nn nnnnnnnnn..."

* T-Wolf pounding his dick into you and kissing your lips hard..

T-Wolf: yyeeesssyyyeesssssyyyeessss

* ChickFighter trembling now, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

* T-Wolf squeezing your taut boobs as he rocks his dick in and out of your pussy

* ChickFighter closes her eyes as her sweat-covered body is assaulted again, "nth...nth...nth...mth...nth...mth...mth...mmmmmmm..."

T-Wolf: shit'

* ChickFighter struggling has almost ceased. Beaten, she humps his huge animal cock even as it crunches her cunt to the very core.

T-Wolf: did you have fun baby? Sorry, i must be going for now

* ChickFighter sobs uncontrollably.



ChickFighter Goes to Dr. Doom

* Dr_Doom smiles...

* ChickFighter salutes.

ChickFighter: hi, Doomster.

Dr_Doom: Hi... how are things?

ChickFighter: I'm looking for someone who could remove a tracking collar from my pretty neck. Could you help me? Pretty please! :)

Dr_Doom: This way... the lead walls of the Latverian Embassy should block the signals while I remove it...

Dr_Doom: No hard feelings about that little skirmish, I hope?

* Dr_Doom leading you to the back door of the embassy... the private lift you remember from before...

* ChickFighter: "Thanks so much ... yes, of course!"

* Dr_Doom taking you down to the bottom... into my dungeon... passing the tank full of my spiders...

Dr_Doom: How you worked out that screaming at a certain pitch made them go to sleep... I'll never know...

ChickFighter: Yes, well, never underestimate the value of a high-pitched voice and years of screaming training.

* ChickFighter looks nervously at the spiders.

* Dr_Doom smiling... leaning to take a close look at the collar...

Dr_Doom: Where did you pick this up?

ChickFighter: It's ... um ... rather embarrassing and I'd rather not say, but he claimed it would explode if I tried to remove it.

Dr_Doom: Okay... well, if you sit here... I'll take a look...

* Dr_Doom indicating a metal chair... much like a dentist's chair...

* ChickFighter takes a seat.

Dr_Doom: Lean back... place your arms on the rests...

ChickFighter: This really means a lot to me. I guess you recovered your thingie? OK.

* ChickFighter lays arms down.

Dr_Doom: Yes... I'm saving it for a certain other heroine of my acquaintance...

* Dr_Doom suddenly twin manacles spring over your wrists... another two over your upper arms... while your ankles and thighs are similarly captured... the manacles pinning you tight...

ChickFighter: Hey, what the...

* ChickFighter wriggles and flails to free herself.

Dr_Doom: Keep still... this is delicate work...

* Dr_Doom taking some tools... looking at the collar... beginning to unscrew a tiny panel in it...

* ChickFighter goes suddenly still.

* ChickFighter gulps as he works.

* Dr_Doom looking at the beeping explosive in the collar...

Dr_Doom: "Oh, that's lucky..."

Dr_Doom: "If it goes off, it'll just take your head off at the neck... it won't harm me in the slightest..."

* Dr_Doom taking some wire cutters...

* ChickFighter bites her lip.

ChickFighter: Please, I helped you find your thingie. Please!

Dr_Doom: "It's one of these four wires... oh, I'll just guess."

* Dr_Doom leans in and snips a wire... the beeping intensifies...

* Dr_Doom walking away quickly...

Dr_Doom: Nice knowing you...

ChickFighter: Wait, but I though you were like a genius or something ... you can't just let me...

* ChickFighter thinks of something.

ChickFighter: ...make a mess of your lab like this!

* Dr_Doom the beeping stops...

Dr_Doom: I am a genius... but I do enjoy the occasional joke.

* Dr_Doom reaching to unclip the collar from your pretty neck...

* ChickFighter sighs with relief.

ChickFighter: Oh thanks, I don't know how I will ever repay you!?

* Dr_Doom opens it up... takes out a tiny component...smiling... stroking under your chin slowly...

* Dr_Doom the chair splitting in two at your legs... spreading them forcibly... widening them...

Dr_Doom: To start with... you can tell me that embarrassing story...

ChickFighter: Hey, wait a minute ... you can release me now!

* ChickFighter begins to tug and struggle against the restraints once more.

Dr_Doom: No I can experiment on you now... unless you talk...

* Dr_Doom smiling... the titanium restraints holding easily as I take a thin scalpel...

ChickFighter: But ... what ... do you want?

* ChickFighter bucks madly but uselessly.

Dr_Doom: I want you to tell me how you got that collar...

* Dr_Doom leaning to slowly and carefully slice a piece of out your costume... over your pussy... then putting the scalpel aside...

ChickFighter: I ... well ... I continued my search for Masked Americana ... ohmygawd ... what are you doing?

* ChickFighter looks down in dismay at her cut costume.

ChickFighter: You bastard!

* Dr_Doom stroking under your chin again... grinning beneath my mask... taking a small pot of gel...

Dr_Doom: Carry on...

ChickFighter: I don't reward villains who tear my costume ... you filthy bastard!

* Dr_Doom picking up the tiny component...

* ChickFighter yells defiantly but stains of fearful sweat are now present on her panties and costume underarms.

Dr_Doom: That's a shame... I guess we'll be finding a use for this tracker after all...

* Dr_Doom loading it into a thin needle gun...

ChickFighter: No wait! I'll talk!

* Dr_Doom grey eyes on yours... as I approach...

Dr_Doom: Talk quickly...

ChickFighter: This drug dealer ... called T-Wolf ... he changed into some kind of huge beast and overcame me! I had no idea!

* ChickFighter quivers a bit at the mere thought.

Dr_Doom: Did he rape you?

* Dr_Doom stroking a metal finger slowly over your pussy... taking some of the gel from the pot...

* ChickFighter regains her composure.

ChickFighter: That would be an understatement.

* Dr_Doom smearing it lightly over your pussy lips... and inside you... over your clit... slowly stroking the cool, tingling jelly over you...

Dr_Doom: I see... and then?

ChickFighter: You understand he literally turned into an animal. It was like being taken by a grizzly bear in heat. Then he ... oh, it was awful ... marked his territory and finally collared me with that device.

* Dr_Doom nodding... using small lasers to rewire the tiny tracking component as I listen... the sensitizing gel working on your pussy and clit...

Dr_Doom: How did he mark his territory?

ChickFighter: You must'n tell ... he ... he ... urinated on me as I lay defeated at his feat.

* ChickFighter sobs in humiliation.

* Dr_Doom turning to you... smiling beneath the mask... machines recording your every word for future use... grey eyes narrowing as they hold yours...

Dr_Doom: He was an amateur.

* Dr_Doom loading the rewired tracker into the needle-gun... approaching you...

ChickFighter: What ... what do you mean? Oh no, your not ... going to...

* ChickFighter redoubles her frantic efforts to pull free of her restraints.

Dr_Doom: I'd like to track you myself... but I'm not going to rely on a silly collar...

* Dr_Doom reaching a metal finger... slowly stroking your artificially sensitized pussy lips... exploring the folds slowly... teasing... sliding a finger into you...

* ChickFighter shudders almost to the point of convulsions, every muscle spasming.

ChickFighter: what ...aha...ahhhh...aaaaahhhhhhh...

* Dr_Doom taking a firm hold of your clit between finger and thumb... tugging lightly... then bringing the point of the needle-gun to rest on it...

ChickFighter: mm...nn...mmmmnnnnnn...dnnt...mmmmmmm...plssssssss...nnnnnnnnnnn...

* ChickFighter trembles, but holds very still, eyes bulging.

* Dr_Doom sliding the tiny needle into your clit... implanting the tiny device inside your pleasure bud...

Dr_Doom: There... and now... I know exactly where you are at all times...

* ChickFighter sobs and tears run down her blushing cheeks.

ChickFighter: ohmygawdddddddd...

Dr_Doom: And I'll know whenever you're aroused... or being taken...

* Dr_Doom sliding a finger into your pussy... letting you see the way a red light on one glove lights up...

Dr_Doom: See?

* ChickFighter looks a bit perplexed and horrified all at once.

ChickFighter: But why ... aieeeee ... ahh ... aaaahhhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhhh...mmmmmmmmmmmy...

Dr_Doom: Much more useful than a tracking collar... every time, from now on, that you're horny... or getting raped... you'll know that I know. Won't that be nice?

Dr_Doom: And there's another useful side-effect...

* ChickFighter closes her eyes, shaking her head in a spray of tears.

* Dr_Doom smiling... pushing a small stud... you feel your clit begin to buzz... tingling with wave after wave of blissful, unbearable, maddening sensation... like a thousand tiny tongues licking, teasing... constant... wicked... undeniable... bizarre...

Dr_Doom: There's a tiny sonic projector in there as well. Feels nice... doesn't it?

ChickFighter: nn...nn... nnnnnnnnnnnn... oooooooh... nnnnnnn... bsstrrd... nnnnnnnn... aaaauuugghh...

Dr_Doom: I can turn it up...

* Dr_Doom the sensations intensify... as I twist the knob...

ChickFighter: nnnnnnnnnnnnn...

Dr_Doom: makes it hard to fight... doesn't it?

* ChickFighter hips begin to hump instinctively.

* Dr_Doom undoing the bonds holding you in the chair... setting you free...

Dr_Doom: And you'll be happy to know the remote control has a range of almost five hundred miles... so I can give you these feelings whenever I feel the urge... no matter where you are.

ChickFighter: yyssssssss...nnnnnnnnnnnn...ohmygawd!

* ChickFighter decides to rush at doom and kick at his crotch.

* Dr_Doom watching... groaning as your foot makes contact with the iron... taking a step back and intensifying the sensation to the very maximum level...

Dr_Doom: Nice... try.

* ChickFighter crumples to the floor writhing in p ... pleasure!

ChickFighter: Ohmyfuckingod...aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh...ysssssssssss...

Dr_Doom: Finger yourself, girl... or I might decide to turn this off.

* Dr_Doom looking down at your body on the floor... grey eyes enjoying the sight...

* ChickFighter reaches to her open crotch and uses her index finger on her clit and seems very nearly lost in her own pleasure.

ChickFighter: ah...ah...ah...ah...oh...ah...oh...oh...ohhhhhhhhhhhh...

* Dr_Doom smiling... recording every moment... then reaching down to grab your wrists and move them behind your back... away from your aching, needy clit...

ChickFighter: bbb...but...chick...nnt...finished...plssssss...nn...

* Dr_Doom quickly cuffing your hands behind your back... then tugging on an ornate bell rope...

Dr_Doom: Frustrating, isn't it? And it'll only get worse...

Dr_Doom: I might just decide to switch it off in a few hours or so... or I might not. We'll see.

ChickFighter: plss...nnnnnnn...

* ChickFighter twists and turns against the cuffs.

* Dr_Doom two burly men arrive in the lift... I motion them over to you...

Dr_Doom: "Have the whole staff urinate on her face. Then throw her out into the street. Oh, and let the chef take her asshole. Today's steak was excellent."

* Dr_Doom the men nod... and grab you by the legs and by your shoulders... lifting you up...

* ChickFighter pleads with bulging eyes, wriggling to free herself and stammering.

ChickFighter: n n n n nnnnnnnnnnnn...Dmmmmmmmmm...

* Dr_Doom as the men cart you off towards the lift... to your fate... I meet your bulging eyes...

Dr_Doom: One last thing... I know a little something about what happened to Americana.

Dr_Doom: If you ever feel like asking me... my door is always open.

* Dr_Doom watching the men cart you off...

* ChickFighter eyes seem to open even wider in recognition.

ChickFighter: wha...whhhhh...what...?

* Dr_Doom simply watching as the lift rises... carrying you away to your humiliation and anal rape... wondering what will happen when you wander these villain-infested streets with my little implant in you...


Dr. Doom Returns

Dr_Doom returns...

ChickFighter: Oh, you monster, I've had to go into hiding, waiting for this chance to get back at you.

* Dr_Doom smiles... pushing the button and triggering your clitoral implant at full power...

Dr_Doom: Don't mind if I just turn that on while we talk...

* ChickFighter: sighs and clutches myself, eyes pleading. "I ... mm ... will ... get ... mm ... you ... for ... mm ... this!"

* Dr_Doom walks toward you... grey eyes looking into yours as I move closer... and closer... armour clanking menacingly...

Dr_Doom: I don't think you will.

Dr_Doom: I've been flicking this little device on and off since I put it in you... have you noticed anything?

* ChickFighter manages to take a magnetic throwing star and flip it at you.

ChickFighter: Of course I've noticed. I can't sleep or eat!

* Dr_Doom moving around, knowing I can't avoid the star... growling as it lands on my armour belly and detonates, sending me flying backward, buckling the metal...

Dr_Doom: ARrrrhh!

* Dr_Doom responding by firing a bolt of electricity at you...

* ChickFighter is unable to move fast enough due to the incapacitating effects of the implant and falls back shaking, but strangely feeling temporary relief from the device. Hops up quickly.

Dr_Doom: I've noticed some insertions into your pussy as well... relieving the pressure Or fighting villains?

* Dr_Doom rushing forward on my boot jets, aiming a blow into your stomach as I roar by...

* ChickFighter stares back at him. "Relief, you bastard, I've been afraid to go out ... oooph!" She staggers away, doubled over by this blow to her abs.

Dr_Doom: Well, you'll want to stay in a lot now... get used to your new life...

* Dr_Doom looping up on the jets... then slowly descending on you... flames bursting from the soles of my feet...

* ChickFighter covers her face with her arms to use the impenetrable fabric as a shield, finds her footing and leaps at him with a combination of rapid kicks to the weak point in his armor where the star went off.

* Dr_Doom knocked back, trying to fly out of range, your kicks smacking hard into the damaged plating, causing a section to fall away, revealing wires... holding one metal glove over it while the other blasts at you with another burst of electricity...

Dr_Doom: Amazing... you should barely be able to think!

* ChickFighter falls back to the ground, the very intensity of the fight making it possible to concentrate. She runs up the side of the building and leaps to kick again. "banzai!"

* Dr_Doom moving fast... gripping your ankle and flying straight up in the air at a massive speed...

Dr_Doom: I can see I'll have to... take a hand in matters...

* ChickFighter flails upside down as she is carried upward. "Yikes, put me down, damn you!"

* Dr_Doom flying at speed... pushing my jets to their limits as I maintain an iron grip on your leg... the wind buffeting you... taking you higher and higher into the air...

* ChickFighter realizes she is so high up she doesn't want to be let go. She tries to bend up at the waist and grab at his boots to see if she can foul the jets located there...

* Dr_Doom jerking you up... gripping your hair and holding you by it as the clouds envelop us... looking you right in the eyes...

Dr_Doom: If you disturb my armour... I might still survive the fall... you won't!

* ChickFighter stares back fiercely. "Anything is better than giving in to a bastard like you. I want the device removed!" She kicks his armor, more as a display of defiance than because she expects it to do any good.

* Dr_Doom smiles under the armour... channeling a burst of electricity through the glove gripping you... then staring into your eyes...

Dr_Doom: So I have two things you want... and you have nothing to bargain with except yourself...

* ChickFighter convulses a bit as the charge of electricity shocks her body which is ungrounded. "I ... i ... what ... do ... ah ... you want?"

* Dr_Doom flying towards the embassy... keeping a tight grip on your hair as I dangle you over the awesome drop...

Dr_Doom: I'm going to leave the device in you... and perhaps implant another... and you might even consider it a fair price.

* ChickFighter looks down fearfully and then quickly back into Doom's eyes. "You bastard ... I will never cooperate in your schemes!"

Dr_Doom: But I have two things to offer you. I have a scrap of information on Ms. Americana... and I have your life.

* Dr_Doom simply lets go and watches you plummet away from him...

* ChickFighter flails as she plummets toward the ground. She wonders if she can direct herself into the harbor if she could survive a spread eagle splashdown in her special leotard. "Nooooo..."

* Dr_Doom accelerating straight down towards you... matching your speed before taking hold of you by the waist and levelling us out... swooping back upwards to the same height...

Dr_Doom: I don't have the fuel to do that too often... what do you say?

ChickFighter: I say take me to the embassy ... I must know what you know about Masked Americana...

* ChickFighter closes her eyes and frowns.

Dr_Doom: Very well...

* Dr_Doom taking you slowly down to the embassy... taking you into the back lift... gripping your wrists tightly behind your back as you descend... the lift operator smiling at the memory of urinating over you after our last encounter...

* ChickFighter sighs and hangs her head at the sight of these men who humiliated her before. "You had better know something about Americana for real!"

Dr_Doom: I do... and I'll show you...

ChickFighter: OK, there's no need to hold my wrists like that...

* Dr_Doom leading you into my laboratory... murmuring something... a voice command... a large screen on the wall shows a close-up of a pair of footies with manacles holding the ankles tightly... Miss Americana's footies...

Dr_Doom: There's more... if you strip for me.

* ChickFighter raises her eyebrows and stares at him. "You can't be serious ... you've brought me here for a striptease ... the great Dr. Doom is just a perv... you've already seen me naked anyway!"

* Dr_Doom cold grey eyes looking at yours... at your body... the screen blanks out...

Dr_Doom: Yes, I have... but now I want you to show yourself to me. For one thing, it will keep your costume intact... unless you'd rather be walking the streets in tattered rags later?

* ChickFighter takes a deep breath. "Fortunately I have a nearly infinite supply of costumes, however, getting back to them after our last encounter was a rather testy and humiliating venture. But turn the screen back on first."

* Dr_Doom turning the screen back on... showing you in the footies... the manacles...

Dr_Doom: You get more when you're in the restraints... you can watch it during the operation.

* ChickFighter steps closer. "So is this video live or prerecorded? ...Restraints? Operation? I indicated I might strip, nothing more." Takes a cautious stance.

* Dr_Doom flips off the screen and goes to a nearby coffee machine... not even looking at you...

Dr_Doom: The elevator's over there.

* Dr_Doom waiting to see if you call my bluff...

* ChickFighter walks to the controls and flips on the screen, searching for the control to scroll up and casting stabbing looks in your direction.

* Dr_Doom smiling as you fail to find the control... stabbing through camera view of other places... pictures... early Flemish art... cartoons... sighing at you...

* Dr_Doom finally loses patience and snatches the control away...

* ChickFighter looks at you. "Damn you, why do computers always have to be so confusing ... hey, wait!"

* ChickFighter pulls off a glove and holds it up as an offering.

* Dr_Doom putting to the side carefully before reaching around... and gripping your throat tightly... taking the offered glove and hurling it away before aiming a crackling electric fist into your gut...

Dr_Doom: Why, oh why, did I try to be nice?

ChickFighter: Oooph!

* ChickFighter doubles over in pain before trying to sweep your feet.

* Dr_Doom jumping over your feet and firing a quick blast of fire from my jets as your foot sweeps underneath... a red alarm starts to flash... sirens echoing...

Dr_Doom: Attacking me here? HERE?

* ChickFighter rolls away and gets up looking around.

* Dr_Doom taking the opportunity to plug a thick cable into my lower back from the wall... as the elevator opens again... filled with four burly guards...

Dr_Doom: This is my building... a little piece of my country. If you had no intention of co-operating, you shouldn't have come!

* ChickFighter cartwheels toward the guards, sweeps the first two off their feet and punches with one hand each at the two remaining guards' crotches.

* Dr_Doom the guards clatter to the ground, two clutching their crotches in agony... the elevator already returning to the surface... the cable obviously charging me with power as my whole armour crackles... grey eyes flashing dangerous as I disconnect it...

Dr_Doom: I hope Ms Americana can get out of her predicament on her own...

* ChickFighter punches frantically at the buttons to get the elevator to return. She spins and double kicks the first two guards who have regained their feet which sends them back to the floor. "And you should've helped me when you had the chance, Doom!"

* Dr_Doom the elevator far above beginning to descend... the guards slowly trying to get to their feet, being put back down by your well-aimed kicks... as I raise my hands to fire a tight repulsor beam directly at you...

Dr_Doom: You can run away from me, but you can't run away from this information - or from the little toy inside you!

* ChickFighter is driven back against the wall by the force of the beam. "Then tell me about Americana ... and what you want from me," she yells desperately.

* Dr_Doom walking towards you... keeping you pinned by the beam... as the two guards you didn't render unconscious get to their feet... the elevator arriving... waiting...

Dr_Doom: Why tell? I'll show you both!

* ChickFighter obviously struggling against the force of the beam. "Damn you, you bastard!"

* Dr_Doom the guards grip your wrists... pulling them behind your back as I relax the beam for a moment to let them...

* ChickFighter struggles against them as the beam relaxes and prepares to leap up in another double kick.

* Dr_Doom they force your wrists into a pair of tight, locking cuffs before you manage to smack them down with your flailing feet... the elevator door less than a metre away as I charge forward...

* ChickFighter looks up defenseless with hands behind her back. Her eyes are wide as the metal man speeds toward her. "Noooo..."

* Dr_Doom gripping your throat and squeezing hard, dragging you over to a metal table and pinning you harshly down on it... my other hand gripping your costume and pulling the neck open... using my repulsor beam on the inside to blow the whole thing off you... tearing it to shreds of cloth...

* ChickFighter flails wildly as she is overpowered. "But ... b bastard ... nn ... wha ... nn ... doing ... mm ... kill ... you ... oooh ... nnnnnn..."

* Dr_Doom gripping you... turning you over and laying you across the metal table, your firm breasts hanging over one side while your ass sticks up invitingly on the other... quickly manacling your ankles down at that spot...

* ChickFighter wriggling her ass frantically to pull her ankles loose, rattling the metal manacles. "Nn ... nt ... agnnn..." She continues flailing her arms, as her pert breasts bob over the edge.

* Dr_Doom moving to the front... wrapping a steel collar around your neck, connecting it to the floor by a chain... leaving you helplessly bent over the metal table... a section of wall in front of your desperate eyes slides open to reveal another screen...

Dr_Doom: Now then... information...

* ChickFighter stops struggling and looks at the screen.

* Dr_Doom smiling... stroking your hair slowly as the footies in the manacles come up... zooming out to reveal a photo of a woman in a familiar costume... face turned away from the camera as if in shame... manacled to a wall... the build... the costume... everything exactly the same as Ms Americana...

Dr_Doom: I was sent that two weeks ago... through a secure channel...

Dr_Doom: That photo came with a price tag of 4.5 million US dollars...

* ChickFighter eyes go wide and the struggles are renewed for a moment until their futility is once again obvious. "And from where or who? Do you know..."

Dr_Doom: No. But she was offered as a 'trained sexual slave'... and before I could buy her - if it is her - she was sold to a higher bidder. So... who trained her... and who has her now?

Dr_Doom: Part of the reason I brought you here is to tell me... is that Ms Americana?

* ChickFighter nods in understanding. "So you were bidding on her as a trained sexual slave ... damn you ... I can't see the face, but it looks like her in every way. I'm sure it is her costume whether or not that's an impostor inside it ... but it looks to be her."

* Dr_Doom looking down at you... "It wasn't anything personal. I know Ms Americana 'enthusiasts' who would pay double the asking price... you may even have fought some of them."

* Dr_Doom stroking a metal fingertip under your chin... teasing your collared throat as I set an empty surgical tray in front of your eyes...

Dr_Doom: Anyway... items like that are never worth much alone... unless they're part of a matched set.

* ChickFighter shakes her head in disgust, "Yeah, a couple ... but now what are you going to do to me ... sell me to a Chickfighter enthusiast ... oh no, you want to find Americana and sell us as a pair. You fucking bastard!"

Dr_Doom: It's too good an opportunity to miss... either I can sell you as a pair with Americana, or sell you to the same person who bought her...

Dr_Doom: And MY training methods won't even interfere with your daily routine... in fact, a regular assault by a horny supervillain will help enormously...

ChickFighter: What do you mean ... training methods?

* ChickFighter redoubles her earlier struggles against her bonds.

* Dr_Doom smiling as I take a thick metallic dildo... and a set of anal beads... both laced with some kind of circuitry... and lay them on the tray...

Dr_Doom: The clitoral implant's been such a perfect success... I thought I'd keep moving in that direction...

* ChickFighter lets go with a gasping sob, "No more implants, please no!" Her naked body bucks maniacally to escape, taut tits and ass jiggling.

* Dr_Doom smiling... adding three needles to the tray...

Dr_Doom: Turning that clit-implant up to full power at random is all very good fun... but it's not practical to have you unable to sleep... eat... or go out... so from now on I'll be leaving it on constantly at a very low setting...

ChickFighter: But I ... I ... to what purpose?

* ChickFighter shakes her head "no" in a spray of blond hair.

Dr_Doom: Over time... as your body becomes more used to the low level of arousal... I'll turn the 'volume' up... and up... and up... until you are capable of walking around... eating... sleeping... shopping... even fighting... in a constant state of high arousal...

Dr_Doom: What will that do to your mind, I wonder?

* ChickFighter looks at him then closes her eyes.

ChickFighter: Oh no ... please no ... nnnnnnnn..."

* Dr_Doom taking hold of one nipple... tugging slowly... gently... taking the other... cold metal fingers rolling the buds, teasing them into hard tautness...

Dr_Doom: Now... let's do your nipples first...

* ChickFighter gapes as he proceeds, a single tear trickling from her right eye.

ChickFighter: "mmmm ... nnnnnnnnnn..."

* Dr_Doom smiling... brushing the tear away from your eye as I take one of the needles... touching it to your hardened nipple...

Dr_Doom: This will keep your nipple stiff and erect at all times... as well as wonderfully sensitive...

* ChickFighter begs and pleads with her eyes and holds completely still except for a quivering lower lip.

ChickFighter: nn bbt whyyy?

* Dr_Doom pushing the end of the needle into your nipple... injecting a tiny device that will work with the one in your clit...

Dr_Doom: Amusement... and I've never experimented on such a beautiful woman before. Not one who I've intended to survive. You'll be a work of art, my dear...

* ChickFighter gasps, then sighs. "Oh ... oooooohhhhhhhhhhh ... nnoohhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

* Dr_Doom taking another needle and slowly doing the same with your other nipple... crouching down to examine them closely as they stiffen and harden to satisfying peaks... stroking a fingertip over each... testing them...

Dr_Doom: Also... selling you will make an awful lot of money to spend on kidney machines for my homeland... don't you care about children and their failing kidneys? And you call yourself a heroine!

* ChickFighter feels an almost unbearable tightness in her buds, screaming with sensitivity to every little touch.

ChickFighter: nnnnnnnn ... yyyyyysssssssss ... mmmmmmmmm...

* Dr_Doom smiling... taking my mask off... scarred lips parting to run a soft tongue slowly over your tight, stiffened buds...

* Dr_Doom nipping each one lightly with my teeth before slowly sucking...

* ChickFighter takes a deep shuddering breath as your tongue teases my poor naughty nipples. They betray me and my chest begins to heave as you suck them.

ChickFighter: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhohohohohoh...

* Dr_Doom smiling... wheeling the tray around behind you... running a finger slowly between your exposed cheeks... over your tight star...

Dr_Doom: Are the nipple implants a success?

* ChickFighter sobs between quivering breaths, "You ... you ... bastard ... you!"

* Dr_Doom smiling as I slide the cold metal finger into your ass a little... then withdraw... placing one of the slippery metal beads against the tight star and sliding it in... then another... and another... slowly filling your tight bottom...

Dr_Doom: Yes or no?

Dr_Doom: I value your input...

* Dr_Doom chuckling...

ChickFighter: They're terrible!

* Dr_Doom sliding a finger against your pussy lips... examining your arousal...

Dr_Doom: Mmm... terrible...

* ChickFighter wriggles her ass, trying to pass the beads.

* Dr_Doom sliding another bead in... and another... all the beads in... the string of metal pearls ending in a little plug that presses against the puckered flesh of your star...

* ChickFighter straining every fiber of her being as her anal ring spasms.

ChickFighter: Nn...nnnnnn...bttt...mmmmmmmmmm...

* Dr_Doom smiling... taking the large dildo and sliding the metal head against your trembling pussy lips... stroking slowly... up and down your slit....

* ChickFighter trembles from head to toe.

ChickFighter: Ohhhhhhhhhhhohohohohoh...nn...aaahhhhhhh...

* Dr_Doom slowly begins to slide the metal dildo into you... inch by inch... stretching you with the terrible thickness... the length... further and further inside...

* ChickFighter begins gasping almost rhythmically, her flesh rippling with tension.

ChickFighter: aaaaaaieeeeeeeeeee...

* Dr_Doom filling your pussy... the head of the monster dildo pressing against your cervix as it stretches you completely... running a metal hand slowly over your sweat-soaked body... your bottom... up your spine... looking you in the eyes as I play with your sensitized nipples...

* ChickFighter is shaking ... sweating ... sobbing ... gasping for every tortured breath. Her eyes plead with yours. Her lips curl.


Dr_Doom: When I trigger the dildo and beads... some very tiny spring-loaded needles will implant hundreds of those microscopic implants in the walls of your pussy and ass... that should be interesting...

Dr_Doom: It'll only hurt for a second or two... or three...

ChickFighter: Nn...aaaarrrgghhhh...ohhh...ahhh...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

* ChickFighter begins to hump against the table.

* Dr_Doom smiling... looking into your eyes as I trigger the dildo and beads to do their evil work inside you...

ChickFighter: Oh...ohhh...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

* ChickFighter sags against the table, grinding against it.

* Dr_Doom the implants being injected into the walls of your pussy and ass in one two-second burst...

* ChickFighter becomes a mass of quivering, humping flesh as the implants become embedded and start working.

* Dr_Doom walking slowly around behind to remove the dildo... the implants all working at full power now... every inch of your inner walls super-sensitive... your anus screaming with crawling, tingling, stroking sensation... like a million tongues licking the flesh...

Dr_Doom: How long before you go mad, sweet one?


* ChickFighter shakes her head weakly as her body continues to hump the table madly.

* Dr_Doom calling over the guards you fought... the four of them forming a queue behind you as they remove their pants... stiff cocks standing to attention at the sight of the bound, helpless heroine...

Dr_Doom: Pick a hole, gentlemen... and feel free to make it as rough as you like...

* ChickFighter feels them assault her all at once. Her ass, pussy and mouth all filled, a fourth cock rubbing between her tingling breasts. The cocks pump in and out of her. The men driving their thrusts home like punches.

ChickFighter: Ugh...uh...uh...ah...ugh...agh...arrggh...ummmph...aaaaarrrrggghhhhhhh...

* Dr_Doom smiling... dialing the effect of the implants down to nothing as you are brutally gang-raped by the thugs... smiling as I watch...

Dr_Doom: There... now you don't have to worry about going mad... do you?

ChickFighter: mph...mph...mph...mph...mph...mph... ugh...agh...mph...ugh... agh...mph... ugh... agh...

* ChickFighter stares at you with wild eyes.

* Dr_Doom smiling... patting your shaking ass gently as the four men use you mercilessly, driving into you harder and harder every second...

Dr_Doom: You'll come to enjoy this life... once I've finished with you...

* ChickFighter bounces up and down on the table, sweat spraying from the slap the thugs balls against her shivering skin. Slap. Smack. Whack. Twhop. Twhack.

ChickFighter: nn...nph...ugh...agh...nph...ugh...agh...nph...ugh...agh...

* Dr_Doom one of the men cums hard, filling your mouth with hot seed... a torrent... stepping away to rub his dick into your hair... cleaning it on you...

* ChickFighter shakes her head in disgust.

ChickFighter: bastards...ohmygawd ...nnnnnnnnn...

* Dr_Doom the man pumping between your breasts is aroused by your pleas and cries... shooting his own hot cum over your face... into your hair... seemingly endless spurts of the sticky cum showing your helpless face and hair...

* ChickFighter coughs once as she swallows, then gurgles and drools cum from her quivering lips, her cum-covered face contorted in dismay as her as the other men continue to pump away inside her.

ChickFighter: oh...ah...oh...ah...oh...ah...oh...ah...aaarrrrggghhhhhh...

* Dr_Doom smiling... as the screen you were watching rises up to reveal a video camera... filming every detail of your cum-coated, horrified face...

Dr_Doom: I'll look forward to sending that to the interested parties... you may be finding a home sooner than expected, you lucky girl...


* ChickFighter slumps even as the two men continue to assault her ass and pussy.

Dr_Doom: If my plan works... you'll be seeing her soon... as a fellow slave... sooner than you think, in fact...

ChickFighter: Ohmygawd...nnnnnnnn...

* Dr_Doom the two men cum hard in your ass and pussy, filling both with hot seed, shooting it deep into your restrained body... as I turn all the implants up to full power for ten long seconds...

ChickFighter: Ohhhhohohoaaahhahahahahmhmhmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

* Dr_Doom the men walk away... leaving you used... and dripping with cum... as the implants die down again... maintaining a constant, low-level buzz...

* ChickFighter is panting as though exhausted by her efforts. The tracks of more tears trickle down her sticky cheeks, glowing red with humiliation.

ChickFighter: mm...mmm...nn...soon? soon?

Dr_Doom: I could do it now...

* Dr_Doom turning up the implants to full strength...

Dr_Doom: Now you'd make an excellent sexual plaything for anyone... but if I'm going to attract your fans, you have to have the personality of Chickfighter under the slave's desire to fuck and please her owner... so I have to go slower...

* ChickFighter closes her eyes with dread only for them to fly open as the terrible sensations flood her flesh.

ChickFighter: You mean you have her herghhhh...nn... mmmm... mmghohaoahhhhhhhh...

Dr_Doom: No... but I could flush out her new owner within hours... if I had you as bait...

* Dr_Doom turning the implants down to a low buzz...

* ChickFighter looks at him while still gasping and shaking.

Dr_Doom: So I'm going to slowly turn these implants up over the next week or two... slowly... letting you get used to the sensation... after a few days at full strength, you'll put up no resistance... you'll be proud to call yourself Chickfighter, the fucktoy...

Dr_Doom: You'll make quite an acquisition for any Ms Americana enthusiast...

ChickFighter: I'll do what ever you want ... without you needing to turn those up again ... please ... I'm already a fucktoy ... no more ... please!?

Dr_Doom: I'm afraid not... your mind needs to be completely programmed... and the best thing for that is to return to your normal life... with the slowly increasing pleasure as your constant companion... until I come for you...

* Dr_Doom undoing the shackles around your neck and ankles... the sated guards grabbing you and dragging you towards the elevator up to the street...

ChickFighter: NN...MM... ALREADY...TOY... CHICKFUCKER... PLESSSS... NNN...

Dr_Doom: Then go fuck in the streets like a whore... I'll come for you when I'm ready...

* Dr_Doom the men hurl you into the elevator... which begins to rise... your fate outlined clearly for you... the low buzz already promising more... not knowing how many days you have before the pleasure begins to rise out of control...


Dr_Doom: You'll learn to function... eventually even through full power... goodbye, Chickfighter... for now...



ChickFighter vs Kurumi & Tyranny

* ``Kurumi` beans everyone

Meanstreak: ouch

ChickFighter: Ngh!

* Tyranny raises an eyebrow and zaps Chick to teach Kurumi a lesson

* Meanstreak wonders if Kurumi learned her lesson

***: Alexiel has joined the channel

Meanstreak: hello Alexiel

Alexiel: hello meanie :)

ChickFighter: Yikes!

* ChickFighter hopes Kurumi is a quick learner.

* ``Kurumi` didn't learn her lesson, beans Tyranny.

* Tyranny zaps chick once more

``Kurumi`: haha!

* ``Kurumi` points at ChickFighter.

* ChickFighter falls out of her chair.

ChickFighter: What the...

* ``Kurumi` puts ChickFighter back up in the chair.

* Tyranny hums and zaps Chick again, enjoying the service

Meanstreak: poor Chick

* ``Kurumi` ties ChickFighter to the chair.

* ChickFighter bounces and convulses in the chair periodically as she is zapped!

ChickFighter: nn...nnghh...

***: Helene has joined the channel

* Tyranny hums and stops zapping for the moment, standing behind Chick, wriggling her fingers "Hrm...what to do what to do"

Meanstreak: hello Helene

Helene: Hey! Just dropping in for a bit )

* ChickFighter wobbles drunkenly, trying to recover.

ChickFighter: Hi Helene

* Tyranny grabs Chicks neck, humming as she sends electrical currents down her spine, forcing her to respond, to jerk this way and that

* ChickFighter lurches about her seat like she's riding a Harley over ski moguls.

``Kurumi`: isn't that a bit harsh?

* Tyranny grins and lets up for a moment, turning towards Kurumi "I think you Americans have an expression about pots and kettles hmm?"

ChickFighter: Que pasa? Adonde?

* Tyranny squeezes Chick's neck tighter, sending a jolt up her spine this time, into her brain "Quiet. The adults are talking."

ChickFighter: B b b but i'm an aaaaaaahhhh...

* Tyranny increases the voltage going into Chick's brain, raising an eyebrow "What did I just say?"

* ChickFighter gets an institutionalized smile on her face and giggles quietly.

* Tyranny hums and releases Chick's neck, cricking her fingers a little "Fehbroken toys are no fun"

* ChickFighter grins. For the first time in days she feels OK. The electricity must have burned out Doom's implants.



ChickFighter vs Latifah-Jones

ringannouncer: The scene is a small dark theatre on the east side near the harbor. The theatre is poorly lit except for the bright lights shining down on a traditional boxing ring up on the stage.

ringannouncer: Ladies and gentlemen, we have for you here tonight the finals of the unsanctioned underground women's mixed styles tournament to determine the world's absolute best woman fighter. The matches have no time limit and end only in knockout or submission. We started with eight ladies of varied backgrounds and descriptions. Now we are down to two. Let me tell you about them.

ringannouncer: First, in the corner to your right is women's heavyweight boxing champion Latifah-Jones at 5' 10", 180lbs. Doesn't she look awesome in her black sleeveless unitard with the sliding pants bottom and fishnet midriff showing off her chiseled abs. With her sweat already up her well muscled body looks like a black onyx statue in the rain.

ringannouncer: Latifah recently won the title by shocking 18-1 Vonda Ward in a surprising third round knockout. She has since defended the title three times: a second round knockout of sexy blond 13-3 Kathy Rivers, 6' 0", 175lbs; a tough six round decision against difficult 6-2 Kisha Snow, 5' 7", 222lbs; and an impressive first round knockout of 10-7 Suzy Taylor, 5' 10". 178lbs. Latifah was obviously very ready for this competition.

ringannouncer: In this competition Latifah has won two matches to get to the finals. First she easily defeated stuntwoman and martial artist Barbi Blaze, 5' 9", 141lbs, by knockout in only 54 seconds. Second she had a tough battle, but scored a surprising knockout of the tournament favorite, the huge bodybuilder and brawler, Sondra Faas, 6' 3", 240lbs at 9min, 22 seconds.

ringannouncer: I would say that makes Latifah-Jones the favorite over our second competitor, the masked heroine known only as ChickFighter.

ringannouncer: ChickFighter, 5' 4", 108lbs is wearing a pink leotard, and black gloves and has become a bit of a fan favorite.

ringannouncer: She is on your right.

ringannouncer: ChickFighter recorded a couple victories over boxers in her preparation for this tournament, but none anywhere near Latifah-Jones' weight class. ChickFighter did win both matches however with a knockout of fellow flyweight, 12-1 Patty Martinez, 5' 3", 108 lbs and a four round decision over 9-2-1 Fredia Gibbs, 5' 7", 140lbs.

ringannouncer: In our tournament ChickFighter has defeated Japanese wrestling star Yumi Sushi, 5' 2", 115lbs in a high flying match that went 16 minutes, 27 seconds; and brawler Lacey Bennett, 5' 9", 177lbs in a difficult 14 minute, 6 second match in which ChickFighter experienced one of Lacey's famous backbreakers before coming back to win.

ringannouncer: OK, folks, let's get ready to rumble!

ringannouncer: Ladies, come out fighting.

* ChickFighter looks at her big dark-skinned opponent. This women's heavyweight boxing champion Latifah-Jones is an awesome looking woman. She is big and her dark skin glistens with sweat that already has drenched her sports bra and pants. As she chews on her mouthpiece and looks me over I could see disdain in her eyes. Latifah was sure this scrawy little ChickFighter was going to be a pushover!

* Latifah-Jones bouncing on her toes, glaring to the other corner, the popular little tart, Chickfighter, looking like a scrawny little fighter, whom I felt would not last 30 seconds with me. I see she is glistening with sweat, as her nipples poke through her pink spandex top, her translucent mouthpiece bulges over her lips.

* ChickFighter tiptoes on the canvas like a cat as the big woman's eyes follow me taking a martial arts stance. She smirks at me as she puts up what appear to be ten ounce red EVERLAST gloves, covered in spit and snot, apparently from the faces of her previous unfortunate opponents. I know they are designed to protect her hands, not my face or body. I must be careful and quick. I feint to her right and kick at her left hip.

* Latifah-Jones stepping back I let the kick land in the air, as I move to my right, then to my left, bouncing on my toes, as I step into 3 right jabs into your face, then step into a short left uppercut into your jaw.

* ChickFighter slips her jabs with my extra quickness after missing with my kick, but her following uppercut is unavoidable. Thwack! My head rocks back and I back pedal away to the ropes.

Latifah-Jones: Getting closer and in between your stance a bit, I slam a left and right hook into your forearms and sides, then weave to my left, feign, then back to my right, slamming a left and right uppercut in between your gloves into your jaw and mouth.

* ChickFighter thinks this woman is an animal. She gives me no chance to recover. First the thud of body blows to my ribs, then a one two combo snaps back my head again knocks the spit out of me. I try to cover up and dance away, drooling from a fattened lip.

Latifah-Jones: Staying in close with you, I land a right uppercut into your mouth, then come over the top with a hard overhand left into the side of your head, leaning in on I press you into the ropes.

ChickFighter: "Ungh ... Oowh," I grunt through my bloody mouthpiece. But I think of my mentor Masked Americana and fight back. I will not go down easily. I knee the big woman in her rock hard stomach and punch my fists into her bulging chest.

Latifah-Jones: I take the knee into my rock hard stomach, grunting as you punch my chest...

Latifah-Jones: Leaning you back into the ropes, I fight for position, as I snap up a stiff left and right uppercut into your gloves, and into the point of your jaw...sweating profusely, as I hiss through my nose with the effort as I continue to work.

* ChickFighter cannot seem to fight her off of me. As she presses in on me I feel her sweat dripping on my skin and leotard and a spray of her snot on my face as she breathes. Then I see nothing but red as a big glove cracks my jaw and I spew out my mouthpiece past a bloodied lip.

* Latifah-Jones stepping back away from her opponent, I wipe off your blood from my face with the back of my glove, as it rubs on the white tape, letting you retrieve your mouthpiece

* ChickFighter is surprised by my opponent's sportsmanship as I am given a chance to retrieve my bloody mouthpiece. I see my blood on the Latifah's glove as she wipes her face. Retrieving my mouthpiece, ChickFighter once again assumes a fighting stance.

* ChickFighter launches into a full attack with a quick crescent kick to the side of Latifah's face, followed by a hard sidekick right into the bigger woman's ribs.

* Latifah-Jones staggering back as the blows connect fully, as my head spins spraying spittle and snot all over the place, I land on the ropes, as I cover up in and tight.

* ChickFighter goes after her with everything I have, knowing it might be my only chance. With a snap kick I drive a heel right up under her gloves and as the gloves drop I drive the base of an open palm into her nose. I can feel the spray of sweat and snot on my own face and arms.

* Latifah-Jones leaning back into the ropes, then wading in towards you, I feel blood running out of both nostrils, dripping onto my chest, I snap up a quick left and right uppercut into your sternum and chin, then come over the top with a stiff overhand right into the side of your left eye.

* ChickFighter has been slowed by the wear and tear of the fight. The powerful woman wades through my blows and slobber knockers my chin, then pounds my temple with the smack of leather on sweaty skin. I stagger sideways, reaching for the ropes, wounded, but still on my feet.

Latifah-Jones: I bob and weave, walking you into the ropes, the begin to slam some hard left and right hooks into your body, leaning in on you on the ropes, I step back then slip a left and right cross into your gloves before cracking a hard overhand left into the side of your head.

* ChickFighter loses all the air from her lungs in an explosion of spit and blood as a result of barrage of rib crunching blows. I cannot breathe. Another blow to the side of my head causes the room to spin. My arms are like rubber as I sag against the ropes, her powerful body leaning on me, her sweaty scent overpowering.

* Latifah-Jones stepping back, letting her opponent collapse

* ChickFighter crumples to the mat, looking up with dizzy eyes. But I will not stay down. I pull myself up on the ropes to stand before my opponent.

Latifah-Jones: Leaning you back into the ropes, I pull my gloves around my head, then work my body punching again, slamming a left and right hook into your sides, before coming up with a short right uppercut into your head, between her nose and mouth.

* ChickFighter finds my ribs being pummeled. My body lurches and I grunt with every blow. Then an uppercut that I can see coming but do not have the strength to block explodes into my face in a spray of bodily fluids. It lifts me into air, before crashing back to the canvas. I barely know where I am.

* Latifah-Jones stepping back, waiting for your actions.

* ChickFighter: I crawl across the canvas on hands and knees. I can't take one more blow.

Latifah-Jones: I slam a hard boot repeatedly into her sides and rib area, then crack up a short power left overhand into the point of her jaw...

ChickFighter: "Ungh ... Ooph..." I think I feel a rib crack. Then a fierce overhand nearly removes my head from my body. My mask flies off and a mist of blood and sweat hangs in the spotlights as I spin to the canvas, twitch once and lay still. My pink leotard, soaked with sweat and stained with blood and snot, clings obscenely to my body, leaving nothing to the imagination.

* Latifah-Jones stands over her fallen opponent, sweating profusely, blood dripping onto the canvas from my nose

ringannouncer: And the winner, ladies and gentlemen, is women's professional boxing champion, Latifah-Jones, by a knockout as you can see. It doesn't look like ChickFighter's going to be getting up on her own any time soon. What an awesome display of pugilistic skill and raw power. Let's here it for the greatest fighting women in the world, Latifah-Jones.

* ChickFighter becomes vaguely aware of the crowd cheering for the woman standing over me and dripping on my beaten body.

* Latifah-Jones bending down on your beaten body, I slap you with my open right glove to wake you up, dumping some cold water on your face to revive you from my water bottle in my left glove.

* ChickFighter begins to awaken more as I am smacked and cold water drenches my face. I sputter and cough with a start. My hands reach out for something to hold on to. My hands find a pair of boots, a sweaty muscular fist of a calf muscle, and rock hard thighs as I pull myself up, hugging and caressing the legs of this woman who so completely defeated me.

* Latifah-Jones balances you on your feet, as I wrap my arms around you, smiling around my translucent mouthpiece.

ChickFighter: My mind still in a fog I find myself fondling every inch of this sweaty, overpowering goddess as she helps me to my feet, throws me over a shoulder, smacks my ass, and carries me from the ring. "No," I protest through lips swollen around my mouthpiece. The crowd watches in stunned silence as Latifah hauls me to her dressing room, draped over her shoulder, the feel of her powerful touch on my behind.


ChickFighter finds Americana and her own destruction

ChickFighter: The crowd is yelling its appreciation while Latifah celebrates.

ChickFighter: Latifah's entourage accompany her from the ring, patting the champ's dripping wet back as she makes her way to the dressing area, carrying my humiliated ass over her shoulder. My friend and mentor, Masked Americana has not been seen since losing to this woman and I'm going to find out why.

ChickFighter: After the triumphant Latifah-Jones retires to the dressing room I am dumped unceremoniously to the floor. I see a weary Latifah sitting already naked on the training table as the trainer prepares to remove her boots and gloves. I see only the two of them, so I get to my feet and approach.

* ChickFighter points to the trainer and says, "You better leave!"

* Latifah nods and the trainer exits. I lock the door behind her.

Chickfighter: "Now," I say, "I want some answers about my friend, the wrestler Masked Americana, who was last seen being defeated by you in an exhibition match. No one has seen her since you carried her off to the dressing room and after what happened between us tonight I'm here to get some answers. What did you do to her?"

* ChickFighter stands with hands on hips of my ruined pink leotard, confident, that with my enhanced recovery abilities, Latifah will not have the energy left to defeat me again even if she decides to fight.

Latifah-Jones: "I own her now, my young friend. She succumbed to my overwhelming power just like you did and will again now. As I stand up my gloves at my sides.

ChickFighter: "You what? Do you mean you still have her captive? You will release her to me immediately or I will take advantage of your weaken state to pummel you," I threaten as I put up my black gloved hands and prepare to fight.

Latifah-Jones: "Do your worst heroine" I put my gloved hands up...smiling at you.

ChickFighter: I see Latifah raise her red EVERLAST boxing gloves, still covered with the sweat, blood and spit from our earlier fight. I see no sign that this naked woman is going to back down. "Well, if that's the way it's going to be," I say and launch my attack. I duck down as I go in under her gloves and pop a one two combo of punches to her stomach. I slip quickly to the side and punch her in the ribs. And then I kick her right in the mouth with my long slender leg. I feel her stagger back. "Now, I have you," I say leaping into a flying kick!

* Latifah-Jones bobbing down to let your flying kick miss me, I come up hard with power right uppercut into your jaw, throwing you against the lockers, I pummel your gut with hard left and right hooks

* ChickFighter is slammed up against a row of metal lockers. Latifah's gloves pounding my ribs through the thin fabric of my leotard. Desperately I try to kick her exposed pussy area.

* Latifah-Jones closing the distance I block that kick on my thigh, then slam a hard left and right uppercut into your jaw and mouth, before coming over the top with a hard overhand right into your temple.

ChickFighter: Krack! Kludge! Krash! Klang! Latifah's punches smack my face in a nasty spray. My head snaps back and bangs against the metal locker door and all I can see is the red of another coming punch.

Latifah-Jones: I continue to send in hard left and right hooks into the sides and rib areas of your body, before coming up with a stiff and hard right uppercut into your head, between your eyes

* ChickFighter thinks I feel a rib crack. I can't get my breath. I can't believe this is happening. Another big red glove delivers an explosion of bodily fluids and blinding pain right between my eyes and I fall into darkness. I don't know how long I am out but as I slowly begin to regain consciousness I realize I have been completely stripped. Latifah's muscular glutes hover just above my face. She is in a position to sit on my face. My arms are trapped behind the small of her knee, locked between her calves and hamstrings. "Ohmygawd!"

Latifah-Jones: "You ready to suck me dry girl?"

ChickFighter: I see her punch and feel her nasty glove smack into my bare pussy. I begin to flail my legs until Latifah manages to catch hold of and trap both of my slender ankles tightly under an armpit. Latifah has a wicked smile on her face. Even as I struggle uselessly to break free I see her sex descending to my face. "No ... no " I cry!

* Latifah-Jones sits my pussy right into your mouth

Latifah-Jones: "Get to it heroine"

* ChickFighter feels her sweaty glutes cover my face. She gyrates her pussy against my lips. I know what she expects. Instead I bite her pussy lip hard enough to get pubic hair in my mouth. "Krmmph!"

Latifah-Jones: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Latifah-Jones: "That's it get me wet"

* ChickFighter realizes Latifah likes this rough treatment and feels her pussy punched again by the dominant black woman. I buck as hard as I can but there is no escape. I know what I must do. My head engulfed by Latifah's sweaty muscular posterior, my nose wedged inside her ass, I force my tongue to search for her clit and give her the pleasure she demands. I simply have no choice!

Latifah-Jones: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....that's it...moaning louder

* ChickFighter works my tongue between Latifah's pussy lips. I slide it all around until I taste her juices. As she adjusts her position I gasp for a taste of air and then it's back to work inside her sex. My tongue finds her clit. I rub it and feel it begin to become aroused. Yes, Latifah's juices are flowing now.

Latifah-Jones: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

* Latifah-Jones rocking back and forth

* ChickFighter I stop to try and suck some air past Latifah's asshole as she begins to rock back and forth on my face and I feel her punch my upturned sex again. "Ungh," I grunt and go immediately back to work on her clit with renewed vigor. I am drowning in a flood of her sweat and cum. Lick, suck, lick, suck

Latifah-Jones: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

* Latifah-Jones body jerks hard!

* ChickFighter feels Latifah's powerful glutes and thighs tighten hotly around my head. Latifah is crushing me in the throes of her pleasure. And still punishing my pussy with punches if I stop for a second. So I continue to wriggle my tongue inside her boiling cauldron for all I'm worth even as I feel myself getting feint.

* Latifah-Jones body jerks back hard, as I expode in my orgasm

Latifah-Jones: Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

* ChickFighter experiences the cum flood of Latifah's incredible climax even as I pass out from a lack of air and the incredible heat and pressure on my face. Again I do not how long I am unconscious. "Mmmmnnph..."

* ChickFighter awakens naked and bound by straps from head to foot. There are mirrors on the walls. I can see I am hanging in a private workout gym by my ponytail in the place where a punching bag should be. Ohmygawd! Masked Americana is there too, bound in such a way that her big breasts jut out like speed bags. I gulp and cringe! We are doomed.

Latifah-Jones: My new workout equipment, how nice!

* Latifah-Jones laughing wildly...



ChickFighter, Mel and Solly Forever!

* ChickFighter settles in.

* Solemn snuggles you close, nibbling on your neck.

ChickFighter: That's nice, lover ... you know I finally found Americana, but I did take quite a beating.

* Solemn snuggles you close. "I'm sorry to hear that," he replies. "Do you know who was responsible?"

ChickFighter: Well, I got clobbered in the finals of an all female ultimate fighting tournament. Kinda embarrassing.

* Solemn strokes your tummy as he gives you a comforting hug. "Sorry to hear that love," he says. "Who beat you?"

ChickFighter: The world heavyweight women's boxing champion ... but at least I made the finals!

Solemn: "And were better looking than the woman who beat you, by all accounts."

* ChickFighter smiles at this and says, "And fortunately no injuries I haven't already recovered from."

* Solemn smiles, kissing along your jawline. "My sister surely enjoyed it," he says.

ChickFighter: "Mel?"

* Solemn nods. "She was watching the tournament. She is quite taken by you."

ChickFighter: "Uhm, exactly how much did she tell you?"

* Solemn smiles. "Why she told me everything of course," he replies.

ChickFighter: Did she like my first match victory over that Japanese wrestler, Yumi Sushi? She's almost as cute as me!

Solemn: Oh yes she did. She liked that match very much. She said it was very hot.

ChickFighter: I thought the match of Yumi and myself was probably the most entertaining of the tourney. We're both a lot more acrobatic than many of the other competitors.

* Solemn grins at that, remembering just how his sister had described it to him. "Oh she agrees," he replies. "She found it most enjoyable."

ChickFighter: "My second round match had a nasty moment when that brawler Lacey Bennett managed to drop me into a backbreaker ... I could tell many in the crowd thought I was done for ... But I came back and won again!"

* Solemn grins. "I knew you would, you're quite tough after all," he replies. "Mel said she wanted to jump into the ring to help you at that point."

ChickFighter: "Well, I'm glad she didn't ... I wouldn't want her to get hurt. And you hadn't told me she was still in town!"

* Solemn shrugs. "I only found out recently myself," he admits. "Apparently she wanted to surprise me, since she was in town to see the tournament."

ChickFighter: And I'm glad she didn't interfere in the finals either or we might both have been knocked out.

Solemn: "Well I'm sure she would've been glad to cheer you up after the match, but she wasn't able to get into the backstage."

ChickFighter: Uhm, thankfully, I'd rather not talk about what happened after we got to the dressing room.

* Solemn playfully nuzzles your neck. "Why not?" he asks. "What happened."

ChickFighter: Solemn, honey, that nubian amazon who had already defeated me in the ring wanted to dominate me some more. It was humiliating!

* Solemn gives you a gentle kiss. "I'm sure it was," he replies. "I'm just sorry I wasn't there to lend you a hand."

* ChickFighter looks hurt before smiling, "So you like big bruising women who could crush you like a bug? What about little old me?"

* Solemn grins, nibbling at your collarbone. "I like you the best," he replies. "But it would've been fun reducing the amazon to a helpless puddle of need."

ChickFighter: I was, in fact, eventually able to do that, getting Latifah to admit to an encounter with Americana a few weeks ago, and take me to her!

Solemn: You never told me about any encounter with Americana a few weeks ago. My sister would love to hear about that I imagine.

ChickFighter: I had been unaware of it until just before the tourney. That's why I entered ... to get a chance to interrogate the boxing champ ... apparently she and Americana did an exhibition a few weeks ago, boxing versus wrestling.

* Solemn nods as he listens, thinking of a few things as he does so. He also knows that Mel has something planned for you.

ChickFighter: Anyway, it turned out that she was holding Americana captive and using her as a punching bag. She tried to do the same with me, but somebody called the cops and we were rescued. By the way, is that sister of yours still here?"

Solemn: I think it was Mel who called the cops. She wants to see you.

ChickFighter: That's great! She's a gem!

* Solemn chuckles. "She does like diamonds," he replies. "Though she steals hearts as well, when she has a mind too."

* ChickFighter rolls her eyes. "It figures, must run in the family."

* Solemn laughs. "As does falling for you apparently."

* ChickFighter widens her eyes. "I'm trying to place her in the crowd last night, but I can't. Do you think she wore a disguise or was I just too distracted?"

* Solemn chuckles. "You were probably just to distracted," he replies. "Otherwise she'd have made sure you could see her."

* ChickFighter perks up with a smile. "You mean she's like an actual fan of mine?"

* Solemn grins and nods. "She was so jealous when she first found out we were lovers."

* ChickFighter grins widely now. "That's kinda neat, you know I'm used to Americana getting all the attention, but I'm on my own now!"

* Solemn smiles, whispering in your ear. "If you go up to her room, Mel probably has a surprise for you."

* ChickFighter looks expectant, "You mean she's already here ... and you hadn't told me ... you're devious! What are you trying to pull? I can't wait to see her!"

* Solemn kisses your neck. "Nothing," he replies. "Whatever's being pulled it's all my sister's doing. I'm just following Mel's request."

ChickFighter: "Well, I'm game for anything, if I get to meet a fan," she says hopping to her feet. "Are you coming?"

* Solemn smiles. "I'll be along," he says. "Mel wants you alone first."

* ChickFighter shakes her head at him and heads upstairs in full costume to see his sister. Once upstairs she hesitates and decides to knock before entering.

* Melancholy smiles as she hears the knock and answers. "Come in," she says, in a soft seductive voice.

* ChickFighter opens the door excitedly and steps inside. "Mel ... Melancholy?"

* Melancholy smiles at you and blows a kiss. "The one and only wonderful Chickfighter," she purrs. "Do you like my outfit?" Mel is currently wearing what is obviously a homemade version of your costume, though very well made. NO mask however.

* ChickFighter tries to suppress a giggle. Mel is cosplaying as her, ChickFighter. She is unable to contain the giggles as she says, "Really nice costume!"

* Melancholy grins, not minding the giggles as she waves you over. "I've always wanted to play you," she says. "Yours was the first costume I ever made."

ChickFighter: "What's your size? Did you make it yourself? What kind of material did you use? But you do still need a mask and a wig," come the rapid fire questions and comments as she approaches the dark-haired girl.

* Melancholy smiles as you approach. When you get close enough, she pulls you into a snuggle like her brother would do. "The leotard is a gymnastics one," she says, softly. "I had the footies specially ordered. I have a mask and wig that goes with it."

ChickFighter: "I'm a bit embarrassed that you'd have a costume of me. I feel kinda awkward. Your brother's been great and ... you know you're even prettier" she babbles, not knowing quite what to say.

* Melancholy gives you a gentle kiss on the lips to silence the babble as she snuggles you close. "Would you have preferred a different costume?" she asks. "I have a Masked Americana one."

* ChickFighter pulls back and looks a bit pained. "Americana and I were close, but I'm on my own now!"

* Melancholy notes the pained look and kisses you again. "You know," she says. "Solly and I are very close. We hang out with each other and whatnot all the time."

* ChickFighter touches Mel's face, brushing back her silky black hair, "Tell me about him, Mel."

* Melancholy smiles as she snuggles with you. "He always was a heartbreaker, even when he was a little boy," she replies. "He was an adorable boy and grew into a very yummy man."

ChickFighter: He is quite 'yummy! By the way, which of you is the older, I can't tell.

* Melancholy smiles. "He and I are fraternal twins," she replies. "And Solly's comfy with me telling him how yummy he is."

ChickFighter: "I'll just bet he is. He certainly has no lack of confidence in himself, but he does it so sincerely ... kinda like ..." the sentence trails off as Mel's snuggles become a little more familiar.

* Melancholy smiles. "Kinda like me?" she asks, hopefully. "Or kinda like somebody else?" She keeps snuggling up to you, seeming to have no problems snuggling up to another girl, even when she's talking about how hot her brother is.

* ChickFighter lies next to Mel being fondled by Mel's hands. "Yes, you appear to have every bit of his ... confidence."

* Melancholy smiles, kissing along your jaw line and down your neck. "That is true," she replies. "And his excellent taste in ladies."

* ChickFighter takes a deep, but shaky breath. "I ... but, uh ... I mean ... thanks."

* Melancholy nods, kissing your throat. "He can join us later," she purrs. "Right now it's private time."

* ChickFighter eyes get suddenly as big as an anime girl's.

* Melancholy giggles, sliding her hands up to cup your breasts.

* ChickFighter sighs with pleasure and instinctively wriggles her hips. "Just kiss me, damn it," she mewls hoarsely.

* Melancholy smiles, giving your breasts a loving squeeze as she kisses you on the lips. It's a nice hard, loving kiss.

* ChickFighter kisses her back greedily and her hands begin to fondle Mel's body as well. She slips a hand beneath the seat of Mel's leotard and cups Mel's bottom, slowly working gloved fingers into the crevice beyond.

* Melancholy moans into the kiss as she feels your hand cup her bottom, that moan getting louder as she feels your finger move. Quickly her hands move to begin pulling off your leotard.

* ChickFighter does the same doing her clumsy best to maintain the kiss even as she strips off the other girl's costume.

* Melancholy smiles, wearing no panties beneath her leotard. Her removal of your costume is much more experienced, though just as eager.

* ChickFighter breaks the lip lock only long enough to gasp, "Just rip my panties off ... maybe I should start going commando too." She feels a tug, hears a pop and feels Mel's hand on her pussy lips.

* Melancholy eagerly tears off your panties as her fingers rub your pussy. Smiling eagerly, she brushes her thumb over your clit as she fingers you. Once you're bare she kisses your nipples also.

* ChickFighter arches her flexible back as she experiences the pleasurable sensations of Mel's skillful lovemaking. "You're amazing!"

* Melancholy grins up at you, nibbling your nipple as she slides a finger into your pussy. There is a naughty twinkle in her eye as she replies: "That's what Solly says."

* ChickFighter is made even more excited by the larceny of Mel's confident attitude about taking control and claiming she's done this to her brother. "Oh yesssssss..."

* Melancholy grins, her fingers expertly curling within you as they seek your g-spot. She suckles your nipples harder as she sees you get more excited.

* ChickFighter is sweating and panting now. She grabs at Mel, one hand in her hair, the other gripping and regripping the curve of Mel's bottom.

* Melancholy moans in pleasure, her fingers moving faster and faster in your pussy. She flicks her thumb over your clit faster and faster.

* ChickFighter begins to thrust her hips up and down, flexing her bowed back as she presses on toward orgasm.

* Melancholy grins, kissing your lips some more as she expertly teases your G-spot. She's clearly trying to make you cum as hard as she can.

* ChickFighter arches way up, almost into a bridge, as she stiffens and cums. "Ohmygawd, yessssssss..."

* Melancholy grins as you cum, bringing her fingers to her lips to taste your sweet nectar.

* ChickFighter shakily tries to push Mel over to her back. "Your turn ... you earned it!"

* Melancholy sliding her finger into you again, so she can wipe some of your nectar over your lips. "Taste your self," she says, grinning.

* ChickFighter pokes her index finger into Mel's pussy, raises it to her lips, licks the finger with her tongue until it is shining clean as she was taught. "Yummy!"

* Melancholy moans softly in pleasure as you poke your finger into her. "I thought you defeated her in the tournament," she jokes, with a husky giggle.

ChickFighter: "That I did," she says as she works a second finger inside Mel and gropes for reaction while continuing, "In Japan she often wrestles as the Naughty Ninja with whom I've had encounters before!"

* Melancholy moans in pleasure as the second finger enters her. "What sort of encounters?" she asks, with a great deal of interest.

* ChickFighter continues to work inside Mel to find just the right spot and massages her nice firm right breast with a free hand. "I was once captured by Yumi's ninja clan. They did some terrible things to me!"

* Melancholy moans in pleasure as her breast is fondled, and your wonderful fingers work within her. "They used you?" she asks, with a husky voice. Her body shivers from the intense pleasure.

* ChickFighter can tell she has located the spot and concentrates on it. "Yumi and her Master Tsunami used me mercilessly for their own pleasure."

* Melancholy moans loudly in pleasure, thrusting up against your fingers. "Did you like it?" she asks, too lost in pleasure to be tactful.

ChickFighter: "It was sick, but my body reacted responded with uncontrollable desire to what they did."

* Melancholy nods. "But you like my brother better right?"

ChickFighter: "I think I may be falling for him."

* Melancholy grins and runs her fingers through your hair. "Good," she purrs.

ChickFighter: "And what have you two deviates cooked up," she asks hesitantly?

* Melancholy giggles. "Just some good clean fun," she replies, eyes twinkling lustfully. "Family style."



THE END ... or just the beginning...