The lights come up on the ring as the DDSTV broadcast of the night's SHOCK extravaganza begins. Blue Belle bends to duck though the ropes, tails of her jacket parting like blue velvet curtains, curved shape of seam running up back of shimmering nylons accenting roundness of her ample ass. This costume a lady magician or a hatcheck girl might wear seems about the burst with excitement as she struts to the microphone hanging over the center of the ring. “Welcome denizens of Empire, fans of Super Humans Of Crazy Kombat, villains, heroines, assorted rasslin’ nuttahs! Tonight SHOCK wants to introduce a new angle with our new seven-sided ring. To christen it we have three matches guaranteed to knock your socks off! And Mad Moxxi is set to call all the action! Are you truly ready to TRRRRRREMBLE!

Mad Moxxi cheers!

Blue Belle continues, “In our first match we have our newest hire... the man with the ten-gallon hat and an even bigger... belly... at 6’ 250 pounds... as broad as he is tall... slam bam thank you ma’am... Samsoni!”

Longshot blinks, then breaks out in guffaws.

Mad Moxxi notes, “The man fights like he eats...HARDCORE!”

Samsoni enters the ring in black shorts and boots and sneers at the crowd. “The women luv to smooch with me...whenever they see me they say...what a kisser on that guy!”

Blue Belle sweeps a hand the other way. “And his opponent this evening... at 5’ 4” 116 pounds... that always dangerous belly dancer... naughty Nefertitties!”

Samsoni leers at Nefers tittitties a bit.

Nefertitties dances barefoot to the ring in rustling silk, waving a scimitar at the crowd as “Walk Like an Egyptian” plays. She rolls into the ring and up to her feet, the sword flashing all about her as she demonstrates a form, the lovely silhouette of her nubile dark body flowing under the demure silk that veils it.

Samsoni gulps.

Mad Moxxi laughs. “I don't know about you folks, but I can't help but giggle at this girl’s name. Let's see if her fighting skills are not quite as funny!”

Nefertitties points the sword at Sam, smirks and then frowns as the ref takes it from her.

Samsoni warms up in the ring. “Lets get this hoedown started!”

“Right, because the hoes are here.” Longshot tries to look innocent.

Nefertitties circles with that well-known Egyptian sidestep, eyeing her opponent cautiously.

Blue Belle comments, “Looks like Nefertitties has decided to be a little more careful this outing than last.”

Mad Moxxi notes, “Which is a real shame, ya know! I mean who DOESN'T want to see blood and stuff in the ring... WHO DO YOU LOVE EMPIRE!!??”

The crowd roars, “WE LOVE SHOCK!”

Samsoni walks straight at the lil belly dancer fakes a punch at her head then tries to stomp her right knee.

Nefertitties ducks and rolls, aiming to somersault past Samsoni before he realizes what she is doing, coming up behind him and kicking HIM in the back of the knee. “I'm too quick for you!”

“Owwwwwwww!” Samsoni bellows!

Mad Moxxi calls the action. “And there goes Samsoni, opening big by throwing his weight around at that poor thin girl. But ooohh!! She sure is nimble! Look at that strike behind the knee, I'm half surprised Sammy boy didn't topple like a felled tree!”

Nefertitties grins and wheels into a crescent kick at Sam's head.

Mad Moxxi continues, “You're all so quiet. Let me hear you roar! ROAR FOR ME EMPIRE CITY!!!”

The crowd ROARS, already excited at this opening bout.

Samsoni is surprised by the quick move. He falls onto one knee his back facing his opponent, then is kicked in the head and falls on his big belly.

Blue Belle quips, “Looks like a belly dancer was the perfect nemesis for Mr. Belly...”

Mad Moxxi exclaims, “Oww! That had to knock something loose!”

Nefertitties pumps a fist in the air and tries to kick Sam over to his back. “This is going to be quick!”

The crowd pops at the fist pump.

Mad Moxxi notes, “I think she better be careful! I've seen first hand what happens to people who are overconfident. I think Big Sam isn't out of it yet!”

Blue Belle chuckles, “Good point, Moxxi.”

Samsoni is kicked over onto his back tries to reach up and grab the heroine’s foot in his big hands and twist it.

Mad Moxxi snorts, “And there he goes, tryin’ ta make a comeback!”

Nefertitties manages to roll the big man over only to be caught by the ankle. She teeters on one leg, things rolling about under the silk.

Mad Moxxi notes, “And remember folks, he isn't fat, he's big boned...”

The crowd laughs.

Samsoni twists the dainty foot like its a steering wheel trying to pull the lil belly dancer down.

Mad Moxxi continues, “Twisting and turning and bouncing. We're just giving you all we got aren't we, Empire!”

The crowd roars in agreement, some of the fans cheering on the big bad guy.

“Hey! Letmego!” Nefertitties can neither pull free nor keep her balance and so goes spinning to the canvas in a flutter of silk.

Mad Moxxi exclaims, “And she's down!! Now we'll see if Sam is all talk, or if he can really fight or not. Though, really, all he probably has to do is sit on her!”

Samsoni holds his tight grip on her foot then stands and tries to stomp her belly with his size 12 boot.

The crowd is on their feet, really, very few expected Nefertitti to pull through... enough did, however, that this is still shocking.

Nefertitties shakes her head and extends her arms, fingers spread as if trying to ward off the inevitable. “No no no... ooph!”

Mad Moxxi commenting, “As if that's going to help *winces* ohhhh I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that boot, Let me tell ya!”

Nefertitties 's face turns ashen as the air rushes out of her.

Mad Moxxi laughs, “And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what we call "skagstomping" in Empire City!”

Samsoni grabs both of Nefertitties legs, maneuvers himself into a figure four leglock and then sits down to increase the pressure.

The crowd on their feet even more so now, going wild over the classic move, cheering on the Nature Sam wildly!

Nefertitties squeals and smacks her hands on the mat as the hold is applied. Her back arches and the shape of her chest threatens to push through the silk that covers it.

Mad Moxxi watches the match, wincing. "Well, I bet when Neftertitties signed on for this, she never imagined that between her legs!”

Nefertitties tries to inch toward the ropes.

Samsoni leans back applying more pressure. “Ask her Moxxie..does she give?”

Mad Moxxi laughs. “Why you askin’ me? I'm just the entertaining commentator! Looks to me like she can't stand the pressure though, but then, really, who could!”

Samsoni grunts, “ give?”

“No way!” Nefertitties screams and reaches for the ropes behind her, frantic to have the hold broken.

Some fans are cheering Nefertitties on, trying to rally the jobber.

Mad Moxxi: Ohhh, she looks like she's in such pain but she just. Won't. Give! Let's hear it for her! Roar for her Empire!”

The crowd CHEERS as Nefertitties 'escapes', excited at this match...could she do it?!

Samsoni curses and lets the hold go as Nefertitties grabs the ropes.

Mad Moxxi exclaims, “A forced break! Nefertitties gets another chance at victory...if she can even stand that is!”

Nefertitties pants for air as she pulls up on the ropes, her now sweaty chest heaving against the silk. She takes one step and stumbles, staggering away toward the corner.

Mad Moxxi notes, “She can walk, but man she doesn't look too good. I think she may have bought her self a little time with the rope grab, but time will tell if it was enough!”

Blue Belle adds, “You're right Moxxi... she's wobbling like a drunken sailor.”

Madame Cat takes a seat in a luxury box to watch the contest.

Samsoni chases the lil dancer then turns her towards him and grabs her in his big arms and starts to lift and squeeze her in his unbreakable bearhug.

Mad Moxxi sighs. “Awww, look at that, how sweet. Sam is giving her a pity hug!”

The fans are also, going nuts for Sam, his relentless pursuit of her earning him points among the more ruthless, hardcore crowd members.

Madame Cat is shocked that Samsoni is apparently not losing at this moment.

“Unngghh...” Nefertitties grunts and begins to squirm desperately to slip free of the bearhug.

Samsoni glares at the kitty kat.

“Trrruly a fate worrse than death...” Madame Cat remarks from high up out of Samsoni's earshot.

“You know, I never thought about it before, but you really have to give the big guy credit. He may look fat and slow, but he's a pretty good fighter.” Mad Moxxi takes secret notes.

Samsoni holds the tiny dancer tight then pumps his legs and tries to slam her back into the corner ring post.

Mad Moxxi whistles. “I'm sure that ain't gonna feel great.”

Nefertitties gets one hand free and goes for her infamous camel-toe clutch, getting hold of something else just as her back impacts the ringpost and her whole body shudders.

Samsoni yells, “Owwwwwwwww!”

The crowd goes “Oooooooh!”

Blue Belle sounds pained. “That would finish me...”

Mad Moxxi winces again "Ohhhhh good god! I think that may have broken the poor girl, or at wait...she's still got a bit of fight left in her!"

Samsoni is grabbed in the crotch and lets the lil girl go momentarily.

Nefertitties clenches her fists as much in reflex to the pain as anything, but whatever is in her grip pays the price.

Mad Moxxi gasps, “Owww! Nefertitties has Sam by the short and curlies!”

Madame Cat grimaces in disgust as the man flops on top of the poor girl, crushing her against the ring post even as she finds the courage to clutch him and fight back.

Samsoni goes to his toes in pain as he’s gripped.

Mad Moxxi sounds excited, “She has him in a death grip! How long can he endure that particular torture!?”

The crowd is very unhappy, that Sam is being gripped by his...Soni. Idly wonders if this is a legal move or not.

Nefertitties slumps into the corner and almost lets go until she realizes she has him by the... she squeezes harder, venom in her eyes.

Mad Moxxi notes, “That sure is one hell of a submission move!!”

Samsoni grabs Nefertitties by the hair now and tries to crack her head against the post. “Lemme go!”

Nefertitties is tossed back against the post like a ragdoll, her head lurching and her body going limp, her hand releasing its hold as she slumps on her fanny.

Mad Moxxi asks, “Is that it? Is Nefertitties down and out? She sure doesn't look like she's moving!”

Blue Belle retorts, “But will Sam have enough left to go for the pin?”

Madame Cat hears most of the crowd boo but a small section cheering Neffie as clearly they have better taste than most. She claps politely, watching with interest.

Blue Belle observes, “Sam's not exactly walking right.”

Samsoni bends down and pulls the girl to her feet...then pulls her down between his legs.

Crowd is now silent, on Nefertitties's side, except the ones cheering in Cat's post.

Mad Moxxi replies, “That is the question isn't it Belle. Oh the hell is he doing?”

Nefertitties is barely conscious as she is lifted up and her head thrust where her hand was only seconds before, her upturned ass wobbling back and forth.

Mad Moxxi quips, “That would be a rude awakening if she opened her eyes.”

Samsoni reaches down and pulls his opponent upside down.

Mad Moxxi continues, “And now his face is by her...*ahem* I think he's going for a piledriver!”

Samsoni winks.

Nefertitties weakly bicycles her slender legs as she is lifted up, only to have them hugged together.

Madame Cat joins in the cheering on of Neffie, the small section of fans desperately hoping for her to one day win a match, so disgusted by Samsoni's actions.

The audience looking on in horror, not sure if she could survive this.

Samsoni suddenly sits trying to drive the belly dancers head into the ring floor.

The crowd collectively GASPS!

Magic Girl looks away. That must have hurt.

Mad Moxxi is not at a loss for words however. “Ooohhhhhh!!!! I think that's it for poor nevermind. I think she's done nonetheless.”

Madame Cat grimaces mostly in disgust of the humiliation of neffie's position, the disgusting stench probably knocked her out before the impact.

Nefertitties lurches as her head impacts the mat, the whole ring shaking with the force, her body flopping out still on the canvas, damp silk slowly settling over the contours.

Blue Belle winces.

Samsoni stands, then turns Nefertities over, then places his foot on her chest.

Madame Cat encourages Neffie's growing fan base to throw food and trash at Samsoni.

Samsoni glares at puss n boots.

Mad Moxxi cautions, “Now please remember folks, do not feed the animals!”

Nefertitties flops over spread eagle, blissfully unaware as the big boot flattens the shape of one of her boobs and the ref counts "One... two... three..."

Samsoni raises his arms in the air in victory.

Blue Belle syas, “And it looks like we have a winner...”

“And we have the winner of the first match. Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for SAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM SONIIIIIIIIII!!!!!” Mad Moxxi steals Belles thunder.

Samsoni smiles and glares at the kitten.

Nefertitties is still dazed and groaning when the paramedics come to cart her away on a stretcher.

People reign boos down on Sam, aside from those few, very sad fans.

Madame Cat yawns, smirking as the growing supporters of Neffie boo loudly at the monstrous monster of monstrosity.

Samsoni bows to the crowd.

Mad Moxxi assures, “Don't worry folks, I'm sure Neferbreasties will be up and fighting again in no time!”

Blue Belle adds, “And a new heel is born!”

Samsoni leaves the ring.

Blue Belle climbs back into the ring in a show off shimmering nylon and straining jacket.

Madame Cat plots acts of terror while waiting.

Mad Moxxi shouts, “And lets hear it for our wonderfully lovely CEO and owner of SHOCK, BELLE!”

Blue Belle smiles. “Our second match features another new hire... at 5’ 3” 117 pounds... with eyes as big and blue as oceans... the absolutely lovely... but lethal... Terra!”

Samsoni ogles Terra.

Mad Moxxi writes some notes, humming.

Madame Cat would note Samsoni ogles almost every woman.

Samsoni ogles Madame Cat.

Madame Cat is not surprised.

Terra jogging out to Unbreakable by Fireflies she flourishes her violet hair, giving the crowd a wry smile, wearing a tight crop top and a rather short violet skirt. She runs to the ring, her form both beautiful and athletic. Leaping up onto the side she performs the splits upon the apron before sliding beneath the bottom rope, showing off a little of her desirable ass in the process!

Blue Belle continues, “And Terra will be facing that high-flying hooded heroine from south of the border... and top SHOCK contender... at 5’ 9” 166 pounds... the Mexican champion La Aguila!”

La Aguila rushes to the ring to the sound of Red Hot Chili Pepper’s 'Suck My Kiss', plum plume swishing. She wears a white mask, tight midriff t-shirt and short shorts all trimmed in purple to match her boots. She dives over the ropes, somersaulting to her feet inside the ring, shaking her fists at the crowd as she pumps herself up.

Mad Moxxi comments, “Well, the new girl is sure showing us that she's got some athleticism, but can that ...whatever I just said...translate into a fighting style as she faces off against the Scourge of the South?”

Terra takes a deep breath while sitting on the turnbuckle before jumping down.

La Aguila grins inside the mask and points at Terra. “Time to grow up little model girl!”

Mad Moxxi notes, “Ohhh, those are fighting words right there if I ever heard them!”

Kurt Malkomes takes a seat to watch the action.

Terra strikes a rather sultry pose cocking out a defiant hip. 'Oh I'm soo going to enjoy this!'

The crowd is excited, interested in seeing both competitors...although some hear Aguila's diss, and give an 'ooooh...'

Mad Moxxi announces, “Let's hear it for the two combatants!”

Samsoni cheers.

Terra kisses her two forefingers before raising them to the crowd dropping into a stance with a determined, focused gaze.

The crowd CHEERS!

Mad Moxxi incites them. “LOUDER! RAISE THE ROOF!!”


La Aguila blinks the eyes inside the mask as her threat doesn't faze the eager young wrestler. Maybe an attack will. She rushes forward as the bell sounds, lowering a shoulder as she charges.

Mad Moxxi growls, “AND IT'S ON! La Aguila starting off strong with a charge!”

"Predictable!" Terra smiles, taking a quick step back before darting to the side, using her legs to try and take Aquila down, using her momentum against her.

Mad Moxxi notes, “But Terra is quick on her feet! It's almost like she's seen this type of attack before!”

La Aguila cannot stop her forward momentum, but she can leap up over the sweep, landing on the second rope and launching herself back through the air, attempting her Flying Spear attack.

Mad Moxxi exclaims, “What a show! Unable to stop, La Aguila improvised and is now FLYING through the air toward Terra! I think we're in for a real match here folks!”

The crowd goes, “WOO!”

"No way!" Terra gasps, already taken aback by the speed, only able to turn wide eyed before being hit dead on by the flying spear.

Mad Moxxi blurts, “DIRECT HIT! I felt that way over here!”

Samsoni chooses a favorite, “Cmon terra beat that Mexican jumping bean!”

Mad Moxxi screams, “Let’s see some more of that!”

La Aguila slams Terra to the mat, the whole ring shaking as both combatants roll over. She comes to her feet in a ready stance. “This is the big leagues, girl!”

One guy in crowd, “BURRRRN! YEAH!”

Guy's friend, “Sit down, Kelso.”

Samsoni watches the drunks in the crowd arguing.

Mad Moxxi notes, “La Aguila sure is quick on her feet, she's kind of hard to follow. I feel kinda sorry for Terra, but it's still early in the match!”

Terra quickly flips to her feet, landing in her own stance, narrowing her eyes at her opponent. 'Just worry about yourself!' The Asian smiles confidently, edging forward.

Mad Moxxi comments, “Terra looks good too, that means that this is going to be a great match!”

La Aguila cartwheels forward to increase the force behind the flying elbow she aims to deliver to the pretty girl's chest.

Mad Moxxi burbles, “The amount of athleticism in this match is just ASTOUNDING! Both of these girls are in really good shape, and they really know their stuff. This is gonna be a tough one to call!”

Bobcat Billie Hart hmphs, watching from the back, darn near infuriated!

Terra quickly spins to the side her right leg whipping round with astonishing speed straight toward Aguila’s jaw.

Samsoni offers Billy some tranquilizers.

Mad Moxxi speaks quickly, "Another avoided attack, and this time she's actually counter attacking!"

Princess Kahm eyes the proceedings with a trained eye.

La Aguila comes flying out of her cartwheel right into a maskfull of kick. She is nearly deplumed and staggers sideways towards the ropes.

Mad Moxxi gasps, “And what a counterattack it was! Man! I heard the impact of that kick over here, and it sure seems to have La Aguila in a fluster!”

Samsoni mutters, “These girls are bouncing around like rockem sockem robots!”

With another flourish of her long violet hair Terra followed through, running almost alongside Aguila before her hand wrapped around her stomach, and then in a sudden move the lithe Asian dove in between the ropes out of the ring, using Aguila's body to slingshot herself around her legs sweeping with momentum into her stomach.

La Aguila's masked head is on a swivel as her lithe little opponent dives seemingly harmlessly past only to whip around into her midsection on the slingshot. “Ungh...” La Aguila doubles over.

Mad Moxxi notes, “It looks like La Aguila may have underestimated little pretty Terra, that little Asian girl is kickin some serious butt!”

Terra quickly leaps to the side and bounds up the turnbuckle with speed before backflipping into a somersault. 'Not forgetting to flash my winning smile' She gives the announcer a bored sultry smile whilst upside down before falling toward Aguila.

La Aguila looks up just in time to see the aerial move in progress, recognizing it as one of her own. She rolls aside before the flying Terra comes down. She looks up from hands and knees with a smirk. “Happy landings!”

Bobcat Billie Hart grumbling, watching the screen from backstage, grumbling about the insult that she wasn’t even booked fer this here show. Her fist clenches tighter round her signature branding iron, watching the new girls debut.

"Uh-oh." Terra had just enough time to mutter, gasping in shock before landing face first into the mat with a gasp of pain, struggling to get onto her hands and knees, temporarily stunned.

Mad Moxxi comments, “And an avoided attack by Mexico’s heroine! We'll have to see if it was enough to rally her into taking the offensive herself now!

The crowd goes “Oooooooooh!” They have been...struggling to keep up, although cheering loudly, nonetheless.

Mad Moxxi notes, “Terra hit that mat awfully hard ladies and gentlemen.”

La Aguila moves immediately to tackle the smaller girl, aiming to push her to her back and straddle her while she is still stunned. “You'll learn those aerial moves are very high risk...”

Mad Moxxi laughs, “Did I promise you all a show, or didn't I? Who loves you and who do you love!?”

Samsoni mumbles, “Poor Terra...”

Blue Belle relaxes ringside with some bottled water, thinking things are going quite well as she watches the match.

Terra’s blue eyes shoot wide as she sees the incoming facesit, gasping in terror. “Ahhh!!!” Her voice squealed in terror, her hand waving frantically before clutching the rope, then pulling fast to roll beneath it onto the apron. Bounding to her feet she leaps up grasping the top rope before flinging herself feet first through them toward Aguila. 'Take this!'

Bobcat Billie Hart grumbles, heading out from backstage, walking through the audience, taking a front row seat, watching the action, randomly tapping her iron against the floor as she studies both women.

Mad Moxxi is breathless. “Ohhhh, we almost saw the Incubator, but Terra was just too quick for that!”

Princess Kahm watched intently from a seat far in the back, keen eyes studying the fighters.

La Aguila can't believe the girl has slipped away from her and is still on her knees when she is hit by the flying kick, her masked head rocking backwards, her body following, flopping out on the canvas spread eagle and flailing.

Samsoni yells, “Get her Terra!”

Mad Moxxi screams, “Holy crap! What a fight we have going on here! Just when you think it's over for one girl, it totally turns around!”

Blue Belle spots Billie coming ringside and narrows her eyes. This could be trouble.

Terra smiles broadly and opts to not push her advantage, but instead to arch her back, lean forward then throw her head back in a stylish pose, flaunting her beauty right beside La Aguila. 'Who's Your girl!?'

One guy in audience. “YEAH! SHOW HER TERRA! OW, DON'T HIT ME, HYDE!”

Bobcat Billie Hart sneers, taking a swig oh the beer she swiped off some other fan, her own blue eyes watching over the smug newcomer.

Mad Moxxi notes, “Well, someone is sure getting cocky, and it looks like she's about to pay the price for her arrogance!”

La Aguila shakes her head to clear the cobwebs and looks up at the posing girl, clenching her fists in rage, aiming to bring one up hard between the girl's legs. “Ha! Busted!”

Samsoni sighs, “Uh oh...” Samsoni orders a big mac with fries.

Kurt Malkomes stands, having someplace else to be, but is fairly impressed with the performance of the pair in the ring.

Terra’s eyes bulge as she staggers back, her shimmering form collapsing against the turnbuckle, her hand holding her bruised sex.

Mad Moxxi comments, “Ohhhhh! What a punch, and straight to her crotch!”

The crowd groans at the dirty display, but nobody really least not yet.

La Aguila gets to her feet with a smile, moving slowly at first, then much faster as she lowers a shoulder and lunges forward.

Samsoni is too busy eating to booo.

Mad Moxxi notes, “Another shoulder lunge! It's almost predictable, yet after that previous hit, I wouldn't surprise if this one lands on target.”

Blue Belle spots Samsoni at the training table and chuckles.

Samsoni blushes.

Silencieux wanders into the Arena and finds a good seat to watch the fight.

Blue Belle gives Sam a thumbs-up.

Samsoni mmmmppphhhsssss.

Terra drops her head as if her entire form has caved to exhaustion before her legs suddenly kick off the mat pulling her feet over her head, so that Aguila would fly into the ringpost.

La Aguila has her head down when she goes under Terra, her shoulder hitting the ringpost with a sound not unlike the crack of a gunshot. She crumples like the victim of a drive-by.

Samsoni utters, “Ouch.”

The crowd further groans, before cheering wildly, all being very impressed with this display from the two grapplers.

Mad Moxxi winces again. "Ouch! That had ta hurt!"

Terra a second later rolls down, pressing her head between La Aguila's thighs, and then continues to roll out of the corner, so that her legs were upon Aguila's hands, and her arms holding her legs tightly, in a makeshift pin.

One guy in the crowd yells, “Sunset flip!”

Mad Moxxi comments, “And we have a pin! But do we have a 3 count??”

La Aguila is dizzied by the roll-up, unable to kick out with her legs trapped, straining and going nowhere as the ref's hand slaps canvas. "One... two... three..."

Samsoni belches out, “Way to go Terra!”

Mad Moxxi announces, “And we have our winner! Give it up for the new girl!!”

Bobcat Billie Hart rises, clapping slowly as the crowd cheers.

Princess Kahm applauds softly in her seat.

Blue Belle puts down her water and moves to intercept Bobcat.

Terra’s head nods with each count before her eyes go wide, rolling backwards and off of Aguila, she rises to her feet, raising her hand. 'I won!? Wooo!' She cheers, not even waiting for the ref before charging to a turnbuckle climbing it in her excitement, kissing her two forefingers and raising them to the air.

Mad Moxxi entreats, “Louder, Empire City! Make her feel welcome!”

“YEAAAAAAAAH, WOOOTWOOOOOOOT!” The crowd goes nuts for her, heavy applause for the newcomer.

La Aguila rolls over and slaps the mat in frustration.

Mad Moxxi adds, “Let's not forget La Aguila!! She may have lost, but she put up a hell of a fight!”

La Aguila rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

Bobcat Billie Hart grins wickedly as Terra celebrates atop the turnbuckle, facing away from Bobcat. Gripping her iron as she leaps the barricade and slides into the ring Bobcat rushes up behind Terra, cracking her across the back with the hard metal branding iron.

Samsoni boooosssssss.

“What are you doing here, Billie? Stop! Wait! Terra! Look out...” Blue Belle ducks into the ring, chasing Bobcat Billie, but not quickly enough to catch her.

Mad Moxxi questions, “What do we got here?? No, really, What's happening, I can't see??!”

"Oh yeah! Who's your future cham-pion! Who's your future cham-pion!" Terra begins to sing in joy her form swaying on the ring post before her eyes go wide. "Ahhh!" She gasps aloud, collapsing off the ringpost and straight onto her ass, her eyes closed tightly from the impact.

Bobcat Billie Hart laughs, tossing back her blonde hair, raising up the iron again, crashing it down across the victorious woman’s belly. “Welcome ta SHOCK ya Greenhorn!”

Mad Moxxi gasps, “OIhhhh, hey that's dirty fighting! What a brutal beating!!”

Terra lets out a loud 'oof' as the air escapes her lungs, her form helpless to the beating as she squirms beneath the impacts.

“BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The crowd is horrified at this. A low blow during match is one thing, but this is just a damn mugging!

Blue Belle tries to grab Bobcat Billie and pull her away.

Bobcat Billie Hart turns, facing belle with an angry sneer as her free hand just whips up, face palming Belle back, trying to push her down, showing no care for her employer as she turns to whack the newcomer one last time over her head.

Blue Belle stumbles back as the sound of the slap reverberates, her cheek quite red as she sits on her ass in the corner.

Mad Moxxi asks, “Where is security when ya need them?”

Hard Man guffaws, “You have security?”

Blue Belle sits there stunned as security begins to flood the ring.

Samsoni looks at Belle. “What you gonna do a bout Billy?”

Terra grimaces in pain, rolling onto her front, desperately pushing herself to all fours, trying to crawl away with her last bit of strength, at least before she is smacked straight on the head, immediately collapsing onto the mat, her limbs splayed either side, her skirt riding up to show her glistening ass.

Hard Man grumbles, “Why do I suddenly feel like I'm watching a 'live action' Ring x Mama?”

Bobcat Billie Hart grins, posing now to the booing crowd as she presses the end of her iron down on the exposed bottom. It is not of course heated, but when pulled away a little stamp with the letters BC remains emblazoned there as if the poor girl had just been branded. "Ya see greenhorn...ya gotta learn how ta make yer mark in this here business!"

Samsoni declares, “Billie, you’re an evil varmint!”

Mad Moxxi exclaims, “What a brute! What a thug!”

Blue Belle gets to her feet and instructs security to escort Bobcat Billie away.

Terra is out for the count, her tear drop voluptuous ass now bearing the marks BC.

Bobcat Billie Hart raises her branding iron high, gloating, strutting towards the ropes, threatening to swing the iron at Belle and the guards that rush down towards her. “YeeeHaaa!”

The crowd roars. “BOOOOOO! HISSSS!”

Samsoni claims, “Too bad Billie skeered of me!”

Blue Belle looks a bit worried at first and then chuckles as Billie is led away.

Bobcat Billie Hart struts proudly to the back, her own bust straining against the vest that contains it, her cheeks peeking out of her cut off shorts. As she gets to the top of the ramp she holds up her hat, posing one last time before heading backstage. She does punch out a guard just for measure.

Blue Belle tucks herself back into her jacket and tries to regain her composure as she steps to the mike.

Mad Moxxi comments, “Well, that certainly was an interesting turn of events. Who knows, perhaps those two will face off legally in the ring.

Blue Belle takes a deep breath. “That Bobcat woman is a menace! Congratulations to Terra on a victory in her first SHOCK match!”

Terra is stretchered off backstage naturally.

Samsoni mumbles, “Poor Terra.”

Blue Belle continues, “But now for the match you've all been waiting for... our championship match! First I give you our undefeated challenger... rapidly building quite a reputation... a huge man... brought in to more than replace Brute... at 7'3” 490 pounds... Cinder Block!”

Samsoni cheers.

Blue Belle scowls at Sam.

Samsoni shrugs. “Us huge guys gotta stick together!”

The lights dim, and Amon Amarth thunders through the P.A system as Cinder Block comes out, masked, garbed in blue and yellow...he stalks toward the ring slowly, before climbing in the ring patiently, pushing the suspenders of his wrestling suit to his waist, leaving his massive chest and arms bare, leaning against the ropes, awaiting the opponent.

Blue Belle continues, “And now for the Danger Doll you’ve all been waiting to see... gymnast turned wrestler turned television superheroine and cover model... at 5’ 1” 114 pounds, the indomitable undisputed SHOCK champion... the one and only... US Angel!”

Hard Man snorts, “Where is Hell when you need her?”

US Angel runs into the arena carrying a red white and blue staff that she uses to vault directly from the floor all the way over the top rope, flipping in the air and landing deftly in the center of the ring. As “Angel” by Aerosmith plays she salutes fans with a blue-gloved hand, beaming from ear to ear and bouncing to each corner to point her staff at the crowd before laying it aside on the apron.

Cinder Block stays against the ropes, watching her intently, not moving if she tries to dart intimidation tactic. "Ye bounce too much."

Mad Moxxi promotes, “This is it Ladies and Gentlemen! The Championship Match! Angel vs Cinder Block, winner takes all!”

Lord Imperial enjoys watching US Angel bounce.

US Angel jumps up on the second rope in one corner and blows kisses to the crowd, then looks back over her shoulder at Cinder Block, giving her posterior a pat. “You can kiss this!”

"Where be the belt?" Cinder Block gives a sneer, his blue eyes glaring hatred straight at Angel. He doesn't even glance at the derriere.

Samsoni nods. “Crush her Cinder Block.”

Blue Belle takes the belt and ducks quickly out of the ring.

US Angel flips into a ready stance, circling as the bell sounds.

Cinder Block stands up, walking straight to the center of the ring...and dropping to a knee, so that they are more even in height. He glares right at her. "Hit me."

Mad Moxxi notes, “Cinder Block sure is confident tonight, even offering Angel the first blow! This will be a match for the books, Ladies and Gentlemen, I can almost guarantee that!”

Blue Belle walks by and gives Moxxi a pat on the back. “Good job!”

Mad Moxxi beams at Belle "Thanks!"

Lord Imperial waves to Blue Belle, indicating that he'd like to speak with her when she's got a second.

Blue Belle smiles at the fan and heads his direction.

US Angel does not hesitate, but steps into an immediate side kick, stout leg shimmering in nylon as it flexes and drives the blue footie forward.

Hard Man deadpans, “She's being nice. I would have hit him with a crow bar.”

Cinder Block is rocked backward by the strike to his face, but turns his head back, bearded face behind the mask snarling at her. He laughs, and speaks. "AGAIN, ANGEL!"

Princess Kahm smiles as she leans forward in her seat, wishing she had had the foresight to place a wager upon the big brute. She laces fingers and tents palms.

US Angel blinks and her lip curls out in a pout. She takes a deep breath and runs back to the ropes, rebounds off them and leaps into a flying 123 dropkick, legs churning as she goes horizontal in the air, aiming to land three quick kicks, to chest, to chin, to cheek, before back flipping away.

Mad Moxxi goes back to the match at hand. "And yet another free hit offered by Cinder Block, and taken by Angel. What is his game? He doesn't even seem to be phased at all by her attacks.”

Cinder Block takes the kick to his chest, head snapping up as the foot landed against his chin, but his left forearm comes up to deflect her shin, and his right hand coming up for a straight-punch, aimed directly for her nose, snarling as he comes upward to add more power to it...those kicks really hurt. He is glad.

Mad Moxxi exclaiming, “There we go! I knew he wouldn't sit there and just take the punishment for long! Man, I was getting bored for a moment there!”

US Angel feels her kicks land with authority and is utterly shocked when an uppercut cracks her nose before she can flip away, her body instead spinning horizontally in the air several times before hitting the canvas and rolling away.

Mad Moxxi gasps, “And what a punch that was! I've never seen anyone flip over and over in the air like that before!”

Cinder Block watches her roll and charges forward, crying out in rage and hoping to land a wild, vicious soccer kick before she makes it to her feet...he didn't care where it hit, face, crotch, leg, just as long as it made impact with her. "HRAAAAGH!"

Mad Moxxi notes excitedly, “And now Angel looks like she'll be feeling the full fury of Cinder Block, what a vicious kick!”

US Angel comes up to hands and knees, looking up just as the kick catches her in the midsection. She folds over the boot as it sends her flying again, up and over the ropes, flailing at first, then tucking and looking for the floor, amazingly landing on her feet on the concrete.

Mad Moxxi blinks. “It's like he's playing football with Angel’s body with that kick, look at her fly up and out of the ring! I'm amazed she was able to land on her feet after that one!”

Cinder Block walks to the ropes, and placing his back on them, flips over on his feet, turning to approach her.

Samsoni yells for the big man. “Cmon Blockhead, squish the lil barbie doll!”

US Angel goes to her knees and attempts to yank the big man's feet out from under him.

Mad Moxxi notes, “It looks like they're taking this match outside the ring now as Angel tries to grip and flip that big guy over. I don't think that's even possible!”

Samsoni chuckles. “Maybe you should just fall on her.”

Cinder Block turns around to lay more blows into her, only to get his feet pulled from under him, snarling. He flew back, his back smashing into the steel ringsteps, THUD! He's dazed a bit, grunting to ignore the pain.

Mad Moxxi exclaims, “Ohhhhh, I was totally wrong! It looks like the falling onto the steel steps slowed, if not stopped, the big guy completely, at least for now! Let me hear you cheer for the combatants People!!”

US Angel bounces to her feet and runs forward, throwing herself into the air, flying butt-first at his face as she executes a moonshot.

Mad Moxxi notes, “ an interesting move. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it before.”

Blue Belle explains, “I think Chicky taught her that one... ouch!”

Cinder Block rolls to the ground, hoping it is her behind that smashes into the steel steps, next...depending on how she landed, that would determine his next move...

Samsoni laughs. “Could be a pain in the butt...”

US Angel grunts as her plump rump hits the steps, causing quite a racket. She rolls away, rubbing her backside, the tights torn open on one side.

Samsoni smirks, “Lucky she has some padding back there!”

Lord Imperial leans close and whispers to Belle in order to be heard over the crowds.

Blue Belle frowns. “What's that, Imperial?”

Cinder Block still on the ground, springs to his feet, or rather, climbs up slowly, and reaching into the audience, pulling a steel chair away from one of the sitting fans, folding it up and approaching the feds he wrestled, this was perfectly legal, outside the ring.

Samsoni blinks, “Yikes!”

“Ohhhhh! What a pain in the backside! Angel just crashed into those steps, she looks to be stunned! Can the champ recover? It’s not looking so, as Cinder Block is getting something from one of the fans!” Mad Moxxi hesitates. “It's a chair! He's going to face plant her with it, or something!”

Princess Kahm smiles cruelly from her perch.

US Angel is making faces at the tear in her tights when she realizes he's got a chair, she throws up her hands and backs away.

Samsoni ogles the Princess on her perch.

"FIGHT ME, ANGEL! OR DECLARE COWARDICE!" Cinder Block has no idea that anything is even wrong with this.

Mad Moxxi notes, “That tactic isn't going to do much good, I don't think Angel learned from Neferboobies mistake earlier!”

US Angel points at the chair and shakes her head. “Put that chair down!”

Cinder Block steps into it and throws the steel chair full-force at Angel's face, chucking it like a baseball...Now, depending on what she would do, she would either, dodge the attack, and miss his big boot, get hit with the chair and MAYBE get hit by his boot, or catch the chair, and get the boot driven into the steel chair, and thusly, her face, also...unless she did something else, that Cinder Block didn't consider.

Mad Moxxi quips, “I don't think that's quite what Angel meant, but it looks pretty effective!”

Princess Kahm would note that she likes how Cinder Block thinks, if she could read thoughts which she can't.

US Angel throws up her arms to block the chair, successfully, only to have it smashed into her face by the following kick, sending her careening back into the barricades, her nose definitely broken now if it wasn't before.

Mad Moxxi gasps, “OOHHHHHH!!!! Look at the blood!! Isn't it wonderful! What a tactic, well played by Cinder Block!”

Samsoni nods. “Poor Angel, poor lil Angel...”

Cinder Block stops a moment to adjust his boot, testing his foot...he was slightly limping from this, but, it felt like it would be alright...after this, Cinder Block approached US Angel, to grab at her hair, and if he succeeded in this, he would attempt a scoop slam unto the concrete, slow, basic and powerful, to set her up for something else, he had planned...

Mad Moxxi notes, “Cinder Block is limping folks, a weakness that Angel can exploit! That is, if she can recover from that devastating chair-kick to the face!”

Samsoni begs, “Cmon Blockhead, finish her off!”

US Angel leans on the steel barricade for support, trying to get her bearings, wiping the sweat from her face, blinking as her sleeve ends up red. The next instant she is squealing as she is hoisted up and slammed to the concrete, the impact dull and wet. She lies there stunned. “I... can't... breathe...”

Mad Moxxi winces as Angel hits the concrete after the slam, feeling bad for the poor, obviously outmatched girl. “Ohhh, hard against the concrete, and on her back. It sounds like she's trying to say something, Mayhap we have to call the match?”

Blue Belle entreats her champion. “Come on, Angel... you can do it!”

Princess Kahm leans forward, eyes narrowed. "Almost over, I think..."

Cinder Block nods, grabbing the chair, and dropping it on her chest and stomach...he would roll up on the apron, and then climbing the turnbuckle, he would LEAP off, attempting to Diving Splash, right there on the concrete, with the chair still on her! Doing everything to cause as much damage as possible! "HAAA HA HA!"

Samsoni mumbles, “What a beast!”

Mad Moxxi exclaims, “That much flesh flying through the air down onto a poor girl with a chair on her chest should just be illegal! This is gonna hurt! I almost can't watch!”

Princess Kahm watches intently.

US Angel instinctively kicks out as she hears Belle's words and feels the chair come to rest on her, essentially tossing the chair airborne before she rolls away and crawls toward the steps.

Blue Belle urges on the blond. “That's it, Angel! Keep fighting!”

Mad Moxxi is beside herself. “What's this? A second wind? Has Angel rallied herself? This could quite possibly be the best match of the night!!”

Cinder Block takes the chair to the stomach, and lands STRICTLY on steel and concrete...he's winded, on hands and knees, and rises up, only to go back down, clutching his ribs...and wincing. He honestly thought after that damage, she would stay down...He coughs up some blood, that earlier chest-kick not helping...

Mad Moxxi screams, “He's down! He looks hurt! He's coughing up blood! WHO DO YOU LOVE EMPIRE!!??”

The crowd ROARS!

Princess Kahm narrows her eyes, not having foreseen this turn of events.

Samsoni complains, “Cmon Blockhead, she’s just a lil girl!”

US Angel grimaces as she crawls up the steps to the ring and dragss herself up on the ropes, climbing to stand atop one post. She spots Cinder Block and goes for a super suicide star spangled spear, diving headfirst, tucking her left shoulder, aiming to bury it into him and drive him back down.

Samsoni shakes his head. “Ohhhhhhh noooooo bro...”

Silencieux shares Starbursts with Miss Purple.

Miss Purple cheers on coat rack thief.

Mad Moxxi notes, “A high risk move! And with her injuries to boot! Angel is daring!!!”

Cinder Block grips the railing, white-knuckled, and steadily pulling himself to his feet...only to get her shoulder smashing into his ribs, driving his spine into the security railing, and squashing some front row fans! Beer is spilled on them both, and Cinder Block is out on his, to get him in the ring to pin, somehow...

Mad Moxxi squeals, “He's out! Cinder Block is out! What a turn of events ladies and gentlemen! Now Angel just needs to get the mountain of flesh back in the ring!”

US Angel contorts her face in agony and drags Cinder Block out on the concrete toward the ring. She knows she can't lift him into the ring so she flops down across his face, her chest planted there as she grabs one arm with gloved hands and catches the other between stout legs. “Count!”

Mad Moxxi asks, “Is that even possible?”

Blue Belle and the ref exchange looks and Belle seems to ponder.

Samsoni protests, “Push her off, Blockhead!”

“I see no reason why pinfalls can't count anywhere...” Blue Belle nods to the ref.

Mad Moxxi comments, “There seems to be some confusion as to whether or not Angel can pin out on the concrete, or if it has to be in the ring...wait a minute, it looks like it's going to be legal!”

Princess Kahm frowns. She had...uses...for the massive wrestler in mind, but if he can be taken down so effectively by a smaller opponent.

“Hannnng on!” Longshot interrupts. Is it right for Belle to make the judgments? Isn't that a conflict of interest?

Samsoni is blinded by the arena lights shining off Longo’s bald spot.

Belle scowls at Longshot. “I’m the decider here!”

Cinder Block would kick out at two, turning face-down, though still too dazed to plant an assault...trying to work to his feet, no plan in his head...

Mad Moxxi blurts, “A kick out! The match goes on ladies and gentlemen!!”

US Angel makes a face and climbs back into the ring, once more climbing the ropes, posing atop a post and measuring the distance, before leaping into an ass-sault, back flipping two and a half times and aiming to land her plump rump on Cinder Block before he can rise.

Silencieux blinks.

Blue Belle pumps a fist. “Yes! There she goes!”

Mad Moxxi snorts. “What is with all the attack with the butt moves? Oh well, whatever, as long as it’s effective!”

Cinder Block has managed to climb to his feet, when he sees her flying toward him, ass first...too late to dodge...he is driven down to his back again like top-heavy ho.

US Angel finds herself surprisingly sitting on the man's face and shoulders. She grinds her big ass down in the torn costume down as she grabs at his arms to tuck them behind her knees. “Hey... whoa...”

Mad Moxxi asks, “ that even legal?”

Blue Belle whispers, “I was about to ask the same thing!”

US Angel gurks out something incomprehensible, a grimace on her bloody face, gloved hand slapping at the concrete.

Cinder Block snarls into her ass, his protests muffled, and doesn't even comprehend that he's on his back, shoulders squarely on the concrete.

Blue Belle pounds her fists on the announcer's table to encourage a quick count.

Samsoni mutters, “Blockhead, say it ain’t so!”

US Angel grinds down her sweaty backside, enduring the disgusting sensation of the big man trying to suck air out of her big round ass as the ref counts, "one two three" and her arm is raised.

Samsoni yells, “Noooooooo!”

Mad Moxxi explodes, “HOLY CRAP!!!! WHAT AN UPSET!!!”

US Angel blinks and grins as she stumbles to the ring in a daze with her arm held up by the ref.

Cinder Block has lost...he gets up...very slowly...his eyes, bewildered...and glaring at US Angel...he lost. He lost. He has lost a match. He lost.

Mad Moxxi proclaims, “The champ has proven to everyone here tonight that size does not matter! And why she is the SHOCK Champion!”

Blue Belle smiles. “Yes, that's my Angel!”

Princess Kahm rises and turns to leave. A disappointment, she thinks. And he'd seemed to have such potential.

Samsoni glares at Belle. “No fair!”

Blue Belle climbs to the ring to congratulate the champion. “The winner and still champion of Super Humans Of Crazy Kombat... US Angel!”

Mad Moxxi’s voice grows quiet. “I am absolutely flabbergasted!”

Cinder Block glowers at Angel...he rolls into the ring behind her, silently, brooding...before putting a hand on her shoulder, to turn her around, and to aim his big boot into her crotch, hoping to kick with all his power...if it hits. "VILE COWARDLY LITTLE BITCH!"

Blue Belle gasps as Cinder Block attacks the champion.

Mad Moxxi groans, “And another dirty sneak attack! What is it with these people?”

US Angel crumples around the blow like a folding chair, flying backwards, careening through the ropes and out onto the announcer's table, sprawling there, her winded chest heaving as she tries to breathe.

Blue Belle tries to restrain Cinder Block. “You beast! How dare you! You lost fair and square!”

Cinder Block shrugs Belle off like a cheap coat, climbs to the turnbuckle, glares down at Angel, and 'cutting his throat' with his thumb, he dives off, hoping for a Diving Splash, this time right through the announce table! “Time to return to cinder!”

Samsoni watches all hell break loose.

Blue Belle waves her arms and screams, "No no no..."

Mad Moxxi yelps and pulls quickly out of the way, Cinder Block smashing into Angel and the table. “Holy crap!!!”

Samsoni dives under his chair.

US Angel lies there dazed on the table as the monster super splash comes down and drives her through a suddenly splintered table to the concrete floor beneath.

Blue Belle calls for security as everything suddenly goes south, motioning for the cameras to cut away.

US Angel lies on the floor, bloody and broken.

Cinder Block threatens, “This time a table... next time stone!”

Security escorts Cinder Block away.

Blue Belle goes to help Angel into the back.

J Silver watches the show. “Captivating, alluring, topnotch ... The best I've seen all summer long ... A must see for anybody with eyes ... To not see it would be a crime!!!”

US Angel leans on Belle as she limps outa sight.

Samsoni makes a deal to finish off all the food in the snack bar.

Blue Belle returns a moment later. “I hope everyone enjoyed the show despite the mayhem at the end... more action to come in future SHOCK shows!”

(July 2010)