Right Place, Wrong Time

Serendipity comes out of Scamps Alley with a deeply troubled look on her face. With everyone on the Danger Doll team missing except Kei it fell on Sara to find out what had happened and rescue them. Her hands fiddled with the laces of the black corset she wore over the top of green linen dress. Sara was an optimist, but the few clues she had found made things looked really bad for her team.

Admiral Von Brandt has been watching across the street ever since the braniac went into the Alley. He had been tracking her for some time, as she was one of the few genius level people around this pisshole planet who also seemed to have a sort of mystical power. If anyone could help him get home, it was this one. And things couldn't have been timed any better... with the timely disappearance of the other Dolls, Serendipity was more vulnerable than ever. Her protective wall of do-gooders was down, save for that... child. He and his group of three underlings cut a quick U-turn to head towards her position, driving a black van that they had managed to salvage and repair at their downed space ship.

Serendipity looks both ways before exiting the alley, reaching up rather unconsciously to finger the ruby she wears on a choker around her slender neck. Her bare feet don't even seem to touch the ground as she heads on her way almost as if riding an invisible Segway, green dress flowing back from the shape of her legs, wavy brown hair trailing her head like streamers.

As the car gets close, the three flunkies jump out of the vehicle as the Admiral throws the vehicle into park with a screech. The three men surrounded her flanks and back, energy pistols drawn as the Admiral strode into position in front of her. "Good evening, my dear."

Serendipity freezes in place, her toes reaching for the pavement and slowly settling there as the waves of settling dress flow about her hips. Her eyes widen at the sight of the guns but still she forces a smile. "And a good evening to you, sir... I believe you have me at a disadvantage... you are?"

Admiral Von Brandt leaves his apparently infinite grin on his face as he answers. "My name is Von Brandt. Ernst Von Brandt. And yes, you judge your tactical situation correctly." He slightly uses his head to gesture to the van. "Nice evening for a drive, yes?"

Serendipity blinks and gives the man a questioning look, wondering if this could have something to do with her missing teammates. She decides to play along for the time being, extending her hand to his. "But of course... a lovely evening... doth my chariot await?"

Admiral Von Brandt smirks slightly as he denies her hand. The three other men close distance with her slightly and form a sort of cone leading to the back of the vehicle.

Serendipity titters nervously as she is led to the van, giving her hair a toss as she looks back over her shoulder at him. "Are you some sort of germaphobe or something? I'm really quite clean you know. Cleanliness is next to godliness." The corners of her mouth twitch.

Admiral Von Brandt walks by her side as one of the men gets in first, keeping her surrounded even into the vehicle. "Germaphobe? No, nothing like that. I just do not foresee the pleasantries lasting very long."

Serendipity nods, cupping the back of her dress as she takes a seat. "Well that sounds rather ominous. So if this isn't about sharing my glowing company then what is the purpose? It doesn't have anything to do with my missing teammates by chance does it?"

Admiral Von Brandt climbs next to her in the vehicle as one of the flunkies gets all the way in the back, covering the rear door, as the last flunkie gets in the driver’s seat. The doors slam in unison and the vehicle drives off. "Your teammates? Goodness no, I could care less about them. Though, their disappearances were extremely fortuitous in enlisting your help today." The vehicle drives down the road... reaching the edge of the city and finally finding a dirt road leading toward the mountains.

Serendipity knits her brows and nibbles at her lip, unable not to fidget a bit as the trip proceeds. "So, Mister Brandt, you want my help? Were the guns really necessary? I'm a heroine. Helping people is what I do. Is there more I should know?"

Admiral Von Brandt laughs slightly as the vehicle negotiates the long winding road to the crashed ship halfway up the mountain. "They are always a necessary precaution. And thus far, no 'heroines' have been willing to help. Perhaps they just weren’t able to. Nonetheless, I always seem to get moral resistance from them about my mission.

Serendipity nervously fingers the ruby choker without even knowing she is doing it. "And what is your mission? You don't seem to be from this... time or place..." Her eyes come up and seek to probe his as he replies.

Admiral Von Brandt begins to explain the story. Everything. Where, and when, he was from. How he believed he ended up here. His role as the "savior to mankind" in his time period. And, how sick he was of being here. He could not do what he needed to do here, he had neither the time nor the technology to mount any type of pre-emptive strike against the alien "scum."

Serendipity takes a deep breath and swallows hard. "And so who might these alien 'scum' be? What would I call them? Are they as ruthless as you?"

Admiral Von Brandt shakes his head. "Not all of them. Regardless...alliances with them are unacceptable." His grin disappears for a bit. "Mankind deserves its own place among the stars without giving pissing everything we gain away to those other worlds."

Serendipity narrows her eyes at the man as he seems to become overwrought with passion for his cause. "And so, Mister Brandt, you have the power and ability to effect this sort of change in the future? Seriously?"

"VON Brandt, you tart. And yes, I have the skill to lead my people in combat to their rightful place. Because only then can we truly be free!"

Serendipity gulps and tries not to smirk. "I see... Mister Bran... I'm sorry... Mister Von Brandt. You certainly seem passionate about your cause. What is it you expect me to do?"

Admiral Von Brandt continues staring forward. "I need you to help me get back to where I belong. To WHEN I belong. I need your help to go back... or rather forward... to my time."

Serendipity stares into his eyes and sees nothing to indicate that he isn't telling her the truth. Her mind races and she suddenly realizes her fingers are toying with the ruby on her choker. She takes a deep breath to calm herself and puts her hands in her lap, smiling wanly. "What makes you think I can help with that?"

The driver begins speaking in German, rambling off something that you can't quite understand. Von Brandt smacks him in the back of the head. "English, you idiot". The man begins rambling off excerpts of the paper, 'Modeling Time as a Matrix of Multiple Equations with Infinite Variables'. "You are familiar with this, yes?" The vehicle finally makes its arrival back at the ship.

Serendipity gapes at the driver as he rattles off an impressive understanding of her work in fluent German before switching to English. "So you've read my work... still... you need a key... to make dimensional manipulation possible... and I'm not so sure I want to help a warmonger who pulls guns on defenseless young women..." Her jaw sets defiantly despite the quiver in her voice.

The vehicle stops and the doors open, the men still holding those guns on the girl. "Ahh yes, and now we come to the unpleasant part of the evening. The part where you say 'No', and I convince you otherwise. Out of the vehicle." He points his pistol toward her as do the men flanking the vehicle.

Serendipity is tight-lipped and silent as she steps out of the van, toes of bare feet curling as if trying to dig into the pavement, shaking her head ever so slightly she goes where directed.

Admiral Von Brandt walks side by side with the girl as the other three take up a tripod around them, walking toward the rear hatch of the ship. "I just don't understand why you people won't help. I'm asking for help to get away from you. So I won't be your 'problem' anymore. But yet you all balk at the idea." The hatch opens with voice identification and the group head in, feet clanking on titanium.

Serendipity has a shiver run up her spins as she steps on the cold metal with her bare feet. "Perhaps we realize that the trouble you can cause here is miniscule compared to the disaster you might effect in your own time. Perhaps fate intervened to bring you here. Perhaps it is an outcome that leads to the best of all possible universes."

"It is NOT a disaster. It is what must be done! You can't possibly understand what it is actually like in my time." He leads her to the science room, a small, but impressive space of research computers, probability machines, simulator reactors, and so on and so forth. "This is your last chance before we start the non-verbal persuasion. Will you help or not?"

Serendipity looks around at the room full of equipment, her eyes widening. "Impressive. But no. I will not. Set your mind to doing something positive here in this world, Von Brandt! It's not too late to do great good here and now!"

Admiral Von Brandt pounds a wall hard with the bottom of his fist. "This time means nothing to me. MY time matters to me. But if that’s your answer..." He looks at the girl, not sure whether to back slap her for making things difficult or to let his guards have their fun. He decides on the latter. "Take her to the med lab." The three men flank her and grab her by the arms to drag her, if necessary, to the lab.

Serendipity shakes her head as the men grab her arms, powerful hands bruising her soft tender flesh. She refuses to cooperate, her feet rolling up on the tops of her toes as she is dragged away down the corridor to another cabin in the spacecraft. "You won't get away with this! I have friends!"

Admiral Von Brandt faces the other direction and chuckles as he puts his hands on the science lab table, knowing that the only friends that can truly help her are gone. He hears her writhe and physically protest all the way down the hall.


Serendipity squeals as the Admiral's men drag her by the arms, her bare feet rolling up on the tops of her toes. She shakes her head of brown hair as they drag her into the med lab. She fears the worst.

The men drag her toward the middle of the lab to a large metal table. They haul her up and plop her on her back onto it, hitting buttons to raise large metal restrains in the four corners. They clamp her wrists and ankles in an x-formation, and hit the button to spread her taut.

Serendipity is no fighter like her sister Dolls and despite her thrashing about is quickly and easily overpowered. Once restrained she stops struggling and raises her head, chin touching the ruby choker around her neck. She looks around the room and then down at her own body, green linen askew beneath a black leather corset.

The men work quickly, precisely, readying needles, probes, electrodes, lasers. As they do so, von Brandt walks back in the room. "Do not use the mind probes, that’s what we need out of her the most." He points to the electrodes. "Find...other spots."

Serendipity tries to swallow but her mouth is suddenly dry. She looks at Von Brandt with a pained expression. "Please, don't do this... hurting me will not make me help you."

Admiral Von Brandt crosses his arms as the guards begin to untie her corset. They finish undoing it and remove it from her body as the linen loosens. They begin cutting strategic holes in it, exposing her breasts, abdomen, and underarms. "I suppose we shall see. It’s certainly worth a try. No one will miss you now, anyway."

Serendipity knits her brows as the corset is removed, watching closely as it is tossed aside. She eeps each time a cut of her dress exposes a naughty bit. Her face soon burns quite red with the heat that has risen to it. "You fiends!" She tries to pull free to no avail of course. Her lower lip curls out.

Admiral Von Brandt chuckles slightly as the men proceed placing sticky electrical leads on the edge of each areola, in her underarms, and two flanking her navel. One of the men proceeds behind a computer station, and the lines hum to life, the electricity build up in capacitors at the base of the leads, ready to release at the push of a button.

Serendipity contorts her face and shakes her head, the motion causing her exposed breasts to oscillate ever so slightly as well. "Please... you won't get away with this... I swear!"

Admiral Von Brandt walks over to her head, arms still crossed. "How do you intend to get your revenge? If anything, this might rally your enemies to my cause, taking care of the last loose end of your precious Danger Dumbasses. Now, why can’t you just understand that I belong in my time? Just help me go home, and this will be all over. It isn’t your future at stake, it’s mine!"

Serendipity tries to sniff back the lone tear that runs down her cheek, pouting lips quivering as she speaks. "I... I can't do that. You... were sent here for a reason. Embrace it!" She senses the Admiral's men staring at her nipples as they harden as a result of the cold contacts placed near them.

"Embrace this!" Admiral Von Brandt screams in anger as he points at his man to send a moderate dose of electricity to all electrodes.

Serendipity arches up from the table, shaking as her muscles grab and clench. Her body vibrates like an electric guitar string that has been plucked. Her boobs jiggle wildly now. Those pouting lips contort into a grimace as she shrieks. "Aarrrgggghhhhh..."

As the electricity stops, Admiral Von Brandt picks her up by the hair. "Are you telling me as a woman of science that you think it was divine intervention that sent me here? It was an accident, one that should not have happened!" He lets go of her hair and walks behind the feedback console, monitoring her vitals.

Serendipity coughs a bit as she chokes on her own saliva while panting for air, her head pounding with the elevated pumping of her heart. The young woman in the torn, now sweat-soaked linen is seemingly healthy as a horse however and there is no indication of anything life-threatening.

Admiral Von Brandt nods at the man at the console, and he sends another shock at her abdomen only, staying away from her heart for a bit. The pulse lasts five seconds.

Serendipity screams, her hips writhing under shock then plopping back to the table as it ends. Again she feels humiliation heat her face as something trickles out from between her loins. She has peed herself. She turns her face away from Von Brandt.

Admiral Von Brandt looks at the urine running across the metal table and squints. "This one is weaker than the others we have tortured. We'll have to take it slow. Give her a break from the electrodes." He notices the arousal of his men, and can't deny his own excitement at the delicate yet defiant young woman, very beautiful, even in agony. "Alright, clean up her mess and finish stripping her."

Serendipity closes her eyes and refuses to look at the men whose rude hands begin to rip away the rest of her linen dress, damp with sweat and now urine. She is a very comely young woman indeed, her contours gentle but generous, the tiny tuff of pubic hair above her tight clean slit so light and fair as to be almost unseen.

Admiral Von Brandt nods to his ensign. "Alright, you missed out last time, I suppose you can go first." The young man doesn’t have to be told twice as he opens the gap between her legs with the push of a button, and begins unzipping his pants.

Serendipity hears the Admiral's words and the unzipping of the pants as the automatic table spreads her legs. Her eyes blink open and a horrified expression crosses her face at the sight of his rigid cock leaping forth, waving back and forth at her like someone shaking a huge finger at a naughty child. Her breathing and pulse suddenly quicken. Her voice is high-pitched. "Wha... what are you doing?"

Admiral Von Brandt smiles cruelly. "Don’t act like you've never seen a penis before," the crewman remarks as he drops his pants to his ankles and approaches her, putting his hands on her thighs.

Serendipity shakes head no, face contorted in terror, desperate panic in her voice. "Please, no... you mustn't... I..." The soft fair thighs in the man's hands strain with all their might. For an instant she almost threatens to come off the table. "This can't happen!"

The crewman does not lube up. "It can happen, and will!" He declares as he grabs his dick and guides it towards her tight slit.

Serendipity breaks out in a cold sweat, beads forming on the already glistening nude body splayed out before them. She is sobbing now. "Please... I can't allow you... I'll..." She wails. "I'll do anything you want but don't rape me!"

Admiral Von Brandt holds up his hands to the young ensign. "Stop!" He walks around to her side. "Anything? As in you'll finally give up this silly ideal of yours and help me?"

Serendipity can barely speak for her desperate panting, barely able to think for the pounding in her head and hole, believing that if she has sex with a man something terrible will be unleashed on the world. She gulps and tries to speak even as her nude flesh continues to shudder with uncontrollable sobbing. "Yes... yes yes yes... I'll send you back to the future!"

Admiral Von Brandt looks dumbfounded. "Well...that was...easy. Too easy. Zip it up, ensign, and let her loose." The young ensign looks extremely disappointed, but does as commanded. He lets the restraints loose as the other two men again flank her, weapons drawn.

Serendipity is still shaking as she is released, her chest heaving as she can't seem to catch her breath. She eyes the weapons but shows no sign of attempting to escape, seemingly drained by the thought of the threat that just occurred. "May I have a lab coat or something?"

Admiral Von Brandt gestures for the men to escort her to the science lab. "Get her a coat, and get to work."

Serendipity nods and pulls the coat about her nudity quickly. "And I'll need this..." She moves to pick up her corset from a countertop.

Admiral Von Brandt rolls his eyes as he shoves her forward from the countertop. "Consider it your reward for getting us home. Get on with it." He pushes her toward the door, moving toward the science lab.

Serendipity nods submissively as she is forcibly walked to the lab, bare feet leaving wet prints on the floor. She looks around the lab. "I see you already have all the parts I described in my paper. Now if I may have a few hours to work please?"

Admiral Von Brandt nods. He is not the most scientifically inclined of the group, and leaves his chief engineer and science officer there to "help" her. "Alert me when we are ready." He walks out of the room, to his ready room as his third officer posts outside the door.

Serendipity nods and goes to work, sending the 'assistants' out for extras on more than one occasion, making adjustments to and putting on her corset under the lab coat on one such occasion, making notes on the computer all the while. Seven hours later a device has been constructed of tru-metals and perplexiglass fibers. There are two parts, an open energy chamber and some that resembles nothing so much as a full-body harness from some sort of sex fetish shop. She nods to the techies. That's it. I've set it to the proper time. Now we need a power source and focusing lens. The ship's drive should work for the first. For the second... do you have any tru-mercury laced gemstones on board? No? That's a shame because they don't exist here on earth. However... if you'll get the admiral... and power up the drive I may have a solution...

The guard moves to the front of the ship and returns with von Brandt. The Admiral nods eagerly as he asks, "It is finished?"

Serendipity nods and smiles. "Only one will be able to return now. But from the future you can no doubt send someone back for your men." She gestures to the harness device. "Just take off your clothes and put that on while your men warm up the drive and direct the plasma beam into this energy chamber..." She nods as a beam of light appears between two contacts in the device set up in the lab. "Now we need a lens to focus the energy into the harness..."

Admiral Von Brandt looks at the harness curiously before putting it on. He looks back at her. "My men may not be able to tell if I've been sent home, but they will be able to tell whether I've been sent somewhere or simply vaporized. Your punishment will be severe if you decide on trickery," he says as he puts the harness on. He gives her the polypalladium crystal from his energy pistol. "Will this work?"

Serendipity glances at it and ponders. "Let's test it." Using tongs, she takes the crystal, moving toward the glowing beam of energy and inserting it. The crystal begins to glow and shatters a few seconds later. "Apparently not... but..." She drops her lab coat from her body suddenly, wearing only corset and ruby choker beneath. "But this will..." She smiles and steps forward, the energy beam striking the ruby on her choker. Serendipity stands there as the corset glows first and then her whole body does as well, every lovely contour of flesh becoming exaggerated, hips gyrating like a gyroscope, breasts bulging as if from massive g-forces. For a brief instance she is an over-blown image of a fetish Doll. Then her curves begin to dissipate into oscillating waves and she winks out, gone to the future in the Admiral's place, taking his only means of getting there along with her.

Admiral Von Brandt screams, "NO! CHECK THE SCANNERS!" The men hurriedly check the material scanners. Indeed, the matter that was once Serendipity no longer exists on this planet, or this time period. She is gone. "Sift through this. See if there is anything we can salvage to do it on our own," he says quietly as he leaves the science room, as frustrated as he's ever been. He walks out of the hatch of the ship into the evening and lets out a primal scream, still stuck in the mountains, in 2011, Earth.

Serendipity has taken the only gem of its kind on earth with her to the future, a gem her mother originally brought to earth from another dimension while still pregnant with Serendipity. Serendipity could only hope for the best, arriving in a future at war as she was, looking like some sort of sex Doll.

(March 2011)