Recovering the Rage Serum

They grabbed her as she was walking down the street, two men in suits quickly loading her into a black van as a third injected something into her neck. Seconds later everything went dark. Darkness was also what she awoke to, the black veil over her head making it impossible to tell time of day or how much had passed since her abduction. Lucy heard footsteps, then felt a hand grasping the top of the black bag and pulling it free, allowing her to view her surroundings and ending the ruse she'd been subjected to.

Mouse looked around with annoyance, trying to project more moxie than she felt, trying to place her surroundings, checking to see if she still wore the same little black dress, if her hands were free and so on. "Well, that was certainly rude! You should know how I feel about drugs... I won't even use them on targets!"

Along with the discovery that her hands were unbound the first thing Mouse would see is a rolling projection screen about ten feet in front of her. The only response to her disapproval at the treatment received a click from the projector set up behind, Agent Orange's familiar voice offering no apologies as he got right into the reason she was here as the first image popped up on the white canvas. "This is Constantin Nero, owner of Aggression Television and the BCW wrestling brand. This is his home..." The image clicked to a bird's eye view of a mansion. "...where we have recently learned he is keeping samples of an extremely volatile substance. You may be aware of the recent situation involving one Kurt Malkomes and other members of the BCW roster."

Mouse simply pouted for several seconds before responding, "Yes, Malkomes was distributing some sort of rage drug and when the police cornered him. He kidnapped Danger Angel or whatever that wrestler's name is. As I recall Nero claimed no knowledge of the drug distribution. Wasn't Malkomes recently apprehended? Did interrogation reveal Nero was involved?" She grinned at Orange.

Agent Orange gave a slight nod of confirmation, "Callie Sacramento, also known as US Angel. Malkomes has since been sent back to prison and is currently serving a twenty-year sentence for a variety of charges. Unfortunately, Constantin Nero has been cleared of all charges and therefore we cannot use official channels to obtain a warrant to search his premises. All we've been able to obtain is sketchy communications between Nero and as yet unidentified parties that hint at the sale of this substance within the near future. We need you to go in and make sure that substance does not leave the state. Secure or destroy the target, recover any data if possible. Again, if you are captured, we will not be able to send in a rescue and will deny any knowledge of your existence."

Mouse nods, her eyes already narrowing on the screen, studying the mansion for details, from gutters to windows to skylights to visible guards. "Do you have schematics of the mansion? Typically gangsters have a safe in their 'study.' Should be a piece of cake. Do I get anything special for this one? Like maybe a release from service... I've gone legit with a magic show now you know..."

Agent Orange handed Mouse a PDA. "You'll find detailed blueprints on there. Recommended point of entry is the greenhouse connecting to the mansion itself. We believe that your target is being kept in a sub level room, we have not been able to confirm what security measures might be in place." Here Agent Orange paused. "As for the other, we can discuss a suitable form of compensation when you return." If you return. Orange also cycles through various points of view of the mansion, showing that there are indeed guards patrolling the premises. Three two man teams confirmed to be maintaining the perimeter, that information also made available on the PDA. It is unknown how many might be inside.

Mouse eyed Orange as she took the PDA. "Okay. Thanks. Like maybe you get the goods when I get my compensation?" She smirked and winked at her control agent. "Just keep everybody else out of my way... I don't want another incident like that one on the Cellini mission." Her thumbs began quickly working through the info on the PDA. "The greenhouse does reduce the number of guards to avoid..."

Orange did not at all seem amused at the hinted ultimatum. "This isn't a game, Tilton. If what Nero has leaves the country we'll be seeing situations like what happened to those wrestlers all across the globe. Get in, secure the sample, get out. All other mission parameters are opportunity only." He shut the projector off then and made to leave the room. "Get to it, Mouse. Time is not a luxury we have."

Mouse blinked, then grinned at the back of Orange as he turned. Maybe just maybe she had gotten to him a bit. "A little terse are we? Post dramatic stress..." She grinned and poked him in the back, a very precise point, one likely to release all the tension in one's shoulders. "Cause I have a cure for that... don't worry... I'm on it!" She bounced out and on her way. A quick change later she was scouting the mansion.

Mouse grinned as the gardeners arrived outside the grounds. A minute later a diminutive doll black and gold rolled out from under their truck, parked as it was next to the greenhouse. She wove her way through the bushes to the back of the greenhouse, quickly removing a panel there and slipping inside, her flexible form squirming through an opening too small for anyone but a child. She replaced the panel and looked around.

There were no cameras inside the greenhouse, but it was certain that wouldn't be the case further in. As she crouched there taking in the immediate surroundings, a pair of guards came into view as they walked around the outside of the greenhouse, attention more focused toward the outer perimeter of the mansion grounds than on the interior of the building they were passing, not that it would've been easy for them to spot Mouse crouched down and with aisles of greenery to use as cover.

Mouse made her way through the maze of plants, ducking under a table, looking for anything that looked like an entrance to something below, or a control pad that looked like it might control an alarm system. "Typical... Orange's information appears to have been off..."

It was the best point of entry to gain access to the mansion, he never said it would grant her access to the sub level itself. Or maybe he just failed to mention that part. So forgetful, he is. The only option left for Mouse was for her to go further in and hope the entrance to the level her target was at wouldn't be too hard to find. There were no vent shafts connecting the greenhouse to the mansion proper, which meant Mouse would have to use the connecting door or slip back out onto the grounds and look for another way in.

Mouse checked the PDA again and then put it back in her pack, ducking down to avoid one of the gardeners, running in a crouch to get to the connecting corridor to the mansion, flattening her back to the wall. She set down a mirror to reflect the sun into the camera over the door in a moment as the angle changed. She waited.

An effective blinding technique to avoid detection and as the camera swept to one side of the adjoining den her window of opportunity came, a few seconds provided for Mouse to slip through the door and into safety beneath the wall mounted camera.

Mouse was inside the mansion. Now the question was where to find access to the sublevel. She looked at the schematics on the PDA. There was an elevator. The drawings didn't show anything below the first floor, but if she had to make a bet... She gave her massive mane of blond hair a toss and began to slink down the plush hallway toward the elevator, picking up an apple from a bowl to eat along the way.

Yes, there was an elevator, hidden behind a panel within Nero's private study at the end of the hallway Mouse was creeping along. It was then that her luck showed signs of changing, whether for better or worse was a toss up. Just as she slipped into the room she heard the sound of hydralics running, the panel built over the elevator doors sliding open as the car neared the first floor level. In seconds it was sure Nero would be stepping out, giving Mouse little time to find someplace to hide.

Mouse glanced around the room and back at the elevator. A moment later when it opened she had made herself small, crawling into a shelf next the elevator. Waiting patiently in hopes that Nero or whoever would walk out without seeing her and she could swing down into the elevator before the doors closed. But if he did see her then she was ready to respond.

Nero was talking on a cell phone when he emerged, so distracted by the conversation that he never even spared the barest glance to the shelf on his left that Mouse was hiding in ", everything is fine." Rolling his eyes as he neared the door to the study. "Yes. Yes!" He replied with exasperation, picking up a remote on a nearby desk and blindly pointing it at the elevator behind him, then letting it clatter back onto the desk as push of button signaled the panel to slide back into place "I was just there. It's all ready to go. Yes...yes..." Further assurances given to the speaker as Nero exited the room and pulled the door closed behind him, voice becoming more faint as he moved down the hall.

Mouse swung around into the elevator like the acrobat she was. She rolled into a near corner and examined the inside of the elevator as she waited for the doors to close. She heard Nero on the phone seemingly confirm she was in the right place. A moment later she felt light on her feet as the car headed downward.

When the elevator reached the lower floor there was only one way to go, forward into the wide concrete room the doors revealed to her. Though a vault may have been wiser, Nero hadn't installed one. Maybe to make it easier to get sensitive materials like those Mouse had come for off the premises in case of an emergency. What was in the room were cameras, infrared sensors and motion detectors, all serving as obstacles between Mouse and the glass case in the center of the room which held what she had come for.

Mouse sat on top of the elevator car as the doors opened, checking out the concrete room in the reflection of the compact left on the floor of the car. She nodded as the visual confirmed her fears of surveillance. A drop ceiling would have made it easier, but she had her suction cups and it looked as if the ceiling was clear. She clung to it and began crawl across the ceiling like a golden ninja. Mouse approached the case successfully, but when she reached down to the case, light off her glittering waves of hair or leotard must have been caught by the motion detectors. She heard the hiss of gas-powered projectiles. Darts. She took two on her pack, deflected another with a glove. But three more hit her in the rump, and a couple more in the chest. Whatever the drug it took effect quickly. Mouse barely had time to note portions of the floor swinging up as walls, and was out soon enough to not even remember hitting the floor.


Constantin Nero was just shaking his head as he put on the finishing touches, utter amazement in his eyes as he moved a short distance away to push the button that would set everything into motion. Bound tightly at the wrist, the arms of the young thief would be stretched above her head as a mechanical hoist lifted her off the ground, leaving her dangling in the air with the sensation of a heavy weight on her legs. Nero was surprised she hadn't showed signs of coming around, but felt this was sure to jerk Mouse back to awareness and the discovery that her ankles and upper thighs were wrapped in chains, secured so tightly the links were digging into her flesh.

Mouse looked around with annoyance, trying to hide her concern, trying to place her surroundings, checking to see if she still wore the golden leotard and black tights. "Well, you should know how I feel about drugs... I won't even use them on targets like you!" She twitched as she felt the sudden heaviness of her legs, looking up and down at her restraints to see if they were something she might slip out of.

"And that's very considerate of you, my little thief." Constantin Nero answered with a grin as he stepped closer to the wriggling intruder, watching as she struggled against the ropes which were bound painfully tightly around her wrists that seemed to get even tighter as she attempted to determine if they could be worked out of. She probably could free herself eventually, but it would take much time and effort, both which were bound to be painful. Nero then placed hands around her waist and gave her a little push, sending the chain she was being suspended sliding outward over a large tank of water. "I'm not even going to bother asking who sent you and I already know what you came for, I'm just going to skip the interrogation and go straight to the killing you part, under a bit of a time restraint, you see..." He pushed another button which set Mouse to being lowered slowly into the glass tank. "But I still had enough time to make sure you could suffer probably. Now this might be all a little James Bond for you, but it puts a smile on my face. You see, in about five minutes the ends of two electrical cables suspended above you are going to detach and fall into the tank, bringing about a most shocking end to your visit here. I wish I could stay and watch but I have to see about a business exchange." Nero looked down at Mouse as her feet touched the water. "Do have fun." And then he left, thinking it a shame he had to kill a girl who had tits as big as that.

Mouse twitched a bit at the fat man's response, eyes furtive. She looked down again at the chains wrapped tightly about her legs. It appeared Nero intended to drown her for his amusement as he watched. She gaped as he explained that he in fact was going to electrocute her. She gulped, the reflex causing her chest to heave rather suggestively, only to relax with an exhale of relief as he said he had to leave.

Constantin Nero was expecting that Mouse would drown long before the cables dropped into the water, but even if she managed to hold her breath for the entire five minutes she'd still end up being electrocuted. Overall, he just wanted Mouse dead before the buyers he arranged showed up, he didn't need any more complications in getting the last samples of the serum out of his possession. Once it was gone, so would be any physical evidence that he ever had anything to do with its development.

Mouse checked to make sure Nero had left. He had. Excellent. That meant she was free to work her magic. She began to hum her song. She flexed and strained to see if she had enough strength to lift herself or if she would have to wait for the buoyancy of the water to reach her voluminous hair and the cutting edge hair pin hidden there.

The chains added about another twenty pounds of weight and probably would've been more effective if Nero had attached something heavier to them but that had either slipped his mind or he just didn't have the time to get one. While Mouse was working on getting herself free, the individuals Nero was waiting for pulled into the moderately long driveway leading to the mansion, the burly wrestling promoter boasting a smile as things got closer to completion. Soon he'd be free and clear. No more having to worry about looking over his shoulder, no more law enforcement agencies breathing down his neck.

Mouse pulled up until a bound hand could rummage around in her hair, locating the hair pin and going to work on the rope. The angle at which her wrist was bent prevented her from putting a lot of movement or pressure on the blade so the going was slow, slower than her descent in fact. She shuddered. The water was cold enough to send a shiver running up her spine as it began to fill her leotard, first between her legs, then moving slowly upwards toward jiggling breasts with their ever-tightening nipples.

Constantin Nero stepped forward to greet his guest with outstretched hand. "Mr. Milivoj, it is a great honor to have you here today. Please, come inside." Moving aside to let the Serbian pass as he was invited inside, one of the guards holding open the front door as Nero followed his guest indoors.

Mouse took a deep breath before the water rose past her lips, her hand still working her tiny blade against the rope, hoping the frayed cord would snap soon so she could more closely examine the chins on her legs. Finally she felt the rope around her wrists go suddenly slack. Her feet immediately plunged to the bottom of the tank. She blew a few bubbles as she bent at the waist to work free of the chains.

Quick sawing motions would result in severing first one strand of the rope, then another, allowing enough slack for Mouse to slip her hands free and set to investigating the chains Nero had wrapped around her legs. Two separate locks kept them in place, the chains pulled so taunt that they were cutting off circulation to her legs, what made it worse is that Nero hadn't left a timer for Mouse to look at so there was no way of knowing how much time she had left, only that the hoist had stopped lowering her into the water.

Mouse found the chains about her legs to be extremely tight and entangled, not the easy escape she had anticipated, however there were two padlocks involved, and with the other special hairpin she went to work on the locks. The water made it harder to feel the pressure of the tumblers, but her senses were quite acute and experienced. She counted seconds as they floated away like bubbles from her lips to surface of the water in the tank, her lungs slowly beginning to burn, her blond hair dancing in the water like flames trailing from her head. Three minutes under water and four after Nero had left her the first padlock opened. The second would need to be defeated more quickly.

Ahead of schedule one of the cables above sparked as it snapped free, but the break wasn't clean and it didn't fall. Failings of hastily constructed death traps. Mouse could count her blessings here but her luck likely wasn't going to last. If she wanted to make sure this wasn't her last mission she'd have to get that lock off and quick. Inside, Nero and Milivoj were taking their seats at opposite ends of a luxuriously catered table, each flanked by persons under their employ as the business arrangement got underway. Constantin got things started as he plucked a bit of cheese to munch on while signaling with a wave for his briefcase to be presented. "Six vials, as promised...." Reaching forward to lift a flash drive from within. "...and copies of research data for manufacture." He set it back down, the briefcase closed again now that the goods had been verified. Next would be the Serbian's turn to show his end of the arrangement had been met.

Mouse was relieved as she felt the chains loosen a bit after the opening of the first lock. For an instant she was tempted to just try to wriggle free, but she quickly thought better of it. She had a feel for the lock now and the second padlock went much more quickly than the first. She wriggled free of the chains at what she counted to be four minutes and fifty-four seconds. Her lungs were on fire by the time she pushed off the bottom of the tank with both feet. She literally came diving over the edge of the tank even as the cables detached. She hit the floor with a wet smack, lying there, chest heaving against the now translucent golden material that clung to it so obscenely, gasping for air even as wide emerald eyes watched electricity arc through the tank. She was free, but what about her mission. She left wet prints on the floor as she padded off to investigate, hair and costume dripping.

Jovan Milivoj gave a nod of approval for his case to be presented, opening it himself before turning it around to reveal the contents. "Twenty million in bonds, as agreed." Nero's eyes lit up like he was a boy on Christmas, almost giddy with how smoothly everything had gone. Who knew it was this easy to get rich? He finished chewing another bit of cheese before standing, extending hand again to offer another professional handsake. "Excellent, Mr. Milijov. It has been quite a pleasure doing business with you today." Mouse didn't have much time left to salvage the mission, respective briefcases seconds away from being exchanged as she raced toward the scene.

Mouse was thankful for the carpet as she stalked the halls. "Now about this business exchange... I need to intercept or interrupt..." The posted guard helped lead her to the proper room. The question was what to do now. The cable she had dragged out of the tank would no doubt start an electrical fire that would soon cause quite a turmoil, but would it provide the distraction she needed in time. She took a deep breath and went into action, raising her gloved hands over her head and walking forward as if surrendering to the guard, the raising of her arms only making it more painfully obvious that the raisins her honey dew melons were smuggling were plump and juicy. As soon as she got close enough to the hopefully gaping guard a snap kick and a chop should do the trick.

As predicted the guard's primal desires got the better of him as Mouse revealed herself, eyes holding a look of "I want that" as they marveled at the size of the petite woman's chest, hardly even registering that her arms were raised with her approach. Rememberance of duty came just a second too late as Mouse surprised the guard with her kick/chop combo, leaving him unconscious but smiling with the image of her peeking nipples fresh in his mind. Beyond the door cases were being slid past each other, the room the exchange was happening in quite wide and allowing for lots of open space for Mouse to maneuver in.

Mouse yelled "Fire" in as low a voice as she could manage as she kicked open the door and cartwheeled inside the room beyond. She was counting associates and whether or not they appeared to have guns even as she rushed the closest whose back it so happened was to her. She poked the pressure point on the back of his neck in an effort to render him unconscious as she flipped atop the table.

Constantin Nero had one man other than himself, Milijov had two. As Mouse burst into the room, dropping Constantin's only backup with an unexpectedly precise jab to pressure point that felled the man as if he'd been held up by strings, the Serbian quickly stood and took his briefcase. Offering no explanation as he was ushered by his personal bodyguards out of the room, leaving Nero alone to defend himself as Mouse flipped onto the table where his briefcase was still sitting.

Mouse kicked up the briefcase into her hands and at Nero's nose in one quick motion. "You tried to kill me... I should... but I'll take this case for now..." And without hesitation she was off in pursuit of the other men, looking back over her shoulder only long enough to say, "Your mansion is on fire you know..."

Constantin Nero looked back in the direction Mouse had come from and to his dismay indeed saw smoke, cursing as he snatched the radio off his unconscious guard and yelled for someone to get a damn fire extinguisher as he ran to cut the power. The Serbian was already back at his limo, bodyguards serving as protection as the middle aged foreigner slid into the back seat. It had embassy markings, which didn't tell what position the man held in his government but still provided diplomatic immunity. It might as well be as if he was never here. Which overall was fine, Mouse had still gotten what she was after. Inside Nero was still yelling as he neared the main fuse box "No! Forget about the girl! I need the situation inside contained now! The lab needs to be cleaned asap, so get your asses in here!" He killed the power which ensured the fire could be approached safely, just hoped it hadn't gotten too out of control, the last thing he needed was the fire department showing up and investigating the cause.

Mouse checked the contents of the briefcase quickly to make sure she had the goods. She rolled from the bushes under the moving limo as it pulled away, clinging to the undercarriage to make her escape, the Serb refusing to stop for Nero's guards at the gate to the property. She was tempted to go along for the ride and infiltrate the embassy to get the other case, but she decided to settle for simply completing her mission. She rolled out from under the limo and ducked away at the next light, a disheveled mess heading off to change clothes, deposit the case in a locker and go to barter with Orange. She couldn't help but grin as she muttered to herself, "And Nero fiddled while home burned..."

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