PoleCat Buried by Carnivore

“Like hey Carny.”

“Heya Skunk.”

PoleCat taps her staff on the ground and eyes.

Carny grins.

PoleCat grins as well.

“You getting froggy these days?”

“Like what?”

Carny attempts to look innocent as he plots mayhem and destruction. “Well, all that strutting around with that stick and such.”

“Yeah, I walk softly and carry a big stick... and don't you like forget it!”

“Yeah...but a skunk?” Carny shakes his head.

PoleCat sticks her tongue out.

“Even calling yourself pole-dancing honey would have been cooler.” Carny grins.

PoleCat sighs. “What an ass...”

“Y'know, that's what I was thinking, too, but I was trying to ogle secretly, not publicly leer. I'm flattered, though.”

PoleCat tries to ignore the creep and goes about the business of patrolling.

Carny sort of bounds along after her. “So, whatcha looking for? Crime?”

“Actually hoping my mere presence will like discourage it and stuff...”

DanielX has joined the channel.

“Yeah,” Carny quips, “The cross-trainers will surely strike terror into those hardened criminals.”

DanielX says, “Hello everyone.”

Carny replies, “Howdy.”

DanielX nods. “Hi Carny.”

PoleCat spins the staff in her hands to demonstrate her prowess. “If not, I'll just totally clobber them...”

Carny says, “That's pretty impressive.”

DanielX muses, “She was a pole dancer, he was a pole repairman... their love was inevitable.”

Carny looks around, then bounds over to a taxi, a double-barreled shotgun coming from the under the duster. He smashes in the driver's window, and shoves in the weapon. "Pay or… or become tomato sauce." He laughs.

PoleCat flicks out her spinning staff, bringing it up under the barrels of the shotgun, knocking them upwards.

Carny perhaps fortunately had just pulled the shotgun back out of the window, and the barrels discharge into the air. “Dammit! A waste of good ammo!”

PoleCat exclaims, “No assaulting the cabbies!”

“I hadn't actually assaulted him yet.” Carny grumbles as the cabbie, taking his cue, peels away. “Now look what you did!”

“You like already smashed a window and verbally threatened him!

Taz has joined the channel.

Carny mutters and starts reloading the shotgun. “Now I gotta wait for the next cab. You know how long that can be in this neighborhood?”

PoleCat smacks the loading hands with her staff, attempting to knock the gun out of them. “Here, I'll take that!”

Carny growls as the shotgun is smacked away. “You need to go in for some time out, lil' sis.”

PoleCat cartwheels away and catches the airborne weapon. “You need to like find a less violent way of hailing a cab.”

Carny shakes his head, and opens the duster, revealing his usual outlandish arsenal of firearms and explosives. "Don't worry, got plenty more."

PoleCat 's jaw drops. “Like do you have a permit for that stuff?”

“Not so much.”

PoleCat huffs. “Then I'm hereby putting you under arrest for possession of illegal props.”

“You got a permit for that stick,” asks Carny.

PoleCat nods. “Like yes I do!”

“Prove it.” Carny grins, watching her.

PoleCat holds up one black mitt, switches her staff to the other glove, then waves the other glove. “Don't make me give you a whack per mitt... Now just put your hands behind your back!”

Carny hauls out a pair of ridiculously advanced looking machine pistols. “You best duck.”

PoleCat is already rolling forward, swinging her staff up at the guns as she comes out of the roll.

Carny rolls backwards, almost like he doesn't touch the ground, coming up firing.

PoleCat flips over and over as the impacts of the bullets are walked across the pavement in pursuit of her tumbling form, almost reaching her when with a plant of her staff she vaults up and over a parked car, landing behind it.

“Dang, she is quick,” laments Carny.

“Yikes! And he says I need a time out...”

Carny grins, and is about to stitch the car, when he has one of those annoying stop action moments when both guns lock back, empty. “Dammit.”

PoleCat hears the guns click and rushes around the car, the bobtail protruding from the top of her black hood swishing back and forth as she runs forward. She leaps into a flying drop kick, legs churning.

Carny grunts and is sent flying back, to slam into a wall. He drops to a crouch, a low growl coming from him as he drops the empty guns. “Well then.”

PoleCat is already bringing her staff around in an arc at the man's head as she lands back on her crosstrainers.

Carny raises a hand bigger then her head, and catches the pole on it's way down.

PoleCat blinks as the swinging staff is brought to a complete stop. She gulps and tries to slip her staff free with a yank straight back.

Carny yanks the pole, hoping to bring her close enough to bury a fist in her stomach.

PoleCat , instead of yanking her staff free, is yanked forward herself, but bounces into a flip around her staff, swinging around it and downward feet first at her opponent's face. “Hey!”

Carny gets slammed back against the building again, ending up sitting on his keister, rubbing his chin. “Oh, this is gonna be one of them days for somebody.”

PoleCat frees her staff and points it at the downed ruffian. “Give this up now before someone gets hurt and stuff!”

Carny chuckles, a low, deep, rumbling sound. “Oh hell no.” Carny grabs the end of the stick, using it to lever himself up, and snapping a kick at her midsection.

PoleCat thrusts the staff forward into the man's chest, a blow intended to drive all the wind out of him, but instead she finds her weapon again grasped by inhumanly quick hands, even as she doubles over around a kicking foot in the tummy. “Unnghhh...”

Carny tries to rip the pole from the doubled over heroine's hands.

PoleCat clings fiercely to her weapon even as she coughs for air.

Carny does the next best thing, lifting girl and stick, and swinging both at the wall.

^^Dee^^ has joined the channel.

PoleCat hits the brick wall with a smack so hard that cracks form in it. Her limbs fly out in all directions, the bo staff slipping from gloved hands.

Carny looks bemusedly at the bo staff. “Damn, that worked.”

^^Dee^^ sidesteps another one of those silly DDSTV movie shoots.

Harley_Quinn hands Dee 2-D glasses so it'll look like a real movie.

^^Dee^^ asks, “Dee 2-D too?”

PoleCat tumbles to the base of the wall, struggling to hands and knees, chest heaving.

Carny shrugs, and spins the staff to ready, with fair competence, if not the level of mastery Polecat showed. Then he snaps it out, aimed at her skull. “Haven't used one of these in awhile.”

PoleCat dives sideways to avoid being clocked by her own weapon, coming back to her feet as she comes out of the roll. “That's mine...” She growls.

“Come get it, skunkgirl.” Carny grins, and starts swinging it in short, savage arcs, the tip aimed at the heroine's chin.

PoleCat dances backwards, unsure how to defend against her own weapon, biting her lip as her back encounters the same brick wall she hit a moment before.

Carny attempts to drive the tip of the weapon hard, just under her white-clad breasts, because he's just that kind of guy.

PoleCat oophs as the vicious man attempts to drive the blunt weapon right through her. Fortunately the previously-cracked wall behind her gives way before her chest and she falls backwards into a shower of brick and mortar.

“Carny is played by Billy McClure, cousin of famous actor Troy McClure. You may remember him from such beloved classics as ‘Bondage Elves of Mars,’ and ‘Dropping the Big One On Her.’” Carny grins, figuring that's the end of that, and smashes down more of the weakened wall atop her, before tossing the stick into the pile. “Silly bint.”

PoleCat groans as she struggles to free herself of the rubble, a hand reaching free of the pile, a mortar-covered hood rising up, just as the rest of the wall comes down, completely burying the diminutive heroine.

Carny stands on the street, looking for another cabbie to terrorize, or perhaps widows and orphans to bilk of their pitiful savings.

Carny has left the channel.

^^Dee^^ pokes for PoleCat. "Are you auditioning for the role of Betty Rubble?"

PoleCat groans. (Mostly at Dee's pun)

Taz walks over and looks down at the pile of rubble and starts to try and uncover her. "Pole Kitty? Are you awake? It's Tazzer!"


Taz lifts a bigger piece of rubble from the pile. "Wait, I think I see your arm. Hold on, Cat. I got you!"

PoleCat clutches the hand and holds on for dear life, instinctively using her claws, which pop from the fingertips of her black glove. “Unnghh...”

Taz yeouches and grimmaces. "claws...claws...claws..." as he uses his free hand to lift another heavy stack of rubble and push it aside, "I think I got your back free. Just a little more and I'll have your legs free!"

PoleCat realizes she is being rescued and retracts her claws, coughing. “Like I'm sorry...”

Taz hangs onto her hand and shoves aside the last of the rubble and then says "Take a deep breath and close your eyes, kitty, I'm going to try and pull you free. Yelp if I need to stop, okay?"

PoleCat tightens her grip. “Gurk... 'k...”

Taz braces and starts to pull. "Here we go!" The hairy thing tries not to use all his strength for fear he may pull her arm out of socket.

PoleCat holds on tight, the pile of rubble shifting and settling as her mortar-caked form is dragged from it.

Taz sighs and grins as he pulls her free from the rubble in which Carny had buried her. "Need a lift to the DDSTV Tower, kitty?"

PoleCat gasps for air, chest heaving as crouches on her knees. “Er... like thanks... I... do you... see... my staff?”

Taz looks around and notices the staff that Carny tossed off to the side. "I think so." He picks up the staff. "This it?"

PoleCat looks up, her usually black hood caked with grey dust. She nods in relief as she continues to pant for air.

Taz cradles a big arm under the heroine and lifts. "Let's get you back to the tower so you can rest and wash up. What ya say to that?"

PoleCat looks down at her costume, caked in dust from hood to crosstrainer, tights full of runs. “Like ok... I AM a mess...”

Taz chuckles and carries Pole Cat back to the tower. "Errr, can you like radio them or something? I don't want Belle or Molly thinking I did this to you."

“Don't like worry, Furry... I think they like you and stuff... I know I do!” PoleCat grins and collapses into the big arms.

Taz gets the heroine to the tower and drops her off with Sarah.

PoleCat hears Sara say, "Don't worry Taz. It doesn't look too serious. And I've seen her recover quickly from worse."

Taz smiles and sighs in relief. "Okay, good. Be well kitty. Taz has to go back and make root beer floats now."

PoleCat grins weakly. “Whatever totes your float...”

Taz groans. "Yup, she's already recovering."

(August 2008)